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By Mike Johnson on 2012-05-29 08:00:00
 May 29th

On this day in history in ....

1963 - WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Al Costello in Brooklyn, NY

1964 - WWWF ran Scranton, PA at the CYC, featuring the following results:
Carlos Milano & Frank Mattize defeated Humberto Macardo & Cyclone Soto
Gorilla Monsoon defeated Duke Miller at 8:10
Ernie Ladd defeated Klondike Bill at 19:30
Dr. Jerry & Luke Graham defeated the Kentuckians in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 22:26

1964 - WWWF ran West Hempstead, NY, headlined by WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeating Killer Kowalski

1965 - WWWF ran Baltimore, MD with a TV Taping, featuring:
Wahoo McDaniel defeated Tony Newberry
Clyde Steeves defeated Chief White Owl
Chief Big Heart defeated Ben Lima

1967 - WWWF ran Pittsburgh, PA, featuring:
Spiros Arion & Tony Parisi defeated Bull Ortega & Smasher Sloan
Hurricane Hunt defeated Jim Grabmire
Frank Holtz defeated Chuck Martoni
Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Johnny DeFazio
George Steele defeated Batman
Bobo Brazil fought Bill Miller to a draw
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Gorilla Monsoon via disqualification

1968 - WWWF ran Boston, MA at the Boston Garden featuring:
Cowboy Bradley & Irish Jackie vs. Little Beaver & Sonny Boy Cassidy in a midget tag (result lost to the mists of time)
Lou Albano & Tony Altimore defeated Louis Cerdan & Arnold Skaaland
Victor Rivera & Earl Maynard defeated Bull Ramos & Homer O'Dell
Hans Mortier defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna
Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Crybaby Cannon
Gorilla Monsoon & Virgil the Kentucky Butcher defeated WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Eduard Carpentier

1969 - WWWF ran Washington DC at the National Arena, featuring:
John L. Sullivan fought Baron Scicluna to a draw
George Steele defeated Tony Altimore
Prof. Toru Tanaka pinned Chuck Richards
Arnold Skaaland defeated Lou Albano
Victor Rivera defeated Duke Savage in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0
Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Miguel Feliciano in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0
Rocky Johnson pinned Luke Graham

1970 - WWWF ran Greensburg, PA, headlined by WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Batman defeated George Steele & Waldo Von Erich

1975 - WWWF ran Pittsfield, MA at the Boys Club, featuring:

Mike Paidousis fought Ricky Sexton to a 20-minute time-limit draw
Baron Mikel Scicluna pinned Sylvano Sousa at 13:25
Gene Dundee pinned Lee Wong at 11:52
Mike Paidousis pinned Hans Schroeder
Gorilla Monsoon, Dean Ho, & Tony Garea defeated Butcher Vachon, Jimmy & Johnny Valiant in a Best 3 out of 5 falls match, 3-0

1977 - A live event in Houston, Texas would have seen all three top World championships in North America defended on the same card, except NWA Harley Race was unable to make the date.  AWA World champion Nick Bockwinkel substituted, wrestling twice that night in two draws, one against Race's scheduled challenger Terry Funk and once against his own scheduled challenger, Jose Lothario.  The same card saw WWWF champion Superstar Graham defeat Mike York as well as the following results:

Jimmy Snuka defeated Muhammad Farouk
Big John Studd defeated Gino Hernandez
The Fabulous Moolah defeated Susan Green
Cyclone Negro defeated Chavo Guerrero
Fritz Von Erich fought Bruiser Brody to a draw

1978 - WWWF ran Steubenville, Ohio at St. John's Arena, featuring:
Johnny DeFazio defeated Johnny Rodz via disqualification
Larry Zbyszko fought Butcher Vachon to a draw
Spiros Arion defeated Haystacks Calhoun via countout
WWWF Tag Team Champion Dominic DeNucci fought Luke Graham to a draw
WWWF Tag Team Champion Dino Bravo defeated Tank Patton

1978 - New Japan Pro Wrestling ran Okayama, Japan, featuring:
Kuniaki Kobayashi pinned Ray Steel
Bugsy McGraw pinned Makoto Arakawa
Nikolai Volkoff pinned Yoshiaki Fujiwara
Bad News Allen pinned Chief Jay Strongbow
Williem Ruska defeated Kengo Kimura via submission with arm bar
Osamu Kido pinned Tony Garea
Andre The Giant pinned Tatsumi Fujinami
Seiji Sakaguchi defeated Umanosuke Ueda via DQ
WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund & Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Antonio Inoki & Riki Choshu in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match; fall #1: Backlund pinned Choshu; fall #2: Inoki pinned Scicluna; fall #3: Backlund pinned Choshu

1979 - WWWF ran Steubenville, Ohio at St. John's Arena, drawing 2,500 fans with the following results:

Frank Durso pinned Bobby Shaffer
George Steele defeated SD Jones
Dominic DeNucci fought Stan Stasiak to a draw
Johnny Rodz defeated Joe Abby
Baron Mikel Scicluna & JoJo Andrews defeated Johnny DeFazio & Bill Berger
Chief Jay Strongbow fought Ken Patera to a double disqualification in a Lumberjack match

1979 - WWWF taped Championship Wrestling in Allentown, PA at Ag Hall, featuring the following results for episodes that aired in June 1979:

Greg Valentine (w/ the Grand Wizard) pinned Dave Darrow at 4:44; Chief Jay Strongbow sat ringside for the match; after the bout, Strongbow chased Valentine from ringside with a crutch
WWF North American Champion Ted DiBiase pinned Moose Monroe at 6:59
Haystacks Calhoun pinned Mr. X at 1:34
Bulldog Brower (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) pinned Ivan Putski at 4:41 after Albano tripped Putski from the floor
Pat Patterson (w/ the Grand Wizard) pinned SD Jones with a kneedrop off the top at 3:59
Nikolai Volkoff (w/ the Grand Wizard) pinned Jose Estrada at 4:09 after hoisiting him up in a gorilla press and dropping him across his knee
Jimmy Valiant (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) pinned Johnny Rivera at 4:36 with a boot to the face and grabbing the ropes for leverage
Hussein Arab (the future Iron Sheik, w/ the Grand Wizard, sub. for Freddie Blassie who was said to be on vacation) pinned Frankie Williams at 3:41 with a kneedrop
Tito Santana pinned Moose Monroe at 2:53 with a crossbody
Steve Travis fought Baron Mikel Scicluna to a 10-minute time-limit draw; after the bout, Bruno Sammartino conducted a ringside interview with Travis
Pat Patterson defeated Steve King
WWF Tag Team Champions Jerry & Johnny Valiant defeated SD Jones & Dominic DeNucci in a non-title match
WWF North American Champion Ted Dibiase defeated Johnny Rodz
Nikolai Volkoff defeated Charlie Brown
SD Jones defeated Moose Monroe
Tito Santana defeated Johnny Rivera
Bulldog Brower defeated Fred Marzino
Dark match: Haystacks Calhoun & Ivan Putski fought WWF Tag Team Champions Jerry & Johnny Valiant to a double disqualification

1980 - WWF ran North Bergen, NJ at Embassy Hall, featuring:

Larry Sharpe pinned Mike Masters at 14:50
Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Jerry Johnson at 13:12
Johnny Rodz pinned Frank Williams at 13:18 after a piledriver
Rick McGraw pinned Jose Estrada at the 19-minute mark
Larry Zbyszko defeated Pat Patterson via count-out at 18:10

