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By Mike Johnson on 2012-05-26 14:22:00
The Urban Wrestling Federation Turf War PPV opened up with Steve the Hustler (owner Steve Karel) calling someone on a "burner phone" because the "powers that be" were monitoring his regular phones. He told them to send the word out that he was going to be leaving town and laying low for awhile. The implication was that the authorities were onto him for something.

We see a hot woman walking down the street. She goes to enter a car and gets mugged. There's a mixture of camera footage and "security" footage to make the shot plausible.

We go back to Steve who tells the person on the phone to call the "shot callers" as it's "all on them". He said that they've brought all the heat down on him and the UWF because of what they have pulled. He said that he taught them how to make money "in the other racket" and now they thank him by bringing all this down on him with "all the sh** they pull in the street."

We go to footage of Ruckus and Grim Reefer (who represent Atlanta) from "three hour after Street King", which was the PPV where they crowned Rasche Brown the UWF champion. Of course, after he did that, he was shot and killed. Yes, he was. HOOD JUSTICE! They were talking about laying low and not knowing what they were going to do. Someone walked up to them and they implied that they were selling drugs on the corner.

Back to Karel, he was packing his things in a briefcase, including his phones, ID and a lot of money. He shook his head and walked out. So, the idea here is that Karle brought all these thugs into wrestling to make money for himself and their crews and all their thuggery (is that even a word?) and crimes on the street has led the head back to the UWF, so he's getting out of dodge.

We go into the opening montage for the UWF.

Uncle Murda met with the LEP Bogus Boys. Murda said he was surprised they were still walking around. They blew him off. Murda said he was here for the money. They basically told him they were here to handle business and he told them he liked their drive and to "let the best man win." When they left, Murda warned his girl not to tell anyone her name.

DJ Self and Sun met and agreed to work together.

We went to the ring. There was a voiceover from Shawn Credle noting that Steve The Hustler had settled the issues between Robby Mireno and Julius Smokes from the last PPV when Mireno attacked Smokes, upset about comments he made about "crackers". Obviously, this was to cover that the matches that were being shown were shot prior to that angle going down, but smart of UWF to offer some sort of explanation.

Rage and Riot (with Uncle Murda) vs. The Phat Pack (with LEP Bogus Boys)

The LEP Bogus Boys promised his team was going to kick their ass.

Rage started out with the Biggs. He nailed several right hands and chops, then went to an armbar, trying to wear the big man Biggs, as I will call him, backed Rage hard into the corner and choked away at him. He nailed a suplex. He picked Rage up and tagged in Big Baby Daddy, who is built, literally like Abdullah the Butcher. Immediately, he dropped the Abby elbow.

Rage fought back and nailed some STIFF chops but was taken down with a slap and chops to the back. Daddy poured water over Rage's back and chopped it. He whipped Rage into the corner and nailed a big running Avalanche. Biggs tagged in and drilled Rage, covering him for a two count.

Biggs locked in a sleeper and turned it into a choke. Rage fought to his feet but was shot back down. Biggs began nailing him with boxing combinations. Rage fired back with several rights and chops. Biggs raked his eyes. Rage was whipped into the corner but nailed Biggs with a elbow as he approached. Rage went to the top and nailed a dropkick.

Riot tagged in and brawled with Daddy. He nailed several hard clotheslines but Daddy wouldn't move. A third one took him down. Rage and Riot double-teamed Daddy with chops and clotheslines. Daddy shoved him away and nailed a rolling kick. That was pretty damn impressive.

Daddy began climbing the ropes but Riot nailed Biggs. Rage and Riot powerbombed Daddy off the ropes. They nailed Biggs with a double back suplex. Rage and Riot hugged and the Pack double splashed them. Biggs did the Randy Orton hanging DDT as Daddy splashed the back of Rage. That was damn scary.

Your winners, The Phat Pack!

It was better than I remembered live but nothing overly impressive. Daddy moves well for a guy his size.

Outside, Facade told Daemon Slugga that he was going to be leaving to join the Triple Cs and would be leaving Cuban Link. Slugga said none of the young guys know anything about loyalty. Facade said he needed to get paid and take what he could. Slugga shook his head disgusted and walked off, then turned around and attacked Facade, throwing him into some metal construction fencing. He told Facade to respect that and walked off, leaving him prone on the sidewalk.

