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By Mike Johnson on 2012-03-04 23:00:00

We are live at the ROH Tenth Anniversary show in New York! You can order the iPPV by clicking the link above.

Coverage will commence at 5 PM. I will be handling live play by play while Stu Carapola will be posting his live, ongoing thoughts from the show as well.

Pre-Show Notes: Visiting at the show are Quiet Storm and Brian XL...ROH management was very happy with last night's Sinclair TV taping....There will be some CHIKARA involvement as Grand champion Eddie Kingston is here....They are playing old theme songs from the early days of ROH as fans enter the venue....Several wrestlers from Womens Superstars Unleashed are also in the house, including Marti Belle.

ROH Tenth Anniversary Internet PPV Coverage.

Your commentary team is Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness.  They got a huge ovation.  The crowd chanted for Nigel and then for Kevin Kelly.

The crowd then chanted for Cary Silkin.

They went live on the air.  Nigel and Kelly welcomed everyone.  Nigel said that ten years ago, ROH was formed to show that pro wrestling wasn't dead.  He said that ten years later, ROH is alive and kicking and so is pro wrestling.  He said that is thanks to everyone who is in ROH, everyone who helped build the company and all the fans of ROH.

They sent it to a pre-taped promo from the All Night Express.

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. The All Night Express.

All Night Express have new outfits.  They went face to face and argued with the former champs before the bell.

Benjamin and Rhett Titus opened up.  Titus worked him over with hard chops in the corner and drilled him with a running clothesline in the corner.  He followed up with a running bulldog and brought him into the Express' corner.  Kenny King worked over Benjamin and worked him over on the mat.   Benjamin fought to his feet and they went back and forth.  Benjamin cut him off with a kick to the gut.  He and Haas began working over King in the corner.   Haas mocked the crowd, which was all over him.

Haas whipped King into the ropes but King ducked a big boot and nailed a dropkick.  The Express went for a double team but Haas avoided it.  He tossed King to the floor but was caught by Titus with a neckbreaker.   Benjamin hit the scene but the Express tossed them to the floor and hit a double flip dive out of the ring to the floor.

Back in the ring, Haas covered up as Titus worked him over.  The referee held Titus back.  Haas shoved King, and the referee stopped King from getting in the ring.  That allowed Benjamin to attack Titus' bad knee from behind.    Haas and Benjamin began taking turns working over Titus' knee.   Haas brought him into the corner and tied his leg in the ropes, then charged and drilled it with a knee.   Benjamin brought him over to the ringpost and locked in a figure four on the rail.   King tried to help but was cut off by Haas and thrown out hard to the floor.

Back in the ring, Titus tried to make the tag but was cut off by Benjamin and was caught in a leg submission.  He tried to roll over and pin Benjamin while trapped in it to no avail.   Titus fought him off but was cut off.  Haas tagged in and continued working him over.   Haas finally missed a punch and King made the hot tag.  King wet nuts with offense, allowing Titus to nail an enziguri to Benjamin.

King locked in a one legged crab on Haas but Benjamin attacked.  King was sent into the corner but came off with a moonsault for a two.  The Express double teamed him with dropkicks.  Titus covered Benjamin for a two count.   Haas hit the scene but was nailed a kick.  He came back with a big boot and a big German suplex.

King tagged in but was caught with a Haas inverted atomic drop and a big boot by Benjamin for a two count.  The crowd tried to rally the Express as Rhett fired up with a series of punches and worked over Haas.  He nailed a clothesline that sent them both over the top to the floor. Benjamin and King went into a series of near fall reversals until King finally caught Benjamin and scored the pin.

Your winners, The All Night Express!

Really, really strong opener.   They had some great back and forth action and Benjamin doing what I believe may have been his first pinfall loss in ROH was a real shock to the audience.  Haas and Benjamin were absolutely great as heels.  Great kickoff.

