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By Dave Scherer on 2012-06-17 20:03:50
Thanks for coming folks.  Here are my thoughts on the No Way Out PPV, as they happen.  Keep refreshing throughout the evening for more updates.

The show opened with a recap of the John Cena-Big Show storyline, complete with the large fella knocking out Vince McMahon on Monday.  Yep, that is what they are trying to sell this show on.  Good luck with that.

The World Title match opens the show.  Yeah, that bodes well for Dolph.  Wait a second, Sheamus came out first.  WTF WWE?  The Champ should NEVER come out first.  Dolph Ziggler came out second, with Vickie.  If they do the "we will make Dolph by having him win the match out of nowhere" finish, they have lost their collective minds.  No other way to put it. ... Dolph got introduced first and got a pop.  Sheamus got a pop but some boos too.  Great, we have a smart mark crowd that will cheer for things just to get noticed.  Oy. ... The match just started and Booker has already called Dolph Zig Zag.  I guess that is better than him saying to Cole, "What is this dude's name again Cole?"

Early on, Sheamus is in control. Then Dolph got control. Looks like this will be competitive. ... Booker just said that Dolph has a "cardio effect". I learn something I never knew every time I hear him. Some of it is even occasionally legitimate. ... They kept it on the mat early. Ziggler was in tenuous control until he came off of the top rope and missed his spot. He came back and hit Zig Zag for a two. So far, this is OK but it seems disjointed. The smart mark fans are chanting for Ziggler, which makes no sense at this point since Ziggler hasn't killed in this match. I like the guy and all but he has NOT been built to win the World Title and doing it now would be the wrong call. Then Dolph hit a big spot with a facebuster off of the top on Sheamus. Two count only, but at least the smart marks have a reason to chant for Ziggler now. ... Sheamus came back with some good power spots and then hit White Noise. Sheamus then hit The Brogue Kick for the pin. It was the right call. There is a lot that they can do with Ziggler but throwing him into a Title match at the last minute and having him win after being booked so poorly for months now is not the way to do it. Hopefully they take this and build on it with Dolph. Solid match to open the show.

Vince McMahon is shown power waddling in the back. Jobby Ace came up to talk to him, wearing what looks like a clown suit. Jobby is worried about Vince's concussion and wants to make sure that their relationship will be OK after Show wins tonight. Vince gave him a "talk to the hand because I don't care". Josh Matthews came up to ask a question and Ace heeled him. Even when Ace has decent material he is boring.

Santino is wearing a powder blue tuxedo. He will take on Ricardo Rodriguez. One of these guys will get their clothes torn off and I am so uninterested, especially since they just showed the background stuff with Layla and Beth. Why can't they be getting clothes torn off? Anyway, Ricardo is in his usual black attire. He didn't get any reaction coming out. Santino got his usual pop. ... Booker said that Ricardo looks like Pee Wee Herman, showing that Booker has never, ever seen Pee Wee Herman.

They open doing a popularity contest. You know who won that. Ricardo tore a piece of Santino's suit first. The Santino......oh screw it. I refuse to give this dreck any real commentary. ... Santino is saying it's his only tux. that is one more than I have. ... Santino is now doing ole with Ricardo's jacket because, well apparently Ricardo is part bull because he is Mexican. Or something along those lines. ... Even Cole just gave Booker crap for "trying to call this like a wrestling match". Right after that, the fans chanted BORING. Yeah, one person is liking this and, well, it's Vince. No one else that could spell IQ, let alone have one, would like this. ... OK, after seeing way too much of both guys and Santino having his Cobra taken away, we find out he had one on his leg and he used it for the win. Ricardo is wearing Alberto Del Rio underwear. I feel a lot stupider now than I did five minutes ago. That was awful.

Time for a CM Punk promo. Matt Stroker asks him what the deal is with AJ. He asks that, even though WWE is hammering the obvious down our throats with his new "I Dig Crazy Chicks: CM Punk" shirt. Yes, he has that shirt now. ... Punk was talking about his foes when AJ came out to wish him luck and Punk said luck is for losers. He may or may not be her boyfriend. Either way, he has a shirt dedicated to her. Next up, MY THUN vs. Christian for the IC Title.

Match starts with, as Booker said, "Cody is all on top of his game tonight". ... I really like Christian but it's time for new tights. Just sayin'. ... Cody is in control early on. This show has no real juice at this point. ... Christian is selling his "bad left shoulder" That sounds like there is a job in Cody's immediate future. ... Yep, Christian just his a nice DDT on the floor. My Thun might be in trouble. ... Both made it back in the ring before the ten count. ... Christian hit a press from the top and Cody rolled through for a two count. ... They are working hard but it doesn't seem like the crowd cares a whole lot. ... Then while Cody showboated on the top, Christian his a rana. Nice spot, and some of the crowd may have awakened. Or not. ... Christian got out of a nice Alabama Slam. A few more people woke up I think. ... These two are working hard, it's a shame that they haven't been booked to matter. If they were, people would be more into it. ... Christian hit the Killswitch but only got a two count. Fans are chanting YES, YES, YES. I got nothing. ... Christian then went for the Frog Splash but met Cody's knees. Christian popped right up though and then hit The Spear to win and retain the IC Title. The work was really good but sadly the crowd saw this as a non-important match.

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