The Phat Pack showed up after getting dressed. The LEP Bogus Boys gave them static for coming back so late and gave them a piece of paper. They sent the Pack out to handle something and told them not to come back without it.

We went back in time to "four hours" after Street King. As my old friend Rakeem would say, "This some Marty McFly sh**" people. Uncle Murda arrived to speak to Ruckus and Reefer. They said they were out of product and had no money and informed him that Rasche Brown had sold the UWF title. Brown told them he took money, sold the belt and was done. They pointed him in the direction Brown headed. Murda told them to sit tight because he'll go handle it.

Somewhere in the hood. Brisco and Billy Blue met up. Blue told Brisco to hand over the product. Brisco said he had the money. They started talking trash to each other. Brisco said it wasn't about money. He said let's do it double or nothing. Blue said that if they are doing that, they are going to do it his way.

Grimm Reefer vs. Daemon Slugga (with Cuban Link)

Slugga used his power early to try and intimidate Reefer. He worked him into the corner and peppered him with punches, then nailed a big hiptoss. He charged Reefer but missed and went to the outside. Reefer hit a dropkick through the ropes They exchanged chops on the outside. Reefer went for a move but Slugga grabbed his leg and nailed him into the apron.

Back in the ring, Slugga worked him over in the corner with running kicks, sending him to the outside. Slugga stalked him on the floor and whipped him into the railing. They went into the crowd briefly, Slugga brought Reefer back into the ring but was caught with a jawbreaker. Reefer came off the top with a dropkick for a two count. He went to the top but was kicked in the face as he came down with a splash.

Reefer locked Slugga in a Crippler Crossface but Slugga made his way to his feet and fell backwards. Reefer rolled over and held onto the move, even using Slugga's hair for leverage. He bodypressed Slugga for a two count. He went to the top but was kicked in the face Slugga used a TKO and scored the pin.

Your winner, Daemon Slugga!

Entertaining stuff.

We go back to Brisco and Blue. They are somewhere. They agreed it was going to be one on one and no interference. The Triple C's and UWF champ Slymm showed up and said they wanted in on "their little dog fight." Blue wanted to know how they knew about any of this. He said if they wanted in, they needed to put some money in.

Inside a limo, Cuban Link and Daemon Slugga were speaking to someone off camera.

The announcers said they were going to go to footage that Billy Blue and Brisco had set up of a rematch between Bestia and Masada, double or nothing. This was actually filmed at the SATs school in Brooklyn, NY.

Masada vs. Bestia - Underground Fight Club Brawl

The two crews were on opposite sides of the club.

Bestia went to nail him with a chair but was stopped and Masada began beating him with it. He chopped Bestia on the floor and whipped him into some guard rails. They brawled outside to the street. Bestia nailed him again and again as Masada dared him to nail him harder.

They brawled outside in the street with a chairs, Bestia threw it into his face. Bestia nailed him across the back and chopped at him. They battled back into the club, where Bestia nailed him with a piece of plaster that shattered. He used a jagged piece of it to carve up Masada's face, busting him open.

Masada slammed Bestia backwards into the turnbuckles and ripped at his face. He stabbed Bestia in the head with acupuncture needles, with them sticking to the top of his head. A ladder was brought into the ring and Masada slammed Bestia atop of it. He went to drop an elbow but Bestia rolled out of the way.

Bestia slammed his arm on the ladder and went for a suplex. Masada fought it off and reversed it, suplexing Bestia atop the ladder. Masada opened the ladder and prepared to use it but Bestia fired back on him in the corner with a series of shots. He placed the ladder between his legs and continued working over Masada with punches. He was handed a chair by someone and drilled it into the ladder, using it as a battering ram to the groin. Masada went to the floor, writhing in pain.

Bestia continued the battle, running him into a chair and then bringing him back into the ring. Bestia tied Masada to the tree of woe, hanging him upside down. He nailed a skateboard dropkick to Masada's face and covered him for a two count.

Bestia pulled up Massada and slammed him into the turnbuckles face-first. He continued kicking away at Masada and working over his face. He placed the ladder between two chairs and went for a rana off the top on Masada. Masada caught him to stop it but Bestia nailed him with a series of rights and hit the rana, sending him through the ladder for a two count.

