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By Eric Sturrock on 2012-03-24 10:54:47


3/23/12 Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Before the show. Ultimate Warrior was signing autographs on the floor of the civic center with black curtains surrounding him so no one could sneak a picture of him. Warrior’s autograph line was longer then the line to meet everyone else on the stage. Warriors line went from backstage to the stands to the other side of the building.

Unlike past years, there was no cut off to meet the wrestlers on the stage due to it’s line not being that long. 7:30pm came which was the original ring start time and Warrior’s line was still long. At 7:45pm the last of the wrestlers signing on the stage left which was Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, & Brian Anthony. Warrior finished signing at 8:15pm. Warrior was charging from $45-$100 so he made big money tonight.

The Civic Center was 95% full. With only a few seats on the floor open and only a tiny section of bleacher seats empty. The ring announcer was Vincent Berry. Highspots was filming the event. With a camera on the stage and two handheld cameras. The two commentators who have done Northeast wrestling DVDs for Highspots in the past were the commentary team on the stage.

Vincent Berry introduces a local country radio host. The radio host is booed. The radio host plugs the NY Giants being in the Civic Center next Sunday. He threw out some shirts to the fans. Radio host left and Berry hyped tonight's matches. The timekeeper kept running around the ring looking under the ring. I believe he was looking for the ring bell which he found.

1. Jake Manning vs. Jerry Lawler. Ref Sean Hanson. Manning is dressed as a cub scout. Hanson checked Lawler for weapons before the match then Manning. Manning gained offence right away with a bodyslam on Lawler. Manning taunted the fans. Lawler came right back with a bodyslam of his own. Manning went after Lawler but was thrown over Lawler. Manning said time out and sat down on the bottom rope. Manning got out his Cub Scout manual and was reading it. Lawler went at Manning with many fists to the face. Manning was dazed and danced around the ring. Lawler got ready and gave him another big punch to the face. Manning gained control and threw Lawler into the ring post outside the ring. Manning did it again to Lawler. Lawler reversed the third one and put Manning into the ring post. Back in the ring Lawler got knocked down by Manning but Lawler came back with a piledriver for the win. Lawler got out his crowd and put it on his head and posed. Manning got up and poured something out of a thing he brought with him to the ring. About a 10 minute match.

Vincent Berry like he did after every match throughout the night plugged the show’s sponsors and plugged people buying Northeast Wrestling DVDs in the hallway(which are also sold on &

Vincent introduced Poughkeepsie’s own Vik Dalishus who will be in a Poughkeepsie Street Fight where the loser leaves Northeast Wrestling. Vik come down to the ring and shoves Vincent down. Vik said he does not want him to interview him. Vik talked about this show being sold on DVD all over the world. Vik talked about his feud with his former best friend. Vik said this company and town is not big enough for the both of them. Vik says tonight Hale Collins will leave Poughkeepsie & NEW forever. Vik lays down on the mat and says all Hale will see at the end of the night is the lights as the referee counts 1 2 3. Vik leaves and gets into with a few fans. A little kid hit him and Security went after the kid.

2. Velvet Sky vs. Melina. Ref Kevin Keenan. Velvet came down to the ring and shook hands with all the fans. Velvet did her usual rope entrance. Melina came down to the ring and did her usual split entrance and talked trash to Velvet before standing up. Melina reached into her one piece outfit and pulled out a wet wipe. Melina made a disgusted face and cleaned the rope from Velvet’s entrance. Melina came over to Velvet and made disgusted funny faces to her face. Velvet went back and did her rope humping. Melina ran over and kneed her as Velvet fell into the ring. Melina rammed Velvet into the corner. Melina choked Velvet on the ropes. Velvet reversed a Irish whip and gave Melina a clothesline. Velvet put Melina on the middle rope and gave her a 10 count spanking. Velvet went to the opposite corner and posed to the fans. Melina left the ring. Velvet told Melina to get back into the ring. Melina came back in and knocked Velvet down. Melina chocked Velvet out on the ropes. Melina put Velvet in a sleeper in the middle of the ring. Velvet tried to get the fans behind her. Velvet got out of the hold and Melina pulled her down by her hair. Keenan yelled at Melina and she yelled back. Melina put Velvet in a submission move and Velvet tried to get the fans behind her. Velvet got out of the hold and bounced off the ropes and her and Melina collided. Keenan started the count. After a 7 count they got up and Velvet hit a bulldog but Melina kicked out. Melina came back with but Velvet knocked her down. Velvet told Melina to get up. Melina ducked Velvet. Velvet hit another bulldog. Melina rammed Velvet into the corner. Velvet motioned for a DDT but Melina with a rack of the eyes to Velvet into Sunset Split for the win. Melina went to the top rope and bent over and smacked her butt at each side of the civic center. Melina was laughing and flexed as she danced around the ring over Velvet. Melina left. Velvet acted upset at Melina’s cheating and pleaded with Keenan about what happened. Keenan left. Velvet smiled and shook her head in disbelief then posed on the top rope as her music played. 10 minute match.

