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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-03-22 21:24:54
We start off this week’s show with the Raw brand and your announcers are Josh Mathews and Scott Stanford.

Match Number One: Epico and Primo with Rosa Mendes versus Alex Riley and Mason Ryan

Epico and Riley start things off and Riley tries to avoid getting suckered into the opponent’s corner. Epico with a side head lock but Riley with a shoulder tackle. Riley blocks a hip toss and hits a hip toss of his own followed by a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Riley works on the wrist and Epico with a kick and Primo tags in.

Riley with a kick to the knee and to the head for a near fall. Primo with punches to Riley in the corner and the referee warns Primo. Riley with a punch but Primo with an Irish whip. Riley avoids a splash into the corner and Riley with a running clothesline. Riley with a splash into the corner and then he hits a DDT from the turnbuckles but can only get a near fall.

Epico argues with the referee and Riley gets distracted and Primo clips Riley. Primo chokes Riley in the ropes and Epico with a kick from the apron. Primo with a chop and front face lock before tagging Epico back in. Epico with kicks to Riley in the corner. Epico with a punch to the head and he gets a near fall. Epico with double sledges to Riley’s back followed by a snap mare and reverse chin lock.

Ryan wants to get into the match but the champions keep Riley in the ring. Epico with a kick and DDT followed by a baseball slide that sends Riley to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Primo with a leg sweep to Riley followed by a leg drop and Primo gets a near fall. Primo with a camel clutch and we go to a superfluous shot of Rosa at ringside. Primo with a kick but Riley with a spinebuster and both men are probably down but we go to a shot of Rosa.

Primo holds on to Riley’s foot but Epico and Mason tag in. Ryan with a back body drop and clotheslines followed by a boot to the head. Ryan with a delayed vertical suplex and he gets a near fall because Primo breaks up the cover. Primo ducks down and Riley goes to the floor. Ryan clotheslines Primo over the top rope to the floor. Epico with boots to Ryan but Ryan presses Epico over his head and drops him behind him like Ultimate Warrior. Ryan gets Epico up for a power slam, but Rosa distracts the referee and Epico and Primo hit a double lungblower for the three count.

Winners: Epico and Primo

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix versus Tamina Snuka and Natalya

Beth and Natalya start things off while the crowd chants ‘Hoeski’ for Eve. Beth tells Natalya to get out of her ring and Natalya does it but then she comes from behind and gets a rollup. Beth yells at Natalya and Natalya with a side head lock and a sunset flip. Natalya with a kip up and she has a lot of fun int eh ring.

Natalya with a waist lock but Beth with a standing switch and then she throws Natalya to the floor. Eve tags in and kicks Natalya. Eve rolls Natalya back in and gets a near fall. Eve with a forearm followed by an Irish whip. Eve goes to the turnbuckles and she chokes Natalya.

Eve with a cover but Natalya kicks out. Eve with a Japanese stranglehold followed by knees and a forearm. Natalya with a roaring forearm and both ladies are down.

Tamina tags in and she hits a clothesline followed by a chop. Beth tries to interfere but Tamina with a side slam. Tamina with a flying forearm followed by a slam and she goes up top. Beth tries to interfere but Tamina kicks Beth to the floor. Eve with a press slam to the mat and then Eve goes up top for a moonsault and kind of hits it and gets the three count.

Winners: Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the Smackdown brand and your announcers are Matt Striker and Josh Mathews.

Match Number Three: Yoshi Tatsu versus Titus O’Neil

They lock up and Titus backs Yoshi into the corner and Titus with a clean break. Yoshi with a waist lock but Titus with an elbow. Titus misses a boot and Yoshi with chops. Titus with an Irish whip but Yoshi kicks Titus. Yoshi with a Steamboat-esque chop to the top of the head followed by a drop kick but Titus gets to the ropes.

Titus with a back breaker and then he holds on and slams Yoshi. Titus with a fallaway slam and then he barks. Titus with forearms to the kidney area. Titus with a forearm to the upper back followed by a biel across the ring.

Titus with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Titus with an elbow drop to the back and he continues with another one. Titus chokes Yoshi with his boot and then Titus mockingly applauds Yoshi. Titus with a bear hug but Yoshi with elbows to get out of the hold. Titus sends Yoshi into the turnbuckles but Yoshi avoids a splash into the corner.

Yoshi with chops to Titus followed by kicks. Yoshi with a running boot to the head followed by a spinning heel kick and he gets a near fall. Yoshi misses a round kick and Titus hits Clash of the Titus for the three count.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at this week’s Raw when Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H were in the ring.

Match Number Four: Drew McIntyre versus Ezekiel Jackson

They lock up and Jackson pushes Drew back into the corner and Zeke poses. Drew with a quarter nelson into a front face lock. Jackson gets back to his feet and he sends Drew to the mat with an arm wringer. Drew backs into the corner to avoid any further offense from Jackson.

Drew teases a Greco Roman knuckle lock but he kicks Zeke and then hits a shoulder tackle. Jackson with a slam followed by an elbow drop for a near fall. Jackson with a punch and forearms in the corner followed by an Irish whip but he misses a splash into the corner. Jackson sends Drew to the apron and Drew goes up top but Jackson with a press slam.

Drew gets to the ropes and Jackson lets his guard down and Drew with a boot to the head. Drew chokes Jackson in the ropes and then he kicks the ropes. Drew with a forearm to the back and hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Drew with an arm bar but Jackson gets back to his feet. Drew sends Jackson into the turnbuckles followed by a forearm to the back of the neck for a near fall.

Drew punches Jackson in the head and then he hits a few short arm clotheslines. He misses a third and Jackson with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Jackson gets up first and responds with clotheslines in the corner. Jackson with a splash to the back and a slam. Jackson gets Drew up for the Torture Rack, but Drew is able to get out of it before Jackson could lock it in. Drew with a drop kick to the knee followed by the Future Shock DDT for the three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

We go to credits.

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