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By Mike Johnson on 2012-02-22 22:23:25
A quick note from me: I have been on vacation all week in the Virginia/DC area and will return this weekend.  I have a lot of emails to return, so don't think you are being ignored.  I've been limiting myself to very little Internet time (well, for me, anyway).  I've spent a lot of time the last few days hiking a number of civil war trails and sites and was truly blown away by a lot of stories I learned.  If you've never had a chance to read about some of these incidents and battles, you would be well served and probably inspired by them if and when you do.   A few readers wrote wishing me a good vacation and I appreciate it.  It's been great to get away for a few days.  A lot of the stuff posted was pre-set or posted by Dave for me, so while it probably didn't seem I was gone much, trust me when I say I really was, so a big thank you to Dave for being the best boss ever. You know you love your job when you go on vacation and miss it.

One reason I picked this week to go away is that it's going to be insane the next few months with major shows.  Of course Wrestlemania week will be nuts, but here's an overview of some of the major indy shows beyond that.  On 3/4, WSU has their Fifth Anniversary iPPV in Long Island, NY which will feature the late Georgiann Makropoulos being inducted into their Hall of Fame, among others.   On 3/10 GALLI Lucha Libre will have their debut iPPV.  4/7 will be the 2012 ECWA Super 8.  The weekend of 4/13 is EVOLVE's debut in Canada as part of WrestleReunion.  4/14 will see Jersey All Pro Wrestling and CHIKARA run a double header in New Jersey while CZW will have their annual Best of the Best Tournament.  4/28 is the CHIKARA/ROH double header in Philly.  All that is off the top of my head without factoring in PWG, AIW, AAW, SHIMMER, etc..  There has never been so many quality indy events at the same time for many, many years. I can't tell you how highly I recommend checking out your local indy, especially if there's one that's been running regularly. 

Former WWE and ECW exec Lou D'Angeli was interviewed by at this link.

As we noted last week on the site, NWA champ Adam Pearce turned on Colt Cabana in NWA Hollywood, so those two are feuding again:

Joel Maximo's Fighting Spirit Wrestling is running this Saturday 2/25 at St Camillus Church in Rockaway Beach, NY featuring Homicide vs. Shane Douglas in their first ever singles bout, Tony Mamaluka vs. Talon, Chavo Guerrero vs. WWC's Gilbert, WWC's Los Fugitivos vs. The Maximos for the WWC Tag Team titles, Kenny Dykstra vs. Jon Davis and more. FSW are holding a seminar with Chavo Guerrero on 2/24 at the Ludus Wrestling School in Brooklyn, NY on 2/24. For details, If you've never seen Gilbert, I watch him every week on WWC TV and marvel at the fact WWE hasn't signed him yet. Just a top notch personality and talker.  The Maximos are the current WWC Tag champs, so they will be defending the belts for the first time in the States at the show.  There are plans for more WWC talents to come in and I'm really hoping to see Glamour Boy Shane.

Ted DiBiase is booked for Canadian Wrestling Elite on 3/8 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Oklahoma's Impact Zone Wrestling returns with their latest iPPV this Saturday. For details, click the poster below:

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