One of the two commentators from the stage came down to the ring and introduced the Ultimate Warrior. The commentator then left the ring and headed back to the stage. The Ultimate Warrior came down to the ring in his old school jacket. He wore his face paint and had blue jeans on. He looked in shape. Warrior shook the fans hands as he came down to the ring and was getting hugged by fans. Warrior did his old school ring rope shake before getting into the ring. Warrior was smiling and posed around the ring to all the cheering fans. Warrior said it was good to be back in the ring. Warrior said he must have surprised everyone to see him run down to the ring and shake the ropes. Warrior said as he signed and took pictures tonight for the fans he was old fans and young fans who were not born and never saw him wrestle but became a fan of his from there parents. Warrior realized he is not who he used to be back then. He says he is different but the Ultimate Warrior still lives on through his fans. Warrior said times have changed but Hogan still sucks. Warrior says he does not want to waste our time and get back to the awesome show here tonight. Warrior said times have changed. Warrior talked trash on how today wrestling is all about creative writers. Warrior said in the past it was the wrestler who made themselves live. He thanked everyone for them over the years.

3. Adam Page vs. Caleb Konley vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Ron Zombie vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Anthony(NEW Champion) LADDER MATCH FOR NORTHEAST WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE MATCH. Refs Kevin Keenan & Sean Hanson. The title was been hanging above the ring all night. 3 separate fights off the start Dreamer/Zombie, Page/Cedric & Anthony/Konley. Only Dreamer & Zombie were left in the ring. Dreamer Irish whipped Zombie into the corner. Caleb came into the ring and went after Dreamer but Dreamer threw him over his head. Zombie went after Anthony. Zombie clotheslined Cedric & Anthony. Zombie put Anthony in a figure four but Caleb put Zombie into a Scissors submission hold but Cedric puts Caleb in a chickenwing armbar but Page puts Cedric in a standing left armbar but Dreamer puts Page in a sleeper hold! A 6-way submission hold. Page falls and the chain breaks and everyone falls down but Dreamer. Dreamer goes under the ring looking for a ladder but there is none and remembers the two ladders he passed on the walkway to the ring. He gets a ladder from there and goes to bring it into the ring but Caleb drop kicks the ladder into Dreamer’s face. Caleb dives off the top rope onto Dreamer then Page hits a running back flip out of the ring onto Caleb, then Zombie with a elbow onto them, then Anthony flies off the top rope onto everyone. Dreamer throws Anthony into the ring barriers. Dreamer grabs a water bottle and spits water into Anthony’s face and hits him with the bottle, he then throws the bottle into the air which went so high it hit the ceiling of the building. Water from the bottle went everywhere. Anthony drops Dreamer onto the steel barrier and Dreamer falls into the stands. Anthony goes for the title but Page stops him. Anthony hits Page with a neck breaker. Anthony goes for the gold but Zombie stops him. Zombie hits a cutter on Anthony. Zombie goes for the gold but Caleb stops him. The ladder is set up in the corner and Caleb throws Zombie into it. Dreamer picks up the ladder and puts it on his shoulders and starts spinning around. Everyone gets up and walks into it. Dreamer DDTs the ladder into Cedric. Dreamer huts his groin. Dreamer goes to the top rope but misses and slams his elbow onto the ladder. Caleb goes for the gold but Zombie chokeslams him off. Page stops Zombie for going for the gold. Cedric hits a german suplex to Page into the corner. Cedric goes for the gold but Anthony tips the ladder and Cedric straddles the top rope. Anthony puts the ladder in the corner and goes to Irish whip Dreamer into it but Dreamer suplexs Anthony onto the ladder breaking it! Zombie hits Dreamer in the back with a chair. Dreamer trips Zombie face first into the chair. Caleb does the same to Dreamer into the chair. Caleb goes to get rid of the chair but eats a super kick from Cedric. Page goes to the top rope but gets a flying kick from Cedric. Cedric & Page on the top rope, then Caleb joins them but Zombie comes and suplexs the three off the top rope to the mat knocking Dreamer down in the process. Zombie brings another ladder into the ring. Anthony is on the outside and Zombie goes to the top rope but stubs and goes to the apron, then Anthony trips him to the concrete fall with a loud smack. Caleb & Anthony each climb separate ladders and Anthony slams Caleb off the ladder to the mat. Cedric goes for the gold but Page grabs him but Dreamer low blows Page and hits a Dreamer Driver to Cedric on top of Page. Dreamer then hits a Dreamer Driver to Page through a table outside the ring! Dreamer comes back into the ring with a piece of table metal wrapped around his neck. Anthony lays out Dreamer. Anthony goes for the gold but Cedric comes but Anthony throws him out of the ring. Anthony climbs the ladder and pulls down the title for the win! Staff comes running down to ringside to check on Zombie. Dreamer brings everyone into the ring except Page(who either left or is still laid out outside the ring). Dreamer gets the mic and talks about how much of a great guy Zombie is. Dreamers talks about many years ago in NJ Zombie and him would talk at a car dealership where Zombie wanted to wrestle. Dreamer said Zombie always goes all out. Dreamer says we are taking a short break. Staff carries Zombie out who is favoring a leg. About 20 minutes match.