1981 - WWF ran Harrisburg, PA at Zembo Mosque, featuring the following results:

The Carolina Kid & Farmer Jerome defeated Sky Low Low & Kid Chocolate in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0
The Great Yatsu pinned Chris Canyon
Baron Mikel Scicluna pinned Tony Altimore
Angelo Mosca pinned Rick McGraw
WWF Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales defeated Killer Khan via countout when Khan left ringside

1982 - WWF ran New Bedford, MA, featuring:
Charlie Fulton defeated Fred Marzino
Swede Hanson defeated Pete Doherty
Blackjack Mulligan defeated Tony Garea
Ivan Putski defeated Bob Orton Jr. via count-out
WWF Tag Team Champions Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito defeated Rick McGraw & Pete Mitchell

1983 - WWF ran Toms River, NJ with the following results:
Johnny Rodz defeated Steve King
Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Frank Williams
Laurent Soucie defeated Tony Altimore
Jimmy Snuka defeated Pete Sanchez
Tony Atlas defeated Adrian Adonis
WWF Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales defeated Greg Valentine via countout

1983 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Asheville, NC at the Civic Center, featuring the following results:
Vinnie Valentino defeated Bill White
Keith Larsen & Mike Davis defeated Rene Goulet & Rick Harris
Wahoo McDaniel defeated Jake Roberts
Dory Funk Jr. defeated Mike Rotundo
NWA Tag Team Champions Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood defetaed Jack & Jerry Brisco
NWA U.S. Champion Greg Valentine defeated NWA World Champion Ric Flair in a bout where only the U.S. title was at stake

1983 - A live event in Toronto, Ontario featured both top NWA and WWF champions at the Maple Leaf Garden with the following results:

Bob Marcus defeated Alec Gerard at 14:26
Billy Red Lyons defeated Tim Gerard at 15:38
The Executioner defeated Joe Marcus at 14:56
Kelly Kiniski defeated Nick DeCarlo at 11:12
Mike Rotundo defeated Dory Funk Jr. at 13:48 in a $100,000 challenge match
Leo Burke defeated North American Champion Johnny Weaver to win the title at 14:40
WWF Intercontinental Champion Don Muraco defeated Rocky Johnson at 15:18
NWA World Champion Ric Flair pinned NWA U.S. Champion Greg Valentine at 19:31

1984 - Jim Crockett Promotions debuted at the Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ with "Night of Champions" featuring the following results:

National TV Champion Ron Garvin pinned Jake Roberts
Invader #1 pinned the Great Kabuki
NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Les Thornton defeated El Gran Apollo via count-out
Dusty Rhodes pinned the Assassin (Jesse Barr) at 1:30
NWA Tag Team Champions Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle defeated Pez Whatley & Mark Youngblood when Whatley was pinned
Wahoo McDaniel fought All Japan PWF Champion Stan Hansen to a double disqualification
NWA National Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors defeated Jimmy Valiant & King Kong Bundy when Road Warrior Hawk pinned Bundy
WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion Carlos Colon pinned NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard
NNWA World Champion Ric Flair pinned NWA US Champion Ricky Steamboat at 32:00 with a roll over and grabbing the tights for leverage

1985 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Raleigh, NC at the Dorton Arena, featuring:

Sam Houston defeated Joel Deaton
Pat Tanaka fought Denny Brown to a draw
Buddy Landell defeated Rocky King
Ron Bass defeated Rocky Kernodle
NNWA U.S. Champion Magnum TA & Dick Slater defeated NWA World Tag Team Champions Ivan & Nikita Koloff via disqualification
NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeated NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard

1984 - WWF ran a Championship Wrestling taping in Allentown, PA at Ag Hall.  Vince McMahon missed the taping due to the passing of Vince McMahon Sr., with Lord Alfred Hayes and Gene Okerlund handling the announcing.  Results from the taping saw:

Don Muraco (w/ Mr. Fuji) defeated Billy Travis
Big John Studd pinned Salvatore Bellomo at 1:49 with an elbow drop
The Wild Samoans defeated Tony Garea, Jose Luis Rivera, & Steve Lombardi
Paul Orndorff pinned Tony Garea at 4:03 after reversing Garea's small package attempt into one of his own
Jesse Ventura pinned SD Jones at 4:48 with an elbow dropbr /> The Iron Sheik (w/ Freddie Blassie) defeated Terry Daniels via disqualification at 4:39 when Sgt. Slaughter interfered and pushed Sheik off the top rope
BBob Orton Jr. pinned Salvatore Bellomo at 2:34 with a suplex from the ring apron
Cyndi Lauper appeared on Piper's Pit, stating that Capt. Lou Albano was not her manager; moments later, Albano came out, told Cyndi to tell everyone he brought her from nothing and made her a superstar, and that women are useless without a man behind them; Lauper thought that Albano was joking at first, but when he insulted her she attacked both Albano and Piper with her purse until she was pulled away by David Wolff.
WWF Intercontinental champion Tito Santana fought Bob Orton Jr. to a double count-out at 5:20 in a non-title match after Santana hit the flying forearm and both men fell out of the ring to the floor.  Prior to the bout, ring announcer Joe McHugh introduced WWF champion Hulk Hogan, who came ringside.
Jesse Ventura defeated Billy Travis via submission at 5:48 with the backbreaker
David Schultz pinned B. Brian Blair at 4:51 by grabbing the ropes for leverage
Sgt. Slaughter defeated Danny Green a submission with the cobra clutch at 3:54
Buzz Sawyer (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) pinned Jose Luis Rivera at 5:26 with a powerslam
Greg Valentine (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) defeated WWF Intercontinental champion Tito Santana via countout in a non-title match at 5:40 after both men were brawling on the apron and Valentine made it back in the ring just before the 10-count

1985 - WWF ran Davenport, Iowa at the Palmer Auditorium before 1,100 fans, featuring:
Mad Dog Vachon defeated Rene Goulet
Big John Studd defeated Swede Hanson
Jesse Ventura defeated Tony Garea
Paul Orndorff defeated Bobby Heenan via countout
The Missing Link (subbing for Ken Patera) defeated George Wells
Bob Orton Jr. defeated Mad Dog Vachon (subbing for Jimmy Snuka)
WWF Intercontinental Champion Greg Valentine defeated Tito Santana

1986 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Amelia, VA, headlined by The Rock N' Roll Express defeating NWA World Tag Team champions The Midnight Express, Dennis Condrey and Bobby Eaton, in a non-title match.

