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By Mike Johnson on 2012-03-29 01:46:17

UWF Ruthless Revenge

The PPV opened with Steve The Hustler having gathered the leaders of all the crews to a sit-down.  He said that when the UWF was created, it was a way for them to take what they know from the streets and bringing it to the ring.  He said that it was about making money, not personal issues.  He said that there have been a lot of bodies stacking up and he knows that's going to happen, but it has to be done because of business, not personal.  He told them to go about their business.  It's pretty funny to see this older guy being able to have all the Crew leaders listening to him.

We went into the PPV opening.

DJ Self and Joker approached Grim Reefer and said that the money he gave them at the last show wasn't enough.  Reefer told them they were crazy.  Joker got into his face and Reefer refused to back down, warning him he was a fighter not a rapper.  Joker wanted to go but Self told him to wait because every dog has his day.

We see Facade hooking up with the Triple C's crew.  They showed off the UWF title and told Facade he could have that sort of money in his future.

LEP Bogus Boys said they were going to give their crew a chance to go do their thing.  The Phat Pack were going to go to the ring with Kris Kage but he said he wanted to show what he could do.  He told them that if he didn't get it done, they could kick his ass again like they did on the last PPV.

Facade (with Triple Cs) vs. Joker (DJ Self) vs. Grimm Reefer vs. Kris Kage (with LEP Bogus Boys)

They all started off fast  with Reefer and Kage being sent to the outside.  Joker ducked a Kage clothesline but was caught with a gutbuster.  Reefer began chopping Kage, who responded in kind.   Facade nailed a dropkick on both but was chopped by Reefer.  Reefer and Kage doubled in Facade who used a springboard backflip off the ropes to avoid them and clotheslined them both.

Joker attacked Facade from the behind and sent him out of the ring.  He and Reefer battled and Reefer nailed a stiff kick.  Reefer missed a swanton off the ropes.   Joker caught Facade with a kick and whipped him into the corner.  This set up a Tower of Doom spot that wiped everyone out.  Reefer covered Facade but Kage broke it up.  Reefer nailed him with a clothesline and drilled him with a neckbreaker on the ropes

Kage was sent to the floor.  Joker kicked Reefer out.  Facade went for a dive but was cut off.   Joker dove to the outside.  Reefer cut Facade off on another dive.  He hit a moonsault to the floor.  They all battled.  Facade went to the ropes, walked them, then hit a spinning dive onto everyone on the floor.

Facade hit a springboard bulldog into the ring.  He drilled Kage with several kicks in the corner.   He charged and was kicked off.  Kage came off with a great flying elbow for a two count.   Facade nailed a package driver and score the pin. 

Your winner, Facade!

Awesome four way with lots of cool stuff, some of which I couldn't even recap.  This may have been the best Urban Wrestling bout to date.

Joker had Reefer pinned on the outside but was upset Facade was named the winner.  They all argued so the referee made a singles match right there....

Facade vs. Joker

They chopped and forearmed the hell out of each other, then battled back and forth with kicks.   Facade nailed a springboard enziguiri off the ropes, but missed a running kick.  Joker nailed a belly to back suplex.   Facade rolled to the outside.   Joker grabbed a chair but Triple Cs distracted him.  That allowed Facade to come off the ropes with a flying dropkick into the chair for a two count.

Facade went for the Sabu double jump moonsault but there was no water in the pool.  Joker nailed a running knee for a two count.   Joker pulled a table from under the ring and set it up on the outside.   He set up Facade for a superplex to the floor but Facade fought him off.  Facade used the ropes to flip into a kick.  That set Joker into position for a springboard into a DDT off the apron through the table.

Your winner, Facade!  

Another entertaining match.  Good stuff so far on this show.

The announcers, Shawn Credle, Julius Smokes and Robbie Mireno talked about the main event for the UWF Street King title.  Mireno said that the Triple C's were here on a mission.   Smokes said that what they say just now was bannanas.

Outside earlier in the day, Steve Mack was meeting with Joker.  Joker asked him how Florida was.  Mack said he had to take care of that and he's done with that nonsense.  He said that he was a NYC guy and now he's back home.  Joker invited him to take a new job where he'd be "f***ing people up.:  Mack said he was down with that and with DJ Self.

Backstage, Jeez was hitting on Billy Blue's girl.  I don't blame him because she was freaking hot.   Blue walked in and questioned him and warned him not to "f*** with my p****y."   He told Jeez to get the hell to the ring.

The announcers plugged you can download a free copy of their mixtape at

Jeez (with Billy Blue) vs. Steve Mack (with DJ Self and Joker)

The announcers went over the background between the two with Jeez having gotten with Mack's girl when they were running in the same crew.  Jeez wanted to check out Blue's girl as they all came to the ring.  Jeez's character cracks me up.  He just wants to get laid and doesn't care who knows it.

They went nose to nose.  Mack killed him with a big forearm but was nailed with a running dropkick.  Mack tossed Jeez.     Jeez chopped at Mack, to no effect.    Mack grabbed him by the throat and pressed him overhead.  Jeez escaped but was caught with a belly to belly overhead suplex.

