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By Mike Johnson on 2012-07-01 10:13:17
Last night's Extreme Rising event in Philadelphia drew in the area of 800-900 fans, which the promotion was very happy with considering the negative fallout of the last show.

The next scheduled events will be the weekend of 9/21 in Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, Ohio. If those go well, the plan is to return to the Northeast in November.

Perry Saturn suffered a stinger early on in his match with Papadon and couldn't feel his left arm for awhile, so they had to work around that.

Papadon got great grades from management for his work this weekend. I've been writing for some time that he's primed and ready and I was waiting for him to take off. He's really come a long way from his early days and I expect you'll see a lot more out of him in the years to come.

There was a short backstage fight before the show between New Jack and Balls Mahoney. There's been heat between the two for awhile and they actually had an argument at the April event that nearly came to blows. The story making the rounds was that when Mahoney entered the locker room, Jack went after him and drilled him hard with a punch, upset about something Mahoney said in a recent DVD interview. The two were separated and kept apart from each other the rest of the night and the feeling among those I spoke to was that whatever the issue was had been settled.

Shane Douglas was feverishly taking notes with thoughts on the show all night and was out among the people, thanking them for their support and listening to feedback.

Lots of CZW staff and wrestlers at the show as Rising utilized CZW's ring and equipment.

Backstage visiting were Nick Berk and Boogalou. The promotion was much stricter this time with backstage access.

There are plans to bring in more Luchadors, including Super Crazy, once work visas can be arranged. There's no timeline but it's in the cards.

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