1987 - WWF ran Pittsburgh, PA at the Civic Arena, featuring:
SD Jones defeated Dave Barbie
Tiger Chung Lee pinned Sam Houston
Lanny Poffo defeated Jimmy Jack Funk
King Harley Race pinned Jerry Allen (substituting for Dick Slater)
Demolition defeated B. Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell
George Steele defeated Nikolai Volkoff via countout
Butch Reed pinned Tito Santana after Slick interfered
WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan & Koko B. Ware (substituting for Jake Roberts) defeated Kamala & the Honkytonk Man when Hogan pinned Kamala with the legdrop

1987 - WWF ran Winnipeg, Manitoba at the Arena, featuring:
Brad Rheingans defeated Rick Renslow
Ron Bass pinned Outback Jack
Brutus Beefcake & Jacques & Raymond Rougeau defeated Dino Bravo, Greg Valentine & Johnny V
WWF Tag Team Champions The Hart Foundation, Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart defeated The British Bulldogs via disqualification
WWF Intercontinental Champion Ricky Steamboat defeated Randy Savage in a steel cage match

1987 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Beckley, WV before 3,000 fans.  The event would become mired in controversy after The Rock N' Roll Express defeated NWA United States Tag Team champions The Midnight Express, Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane in a non-title match.  During the bout, a fan named Roy Massey threw an object into the ring the Midnights.  Lane punched Massey, who sustained moments later, Massey, who suffered facial fractures.  Lane was arrested and charged with two counts of battery.  A lawsuit was later filed against Crockett, Cornette and the Midnights.

1988 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Greensboro, NC at the Coliseum, drawing 4000 fans featuring:

The Sheepherders fought Ron Simmons & Mighty Wilbur to a draw
NWA World Tag Team Champion Arn Anderson defeated the Italian Stallion
The Varsity Club, NWA World TV Champion Mike Rotundo & Rick Steiner defeated Kendall Windham & Bugsy McGraw
The Powers of Pain defeated Sting & the Road Warriors via disqualification
Nikita Koloff defeated Al Perez via disqualification
NNWA U.S. Tag Team Champions The Fantastics, Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers defeated The Midnight Express, Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane in a non-title match
Dusty Rhodes & Lex Luger defeated NWA U.S. Champion Barry Windham & NWA World Tag Team Champion Tully Blanchard when Rhodes pinned Blanchard
Steve Williams defeated NWA World Champion Ric Flair via disqualification when JJ Dillon interfered

1989 - WWF ran Montreal, Quebec at the Forum, featuring:

Tim Horner defeated Barry Horowitz
Paul Roma defeated Boris Zhukov
The Warlord defeated Jim Neidhart
Bret Hart fought Mr. Perfect to a draw
Dusty Rhodes (substituting for Jake Roberts) defeated Ted Dibiase (Rhodes' return match to the company after leaving the NWA)
Dino Bravo defeated Hercules
WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition defeated the Big Bossman & Akeem
Randy Savage defeated WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan via countout

1991 - WCW ran Roswell, New Mexico at the High School Gym, drawing 869 fans.  No aliens were spotted and neither were a number of wrestlers, including Butch Reed, WCW U.S. Tag Team Champion Jimmy Garvin, Tim Horner, and Dutch Mantell.  There were a number of refund issued.  The results of the show saw:

Big Josh pinned Black Bart
Mark & Chris Youngblood defeated the Angel of Death & Dan Spivey
WCW World TV Champion Bobby Eaton pinned Terrence Taylor
Ron Simmons pinned El Cubano (substituting for Butch Reed); the Junkyard Dog was the guest referee for the bout
Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong defeated WCW U.S. Tag Team Champion Michael Hayes & Badstreet (a masked Brad Armstrong, substituting for Garvin)
El Gigante defeated the One Man Gang

1992 - WCW ran Norfolk, VA at the Scope before 2,200 fans, featuring:

Cactus Jack defeated Tom Zenk
Van Hammer pinned JT Southern with the slingshot suplex
Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham defeated Greg Valentine & Terrance Taylor
WCW Light Heavyweight Champion Brian Pillman pinned Scotty Flamingo
WWCW World Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Bobby Eaton, Larry Zbyzsko, & Paul E. Dangerously in a handicap match
Sting & Nikita Koloff defeated WCW World TV Champion Steve Austin & Arn Anderson in a steel cage match
WCW U.S. Champion Rick Rude defeated Ricky Steamboat in a Best 2 out of 3 falls steel cage match

1992 - WWF ran Minneapolis, MN at the Target Center before 4400 fans with the following results:

High Energy, Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware defeated the Nasty Boys via countout
Crush defeated Katobr /> Jim Duggan defeated Repo Man via disqualification
The Ultimate Warrior pinned Papa Shango
Rick Martel pinned Tito Santana with his feet on the ropes for leverage
The Legion of Doom defeated the Beverly Brothers
WWWF Intercontinental champion Bret Hart pinned Shawn Michaels

1992 - WWF ran Winnipeg, Manitoba at the Arena, drawing 2500 fans, featuring:

Nailz defeated Jim Brunzell via submission
Virgil pinned the Brooklyn Brawler
The Mountie defeated Sgt. Slaughter via countout
Earthquake pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Ted DiBiase
Tatanka defeated Bob Bradley
Kerry Von Erich pinned Skinner
The Undertaker pinned the Berzerker
WWWF World Champion Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair (with Mr. Perfect) via reverse decision.  Flair originally won the match and title after hitting Savage with a foreign object given to him by Perfect but the decision was reversed when an official came out and told the referee what had happened

1993 - WCW ran Jacksonville, FL at Memorial Coliseum with the following results:
Erik Watts defeated Joey Maggs
Erik Watts defeated Mike Thor
Maxx Payne defeated Kensuke Sasaki
Arn Anderson defeated the Barbarian
Ron Simmons defeated Dick Slater
SSting & Davey Boy Smith defeated Rick Rude & WCW World TV Champion Paul Orndorff
Dustin Rhodes defeated NWA World Champion Barry Windham via disqualification

- The USWA ran Memphis, TN at the Mid-South Coliseum, headlined by Bam Bam Bigelow & the Dream Machine defeating Jerry Lawler & Brian Christopher

1994 - WWF ran Nurenburg, Germany, featuring the following results:
Yokozuna defeated Mabel of Men on a Mission (the future Big Daddy V)
WWF Tag Team Champions the Headshrinkers defeated the Qubecers
WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart

1995 - Brian Christopher defeats Doug Gilbert for the USWA Southern Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, ending Gilbert's fifth title reign, and starting Christopher's 17th run with the belt. 

1996 - WCW taped WCW Saturday Night in Dalton, GA before 1,300 fans featuring the following results:

John Tenta fought Big Bubba to a double countout
WCW World TV & Tag Team Champion Lex Luger defeated Dick Slater
The Booty Man defeated Mark Kyle
Ric Flair & Arn Anderson defeated Scott & Steve Armstrong
Kevin Sullivan defeated Alex Davis
Marcus Alexander Bagwell & Scotty Riggs defeated Pat Tanaka & Kurasawa
WCW U.S. Champion Konnan defeated Alex Wright
Prince Iaukea defeated the Gambler in Iaukea's WCW debut
Diamond Dallas Page defeated Cobra
Scott Norton & Ice Train defeated Bobby Eaton & David Taylor
WCW World Tag Team Champion Sting defeated Johnny Grunge
Sgt. Craig Pittman defeated the Barbarian
Kevin Sullivan defeated Rick Fargo

1998 - WWF ran Detroit, Michigan at The Cobo Arena before 8,484 fans featuring:
Skull & 8-Ball defeated Los Boricuas
Kurrgan defeated Chainz
Vader defeated Owen Hart via disqualification
Farooq defeated Mark Henry via disqualification
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku defeated Brian Christopher
Kama & D-Lo Brown defeated Bradshaw & Dustin Runnels
WWF World Champion Steve Austin & Undertaker, & the Legion of Doom defeated WWF European Champion Triple H & Kane & WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn

1999-  A scheduled WWF event in Montreal, Quebec at the Molson Centre was canceled following the passing of Owen Hart.

