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By David Tees on 2012-05-12 22:37:14 iPPV
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Welcome to’s coverage of EVOLVE 13 from the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, North Carolina.

Match Number One: Winner Gets DG USA Open The Freedom Gate Title Shot - Jigsaw vs. AR Fox vs. Ricochet vs. Samuray Del Sol

Our opening match begins with some early chain wrestling between Ricochet and Jigsaw, Fox and Del Sol get tagged in and Fox takes Del Sol down with a top rope arm drag. Del Sol then knocks Fox out of the ring before teasing a dive, Jigsaw comes in and Ricochet does as well and they exchange arm drags. Jigsaw then slows things down by working with Del Sol to hurt Ricochet’s arm, Ricochet recovers to hit Jigsaw with a spinning forearm blast. Fox comes in and he nails Jigsaw with an axe handle smash, Jigsaw leaves the ring and that allows Fox to attack Ricochet with a split legged moonsault. Ricochet then trips up Fox and that allows Del Sol to join in on some double teaming, Ricochet then starts attacking the arm of Fox. Del Sol tags in and he continues to punish the arm of Fox, Del Sol then locks Fox in a cross arm breaker that is broken after Fox reaches the ropes. Jigsaw tags himself into the match and he now goes after the arm of Fox, Ricochet comes in and he does an odd head butt to the arm of Fox. Fox tries to fight back on Ricochet and Ricochet stops him with an ace crusher, Fox finally retaliates by nailing Ricochet with a springboard ace crusher. Jigsaw and Del Sol get tagged in and they go at each other immediately, Jigsaw then catches Del Sol with a hurricarana and a running drop kick. Del Sol recovers to nail Jigsaw with a spin kick, Fox then takes out Jigsaw and Ricochet with springboard drop kicks. Ricochet then catches Fox with a back brain kick and a springboard lariat after a brief tussle, Fox then nails Ricochet with a diving neck breaker. All hell breaks loose as all four men take each other out with a variety of holds, Fox gets up first and he starts working on Del Sol. Del Sol recovers to take Fox out with a reverse hurricarana and then a suicide dive, Jigsaw and Ricochet battle and that ends with Jigsaw crotching Ricochet on the top rope. Jigsaw then hits Del Sol with a German suplex, Ricochet breaks up the pin attempt by nailing Jigsaw with a shooting star press. Fox returns to destroy Ricochet with a spinning brain buster, Fox then takes out Jigsaw with sliced bread. Del Sol returns to the ring to clobber Fox with a 450 splash, Del Sol goes to the top rope and Fox takes him out with a springboard uranage for the three count.

Winner: AR Fox

Lenny Leonard interviews AR Fox, who says that he will use his momentum to capture the DG USA Open The Freedom Gate Title later tonight.

Match Number Two: Silas Young vs. Adam Page

This battle kicks off with Young attacking Page during a handshake, Young then ails Page with a pump handle back breaker. Young then nails Page with a knee lift and then a springboard moonsault, Page tries to fight back by nailing Young with chops. Page then trips Young before catching him with a running shooting star press, Young quickly recovers to hit Page with a full Nelson bomb and then a modified full Nelson submission. Young then mounts Page while nailing him with a lot of punches and the referee stops the match because Page cannot continue.

Winner: Silas Young

Lenny Leonard interviews Silas Young, who says that he does not care about today’s generation of wrestlers and he is the last real man of pro wrestling.

Match Number Three: Kyle Matthews vs. Caleb Konley w/Johnny Fairplay

This contest kicks off with Matthews and Konley doing some chain wrestling, Matthews then catches Konley with a monkey flip and an arm bar. Konley gains the advantage by getting Matthews with a hair pull, Matthews then quickly regains momentum by taking Konley down with an arm drag. Konley then drops Matthews on the ring apron before draping him throat first on the top rope, Konley follows him out of the ring to throw Matthews into the ring apron. Konley then brings Matthews into the ring for a near fall, Konley then rolls through a Matthews hold to hit him with a roaring elbow and back senton. Konley then resumes his attack on Matthews with some chops and knee lifts, Konley then locks Matthews in the cravate. Matthews frees himself by nailing Konley with a chin breaker and enzuigiri, Matthews follows that up with a tornado DDT on Konley. The wrestlers then trade chops in the middle of the ring, Konley then clobbers Matthews with a roaring elbow and a German suplex. Konley then misses a corner charge and he eats a running drop kick from Matthews, Matthews then goes to the top rope and Konley crotches him. Konley then follows him up there before getting shoved off, Matthews then nails Konley with a missile drop kick. Konley quickly recovers to nail Matthews with a spine buster and a submission hold to force a tap out.

