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By Bobby Imperato on 2012-07-28 22:44:00
CHIKARA results, in front of about 200 fans:

*Green Ant defeated Assailant with a leg submission. Decent opener that built slow but really hit its climax at the finish.

CHIKARA has such an awesome atmosphere. It's a nice change of pace although it's very carny...but so's wrestling.

*Anthony Stone pinned Kobald to earn a spot in the Young Lions Cup. Also involved wereJiving Jimmy and Cameron Matthews. The match was a ton of fun. Kobald eliminated Jimmy. Jimmy was about 400 pounds but had a ton of personality. He even did an dive off the apron. Stone eliminated Matthews with a codebreaker. Matthews was young and a hell of an athlete. He's green but his upside is huge. Some nice aerial and he sold everything. Stone is another athletic guy.

*Ophidian made Frightmare submit.  Delirious made a surprise appearance halfway through the match in Ophidian's corner.  It was a back and foirth match and very competitive,. Nice first match back for Frightmare.  All these CHIKARA guys know how to sell.

*The Handsome Stranger (the "banned" Archibald Peck, who lost a Loser leaves CHIKARA match at the last iPPV and has since starred in a series of "Where In The World is...." videos) defeated Icarus with a legdrop off the top rope.  Handsome Stranger was Buff Bagwell's first gimmick in Global Wrestling when he first broke in.   I wish Ring of Honor would use Peck this well.  So funny and so much charisma.  He's not bad in the ring either.   Icarus is doing his best playing the straight man here.  The crowd chanted Cowboy whenever Stranger was in trouble.

*3.0 and Akuma defeated Deviant & Soldier Ant & Combat Ant. The story here is that the CHIKARA computer created random trips Soldier is feuding with Combat and Devi Ant. He refused to help his partners, leaving them alone at the end.

*The Batiri defeated Tim Donst and Jacob Hammermeier after a miscommunication.  Delirious is back at ringside.  He goes straight to the corner of the Batiri.   Donst wants nothing to do with the match.  Every time he gets tagged in, he rolled out of the ring.   Very one sided match early with Batiri destroying Jacob.   Donst finally gets in the ring and cleans house.   Donst nailed a huge dive to the outside.     Delirious entered the ring after the match and kisses both members of the Batiri on the head and leaves ringside.   Jacob goes to hug Donst after the match but gets pushed away.

*Sugar Dunkerton pinned The Shard with a quick rollup.  Dunkerton got a big response.   He controlled most of the match and at one point used mini basketballs from an arcade game in the corner of the venue on Shard.  

*Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Hallowicked and Ultramantis Black defeated The Heart Throbs and The Young Bucks. This was the first time the Throbs have done the gimmick together in forever. Huge ovation for Quack. The match had everything - comedy, technical wrestling, Lucha Libre and WWE style wrestling.

*Grand champion of CHIKARA Eddie Kingston pinned Sara del Rey. Rey with vicious MMA kicks to Kingston. He spits in her face. He drills her with some stiff headbutts. Really cool bout so far. Del Rey nailed a superplex off the top. Kingston drilled her with a diamond cutter that was awesome.

Excellent show.

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