1999 - WCW ran Baton Rouge, LA at the Riverside Centroplex featuring the following results:

Kaz Hayashi defeated Blitzkrieg
Brian Adams & Stevie Ray defeated Fit Finlay & Dave Taylor
Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Brian Knobbs in a hardcore match
Juventud Guerrera defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Hugh Morrus defeated Jerry Flynn
Sting defeated Ric Flair

2000 - The WCW World Heavyweight Title, which was still recovering from the David Arquette title reign a month earlier, followed by Vince Russo's stripping Ric Flair of the belt for no reason, took another blow in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kevin Nash, who defeated Jeff Jarrett for the belt six days earlier, announced he was just going to give the belt to Ric Flair, saying that Flair should never have been stripped of the belt to begin with. Flair accepted the title, then lost it to Jeff Jarrett that same night. So Flair's eighth reign with the WCW Title was started with Nash handing him the title, and ended less than two hours later with his loss to Jarrett. This would be Ric Flair's shortest title reign of record.

Full results of the broadcast, held in Salt Lake City, Utahg at the E Center, featured:

Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Disco Inferno in a lumberjack match
GI Bro (Booker T) defeated Mike Awesome in an ambulance match
Kevin Nash fought Rick Steiner & Tank Abbott to a no contest in a handicap match
WCW Hardcore Champion Terry Funk fought Vampiro to a no contest in a hardcore match
WCW US Champion Scott Steiner defeated Shane Douglas via submission in an asylum match at 2:29 with the Steiner Recliner after a belly to belly suplex.
Billy Kidman defeated Sting
Jeff Jarrett defeated WCW World Champion Ric Flair to win the title.  David Flair was the guest referee for the bout

2000 - WWF broadcast Raw from Vancouver, British Columbia at General Motors Place featuring a live performance from Kid Rock and Too Cool winning the WWF Tag Team championships from Edge and Christian.  The results of the taping saw:

The Dupps defeated Scott Vick & Mark Large in a dark match.


The Big Bossman pinned Stevie Richards at 4:22 with the sidewalk slam
The Dudley Boyz defeated the Headbangers at 4:32 when Thrasher was pinned following the 3D


D-Lo Brown & Perry Saturn & Terri defeated the Godfather & WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenk, & the Kat at 3:32 when Saturn pinned Malenko with the flying elbowsmash after D-Lo hit the Sky High on Malenko
Kid Rock performed.
WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero (with Chyna) pinned Kurt Angle at 3:27 with a hurricanrana off the top after Chyna interfered and hit a low blow on Angle from behind, knocking him off the top; Angle's foot was underneath the bottom rope during the cover but the referee didn't notice
Too Cool defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian to win the titles at 3:32 when Grandmaster Sexay pinned Christian following a belt shot to the face after Kid Rock's hype man Joe C interfered behind the referee's back and used a hockey stick to land a low blow on Christian.   Joe C and Rikishi came ringside late in the contest; prior to the bout, the champions did a 5-second pose to honor overrated midget rappers, a reference to Joe C, in which they got down on their knees and put on urban hats.  Later on, backstage, the former champions threw C in a trash can and destroyed it.
King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Rikishi defeated Shane McMahon via disqualification at 2:34 when Shane hit his opponent over the head with a steel chair as Rikishi attempted to Stinkface an interfering Triple H; Triple H came ringside early in the bout to be in Shane's corner; after the bout, Shane hit Rikishi a second time before Triple H hit the Pedigree onto the chair and gave Shane a 3-count after he covered Rikishi.
Test, Albert, & Val Venis (with Trish Stratus) defeated Chris Jericho, Matt & Jeff Hardy at 3:25 when Test pinned Matt after Albert, the illegal man, hit the Baldo Bomb on Matt behind the referee's back.
Hardcore Holly defeated WWF IC Champion Chris Benoit via disqualification at 4:16 when Chris Jericho interfered, as Holly attempted to use a steel chair, grabbed the chair away, and hit it over Holly's head; after the bout, Benoit hit Holly over the head with the chair before all three men chased each other backstage.
King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Bull Buchanan (with the Big Bossman) pinned Steve Blackman (with Al Snow) with the scissors kick at 3:22 after Blackman missed a diving headbutt.
The Rock fought the Undertaker to a no contest in a lumberjack match at around the 30-second mark when both men began fighting the lumberjacks.  In the brawl that ensued, the lumberjacks ganged up on both men inside the ring and beat them down, with both men sustaining world title belt shots to the head until Kane made a surprise appearance and laid out several of the lumberjacks with chokeslams, including Triple H; prior to the bout, Vince McMahon came out on the stage and accused one of the two men as being an unknown man who attacked Vince, Road Dogg, and Pat Patterson during vignettes earlier in the show; the crowd repeatedly chanted "Austin" during the segment.  Since no one fessed up, Vince made the bout into a lumberjack match.

2001 - WWF ran Edmonton, Alberta at Skyreach Center, drawing 12,214 fans featuring the following results:

Sunday Night Heat:
Billy Gunn defeated Val Venis
Test defeated the Big Show
Steve Blackman defeated Perry Saturn

WWF Intercontinental Champion Kane defeated Edge
Hardcore Holly defeated Bubba Ray Dudley
Chris Jericho defeated Kurt Angle
WWF Hardcore Champion Rhyno defeated Raven
X-Pac & Albert & Justin Credible defeated Eddie Guerrero & Matt & Jeff Hardy
WWF World Champion Steve Austin pinned Chris Benoit with a roll up and using the tights for leverage after Benoit became distracted by Vince McMahon at ringside

2002 - NWA:TNA announced that Low Ki had signed for their debut event as well as plans for a Gauntlet for the Gold to crown a new NWA champion.

2004 - WWE ran Kingston, Ontario at the Memorial Civic Arena, featuring the following results:

WWE U.S. Champion John Cena defeated Luther Reigns via disqualification
Billy Kidman & Paul London defeated Jamie Noble & Nunzio
Mordecai defeated Scotty 2 Hotty
Mark Jindrak defeated Sho Funaki
WWE SmackdownTag Team Champions Rico & Charlie Haas defeated Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn and Doug & Danny Basham
Rob Van Dam defeated Bubba Ray Dudley
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Classic defeated Spike Dudley
John Bradshaw Layfield defeated Rey Mysterio
Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie
WWE U.S. Champion John Cena defeated Rene Dupree

2004 - WWE's Raw brand ran Birmingham, England at the NEC Arena, featuring:

WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Edge pinned Batista with the spear
Rhyno & Lita defeated Tyson Tomko & Trish Stratus when Rhyno pinned Tomko after the Gore; the match started as Matt Hardy & Lita against Tomko & Trish but Kane came out and chokeslammed Hardy
WWE Women’s Champions Victoria pinned Molly Holly with the Widow’s Peak
Chris Jericho & Eugene (with William Regal) defeated Garrison Cade & Johnny Nitro
Shawn Michaels pinned Ric Flair with the superkick at the 20-minute mark
WWE Intercontinental champion Randy Orton defeated Shelton Benjamin in a best 2 out of 3 falls match; Benjamin pinned Orton in a matter of seconds but Eric Bischoff came out and said the match was 2/3 falls, Orton pinned Benjamin with the RKO, and Orton pinned Benjamin with his feet on the ropes for the final fall
Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier defeated the Hurricane & Rosey
WWE World & Raw Tag Team Champion Chris Benoit defeated Triple H via submission with the Crippler Crossface

2005 - WWE Smackdown ran Grande Prairie, Alberta at the Crystal Centre before 2,500 fans.  The first live event ever in the market featured the following live results:

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury defeated Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas
WWE U.S. Champion Orlando Jordan defeated Scotty 2 Hotty
John Heidenreich defeated Rene Dupree
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Paul London won a cruiserweight title battle royal
Torrie Wilson defeated Michelle McCool
The Big Show defeated Carlito Caribbean Cool & Matt Morgan in a handicap match
WWE World Champion John Cena defeated Kurt Angle in a steel cage match.

