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By Mike Johnson on 2012-04-19 14:32:55
According to several different WWE sources, WWE Hall of Famer Edge's contract with the company is set to expire on 5/1, leaving him a free agent to go anywhere he would like.

While obviously Edge's in-ring career is over, the news is still pretty surprising considering he was the centerpiece of their 2012 Hall of Fame ceremony just last month and since the company has kept other retired names, like Shawn Michaels, under contract. One would have to think that any role Michaels could fill on television or in promotional media, Edge could also fill at the same level, especially in his home country of Canada, where he was the top native star of the modern era. They could also plug him into additional WWE Studios projects as well.

Edge has been under contract to WWE since 1997, so there is a lot of history that would be walking away with him when the contract ends. It should be interesting to see what happens with Edge, currently set for another season of SyFy's series Haven, should he leave WWE, especially since he has a close friendship with TNA's Hulk Hogan and obviously, TNA would love to have another marquee name as part of their product.

The Wrestlemania 28 DVD, which features Edge's Hall of Fame ceremony induction, is slated to be released on 5/8, a week after his contract expires. Edge's WWE Studios film "Bending the Rules" was recently released on DVD.

Over the course of his WWE run, Edge broke records with seven WWE title wins, four World title wins, as well as 14 Tag Title wins, The Intercontinental championship, The U.S. title, a King of the Ring win, a Royal Rumble win and was the first man to win Money in the Bank (not to mention cash it in). As I wrote, should the two sides part ways, a big part of the company's history over the last decade-plus leaves with Edge.

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