Winner: Caleb Konley w/Johnny Fairplay

Match Number Four: Jake Manning vs. Alex Reynolds

This match begins with Reynolds taking Manning down early with a headlock, Manning gains the edge by tripping Reynolds while holding the wrist. Manning then takes a break to consult the cub scouts guide book, Reynolds then goes to the arm of Manning as the battle resumes. Reynolds then keeps Manning down with a headlock after a series of reversals and counters, Manning breaks free to consult the handbook again. Manning then quickly kicks Reynolds in the midsection before smashing his face on the turnbuckles, Reynolds tries to fight back and he does so with a back body drop. Reynolds then connects with a high cross body on Manning, Reynolds then propels Manning to the ring apron and Manning back body drops him to the arena floor. Manning follows him out there to ram his back into the ring apron, they battle back into the ring where Manning gets a near fall. Manning follows it up by clobbering Reynolds with an extended vertical suplex, Manning then catches Reynolds with a running knee lift. Manning then goes to wear down Reynolds with a chin lock, Manning then takes Reynolds to the ground with a hair pull. Reynolds then breaks free of a second chin lock from Manning before hitting him with a back elbow, Reynolds then hits Manning with a flying knee strike. Reynolds then knocks Manning to the arena floor before nailing him with a suicide dive, they fight back into the ring where Manning hits Reynolds with a chin breaker. Manning then sling shots Reynolds into the middle ropes, Reynolds then catches Manning with a middle rope code breaker. Reynolds then goes back to the top rope and Manning meets him up there, Manning then destroys Reynolds with a top rope butterfly suplex. Reynolds then counters a pile driver with a roll up for a near fall, Reynolds then catches Manning with a 2K1 Driver for the three count.

Winner: Alex Reynolds

Match Number Five: Low Ki vs. Jon Davis

This battle begins with Davis punking out Ki in the corner, Ki then tries to slow down Davis with kicks to his legs. Davis then gets the early edge on Ki by pounding him with forearms to the back, Ki then propels himself on the top rope to nail Davis with a drop kick. Ki then puts Davis in the corner to hit him with punches from the middle rope, Ki then starts attacking Davis with chops. Davis then uses his strength to Irish whip Ki into the turnbuckles, Davis then slams Ki to the ground multiple times. Davis then forearm strikes Ki in the corner, Ki then tries to fight back by hitting Davis with chops and palm strikes. Davis quickly slows Ki down with a hot shot and a buckle bomb, Davis then slows the match down by stomping on Ki. Davis then locks Ki in the modified surf board stretch, Davis then back drops Ki to the ring apron and then Ki somehow hits Davis with a top rope double stomp that knocks Davis to the arena floor. Ki follows Davis to the area floor to nail him with some chops, Ki then brings Davis into the ring for a near fall. Ki then waits for Davis to get to his knees as he attacks him with multiple kicks. Ki then lands a kick to the head of Davis, Davis starts to recover and he exchanges some strikes with Ki. Ki then rattles Davis with a springboard kick, Davis then counters a cartwheel kick with a spine buster for a two count. Davis then goes for three seconds around the world ad Ki catches him with a dragon sleeper, Davis eventually breaks free and Ki manages to hit him with a double stomp. Davis then counters a Ki Krusher attempt by nailing Ki with a jackhammer, the wrestlers then start exchanging strikes again. Davis then counters the springboard kick from Ki to hit him with a pounce that knocks him out of the ring, Ki is brought into the ring by Davis for a near fall. Davis then places Ki on the top rope and he follows him up there, Ki then breaks free to kick Davis down before nailing him with a top rope double stomp for the three count.

Winner: Low Ki

Match Number Six: Chuck Taylor w/Jake Manning & The Swamp Monster vs. Mike Cruz

This competition kicks off with Taylor using the monster to distract Cruz so he can deliver a cheap shot, Cruz recovers to nail Taylor with some chops. Cruz then chases a retreating Taylor around the ring, Taylor returns to the ring to deck Cruz with a drop kick. Cruz then avoids a Taylor moonsault to only be nailed with an overhead release suplex, Taylor then nails Cruz with multiple slams. Taylor then tries to weaken Cruz further with a head scissors, Taylor then uses a school yard trip to get a near fall on Cruz. Taylor follows that up by nailing Cruz with a back breaker and a hand stand swanton bomb. Cruz gets angry and he runs right into a Taylor knee and then a uranage, Taylor then misses a middle rope moonsault. Cruz then attacks Taylor with a jumping hip attack and an enzuigiri, Cruz then catches Taylor with a springboard block buster. Taylor recovers to hit Cruz with soul food, Cruz quickly recovers to nearly pin Taylor with a German suplex. Taylor then uses his speed to roll through Cruz the apply the half crab, Cruz eventually grabs the ropes to break the hold. Cruz the avoids the awful waffle to nail Taylor with a modified side effect, Taylor then gets his knees up during a Cruz swanton bomb and he then nails him with the awful waffle for the three count.

Winner: Chuck Taylor w/Jake Manning & The Swamp Monster

Lenny Leonard interviews Chuck Taylor, who says he is the most handsome wrestler in Evolve and he says he wants a belt in Evolve as well.