Mack rebounded off the ropes but Jeez nailed him with a chair for a two count.   Jeez jawed with the crowd and beat Mack with punches in the corner, then stomped his chest.   Mack beat down Jeez with chops and punches.  Jeez fought back with a tornado DDT. Jeez raked at his face and beat Mack, who was in the ropes.

Mack made his way to his feet and drilled Jeez.  Jeez ducked a big boot, then grabbed his leg and kicked the underside of it.  Jeez placed a chair on Mack and hit a top rope frog splash on the chair for a two count.  He drilled Mack across the back with the chair.   Mack absorbed another and got to his feet.  He ducked a chair to the head and drilled Jeez with clotheslines.

Mack nailed a powerslam for a two count.   He picked up Jeez over his shoulder but Jeez slipped out, shoved him into the corner and nailed knees to the back.  Jeez nailed a missile dropkick off the top for a two count. Jeez went to the top but Mack, who was now bleeding a little, peppered him with punches.  Jeez came off the ropes with a sunset flip powerbomb.  

Joker got involved, distracting Jeez.  Mack killed Jeez and nailed a sit-down Michinoku Driver for the pin.

Your winner, Steve Mack!

Another good bout. 

DJ Self's crew celebrated with Mack.

Cuban Link was off somewhere trying to recruit Daemon Slugga, saying that with Slugga's connections and Link's street cred, they can make some big money.  Link said he thinks they can make a good time.  Slugga said that if the paper was right, he's with him.

The Triple C's were backstage with UWF champion Slymm.  Rich Ortiz approached them and said the UWF title is his.  Ortiz warned them he was going to get the belt.  He went nose to nose with Slymm.

The announcers went over the main event.   Smokes seemed to be distracted and distant.   Mireno claimed Ortiz was going to win the belt and asked them how they were going to react.   Smokes called someone a "cracker."  Mireno took umbrage.  Smokes told him it was just business and no one gives a f*** about what he just said.  Mireno said that he does.  Smokes asked someone what was going on.  Mireno nailed him and dove on Smokes.  They tangled on the floor and everyone grabbed them to pull them apart, including Ronnie Lang's Atlas Security and the producers of the show, Steve O'Neill and Kevin Klinerock.  Mireno was forced away and stormed out of the building yelling that he wasn't some p***y ass white boy.  Smokes was furious and wanted to know what the hell was going on.  They showed Mireno walking down the street away from the building.  The producers asked Smokes if he could finish as they had one more match.  Smokes yelled for Steve Karel, saying he got jumped.  They finally calmed him down and got him to sit, but Smokes got back up.  Smokes said he was good and could do it.  It was a good chaotic scene that came off like it wasn't supposed to happen.  Smokes said he doesn't lose any fights. It's interesting to see that the guy who got angry over a racial slur being used was treated as the heel here.

Slymm (with Triple Cs) vs. Rich Ortiz (with Brisco)

They went face to face at the bell talking trash.   They began slugging it out back and forth.   Ortiz caught him with a big flying shoulder tackle.   Slymm went to the floor but Ortiz followed.  They locked up on the floor and Slymm worked him over with chops and shots to the back.   Slymm followed Ortiz back into the ring with a broom and drilled it into his throat. He began choking him out with a bandana and hung him over Slymm's back.

They kept going back to shots of the announcers to show Smokes was still pissed and upset.

Ortiz fired back with right hands.   He worked Slymm into the corner and drilled him with a series of rights.   He set up a table that was bridged between the ring and the apron.  Ortiz returned to the ring and was clotheslines.  He caught Ortiz with a clothesline but Ortiz manned up and charged.  They drilled each other with a double clothesline that left both devastated.

They battled over the table on the apron.   Ortiz tried to superplex him onto the table but Slymm fought it off.   He suplexed Ortiz back into the ring.   They slugged it out in the corner.  Ortiz was caught with an elbow as he charged in.  Slymm nailed a standing moonsault off the ropes for a two count.  

They battled back over towards the table but then fought into the corner.   Ortiz, on the top, peppered Slymm with punches.  Slymm shoved the referee away and took him out, then slammed Ortiz off the ropes through the table.   Slymm covered him on the outside for the pin.

Your winner, Slymm!

Someone was filming the same woman that was Billy Blue's girl.  It was Reefer.  He was flirting with her.  Off camera, we hear him tell some "bum" that he doesn't want his car windshield washed.  It turned out it was Joker, who yanked him through the window, beat him down and CARJACKED the car.  The girl began badly acting, asking to be let out and he finally threw her out.  The POV handheld camera was a nice touch here but the acting hurt it. 

Someone tossed a pair of guns off a bridge.  I'm guessing that was the gun used to shoot Rasche Brown.

We are off the air.

Overall, a fun show.  There was a MUCH better balance betweeen the backstage vignettes and the in ring product this time.  You had four matches, of which three were very entertaining.  The UWF title bout was OK but not an overly impressive match.  The storylines were good and the scene with Smokes and Mireno was real good.  With each PPV, you can see they are experimenting and trying new things, which is a lot of fun to see.  I'm not sure if the Urban Wrestling idea will ever explode with the average wrestling fan, but those who are overlooking it are missing a good roster with some unique storytelling.

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