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By Mike Johnson on 2012-02-22 20:57:58
In a story that has been the most talked about subject among Florida independent wrestlers today, former ECW star New Jack knocked out former WWF star Brian Knobbs of the Nasty Boys backstage following an independent event in Florida last night.

As the story goes (and I heard this from two performers who were both backstage via email), Knobbs entered the locker room of a FUW event at Gasoline Alley in Largo, Florida following the event. Knobbs, always known for having a pretty big mouth and opinion, loudly started telling the locker room how bad they sucked and didn't "get the business".

For a reason I can only describe as suicidal, Knobbs turned his attention to former ECW star New Jack and made the same claims to Jack. According to both performers I heard from, Jack punched Knobbs in the face, knocking the former WWF star into a wall.

From there, Knobbs went back after Jack, who I was told "easily" got the better of the fight. Knobbs grabbed at Jack and tried to pull him towards the ground in something described to me as "like a MMA guard position, but not really done right", which allowedJack to kick Knobbs in the face, knocking him clear out in front of the locker room.

Obviously, not a great night for Knobbs.

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