Match Number Seven: El Generico vs. Sami Callihan

The semi-main event begins with a very long stare down, Generico then rolls up a charging Callihan for a near fall. The chain wrestling begins and Generico gets the advantage after grabbing a head lock, Generico then backs Callihan into the corner to chop him. Callihan gains the edge after stomping on Generico?s foot and then chopping him, Callihan then takes Generico down before smashing his head with fore arm blasts. Callihan then nails Generico with some head butts that daze both of them, Calliha then traps the arms of Generico in the ropes to hit him with clothes line smashes. Generico eventually regains the edge and he assaults Callihan with chops and a back breaker, Callihan tries to get up and Generico stomps on him. Callihan recovers to back body drop Generico out of the ring before taking him out with a suicide dive, Generico then barely beats the referees count to get back in the ring. Callihan brings Generico back outside the ring to throw him into the safety rail, Callihan then slams Generico on the arena floor.

Generico returns to the ring and Callihan throws him back out of the ring, Callihan then hits Generico with an exploder suplex that has him land on the time keeper. Generico then barely makes it back into the ring before getting counted out, Callihan then makes him pay with multiple face washes. Generico recovers to counter a Callihan face wash by suplexing him into the turnbuckles, both wrestlers get back up and exchange some forearm strikes. Generico gets fired up and he nails Generico with a lot of clothes lines, Callihan tries going to the top rope and Generico hits him with a running boot that knocks him outside of the ring. Generico then does a suicide dive onto Callihan, Generico brings Callihan back into the ring to nail him with a high cross body. Callihan recovers to nail a charging Generico with a bicycle kick, Generico recovers to catch Callihan with a few back elbows. Generico follows that up by dropping Callihan with a tornado DDT, Callihan escapes Generico’s grasp to hit him with a modified shoulder breaker.

Callihan then starts stomping on the ankle of Generico, Callihan then destroys a running Generico with a lariat. Generico recovers to exchange huge kicks with Generico, Generico then catches Callihan with a blue thunder driver for a near fall. Callihan gets up and he super kicks Generico in the knee, Callihan then splashes the hurt leg of Generico. Callihan then locks Generico in the stretch muffler and Generico eventually gets to the ropes, Callihan and Generico then exchange running boots in the corner. Callihan quickly reapplies the stretch muffler on Generico and he nearly gets rolled up, Generico then catches a charging Callihan with a michinoku driver. Generico follows that up with a back suplex and a brain buster for the three count.

Winner: El Generico

Lenny Leonard interviews El Generico, who says that Low Ki should not be questioning him and that he wants a rematch.

Sami Callihan then attacks Generico from behind and then he attacks some Evolve officials until Low Ki makes the save.

Match Number Eight: DGUSA Open The Freedom Gate Title Match: Johnny Gargano vs. AR Fox

The main event begins with Gargano taking Fox down with a drop toe hold, things then gets heated after each wrestler slaps the other. Fox then knocks Gargano out of the ring before taking him out with a suicide dive, Fox then places Gargano on the ring apron before missing his guillotine leg drop. Gargano recovers to hit Fox with a baseball slide and multiple suicide dives, Gargano then brings Fox back to the ring for a two count. Gargano then catches Fox with a running clothes line and a drop kick, Gargano then tries to submit Fox with an octopus stretch-like submission. Gargano then takes the opportunity to stomp on Fox before catching him with a belly to back suplex, Gargano then applies the abdominal stretch to Fox. Fox recovers to take Gargano out with an ace crusher, Fox then catches Gargano with a springboard drop kick and a running cannonball.

Fox then catches Gargano with a ddeath valley driver and a swanton bomb, the wrestlers battle for position that ends with Gargano hitting Fox with a rolling kick and a slingshot DDT. Fox then makes it to the ropes to escape a Gargano-escape submission hold, Fox recovers to hit Gargano with multiple chin breakers. Gargano rolls to the arena floor before both missed suicide dives, they then battle on the ring apron and Fox drops Gargano with a sliced bread like maneuver, Fox then clobbers Gargano with an inverted suicide dive. Fox then brings Gargano into the ring to hit him with a springboard 450 splash, the wrestlers then go to their knees before trading blows. They both then stand up and continue to exchange more blows, Gargano then lawn darts Fox into the middle turnbuckle. Gargano then connects with a super kick on Fox before getting nailed with a twisting brain buster, Gargano then goes to the top rope and he goes for a diving sunset flip. Gargano then locks in a Gargano-escape after avoiding a Fox dive, Fox eventually makes it to the bottom rope. Gargano then catches Fox with a running drop kick in the corner that is followed up with another one, Gargano and Fox then battle on the top rope and Fox catches Gargano with a top rope death valley driver that is followed up by an emerald fusion. Fox then goes for a 450 splash and Gargano nails him with both a super kick and hurts donut, Gargano locks in the Gargano-escape after another hurts donut and Fox taps out.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Lenny Leonard interviews Johnny Gargano, who says that he retained the gold tonight and that AR Fox is a true champion. Gargano then talks about a young girl named Peyton who wrote a school paper about how he is her hero and the girl seems genuinely touched as she is brought into the ring by him.

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