2006 - During an edition of Raw, Paul Heyman announces that he has been allowed to select two wrestlers, one from Raw and one from Smackdown, for the revived ECW brand.  Heyman selects Rob Van Dam from Raw, and Kurt Angle from Smackdown.   Full results of the taping in Tacoma, Washington at the Tacoma Dome saw:

Sylvester Terkay defeated Wavell Starr
Eugene & Jim Duggan defeated Caden Matthews & the Navajo Warrior
Carlito Caribbean Cool defeated Rob Conway
Charlie Haas defeated John Williams
Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated Goldust & Gene Snitsky

Kane fought WWE Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin to a no contest at around the 7-minute mark when Kane's old mask appeared on the big screen as his old music played, with a man in a Kane mask and outfit then coming out to the ring; moments later, the unknown man hit a chokeslam on Kane and then commanded fire to shoot out of the ringposts.  The second Kane was the future Luke Gallows in a storyline that would rather quickly be discarded.
Umaga (with Armando Allejandro Estrada) pinned Viscera at the 32-second mark with a diving headbutt and the thumb strike to the throat; prior to the bout, Umaga attacked Viscera from behind as he made his way to the ring and dropped him with a flatliner onto the steel ramp
Torrie Wilson & Beth Phoenix (with Trish Stratus) defeated Victoria & Candice Michelle (with WWE Women's Champion Mickie James) at 3:06 when Beth pinned Candice with a sit-down slam
WWE World Champion John Cena defeated Johnny Nitro (with Melina) in a non-title match via submission with the STFU following the Five Knuckle Shuffle and the FU at 3:04.  After the match, Cena and RVD faced off until Cena threw an interfering Mercury into RVD, knocking both men to the floor.
Edge (with Lita) pinned the Big Show at 3:54 with a spear after hitting Show in the jaw with a steel chair as the referee was distracted by Lita inside the ring.
Triple H pinned WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Kenny (with WWE Raw Tag Team Champions the Spirit Squad) with the Pedigree at 13:03 after fighting off the other Spirit Squad members.

2007 - WWE broadcast ECW on Sci Fi.  Mike Johnson filed the following TV report:

Welcome to's live, ongoing ECW on Sci Fi report. This Sunday is One Night Stand, which in theory is the one year anniversary of the ECW brand, and what, um, a year it's been. Onto the show.

ECW opened with Randy Orton coming to the ring in street clothes. He reviewed putting Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam out with concussions. Orton always comes off like he's reciting a script, probably because he is. WWE has done a great job of building the RKO into a monster of a move though. Orton said that he doesn't feel bad because what happened wasn't against the rules and it took place during a match. He said that Van Dam has challenged him to a stretcher match at the PPV this weekend. Wouldn't it have made sense to have an impassioned, angry Van Dam challenging?

Tommy Dreamer came to the ring. I guess another ECW "Legend" is getting RKO'd tonight. Dreamer said that everyone is sick of Orton. He said that he's not going to let Orton gloat while he's in Dreamer's house and he's not welcome here. Dreamer says that Orton is welcome to a match with him tonight. Orton accepts, saying he will kill the legend of ECW. Dreamer cut a good promo and the crowd liked it but I don't think anyone believes he has a chance in hell here given how WWE treats the Originals. Still, if they are building Randy Orton for Triple H's return, they are doing it right.

A commercial for Brock Lesnar's MMA debut aired before ECW returned to the air. That was the first one I've actually seen.

They plug Vince McMahon arm wrestling Bobby Lashley on Saturday Night's Main Event.7

CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke - NO DQ

Punk is no longer taping his ribs. They go back and forth with some good wrestling early. Punk catches Burke with a kick to the face then kicks him low. Burke comes back with some punches and forearms. Punk returns with kicks. Punk hits a high cross bodyblock. Punk clotheslines him over the top to the floor. Burke is mad and grabs a chair. He goes to return to the ring but Punk dropkicks the chair into him, sending him to the floor. So far, so good. They go to commercial.

When ECW returns, they show clips of Punk missing a dive to the floor and Burke slamming him into the ringpost. A table is on the mat. Burke works over Punk with a bearhug. Punk struggles to escape and the crowd is with him. Punk surprises Burke with a forward roll but gets a two count. Someone at ringside has a sign that reads, "Where's the TV title?" My answer is: "Stolen at the Elks Lodge." Burke nails a flapjack after some shots to the ribs.

Burke sets up a table in the corner. Punk rolls him up from behind for a two count. Punk nails an enziguiri on Burke, who kicks up at two. Punk hits a running kneelift in the corner and tries to bulldog Burke into the table, but is caught with a back suplex. Punk went for a springboard clothesline but slipped and crashed. Burke covered him for a two count. Punk went into his striking combination and teased the Go To Sleep. Marcus Cor Von hit the ring with a chair but Punk got it and threw it in his face. Burke was out in front of the table so Punk charged him. Burke kicked him in the ribs. Cor Von pounched Punk through the table, and Burke covered him for the pin,

Your winner, Elijah Burke.

Good match but not as good (or as long) as Judgment Day. The finish looked great. They showed Punk struggling to his feet as the New Breed members celebrated in the aisle.

Joey Styles and Tazz promoted the ECW title match at One Night Stand. Vince McMahon began ripping on Joey Styles and Tazz's names. He then introduced Bobby Lashley by calling him a loser. Lashley smiled and asked McMahon how he was doing. They had one of the worst talking segments in a long time. This was as bad as the night Kane had dinner with Shane McMahon. The basic jist is Lashley wants his title back. Lashley is stepping into Vince McMahon's world because Vince is from the streets. Vince says he can clobber Lashley with "an equalizer" if he needs to. Lashley just keeps smiling and says he's going to win, with no intensity or angry at all. WWE needs to hire those producers from "Springer Hustle" on VH-1 to get something out of Lashley. Vince said the name of the PPV was "Last Stand." Seriously. Lashley promised he'll be the ECW champion after this weekend. Without a doubt, this was the worst interview segment in the history of ECW, old or new. This was just awful and I can't believe anyone would want to see the Street Fight between the 60 year old champion and the polite challenger after watching this. Wow.

They plugged the One Night Stand PPV lineup. What a difference two years makes. I almost wish this show was still in the Hammerstein Ballroom because that audience would have made this a really memorable night. They replayed the exact same Randy Orton video feature from the opening segment, 30 minutes earlier.

Extreme Expose danced.

Tazz and Joey Styles talked about the draft and how anyone could end up leaving ECW.