Vincent Berry tells us we are taking a short intermission. During intermission, I saw President of the Mid-Hudson Civic Center come from the concessions walking backstage with a big bag of ice. Staff sprays and wipes down the mat and ropes. After Intermission Vincent Berry & the timekeeper threw out shirts to the crowd. Wished a kid a happy 8th birthday.

4. Matt Taven w/ Kasey Ray vs. Matt Hardy w/ Reby Sky. Ref Kevin Keenan. Hardy & Reby’s first time back in Poughkeepsie since they met each other for the first time ever at Wrestlefest last year. Hardy was wearing a new shirt that said “Stronger than death” and Reby was wearing camo pants. Reby kept trying to get the fans to cheer for Matt, Kasey kept adjusting her top. Hardy pushes Taven into the corner where Taven asks for a rope break. They lock up, then lock up again, then go to the mat and Matt has Taven in a head lock. Taven tries to get out but Matt keeps him in the lock up. The crowd is the quietest they have been all night. Action picks up as Matt throws punches at Taven. Hardy slams Taven down. Hardy goes up top and hits a leg drop to the standing Taven. Matt gets ready to finish Taven off but Kasey jumps into the ring. Reby storms into the ring but Keenan stops her. Taven pushes Hardy to the outside. Taven throws Hardy into the ring post and stretch’s Hardy’s arm against the post. Taven puts Matt in a sleeper hold as Reby tries to get the crowd behind Matt. Taven stretches Matt’s arm in front of Reby. Matt hits a Side Effect but Taven kicks out. Taven locks up Matt’s arm as Reby tries to get the crowd behind Matt. Taven picks up Matt and holds him above his head for 10 seconds before bringing Matt down. Taven goes for a Lions Ault but Hardy moves. Matt hits another side effect but Taven kicks out. Taven knocks down Matt and goes for the pin as Reby screams but Matt kicks out. Matt goes up top but Kasey hold him and Taven knocks Matt down Taven goes for the pin and Kasey knock’s Matt’s leg off the rope to give Taven the win. Reby comes running after Kasey, Taven gets out of town, leaving Kasey. Reby chases Kasey into the ring. Matt & Reby surround Kasey. Reby hits a twist of fate on Kasey. Kasey sells it like death laying motionless on her stomach. Reby yells at Keenan. Reby talks to Matt as Kasey still lay motionless. Matt & Reby leave as Kasey rolls to her side. Staff from the back comes down to the ring and carries Kasey to the back.

