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By Buck Woodward on 2004-12-12 20:00:00

Welcome to our coverage of WWE Armageddon!

Here is the announced card for tonight, coverage of the PPV will begin on the next page.

- WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield vs. The Undertaker vs. Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero in an "Anything Goes" Fatal Four Way match.  JBL's "cabinet" is barred from ringside.
- WWE Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam vs. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki.
- U.S. Champion John Cena vs. Jesus in a Streetfight.
- WWE Cruiserweight Champion Spike Dudley vs. Sho Funaki.
- Dixie Dogfight (Boxing match, three rounds, one minute each): Daniel Puder vs. Mike Mizanin.
- Big Show vs. Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns in a handicap match.
- Dawn Marie vs. Miss Jackie, with Charlie Haas as the referee.

Here is a brief Heat recap:

- Ivory and Todd Grisham hosted the show outside, while Tazz and Michael Cole hosted from inside, live in Atlanta, Georgia.

- The history between John Cena, Jesus and Carlito Caribbean Cool was recapped.

- The Big Show vs. Kurt Angle & Co. storyline was recapped.  Backstage, Mark Jindrak complained about Luther Reigns "throwing him to the wolves" against Big Show last week, while Angle told them both they needed to work as a team to take down Big Show.  Angle also said he had a surprise tonight.

- They did a feature on Triple H filming Blade: Trinity, then showed a Raw recap. They announced Randy Orton vs. Edge for tomorrow on Raw.

- The last few weeks of Tough Enough competitions and eliminations were recapped. Daniel Puder and Mike Mizanin were shown warming up for their boxing match later tonight.  Three rounds, one minute each, with one minute rest periods between them, and you cannot be saved by the bell in any round.

- Josh Mathews interviewed Spike Dudley, who was not taking Funaki seriously at all, saying he had never accomplished anything in eight years in WWE, and was not championship material.

- JBL, not looking happy, arrived at the building with his cabinet.

- In the only Heat match, Billy Kidman & Akio defeated Paul London & Chavo Guerrero when Akio pinned Guerrero with a spin kick in a very good bout.

- It was announced that the Fatal Four Way for the WWE Title was now an "Anything Goes" match.

- Heat ended with a video looking at the Armageddon main event.

Armageddon is next!  Coverage will begin on the next page.

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