Kevin Thorn vs. Balls Mahoney

Balls kicks Thorn but Thorn quickly takes him down. He fishhooks Mahoney's mouth, then sends him shoulder-first into the ringpost. Thorn mauls Balls. The story is that Thorn has no distractions anymore. He nailed the sitdown powerbomb and the Original Sin for the pin.

Your winner, Kevin Thorn.

Backstage, The Major Brothers were talking about Rob Van Dam's concussion. Matt Striker showed up and said that if RVD was smart, he wouldn't show up this weekend at One Night Stand. Striker said that with the brand draft, no one was safe, not even their team. The Majors said they already accomplished their dream by making it to ECW, which they did when they beat Striker. Striker said he had a challenge for them next week.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Randy Orton

They trade headlocks early. The crowd is chanting for Dreaner. Orton shoulderblocks Dreamer for a two count. Orton elbows Dreamer in the face and Dreamer rolls to the ropes. Dreamer tries to suplex Orton out of the ring but Orton escapes and dropkicks Dreamer to the floor. Orton cinches on a headlock and Dreamer fights his way out. Orton goes to the top but is caught and superplexed off. Dreamer unloads with punches. He nails a bulldog, then a sitdown powerbomb for a two count. They are working hard. Dreamer ties Orton to the tree of woe and does the dropkick into the corner. Dreamer nails an inverted DDT for a two count. Orton nails the RKO out of nowhere and pins Dreamer.

Your winner, Randy Orton.

Orton grabs Dreamer and nails a second RKO. Orton teasing the running kick to Dreamer's head, then finally nails it. Rob Van Dam hits the ring but Orton immediately punches him and Van Dam goes down with a glazed look. We're off the air.

Thoughts: So, the last ECW episode before the PPV that relaunched the ECW name ends with Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer laid out. Since there's no chance of a babyface comeback, ever, isn't it time to shut the lights on this entire brand? After this, they painted ECW as the bottom rung brand. That said, they are doing a really great job building Randy Orton. This new direction is the best thing they've done with him since the Triple H turn right after Orton won the WWE World title in 2004. I just hope it doesn't blow up in their faces. Striker was good in the delivery of his promo. The Lashley-Vince thing was absolutely dreadful. Punk vs. Burke was solid. Thorn looked decent again. I don't think they did anything to push fans towards buying the PPV with the exception of the Orton stuff.

2008 - It is publicly announced that Dwayne Johnson has divorced his longtime wife Dani, who remains his business manager and partner after the end of the marriage through this day.

2008 - Dr. Phil Astin III, Chris Benoit's personal physician at the time he killed his family and hanged himself, was indicted on 175 federal counts of illegal prescription abuse - made up of 150 counts involving 17 patients as well as seven previous indictments involving two patients believed to be professional wrestlers who were working for WWE at the time.   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the patients allegedly received illegal prescriptions for Percocet, Oxycontin, Demerol, Lorcet, Ritalin, Vicodin, Xanax, Adderall and Soma.  The indictment also alleged that Astin's prescriptions led to the death of a patient, presumably former ECW and WCW Tag Team champion Mike "Johnny Grunge" Durham, who was under Astin's care at the time of his death, although Durham's identity has not been confirmed as of this writing.  Authorities first became aware of Astin in the days following the Chris Benoit tragedy.  Benoit visited Astin's office just prior to killing his family.  Toxicology reports listed Benoit's testosterone level at 10 times the normal amount.  Astin, who was driven into financial ruin due to the case, was defended by a public defender.   He was initially under house arrest, but was given clearance to work for a local towing company.  He would later plead guilty and be sentenced to prison, where he remains.

2008 - The NWA announced that Ric Flair would be inducted into their Hall of Fame at a live event ceremony.  WWE later blocked Flair from appearing.

2009 - Just days after his return to the company during a televised match on Raw, Ken Kennedy (Ken Anderson) is released by WWE.  The release stemmed from complaints made about Anderson's work after he injured Orton during the return bout.

2009 - Ring of Honor tapes ROH on HDNet in Philadelphia, PA at the ECW Arena.  The taping features Ric Flair announcing he is leaving the company after a few appearances.  While Flair claimed it was due to his relationship with WWE, it was more likely due to ROH passing on using his son Reid in the wake of a drug arrest.  Then-ROH owner Cary Silkin would later sue Flair for money advanced to Flair for appearances that was not refunded.

Stu Carapola files the following report:

Preshow Matches

-A match between Bobby Shields and a guy whose name I didn't catch went to a no contest when the American Wolves came out, destroyed both men, and left.

-Bobby Dempsey and Alex Payne defeated Liquid Ninja and a second guy whose name I didn't catch.

-Rhett Titus defeaed Leslie Butterscotch with the Razor's Edge.

-Ric Flair came to the ring to put over ROH and its fans, but tell everyone that he's decided to move on and go back to WWE.  He thanks everyone for their acceptance and support and leaves.


-The episode opened with Austin Aries cutting a promo where he ran down the fans and demanded that Jerry Lynn come hand him the ROH World Title.  Lynn didn't show, so Aries said he was going to go looking for him.

-Jay Briscoe defeated D'Lo Brown when D'Lo intentionally got himself counted out.  This was much better than their NY match from a few months ago until the lame finish.

-Kevin Steen and El Generico defeated Bobby Fish and Silas Young with the Brainbuster/Package Piledriver combo.  After the match, Kyle Durden came out to interview Steen and Generico, but Steen took the mic and told the American Wolves that they're coming to get their titles back.

-Jimmy Rave defeated Grizzly Redwood with Ghanaria.  Rave attacks Redwood after the match, but Necro Butcher makes the save with a chair.

-ROH World Champion Jerry Lynn defeated Chris Hero with a small package in a great match. After the match, Austin Aries ran in and laid out Lynn as the crowd chanted "Next World Champ".


-Claudio Castagnoli defeated Necro Butcher after interference from Jimmy Rave. Brent Albright chased off the heels with a chair after the match.

-SHIMMER Champion MsChif defeated Neveah with the Desecrator in an ugly match that saw a ton of blown spots.

-Kenny Omega defeated Kenny King in an awesome match with an electric chair into a German Suplex for the win. Match of the night so far. Rhett Titus attacked Omega after the bell, and Erick Stevens made the save.

-KENTA defeated Roderick Strong with the Go To Sleep in a terrific and really stiff match. Both men got a standing ovation after the match


-Delirious defeated Jimmy Jacobs in a Fight Without Honor after putting him through a table at ringside. Jimmy teases cutting his wrists with the spike after the match, but the referees talk him out of it.

-The Young Bucks defeated Sal Rinauro and a partner whose name I ddn't catch with a 450 splash/moonsault combo. The Bucks had some really impressive double team moves.

-Brent Abright defeated Ernie Osiris with the half nelson suplex in a total squash. After the match, Kyle Durden informs Albright that Claudio Castagnoli has challenged him to a Flag Match, and Albright accepted.

-The American Wolves defeated Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black to retain the ROH World Tag Team Title. Nigel McGuinness came out before the match in a suit with a new shaved head and tried to create mistrust between Danielson and Black. The finish came when Black went up top for the Phoenix Splash, but Danielson accidentally knocked him off and Richards rolled Black up for the win. Danielson and Black got in each other's face after the match and Black tried to calm it down and shake hands, but Danielson smacked him in the face and walked off. Black took the house mic and told the fans to bring everyone they know to come watch him beat Danielson tomorrow night.

