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By Mike Johnson on 2012-07-25 17:56:00

FWE issued the following:

NEW YORK, NY., July 15, 2012 – F.W.E. (Family Wrestling Entertainment) will be making our Long Island debut live on July 28th, 2012 at Carle Place High School (168 Cherry Lane, Carle Place, N.Y.)

As we debut in Long Island for our TENTH show, we are also very excited to have portions of the proceeds of this event go to help out with Multiple Sclerosis via The Myelin Repair Foundation. 
Coming of an appropriately title "Dysfunctional Family," FWE: X will show Long Island how FWE does things with a FANTASTIC lineup!
Main Event:
FWE Heavyweight Championship Match:
Four Way Dance, Elimination till one man remains!
Jay Lethal vs Brian Kendrick vs Carlito Colon vs "The Innovator Of Violence" Tommy Dreamer
At "Dysfunctional Family," Jay Lethal proved that he is not only deserving of being FWE Heavyweight Champion but is a fighting champion as well. He was scheduled to face Tommy Dreamer one on one that night, however, Carlito Colon decided to make his presence known. Colon was just scheduled for an appearance prior to the show for the fans but decided to issue a challenge to both Lethal and Dreamer and the main event turned into a Hardcore Triple Threat Match. Lethal came out on top but either Colon or Dreamer could have exited 3LD Studios as Champion. Brian Kendrick, who last time we saw him, took Dreamer to the limit in their match at The Big Kabosh, Dreamer came out on top which earned him the shot at Lethal but Kendrick proved to the Board Of Directors that he belonged in this match. Will (or can) Lethal retain and surpass Charlie Haas' record as longest reigning FWE Champion? Will Kendrick, in one of his first opportunities at a Heavyweight Title, shock the world and become the face of FWE? Will Carlito add yet another championship to his already long resume? Will Dreamer pull out one more huge win and become champion?
FWE Women's Championship Match:
Winter vs Maria Kanellis
On February 25, Maria made history when she not only became the first FWE Women's Champion, but she won her OWN first championship in professional wrestling at "No Limits." Just four short weeks later at "Welcome To The Rumble," Winter snuck into the building and attacked Maria and issued a challenge to insert herself into the scheduled one on one match between Maria and Rosita. Later on that night, Maria was on the verge of victory when Winter again snuck in, stole Maria's advantage, pinned Rosita and became the FWE Women's Champion. Maria hasn't received her rematch, until now! This match has been 5 months in the making. Will Winter continue her dominance over the Women's division or will Maria regain the title she never lost.
FWE Tri Borough Championship Match:
Damien Darling vs Azriel
At "Dysfunctional Family," Damien Darling added yet another huge name to men he has defeated while retaining the FWE Tri Borough Championship when he defeated the debuting Harry Smith. Darling and Rick Silver also debuted a new member to The Unit, Hall Of Famer, Tammy "Sunny" Sytch. However, it was just announced that Rick Silver will be banned from ringside when Darling faces Azriel. Azriel missed the FWE Tag Team Tournament First Round Match at "Dysfunctional Family" due to injury. However, prior to that, he scored a huge singles win at "The Big Kabosh" over Matt Taven.  Will Az's singles dreams prove to be beneficial or will Darling continue his reign of controversy?
"Mr. PEC - TACular" Jessie Godderz vs Julio Dinero
Straight from CBS' BIG BROTHER, Mr. PEC - TACular returns to FWE after his debut at "No Limits" where he defeated Jay Santana. Godderz will be coming with his 20" guns "Continuously" & "Awesome" as he moves up the FWE ladder. However, he has a stern test to face as he faces a man making his FWE debut, Julio Dinero. Dinero is a veteran and will be a huge test for Godderz. 
"The Master" Wes Draven vs Matt Taven  (With Kasey Ray)
Wes Draven was put in an impromptu match at "Dysfunctional Family" by guest FWE GM "The Voice of HD Net" Michael Schiavello and he defeated on half of Diamond Inc., Joey Ace. Matt Taven (who will be making his last FWE appearance before heading to the WWE) found himself in a losing effort to Colt Cabana at the same event. He gave Cabana a run for his money though. Draven has had his ups and downs here in FWE, while losing to Damien Darling, he has defeated recently Ace and Sonjay Dutt. Draven would love to move up the ladder again and get another chance at the FWE Tri Borough Championship. Taven wants to score a big win in his last appearance in FWE and stick it to Draven that he won't get the chance for redemption if that win were to happen. 
Harry Smith vs "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett
Harry Smith had a strong showing at "Dysfunctional Family" and if it wasn't for Damien Darling's entourage, he most likely would have walked out as the new Tri Borough Champion. He will be facing a strong challenge on the road to another Tri Borough Title opportunity when he faces Mike Bennett. When he last saw Bennett he was the surprise choice by Bandido Jr. to substitute for Azriel in the FWE Tag Team Title Tournament. Bennett proved that he cares about one thing: himself. He walked out on Bandido and left him to be defeated by Davari and Sonjay Dutt as they advanced in the tournament. Smith wants his first win in FWE. Bennett wants to continue to cause trouble and prove that he is The Prodigy.
Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana vs "The Cuban Crippler" Ricky Reyes
The NWA World Heavyweight Champion made a successful FWE debut at "Dysfunctional Family" when he defeated Matt Taven. This world class competitor would love to move up the rankings here and go on his "Art Of Wrestling" podcast and talk about another victory in FWE and his movement towards the FWE Heavyweight Championship. Ricky Reyes is hungry and looking for that first win in FWE. The last time we saw him was at "Welcome To The Rumble" in a loss to Jorge Santi. A win over Cabana would be huge for Reyes, but Cabana is on a roll and wants to make FWE home.
"Firebird" Jorge Santi vs "The Five Starr Studd" Joey Ace (With Diamond Dee)
At "Dysfunctional Family", Jorge Santi was yet another surprise for Diamond Inc. During The PANic Room, A.J. Pan's guests were Diamond Inc. During the segment, Michael Schiavello texted FWE Owner Jordan Schneider and announced two back to back matches for Diamond Inc. Ace faced Wes Draven while Jason Gotti faced Santi. Santi came out victorious. He has the chance to chalk up a win over both Diamond Inc. members. Ace is angry though and wants revenge. He'd love to beat Santi and stick it to Schiavello and show him he can beat anyone he chooses when he is fresh.
Adrenaline Express (EJ Risk & VSK) vs The Midnight Sensations (Rockwell & Shields)
Before we move to the second round of the FWE Tag Team Title tournament, in VSK's hometown he wanted to clear up some unfinished business with The Midnight Sensations. They faced each other back in November of 2011 at Fallout where The Sensations squeaked out a victory by questionable circumstances. Fast Foward 8 months and Adrenaline Express have advanced in the tournament and The Sensations were eliminated. If the Sensations win, they curb a lot of the momentum of AE and also can claim a right to face whoever exits the tournament as Champs. AE want this momentum going into the next round of the tournament and want a win in VSK's hometown.

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