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By Mike Johnson on 2012-03-10 10:00:37
My question is about WWF back in '98. I remember Kane being built up as an unstoppable monster who was going through everyone in the WWF. When The Undertake disappeared after the Rumble, why didn't they ever have a showdown between Kane and also another monster who was going through everyone at the time, Kurrgan? Both matched up well and I think it would have been one interesting match up, or did they on purpose always kept them away from each other?

Honestly, I think it may have been that Kurrgan was just terrible in the ring as a performer and they were building Kane as this monster, so an awful bout may have hurt his momentum and aura as a beast. Plus, Kane had already worked and beaten one monster in Vader, so it may have been overkill. It's not like any of the Oddities were ever treated like they were a threat to anyone beyond the level of say, Kaentai.

Does anyone officially own the rights to New Japan footage in the United States that sells it?

No, unfortunately, there is no official market.

I was watching an old ECW Pioneer Home Video and there was a big heavy guy who interfered in a match with Raven, only to fall off the top rope and break his leg. Whatever happened to him?

He was a student at the ECW House of Hardcore who's first name I believe was Kareem. He never returned to wrestling after that. The worst of it was that he was laying there hurt in the ring and when Sandman hit the ring for the save and started caning everyone, he turned around and caned the poor kid laying there!

I was always watching RAW back then and I was looking up the old WWF Billionaire Ted skits. Then I decided to look up to old ratings from both shows and found a freaking huge ratings number for May 10, 1999 RAW 8.1 Nitro 3.3 what the hell did RAW have for a card that night to get an 8.1

Here's the results:

-Billy Gunn fought WWF Tag Team Champion Kane to a no contest at around the 5-minute mark when the Road Dogg and X-Pac came out to help Kane as he was tied upside down in the ring ripes, with Gunn and Road Dogg fighting into the crowd as X-Pac & Kane were jumped from behind by Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown, with Ivory; Henry & D-Lo were eventually pulled away by officials before being chased backstage by Kane & X-Pac prior to the bout, Gunn was approached by a planted female fan who jumped out of the crowd and hugged Gunn before she was pulled away by security
-The Big Show fought Paul Bearer to a no contest at around the 3-minute mark when Show was jumped by all the members of the Ministry after calling them out; moments prior, Show grabbed the microphone and asked if Commissioner Michaels would waive the stipulation that barred the Ministry from ringside after Show had laid Bearer out; prior to the match, Bearer attempted to flee backstage but was stopped by Michaels, who then joined the commentary team; after the bout, the Union made the save for Show wielding 2x4s
- Debra defeated WWF Women's Champion Sable (w/ Nicole Bass) to win the title via reverse decision in a bra and panties match; Sable originally won the match at the 50-second mark after Debra became distracted by Val Venis at ringside; moments later, as Val was backing off from Nichole Bass, who seemed to be coming on to him, Jeff Jarrett came out behind Venis and broke a guitar over his head; after the bout, Michael Cole attempted to interview Sable in the ring, with Shawn Michaels - who did guest commentary for the bout - then taking the microphone away, telling Bass to "Step off, mister", and said that the woman who gets her evening gown taken off should be the winner, therefore Debra was the new champion (Sable's last US TV appearance for nearly 4 years)
-The Big Bossman pinned Test in a nightstick match at 7:03 after hitting Test in the face with the nightstick as Test attempted a sunset flip; moments prior to the finish, Bossman used a second nightstick when the referee wasn't looking
-Cactus Jack defeated Viscera & Mideon in a handicap hardcore match at 4:36 by pinning Viscera following an elbow off the apron to the floor with a chair; after the bout, Cactus threw Viscera into the steel steps
-Bradshaw fought Farooq to a no contest in a lumberjack match at around the 2-minute mark when Viscera and Mideon entered the ring and tried to stop the bout, with Farooq and Bradshaw shoving them out of the way until the Big Bossman came out and cooled them down; moments later, Mankind, Test, Ken Shamrock, and the Big Show - who served as lumberjacks for the bout - entered the ring with 2x4s and, after the other Ministry members fled the ring, all four men beat down Viscera with the weapons
-Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco defeated Rodney & Pete Gas at 2:09 when Rodney submitted to Brisco's figure-4 as Gas submitted to Patterson's Boston Crab; Patterson & Brisco used "Real American" as their theme music; due to pre-match stipulations, Rodney & Gas were forced to leave the WWF; had Brisco & Patterson lost, they would have had to leave
- Jeff Jarrett (w/ WWF Women's Champion Debra) pinned Val Venis at 8:03 by hitting him with Debra's title belt after she slapped Venis in the face
-Ken Shamrock fought Chyna (w/ Triple H) to a no contest when Triple H and Shamrock began fighting before the bout began, with Shamrock dropping Triple H to the mat and hitting a belly to belly suplex on Chyna before storming off, upset that he was driven to the point where he would strike a woman
-WWF World Champion Steve Austin, the Rock, & Vince McMahon defeated the Undertaker, Triple H (w/ Chyna), & Shane McMahon at 4:38 when Austin pinned Shane with the Stunner; moments earlier, Austin hit the Stunner on Shane and a dazed Vince made the cover, only for Austin to pull him off and hit a second Stunner on Shane before making the cover himself; Shawn Michaels was the guest referee for the bout.

What was your first wrestling PPV?

Survivor Series 1987.

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