2009 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from Los Angeles, California and your announcers are Jim ‘Penguins in 7’ Ross and Todd ‘Gavin’ Grisham.

Rey Mysterio comes to the ring and he has something to say before he gets ready for his main event tag match tonight. Rey says that it is good to be back in California and then he speaks in Spanish. In a bit more than a week, it will be better when he bashes Chris Jericho’s head in a No Holds Barred match at Extreme Rules. Some have told him that he shouldn’t have chosen a No Holds Barred match because he can hit Rey with any move possible. Rey runs through the area codes in Los Angeles. He says that he will do anything to shut up Chris Jericho.

He won’t be shutting up Chris Jericho tonight because Jericho comes out to the ring. Chris stares at Rey before asking Rey if he thinks the No Holds Barred match will be off the hook. Will it be off the hook when he hits Rey with a chair to give him permanent brain damage? He says that Rey does not know what he is getting himself into. Rey’s false act of bravado will have repercussions forever.

Rey tells Chris to shut up because his words don’t mean anything. Rey reminds Jericho about Jericho’s promise that Rey would not be able to hit the 619 or win the Intercontinental Title. Rey reminds Jericho about what he said about Mickey Rourke and Rourke knocked him out. We see Mickey in the crowd.

Jericho says that if Rey wants to pander to Mickey Rourke, he will do the opposite. Jericho says that he is too much of a professional to punch Rourke in the face. He also calls Rourke worthless. Jericho says that Rey and his fans live in a worthless world. It is a world where a man conceals himself behind a mask. Chris points out that honest men do not hide behind masks. Jericho wants to know what Rey is hiding and then he vows to rip the mask off Rey’s face to expose him for what he really is.

Jericho tries to attack Rey but Rey stops him and Rey sets up for the 619 but Jericho gets out of the ring.

Khali is lumbering in the back with Runjin Singh as we go to commercial.

We are back and we see how the feud between Khali and Dolph Ziggler started.

Match Number One: R Truth and Great Khali with Runjin Singh versus Dolph Ziggler and Mike Knox

Truth and Ziggler start things off and we are asked what’s up before locking up. Truth with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Truth with a leap frog into a split and then he gets a rollup for a near fall. Truth with a hip toss and arm drag into an arm bar. Khali tags in and Ziggler moves to his corner to tag in Knox. Knox pushes Khali and Khali chops back. Khali with a big boot and Knox goes down. Truth tags in and he hits a double sledge from the turnbuckles. Truth with a kick but he runs into a clothesline. Ziggler tags in and he kicks Truth followed by a series of elbow drops finished by a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Ziggler with a rear chin lock but Truth escapes and he punches Ziggler. Each man tries a cross body and both go down. Knox and Khali tag in and Knox tries to stop him before he gets into the ring but Khali with clotheslines. Khali sends Knox into the turnbuckles. Ziggler tries to interfere but Khali grabs him by the throat. Knox attacks Khali from behind but Khali with a spinning back kick. Ziggler leaves the ring and that leaves Knox alone and Khali with the vertical choke slam for the three count.
Winners: R Truth and the Great Khali

After the match, it is time for the special dance party.

Melina is walking in the back and she is happy because she cannot see what is going on in the ring. We go to commercial.

We are back with the Smack of the Night: Alicia getting slapped by Melina last week.

Match Number Two: Melina versus Alicia Fox with Michelle McCool

Melina with a top wrist lock but Alicia pulls the hair and connects with a clothesline. Melina slaps Alicia and then Melina with a matrix move and then she kicks Alicia. Alicia goes to the floor and Melina brings her back in. Michelle distracts Melina to allow Alicia to hit a baseball slide. Alicia with a hard Irish whip followed by a back breaker. Melina with a kick to Alicia followed by forearms and a clothesline and drop kick. Melina with a back heel kick for a two count. Michelle get on the apron and Melina pays attention to the woman she is not wrestling and Alicia pulls Melina off the turnbuckles. Melina with the screaming leg lariat drop for the three count.
Winner: Michelle McCool

After the match, Michelle grabs the title belt and she gives it to Melina before leaving the ring.

Josh Mathews is in the interview area with John Morrison. Josh asks John about his match against Umaga. John says that Umaga is a moron. John tells Josh that he is going to outsmart Umaga.

Shelton Benjamin interrupts and he tells John that if he beats Umaga tonight, they have unfinished business. John points out that he has beaten both members of the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

Jeff Hardy is walking in the back and we will hear him talk when we get back from commercial.

We are back and it is time for a Jeff Hardy ladder match video package.

Now it is time for Jeff to come to the ring to talk to the fans. Jeff says that some people think that he is crazy for choosing such a dangerous and career threatening match, but ladder matches are his comfort zone. Him and Edge were part of the first tag team ladder match and since that time, their careers have changed. Their feud will end at Extreme Rules in a ladder match. He will prove that his title win was not a fluke.

Umaga comes out and he has a strap with him while Jeff Hardy goes up the ramp.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Umaga versus John Morrison

The referee tells Umaga to put his strap down. Umaga throws Morrison down after they lock up. Umaga with an elbow to Morrison followed by an Irish whip but Morrison moves out of the way when Umaga charges. Morrison with punches in the corner but Umaga pushes Morrison off and then Umaga with a running shoulder tackle. Morrison ducks when Umaga charges and Umaga goes to the floor. Morrison with a double jump cross body and both men are down on the floor. Morrison with a kick when Umaga returns to the ring. Morrison tries for a sunset flip but Umaga tries to drop down but Morrison moves. Morrison with a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Umaga charges into a boot from Morrison but Morrison charges into an alley oop Samoan drop. Morrison goes to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Umaga with an arm bar and chin lock combination. Umaga with a head butt to the neck as he continues to wear down Morrison. Morrison with knees to get out of the hold and Morrison tries for a suplex but he cannot get Umaga up. Umaga drops Morrison on the top rope and then Umaga with a thrust kick that knocks Morrison off the apron. Umaga pulls Morrison back to the apron but Morrison drops Umaga on the top rope. Umaga with a clothesline that flips Morrison. Umaga with a snap mare and nerve hold. Morrison with a spin kick that staggers Umaga but Umaga catches Morrison and hits an uranage. Umaga with a kick to the back. Umaga with a head butt and he returns to the nerve hold. Morrison with a forearm but Umaga with a knee. Morrison with a DDT and both men are down. Umaga misses a clothesline and Morrison with punches and a running forearm and a dropsault but Umaga stays on his feet. Morrison with a drop kick to the knee, but Umaga with a thrust to the throat. Morrison with a springboard spin kick and Umaga goes to the floor. Umaga happens to fall in the corner where he threw his strap so he hits Morrison with it. The referee calls for the bell.
Winner: John Morrison by disqualification

After the match, Umaga straps Morrison and throws him into the ringside barrier. Umaga puts Morrison in the Tree of Woe and he ties Morrison up with the strap. Umaga kicks Morrison in the back.

CM Punk comes to the ring with his briefcase and he hits Umaga twice with it. Punk with a running knee into the corner and then he bulldogs Umaga onto the briefcase.