Mike Bennett (with Bob Evans & Maria Kanellis) vs. Homicide

The crowd was all over Bennett when he came out, chanting CM Punk at Kanellis.  Bennett said they are talking about the Best in the World and said he was going to do to Homicide what he should do the entire city, take a big old crap on it.  Homicide hit the ring and attacked Bennett.  Homicie was wearing his outfit from the first-ever ROH show when he was one half of the Natural Born Sinners.  No rubber chicken though!

They rang the bell and Homicide worked Bennett over, beating the hell out of him all over the outside, running him into the rail.     Bennett started making a comeback but Homicide tossed him to the floor.  He went for the tope con hilo to the outside but Evans pulled Bennett out of the way and nailed Homicide.   Bennett worked over Homicide and tossed him back into the ring.  He worked over Homicide with a series of rights and suplexed him over for a two count.

He whipped Homicide into the corner and clotheslined him then dropkicked him for a near fall.  He whipped Homicide into the ropes but put his head down and Homicide kicked him.  Homicide rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a spinebuster.   He ripped a Yankees shirt off of Homicide and wiped his rear with it.  That fired up Homicide who nailed an Ace Crusher.   They fought to their feet and battled back and forth.  Homicide nailed him with a powerbomb, then locked on an STF. Shout out to Samoa Joe! Homicide led the move go and went after Bob Evans. 

Bennett tried to charge him but was nailed with a back elbow.   He went to the top but was cut off by Bennett.  Bennett went for a superplex but Homicide cut him off and teased a Pepsi Plunge off the top.  Bennett backdropped him into the ring.  Homicide cut off Bennett and nailed a neckbreaker.     He called for the GTS but Maria got on the ropes. Bennett slipped out and charged.  Homicide moved and Maria was almost nailed.  Homicide grabbed Bennett and nailed the GTS.  He started screaming at Maria and made the CM Punk straightedge symbol.

Bennett grabbed Homicide from behind and rolled him up, hooking the tights for the pin.

Your winner, Mike Bennett!

Homicide immediately laid out Bennett and then Bob Evans.  He went after Maria, who was in the ring but they pulled her out of the ring.

Homicide took the mic and put over the fans and the promotion afterward, ripping on Boston in he process.

A solid match.  I loved the old school Homicide look.

CHIKARA Grand champion Eddie Kingston was introduced.  Kevin Kelly said that ROH will be cross-promoting events across the country.  He said the first would be 4/28 in Chicago with CHIKARA.  Kingston said that he was happy to be here and happy to be in NYC.  He said that he was most excited to see ROH champion Davey Richards.  He said that he had an idea.  Richards' music played but then changed and out came Kevin Steen, carrying a tennis racquet and eating a banana.

Steen came that it was really good to see Kingson, but he was wondering what exactly happened.  He asked Kingston when he became such a bitch.   He said that he heard Kingston was talking about how great it was to be here.   He says that Kingston said it was great to be back, but he used to be here until Jim Cornette came and took over and you disappeared.  He said that he thinks that's not what Kingston thinks inside.  He said that he knows people would like to see them fight but he also thinks a lot of people would want to see them tear down the business together.  He said they could destroy CHIKARA and ROH and rebuild it.  Kingston said that CHIKARA was his home and where he was born and where he was die.  He said that teaming with Steen would be cool but he's not about destroying anything.  Steen said ROH was cool until Cornette took over but Steen is taking care of that.  He said that if he loves CHIKARA that's fine but it's a bullsh** Mickey Mouse promotion.  Kingston told Kelly to get out of the ring.  He said that he lost his wife and his kids for CHIKARA and he'll live and die for CHIKARA and he would "f***ing kill Steen" for running his mouth.    It was an awesome promo.  Steen backed off and said he didn't come to fight but plans change.  They brawled.  A ton of ROH officials and ring crew pulled them apart. Kingston was pulled from the ring and the CHIKARA belt was left in the ring with Steen.  Steen teased pulling his penis out and pissing on the belt, which brought CHIKARA stars the Colony out.  They worked over Steen and threw him out of the ring.  Red Ant then hit a big dive onto everyone on the floor.  A super hot angle and segment.

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