5. Vik Dalishus vs. Hale Collins. POUGHKEEPSIE STREET FIGHT WHERE THE LOSER LEAVES NEW. Ref Sean Hanson. Vik comes dressed in his new t-shirt and blue jeans. Hale’s music starts and there is now Hale. Vik wonders what is going on. Hale is standing in the stands at the top. He comes down the bleachers passing me. As he makes his way to the floor he hugs a 400 lbs. man wearing a Hale t-shirt that is 10x times too small as only 20% of his belly is covered by it. Hale is dressed in his usual ring gear. They stare down and Vik comes at him with some big blows. Hale reverses a Irish whip. Hale throws Vik out of the ring. Hale lays out Vik on the outside that even makes the cameraman say “ohh”. Hale throws Vik into the barriers and chokes him on them. Hale shatters a caution wet floor signs where tiny pieces of it go flying. Back in the ring Vik begs Hale. Hale with kicks to Vik. Hale stops Vik in the corner. Vik gains control reversing a Irish whip into a big spinebuster but Hale kicks out. Vik takes off his belt and starts whipping Hale shot after shot after shot. Big welts on Hale’s back. Vik rolls his belt up and punches Hale in the face with it. Hale blades. Hale is cut open blood pouring out. He is leaking! Blood just pouring out non-stop. Vik keeps punching Hale in the face as Hale is leaking blood everywhere. Hale has a full crimson mask as it’s hard to watch. Puddles of blood in the ring as Hale’s blood leaking out won’t stop. The crowd is in awe. Vik with elbows to Hale. The entire ring mat is covered in blood as blood is all over Hale’s stomach. Vik’s white shirt also covered in Hale’s blood. Vik has Hale in a clutch. Vik bodyslams Hale. Blood is still pouring out and even getting on Ref Hanson. Vik misses a moonsault off the top rope. Hale hits a kick and goes for the pin as he is still just leaking blood everywhere but Vik kicks out. Hale goes up top and hits a flying elbow for the win and to send Vik out of NEW. Hale celebrates as he is still leaking. Hale points to the back and tries to get a hey hey goodbye chant going. Vik walks around the ring looking upset. Vik yells at a little kid at ringside. Vik comes back to the ring as Hale points to the back. Hanson raises Hale’s bloody hand in the air. Hale wraps his shirt around his head to try to stop the bleeding.

Staff from the back comes down to the ring and tries to get all the blood up from the mat with spray and a lot of paper towels. They leave and come back with another ring mat. It takes 15 minutes to put the new mat on. Vincent Berry says NEW’s next show is 4/27 from Newburgh w/ Lita, Godfather, & Booker T. Vincent plugs where the official after party is after the show. Vincent said they would come back to Poughkeepsie soon. The fans are trying to start chants. Many mant attempts at “YES YES YES” chants even a “Super Dragon” chant. Vincent and the highspots camera man interview fans. Vincent says “That’s how you end up as a extra on the DVD.” Vincent tells everyone to try to get there own chant going. Vincent gets everyone to chant “Ron Zombie” his friend. Two staff members, Vincent, & the timekeeper all work on the new ring mat. The new mat has many wrinkles in it so Vincent stops the introductions and they try to make the mat better but wrinkles stay.

6. Finlay vs. John Morrison. Ref Kevin Keenan. Finlay checks out the mat rubbing his foot on the mat and jumping around. Morrison poses with the fans. Morrison also rubs his feet around the mat checking it out. Keenan wants to check Finlay for weapons. Finlay stalls from locking up with Morrison. Morrison tries to help get the “YES!” chants going. They lock up. Finlay gets out of the ring. The crowd chants “Johnny Nitro”. They lock up and Finlay gains control. They lock up again. Morrison brings Finlay down as they are still locked up. Morrison gains control and tries to get the “Yes!” chants going. Finlay points at Morrison and Keenan yells at him. Finlay rakes Morrion’s eyes. Finlay puts Morrison in a headlock. Finlay escapes Morrison to the outside. Morrison drop kicks Finlay outside the ring. Morrison throws Finlay into the apron and post. Finlay reveres and throws Morrison into the post. Finlay works on Morrison’s leg against a ring post. Back in the ring Finlay bodyslams Morrison down. Finlay kicks him and another bodyslam. Finlay works on Morrison’s leg against the ropes. Finlay puts Morrison into a half Boston crab for over 2 minutes. Morrison can’t get up and crawls towards Finlay. Morrison pushes Finlay into the corner and fury of fists. Keenan pulls Morrison off Finlay. Finlay tries again for submission on Morrison. They have a test of strength and Morrison brings Finlay down. Morrison shakes the top rope like the Ultimate Warrior. Morrison hits a running kick but Finlay kicks out. Finlay gets a chair but Morrison takes it from him. Keenan takes it from Morrison and Finlay takes out Morrison’s leg with the Shillelagh but Morrison kicks out. Morrison hits a kick and goes to the top rope. Morrison goes for star ship pain but Finlay puts his knees up. Finlay goes for a cover but Morrison kicks out. Finlay goes for his finisher but Morrison gets out. Morrison goes for a bridge but Finlay kicks out. Finlay hits his finisher but Morrison kicks out. Finlay gets angry. He goes after Morrison but walks into a kick. Morrison hits the star ship pain for the win.
Another great NEW show. People should buy the DVD to see The Ladder Match & the Street Fight. The Velvet/Melina match, Ultimate Warrior in the ring, & Reby’s Twist of Fate were also great.

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