Todd Grisham interviews CM Punk in the ring and he asks Punk for his strategy at Extreme Rules. Punk says that he is not the type to strategize. He says that he does not know how to plan or strategize for that match. He says that he always finds a way. He became a World Champion. He won Money in the Bank . . . twice. Many say that there is no way that he can drag Umaga around the ring and touch all four turnbuckles. Punk points out that Umaga is bigger and stronger than him, but Umaga is not CM Punk.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look back at Cryme Tyme interfering in the match between the Colons and the team of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

Match Number Four: Cryme Tyme versus Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

Haas and JTG start things off and Haas runs JTG into the corner and he punches JTG. JTG with a kick but Haas with a single leg trip. JTG with a knee and a leap frog leg drop for a near fall. JTG with shoulders in the corner before tagging in Shad. Shad gets sent into Haas in the corner. Shad with an Irish whip but he leaps into Haas’ knees. Benjamin tags in and he punches Shad. Benjamin with a waist lock and Shad backs Benjamin into the corner. Shad with a flying shoulder tackle. JTG tags back in and Cryme Tyme with a wheelbarrow slam onto Benjamin for a near fall. JTG jumps into the corner but Shad distracts the referee and they hot shot JTG onto the top rope. We go to commercial.

We are back and Haas keeps JTG from making the tag and he hits a slam for a near fall. Benjamin tags in and he kicks JTG and gets a near fall. Benjamin kicks and punches JTG in the corner and the referee pulls him off. JTG turtles in the corner and Benjamin continues the attack. Benjamin with a near fall and then he works on the neck. Haas tags back in and he hits a double sledge to the back. Haas with knees to the head. JTG punches back but Haas with a knee as he yells at JTG for what happened on Superstars. Haas with punches to JTG and then he tags Benjamin back in. Benjamin punches JTG but JTG punches back. They exchange punches and then Benjamin misses a Stinger Splash. JTG tries to make the tag but Benjamin hits a German suplex for a near fall. Haas tags in and he returns to the knees but he misses a knee drop. JTG with a clothesline and then he tries to make the tag and he succeeds. Shad with clotheslines to Benjamin followed by a back elbow. Shad with kicks to Haas. Shad catches Benjamin on a float over attempt and Shad with a power slam. Shad with the money money elbow drop for a near fall. All four men are in the ring but JTG with a clothesline to take care of Haas. Shad tries for the STO but Benjamin blocks it. Benjamin with Paydirt for the three count.
Winners: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

We see the history between Eve Torres and Layla.

We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that WWE is broadcast in a lot of countries in a lot of languages.

Match Number Five: Eve Torres versus Layla

Layla charges at Eve and punches away. They roll around the ring and they go to the floor. Eve punches Layla on the floor and then Layla runs Eve into the apron. Layla rolls Eve back into the ring and she works on Eve’s back with a double sledge and knee followed by a near fall. Eve with a forearm but Layla with a snap mare and then she works on Eve’s back. Layla with a kick and snap mare and drop kick to the back. Layla with an Irish whip and a running butt splash. Layla and Eve both try to take the other down by the hair and they both go down. They exchange forearms and Eve with a clothesline and drop kick. Eve with a sunset flip for a two count. Layla with a knee and forearm to the back and head. Layla with a cross body but Eve rolls through and gets the three count.
Winner: Eve Torres

After the match, Layla tries to attack but Eve throws her out of the ring.

Edge is walking in the back and he sees Chris Jericho and they exchange pleasantries. Edge tells Jericho to follow his lead in the ring. Jericho says that worked so well last week. Edge reminds Jericho that he is the champion. Jericho says that he does not listen to what anybody says. Jericho says that Edge should have the match by himself tonight because he is done. Jericho walks away and we go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage from last week’s Name the Stipulation Match between Jeff Hardy and Edge.

Edge is going to say something before the main event. He says that if he can pick two words to describe Jeff Hardy, it is ‘wasted opportunities’. Jeff had the break of a lifetime last week to choose the stipulation for their match at Extreme Rules and Jeff picks a match that Edge owns. Edge says that he is the most successful in the WWE at ladder matches. Edge says the difference between him and Jeff is that Jeff always makes the people’s jaws drop. Edge says that he always wins. Edge says that the big difference between this ladder match and the rest. Those were tag team or Money in the Bank ladder matches. This is the first one-on-one ladder matches for the WWE Championship. Edge calls Jeff a loser while he says that he is a winner. Edge says that Jeff wastes his opportunities while Edge is the ultimate opportunist. Edge says that he will walk out of Extreme Rules as the WWE Champion.

Jericho’s music plays but he does not come to the ring Match Number Six: Edge and Chris Jericho versus Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is attacked by Chris Jericho who attacks Rey from the crowd and slams him and kicks Rey in the back. Jericho sends Rey into the barrier and then he rips Rey’s mask but Jeff Hardy makes the save for Rey’s mask. The medical staff checks on Rey as we go to commercial.

We are told that Jeff Hardy will make this an ‘Epsenhart Special’ Handicap Match. Hardy punches Jericho. Hardy holds onto the ropes when Jericho tries for a drop kick and Hardy with a leg drop for a near fall. Jericho charges into the corner and Hardy with a gourdbuster driver. Hardy goes up top and he hits a double sledge on Edge who tries to interfere. Hardy with a drop kick to Edge that knocks him off the apron and then he hot shots Jericho. Hardy with a pescado onto Edge and both men are down.

Jericho with the springboard drop kick to Hardy and then Edge kicks Hardy on the floor before returning to his corner. Jericho brings Hardy back into the ring and he gets a near fall after a knee drop. Jericho with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Edge is tagged in and he kicks Hardy. Edge with a head butt to Hardy and then he connects with knees to the ribs. Edge with a cross body to Hardy’s back for a near fall. Edge with a chin lock and arm bar. Jericho tags in and he hits a springboard splash for a near fall. Hardy runs Jericho into the ropes and he punches Jericho. Hardy tries for a drop kick and Jericho is the one to grab the ropes this time. Jericho tries for a Lionsault but he lands on Hardy’s knees and Jericho is favoring his quadriceps. Edge tags in and Hardy with a clothesline. Hardy with a mule kick and a series of clotheslines. Hardy with a reverse atomic drop and then he runs Edge into the corner and Hardy with the hesitation baseball slide for a near fall. Hardy sends Edge into Jericho and Hardy gets a near fall with a rollup. Jericho hits Hardy from behind and then they try to double team Hardy but Hardy with a Whisper in the Wind to both men. Hardy with a Twist of Fate to Jericho but Edge with a spear for the three count.
Winner: Edge

After the match, Edge goes under the ring and he finds a ladder. Edge hits Hardy in the head with the ladder. Edge puts Hardy in the ladder and then he closes it on Hardy. Edge stands over Hardy like the conquering hero.

The medical staff checks on Hardy as we go to credits.

2010 - WWE Raw ran Monroe, LA at the Civic Center featuring the following results:
Evan Bourne defeated Zack Ryder
WWE Divas Champion Eve defeated Maryse
Santino Marella defeated Dos Caras Jr.
Wade Barrett defeated Goldust
WWE US Champion R-Truth defeated Mike Mizanin
WWE Unified Tag Team Champions David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd defeated Vladimir Kozlov & William Regal
Edge defeated Mark Henry
WWE World Champion John Cena defeated Chris Jericho

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