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By Mike Johnson on 2012-07-08 20:27:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of TNA Destination X 2012 from Orlando, Florida at the Impact Zone.

Lars Only vs. Rubix vs. Dakota Darsow vs. Mason Andrews - TNA X-Division Tournament Last Chance Match

This match, featuring talents who lost their qualifying matches in the X-Division championship tournament, is a chance for those talents to grab the last slot in the tournament.  The winner will face Kid Kash.

Only is NWA Hollywood's Johnny Yuma.  Rubix is CHIKARA's Jigsaw.  Mason Andrews is PWG's Scorpio Sky.  Darsow is the son of Barry Darsow.

Darsow was backdropped over to the floor by Rubix immediately.  TRubix and Andrews went back and forth with quick near falls.  Rubix escaped an armdrag and then dropkicked him out of the ring.  Only nailed Rubix but was then attacked by Darsow.  Only locked him in an armbar. Darsow fired back and fought his way back to his feet.  Darsow smashed him into the mat and nailed Rubix, sending him off the apron to the floor.  Darsow worked over Only and covered him for a two count.

Darsow whipped Only into the corner but Only went up and over and rolled him up for a two count.  Rubix came off the top with a flying bodypress for a two count on Darsow.  Darsow cut him off and drilled him down with a sitdown Michinoku Driver for a two count.  Only broke up the pinfall.

Andrews nailed a series of dropkicks but was nailed by Darsow.   Only drilled Darsow and they both went to the floor.  Andrews hit a dive over the top on both after ducking a Rubix clothesline.  Rubix, not to be outdone, hit a backflip over the ropes to the floor on everyone.

Rubix tossed Andrews back into the ring but was caught with an armbar submission.   They showed Kid Kash scouting as he'd be facing the winner next.   Only attacked Andrews to break up the pinfall.   Only nailed a combination stunner and neckbreaker after kicking off Darsow in the same motion for a pair of near falls.  The crowd clapped for everyone, rallying the bout.

Only grabbed a front facelock but was nailed by Darsow from behind with a sledgehammer.  Only was able to toss him to the outside but was tackled into the corner by Andrews.  Only nailed him and went to the top.  Darsow cut him off but was then nailed by Andrews with several kicks.  Andrews went after Only but Darsow slipped underneath for a Tower of Doom that took out his opposition.  Rubix came off the top for a Van Terminator dropkick onto Darsow.  That got the crowd soundly behind him as they started chanting for him.

Andrews went for a TKO but was cut off and nailed with a neckbreaker by Darsow.  Rubix kicked Darsow but was caught with a Faceplant out iof a headscissors by Only.  Rubix rolled to the outside, leading Only and Andrews.   They went back and forth.  Andrews nailed a leaping knee and a TKO for a three count.

Your winner, Mason Andrews!

Good, fast paced opener with everyone working their ass off.  This had all the strikes and dives and interactions you'd expect.  Nice way to kick off the show.

X-Division championship Tournament Kid Kash vs. Mason Andrews

Kash hit the ring and began beating the hell out of Andrews, beating him on the floor and rolling him back into the ring.  Kash was doing a lot of jawjacking and stepped on Andrews' chest for a pinfall attempt but Andrews kicked up.

Kash nailed several crossfaces and several stiff chops.  Jeremy Borash said they need Atlas Security to protect the fans from Kash on the road.  Scorpio nailed several dropkicks and used a crucifix for a two count.  Kash cut off Andrews with several strikes and was dropped across the steel connecting the turnbuckles and the ringpost.

Kash chopped him hard across Andrew's chest and back.   Andrews tried to fire back but was kicked hard in the chest for a two count.   Kash choked him against the ropes and nailed more crossfaces.  Kash began to argue with the referee.

Kash nailed a suplex into a slam or a two count, then drilled Andrews over his knee with a backbreaker.   Kash covered him for a two count.   Kash positioned Andrews and ascended to the top rope.  He then dropped down, slapped him and covered him for a two count.  Andrews escaped at the last minute.  Kash was getting upset.

Kash continued trouncing Andrews and played to the crowd.  Kash gave fans the finger and dropped an elbow across the chest for another two count.  He tied up Andrews in a keylock while standing over Andrews to add to the momentum of the move.  The crowd rallied Andrews.

Andrews finally fights out but was cut off by Kash.  Kash chopped Andrews, who collapsed from the force of the shot and fell through the ropes to the floor.   Kash slammed Andrews down and went for a springboard moonsault but Andrews pulled his knees up.  The crowd rallied him and Andrews fought his way to his feet.

Kash worked over Andrews but was nailed with a back flying elbow and pair of dropkicks.  Kash missed a charge into the corner and was nailed with a missile dropkick.    Andrews nailed a running high knee to the face for a close two count.

Kash nailed a sunset flip but Andrews rolled through.  Kash bridged out and went for a backslide,  Andrews slipped out and went for the Moneymaker.  Andrews slipped out and rolled up Kash for the three count.

Your winner, Mason Andrews!

Andrews moves on to Ultimate X tonight.

Another very good match with some great psychology featuring Kash as the bitter, evil veteran beating down the young upstart.  Kash did a great service to Andrews in terms of getting the crowd to get behind him and both did a great job here.

