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By Eric Sturrock on 2012-02-26 13:11:02
This morning before the Daytona 500, John Cena was interviewed on SPEED's NASCAR Raceday.

Cena was interviewed by Rutledge Wood, who also hosts Top Gear USA on History. Cena said he had been training waving the flag using weights.

Cena said all his friends told him don't drop the flag. Cena said he won't drop the flag as they can't start the race without him. Rutledge brought up Cena vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 28. Cena said at the Daytona 500 of wrestling he will face the Rock in the biggest extravaganza ever.

Rutledge asked if he is just loyal to Carl Edwards in the 500. Cena said Edwards starts first but said Tony Stewart was good at talking smack last year(against Edwards), The Busch brothers are good, you can't ever count out Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Daytona, & Danica is the future of NASCAR.(Cena talked trash on twitter about Danica earlier in the week, even making jokes that Danica is on the Pole.....for the Nationwide race. That tweet was retweeted by WWE & Joey Styles, so I guess the Be A Starr campaign is out of the window).

Cena said he was a fan of Rutledge on his show the day after Raw on Tuesdays and that he always watches it.

10 Minutes after Cena's interview it started raining in Daytona and looks to keep raining until Monday night. If the 500 is rained out until Monday and Cena leaves he would be replaced.

Also It appears gave up on Wrestlemania being bigger then the Superbowl halfway through John Cena's Daytona 500 pictures. In Picture 14 the caption it calls the Daytona 500 "The Wrestlemania of Auto Racing" but in picture 22 calls the Daytona 500 "Super Bowl of Stock Car Racing"

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