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By Mike Johnson on 2012-02-24 10:00:06

Whatever happened to two of TNA's originals: Desire (Kim Neilson) and Trinity?

Trinity is back doing stuntwork.  Neilson got out of the business and is actually on this season of NBC's Biggest Loser.

What is the difference between a boxing ring and a wrestling ring? In an emergency could wrestling matches work in a boxing ring?

Four ropes instead of three and a much harder base surface.  They could be used in an emergency and at times in the past they would be used regularly.

  In your opinion which would make a better match for the Divas title: Beth Phoenix vs Natalya Neidhart or Beth Phoenix vs Tamina?

I'd like Beth vs. Natalya in a world where they don't book the match to be three minutes, including entrances.

  Now that Jacqueline (Jackie Moore) is no longer under contract with TNA any chance might be signed by WWE? She'd had great success while with them. Her matches with Molly Holly (Nora Greenwald) were incredible. She would make a great teacher for the Divas in FCW.

I think she is more likely to get signed as a trainer than she is as a performer right now, since WWE covets younger performers.

I've been reading where TNA has had problems with various sound aspects of not only their recent pay per view Final Destination but their regular program Impact Wrestling. Terms were used such as sweetening and raising the volume. It was reported that the fans who were in attendence at Final Resolution couldn't hear the action. I've admired TNA's improvement in their graphics, visual and beautiful color features. You'd think with the building they tape Impact every week they'd have better sound quality to compliment their incredible screens, stage and fog effects. What's the problem?

They just don't have the venue mic'd well enough or the acoustics are awful for picking up the crowd noise.  Live, this is not the issue.  I've been to the venue close to a dozen times in the last eight years and the crowd was always hot.


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