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By Jose Perez on 2012-07-07 15:32:40

The following are the results from the 3 shows that WWC put together last weekend as part of their "Aniversario 2012" event... and what a weekend it was.
Friday June 30 @ "Pachin Vicens Auditorium" - Ponce, PR
1. "Los Arcangeles" (Tommy & Cuervo) defeated "ManBeast" Angel & Clemente
2. Xix Xavant defeated "El Diabolico"
3. "Superstar" Romeo defeated Bolo "The Red Bulldog"

4. Chris Angel defeated Black Pain

5. Melina defeated Velvet Sky

6. Epico defeated WWC Universal "The Precious One" Gilbert in a non-title match after a distraction from manager Orlando Toledo did not work.

7. "Mr. RAY-tings" Ray Gonzalez defeated Davey Ricards

8. Carlito defeated John Morrison via DQ after Thunder & Lightning interferred in the match to attack him.  Primo & Apolo made the save, which gave way to final match of the evening...

9. Thunder & Lightning defeated Primo & "El Leon" Apolo by pinning Primo after a well executed 3D.
Saturday July 1st @ "Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum" - Bayamon, PR (Main Show of the 3 night event.)
The show opens with all the different announcers that WWC uses coming to the ring: Willie Urbina (TNA Spanish announcer), Jose Herrera, "El Wizard" (who received a huge pop) and Jerry Rodriguez.  They, along with the "representatives" from the "Boxing and Wrestling Commission" presented the event's dedication to the legendary team: The Invaders.  Present were Invaders #1, #3 & #4 to accept their recognition.  They came out and received a loud ovation from the crowd.  While Invader #1 was thanking everyone for recognition, out came Mr. X along with another masked wrestler and challenged all 3 Invaders for a match.  They accepted and we are off with it...


1. The Invaders (#1, #3, #4) defeated Mr.X & the Unknown masked wrestler

2. WWC World Tag Team Title Match

"Los Arcangeles" (Cuervo & Tommy) retained the tag titles after defeating "Prince of Darkness" El Diabolico & "ManBeast" Angel

3. "Superstar" Romeo defeated Chris Joel

Chris Angel comes out to speak to the crowd, but is interrupted by "The Precious One" Gilbert and Orlando Toledo.  They tell him that he needs to join them in the "Nuevo Mando" stable.  That he is the piece of the puzzle that is missing and together they can be unbeatable.  Gilbert tells him that he knows he has his sights set on an opportunity for the Unversal Title, but that tonight is not about that, tonight is about making sure that "El Leon Apolo" does not get to the title match with him later.  He needs to make a decision and has to be in a few minutes.  Gilbert and Toledo left the ring and when Willie Urbina asked Chris Angel if he had anything to say, he just put his sunglasses back on and left the ring without saying a word.

4. "New Starr Corporation" (Chicky Starr, Xix Xavant, Jay Velez & Bolo "The Red Bulldog") defeated "El Nuevo Mando" (Toledo, Clemente & The Patriot twins)

5. Chris Angel defeated Davey Richards in what has been said to been a really good match


"The Precious One" Gilbert is introduced for his match and out he comes with manager Orlando Toledo.  Apolo's music then hits, but out comes Chris Angel and he stands at the bottom of the entrance ramp waiting for Apolo to come out.  Gilbert had a smile on his face when he saw Chris Angel come out.  Next out is "El Leon" Apolo.  He walks and stands in for face-off with Chris Angel, but CA decides to go to the back and not get involved.  Gilbert was losing it in the ring.

6. WWC Universal Heavyweight Title Match

"El Leon" Apolo became the NEW WWC Universal champion when he defeated Gilbert with a "Rock Bottom".  Chris Angel sneaks up into the ring while Apolo is celebrating and spears him, leaving him laying in the ring next to Gilbert who still had not recovered.
7. Primo & Epico defeated Shelton Benjamin & John Morrison
8. Diva vs KnockOut - Melina defeated Velvet Sky

9. Main Event - Hair vs Masks with Invader #1 as special guest referee
"Mr. RAY-Tings" Ray Gonzalez & Carlito defeated Thunder & Lightning w/ manager Barrabás
After the match, T&L brawl with Carlito and Gonzalez before taking their masks off themselves.  Thunder took the mic and stated the this is just a battle, but the war will continue...
NOTE:  Large crowd estimated anywhere between 5,000 and 6,000.  Fans were hot for pretty much all of the matches.  A DVD of the event will be put together and sold for $19.99.  More details to follow on Sunday's TV show.  Overall a good, strong showing with everyone working very hard.

Sunday July 2nd @ "Arquelio Torres Coliseum" - San German, PR
1. "ManBeast" Angel defeated "Arcangel" Cuervo
2. "Prince of Darkness" El Diabólico defeated "Arcangel" Tommy
3. Chris Angel & Chris Joel defeated Black Pain & "Superstar" Romeo
4. Orlando Toledo defeated Chicky Starr after hitting him with some "brassknucks"
5. Return match from the night before: Thunder & Lightning w/ manager Barrabás defeated Carlito & "Mr. RAY-tings" Ray Gonzalez
After the match, T&L basically destroyed Carlito and Gonzalez, leaving them laying in the ring.  Thunder again grabbed the mic and told them that they had lost a battle the night before, that the war was just beginning.  Thunder also told them that this is nothing compared with what they will do to them at the "Septiembre Negro" (Black September) event, which is WWC's next scheduled big event.

6. Xix Xavant & Velvet Sky defeated Davey Richards & Melina

7. "The Precious One" Gilbert w/ manager Orlando Toledo defeated Shelton Benjamin
8. WWC's Universal Champion "El León" Apolo defeated John Morrison

- All 3 shows have received good reviews amongst the fans here in the island.
- During today's TV show it was announced that starting with next weekend's shows ex-FCW Wes Brisco and "Tough Enough" winner Andy Levine will be working with WWC for some time.  They will be taking part of next weekend's shows in Yabucoa (Friday) and Guaynabo (Saturday).
- You can see photos of the Bayamon and San German Aniversario shows at the following links:
Bayamon (Main Show) Pictures -!/media/set/?set=a.441631509190368.99474.203484506338404&type=3
San German (Sunday show) Pictures -!/media/set/?set=a.441676502519202.99480.203484506338404&type=3

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