Bestia nailed an atomic drop across the ladder and a quebrada for a two count. Masda fought back and set up a ladder in the corner. He nailed a powerbomb onto the ladder, breaking the legs. Masada stuck the acupuncture sticks into his head and then inside Bestia's mouth, which we got to see with a sickening close-up.

With the sticks obviously about to pierce his face, Bestia tapped out crazed, scared for his well being.

Your winner, Masada!

Brutal, gritty hardcore brawl with a sick finish. Other than some of the footage being dark while being filmed outside, if you like crazy brawls, this was fun stuff.

Outside, the Maximos are recruited by 4o Glocc, who said he's moving into the Bronx and wants them in the family. They said they wanted to be on the winning team and agreed.

Element and T-Mizzle (with Triple Cs) vs. The SATS (with 40 Glocc)

Joel and Mizzle start off and have a nice back and forth sequence. Mizzle kicked Joel out of the ring and hits a nice tope suicida to the outside. Element and Will go back and forth. Element killed him with an awesome spinning headscissors and a running knee in the corner but is cut off with a tiltowhirl backbreaker.

The SAT work over Element in the corner with a double dropkick. They locked Mizzle and Element in a double submission and battled to the outside. Glocc raised his foot and Maximo threw Element into it. Joel locked Element in a Sharpshooter but Mizzle broke it up. Joel tossed Element into the corner and whipped him across the ring Element hit the ropes and nailed headscissor, sending Joel into the buckles.

Mizzle tagged in and worked over Joel. Joel was sent into the ropes and nailed a rollup on Mizzle for a two count. Mizzle came back with a series of kicks and choked him against the ropes. Joel caught him with armdrag coming off the ropes. Will nailed Mizzle with a belly to back suplex for a two count. As they were on the mat, Element leapt over them to nail a rana on Joel.

Will and Mizzle battled back and forth in the ring with reversals until Will locked on an STF. The SAT began double teaming Mizzle. Joel chopped away at him in the corner. Mizzle kicked him off as Joel charged. Joel avoided a DDT attempt but was caught with a tornado DDT coming off the ropes.

Element tagged in. He nailed Joel with a 619 and did a crazy dive to the outside. Mizzle locked a forward choke on Will, who was able to turn that into a suplex in the corner. Element went into the balcony of the club and dove off into the ring, bodyypressing Will.

Joel brought a table into the ring. He placed Mizzle on it. Element attacked. He was backdropped to the apron but landed on his feet. He kicked Joel. They battled in the corner. Will attacked. Mizzle returned. He was back suplexed by Will and then grabbed by Joel and dropped in a Kryptonite Krunch. It looked like he took it on the top of his head. The SAT nailed the Spanish Fly on Element and scored the pin.

Your winners, The SAT!

Really entertaining tag match.

Daemon Slugga hit the ring and laid out the SAT. He chokeslammed Joel through a table.

Cuban Link mocked Joel and ripped on him, saying they were taking over NYC and laughed that Joel was "knocked the f*** out."

The announcers thanked everyone for watching Turf War.

They showed Steve The Hustler walking down a hallway and pressing a button, waiting for an elevator.

We then saw a shot of Riot and Rage looking through a door for someone. They watched Big Baby Daddy from the Phat Pack, who was telling someone he had the $100,000 and would be there soon.

Uncle Murda and Slyck Wagner Brown found The Triple Cs and Slymm, who had the UWF title. Murda said that he sees they have the belt and they don't know how that happened. OK, so we are in the past again.

Back in the present, Rage and Riot got into Daddy's room. They worked him over and stole the money.

Back in the past, Murda told the C's that the next fight should be between Slyck and Slymm. They told him to worry about the LEP Boys. Murda said he'd see them when it was time.

Jeez from Billy Blue's crew was on the phone when a taxi pulled up. Suntan (his first appearance) from the crew said that he jacked it and told Jeez to get in the back. He told Jeez to get in the back. He said they were going to get them. Jeez agreed.

We saw Joey Ace and Angel Ortiz (first appearances) from Brisco's crew on the street. They went to call a cab and you can guess what cab it was. Jeez began strangling one from behind. They all started brawling out of the taxi and into the streets. In the end, Brisco's crew ran off. Jeez and Suntan jumped back in the cab and drove off.

We see Steve Karel getting into a car and it drives off, literally, into the sunset.

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