Christy Hemme interviewed Samoa Joe.  She asked him for his prediction on the main event.  Joe said that he predicts the man who beat him, Austin Aries.  Hemme noted he was in second place in the Bound for Glory series and asked him his strategy going into tonight.  Joe said a year ago, his strategy was to hurt, kill and maim everyone involved.  This year, he sees the light and sees his road to the TNA title through the BFG Series.  He said tonight Kurt Angle isn't a gold medalist but ten points.  Angle isn't an indestructible wrestling machine but a man who will tap out.  Joe promised he would win by any means necessary.  Real good promo.

Douglas Williams vs. Kenny King

They went to the mat right away with some nice back and forth mat work.   They talked up King's background in the Chippendales, tying it into the film "Magic Mike."  The story early was that King would counter Williams' moves but would then get trapped in another move.  Really good stuff.

King nailed several forearms in the corner.  He whipped Williams into the opposite corner and there was a miscue that they tried to fix.  They went into some near falls.  There was a chant for King.

Williams and King jawed back and forth. Williams was sent to the floor.  King nailed a twisting slingshot dive to the floor.  Back in the ring, King covered Williams for a two count.  He controlled Williams but was grabbed in a side headlock.  King sent Williams into the ropes but was shoulderblocked down.  King caught him in a drop toehold and grabbed a side headlock.   Williams turned it into a hammerlock.

King slipped out and used a pair of hiptosses, including a kip up after one, which looked real flashy.   They locked up with Williams nailing him several times in the corner.  King whipped him out of the corner but was nailed with the European uppercut and a running clothesline.  Williams locked in  rear chinlock.  King was whipped into the corner but came out of nowhere with a sunset flip off the buckles for a two count,.

Williams attacked him to cut off King, and worked him over in the corner.   King fired back and both men were down as the referee counted.   King recovered and nailed a series of clotheslines and a spinning kick for a two count.

King nailed another kick and a spinebuster for a two count.  King charged but was kicked off.  Williams went to the top but was met by King.   They battled on the top and King was sent off the ropes to the floor, which looked like it could have been a hard fall.  Williams drilled King off the ropes to the floor with a knee after King returned to his feet.  King was almost counted out by slipped back in at nine.

Williams drilled King and scored a two count.  The crowd chanted for King.   King snapped him throat-first over the top rope and nailed a springboard into a reverse Buff Blockbuster for a two count.   Williams cut him off and rolled up King for a two count.   Williams and King battled in the corner.  King shoved him off the ropes and came off but landed on his feet when he realized Williams would get out of the way before he nailed a move.

King nailed a TKO into a Uranage like move, driving Williams to the mat for the pin.

Your winner, Kenny King!

Solid match.  King didn't look as flashy as he did on Impact but it was a different type of match in the way it was laid out.  There was some really good matwork early on and it was good, solid match.

Christy Hemme interviewed TNA Tag Team champions Christopher Daniels.  He said a lot can happen in a year.   A year ago, he was a lackey and a friend but now he's a winner.  He's one half of the World Tag Team champions of the World (not redundant).  He said that all that matters is beating someone senseless.  He said he knows what kind of man he is but he also knows what type of man that Styles is.  He said Styles took advantage of a helpless woman and impregnated her and used his personal relationship with Dixie Carter to help himself.  He said that now everyone in the world knows what type of man AJ is and he can drink to that.

Rashad Cameron vs. Sonjay Dutt

CZW flavor here.

They locked up and did some fast packed back and forth reversals and Lucha style takedown attempts.  Both went for dropkicks at the same time and faced off.  Dutt caught Cameron with a dropkick and locked on a side headlock.   Dutt shoulderblocked Cameron down.  Cameron leapfropped him and nailed Dutt, sending him to the floor.

Cameron nailed a tope con hilo to the floor.  He shouted out Philadelphia and rolled Dutt back in the ring for a two count.   Cameron nailed a series of chops in the corner but was kicked away.  Dutt nailed a leaping head scissors to the outside, then nailed a nasty looking sliding dropkick through the ropes.

On the outside, Cameron whipped Dutt into the railing.  He rolled Dutt back into the ring for a two count.   Cameron elevated Dutt into a flapjack but Dutt made it to the ropes to break up a pinfall.  Cameron ripped at Dutt's face and argued with the referee.

Cameron sent Dutt into the ropes and drilled him with a running knee for a two count.  He locked Dutt in a body scissors for a two count.  Cameron worked him over in the corner.  Dutt escaped and drilled Cameron, running him into the buckles.  He nailed a guillotine legdrop over the ropes on the apron outside and nailed a splash into the ring for a two count.

Cameron and Dutt went back and forth.  Cameron used a forward roll for a two count.  Cameron nailed a rana off the top and locked in a cross armbreaker.  Dutt made it to the ropes.   Cameron was getting really angry at referee Earl Hebner.

Dutt nailed a leaping DDT and came off the top with a flip into a double stomp for the pin.

Your winner, Sonjay Dutt!

Another good match.  Lots of really strong wrestling so far on this show. Cameron looked strong and showed some of his facial expressions, which he's top of the class with, and Dutt looked just awesome.


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