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By Mike Johnson on 2012-02-25 23:00:00
We are live at Family Wrestling Entertainment's No Limits at St. Paul's Hall in New York City.

FWE Women's Championship Tournament Round One: Winter vs. Brooke Tessmacher

They started out with Winter in control but Brooke came back with several armbars and a headscissors into the corner.   Winter cut her off and stomped Tessmacher in the corner.   She snapmared her over with a chinlock   Brooke fought her way out but was snapped back to the mat by her hair.  Winter snapped her over with a sideslam for a two count.   Winter choked Brooke against the ropes and snapmared her over.  She locked Brooke in a double arm submission.  Brooke forced her way up and began elbowing her way out of the move.

Winter missed a charge in the corner and was peppered with forearms.  Brooke nailed a series of clotheslines and his the Polish Hammer.  Winter ended up in the corner, where Brooke gave her the Stinkface.   Winter caught her on a flying bodypress, nailed a gutbuster and scored the pin.

Your winner, advancing, Winter!

Decent but short opener.

The Midnight Senations (Sam Shields & Chris Rockwell) vs. Azrieal & Bandido

The storyline here is that last time, Azrieal and Bandido were doing the Sensations' dirty work for them but failed so tonight they are going to teach them a lesson.   Azrieal and Rockwell started out.  Azrieal grabbed a waistlock but was caught in an armwringer.  They went back and forth trading moves.  Rockwell forced Azrieal down to the mat but her fought back and shoulderblocked and hiptossed Rockwell several times before finishing him off with a dropkick.

Azrieal backdropped Rockwell over the top to the apron, then slingshot him back into the ring.  He and Bandido nailed a Flapjack.   Sheilds tagged in and shoulderblocked Bandido, who came back with a dropkick.  Shields was kicked off out of a charge into the corner and nailed with a flying bodypress.  Bandido and Azrieal worked over Shields, who made a blind tag back to Rockwell as he was sunset flipped.     The Sensations started working over Bandido in the corner.  Shields locked in a sleeper.  The Sensations hit a double shoulderblock off the ropes on Bandido for a two count.

 The Sensations continued to pick apart Bandido, working him over.  Bandido tried to make a tag but was cut off.  They kept working him over.    Azrieal finally made the hot tag and cleaned house on everyone.   They nailed a backsuplex out o a Bandido superkick.   The Sensations hit a combination suplex and bodypress of the ropes on Azrieal for a two.  They followed up with a nice finisher, a neckbreaker by Rockwell as Shields had Azrieal in a Fireman's Carry.

Your winners, The Midnight Sensations!

Solid, hard worked tag match.  They told a nice story.

 Jesse Godderz vs. Jay Santana

Godderz is the former star of CBS' Big Brother who has been in OVW via TNA.  He's currently one half of the OVW Tag Team champions with Rob Terry.  He did a heel bit on the mic where he made everyone spell PECTACULAR and ripped on NYC for being smelly.  He said that he lived here for two years and got four colds because of how disgusting the people are here.  He complained that he had to stand there for two hours during the autograph session and no one pays him enough to shake hands with these people.  He named his arms "Continuously" and "Awesome."

Santana was billed as hailing from Tocula, Mexico, playing off Tito Santana obviously.     He cleaned house on Godderz early, who retreated to the floor to cut the momentum off.  He returned to the ring, where Santana maintained control.   He nailed a clothesline and several dropkicks, sending Godderz back to the floor.  He reatreated up the aisle.  Back in the ring, Godderz tried to call for a time out to no avail.  He was drilled with several kneelifts.  Santana went to charge at him but Godderz dropped down and pulled down the ropes, sending him over the top to the floor in a less than fluid moment.

On the floor, Godderz worked him over, sending Santana into the rail.   He choked out Santana and controlled him on the mat.   He worked over Santana and mocked him.  He pressed Santana over his head and slammed him down.   Godderz stood over him, the locked him in an abdominal stretch.  Santana fought back and finally hiptossed him over.  Godderz cut him and covered him for the pin, although Santana had hit foot on the ropes.

Your winner, Jesse Godderz!

OK match.  Santana worked hard as your old school white meat babyface.  Godderz has a great look and charisma, so you can easily see why TNA signed him up.  He's really rough around the edges but there is a world of potential there.  It's going to take time.

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