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By Mike Johnson on 2012-02-17 08:12:00
Episode 203
Airing February 3, 2012 on the America One Network
Taped November 12, 2011 at the Old Hickory Community Center

SAW has opened a video-on-demand service here. Episodes 181-194 are currently available for 99 cents per episode. SAW streams via America One at - 9pm Fridays.

Last week on SAW…SAW Women’s Champion Tracy Taylor was attacked by an unknown amazon…Paul Adams said he was done with wrestling and offered to sell the entire A-Team organization to Rudy Charles, lock, stock and barrel…Chase.Stevens said nobody had more heart and soul for professional wrestling than he did…Jesse Emerson pinned Spi-ral with the Alabama Slam…Cody Melton & Johnny Bandana retained the SAW tag team titles when Jeff “The Crippler” Daniels’ former partner, Josephus, returned from hiatus due to legal problems to attack the champions. Josephus also chokeslammed Daniels’ partner, Derrick King into oblivion.

Michael Graham, SAW’s play-by-play and color announcer rolled into one, said the tag team situation was in complete chaos after last week. Words from King and Daniels would be forthcoming, along with King taking on his former protégé “Teen Excitement” Drew Haskins.

The sparse crowd came into view as Jesse Emerson entered the ring. Graham explained that it was a stormy night in Nashville and the fans were still arriving. Graham said the wild woman that attacked Tracy last week was named Abriella.

1 – MICAH TAYLOR vs. JESSE EMERSON (with Rudy Charles)

Taylor wasted no time picking a body part and working on it. Emerson countered with a nasty fish hooking maneuver. He dumped Micah into the vicinity of Charles, who choked him with his towel like he was hopped up on goofballs. Emerson hit a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Back from the break, Graham said it had been a see saw battle. Micah took a tumble out the ring and Charles was maniacal with the towel again. Emerson tossed Micah back into the ring and chained a series of moves into an armbar submission, but Taylor made the ropes. Emerson made an ill-advised trip to the top rope, and Taylor picked him off with a body slam. Graham said he was getting word of a disturbance in the back involving Tracy. Micah started pounding the hell out of Emerson. Senior Official Kurt Herron ran down to ringside with an urgent message for Micah – his wife was being assaulted in the back. They went to a split screen showing Abriella choking the life out of Tracy. Micah pinned Emerson with a german suplex and ran to the back to check on Tracy.

WINNER: Micah Taylor in 6:10 with a German suplex.

Before the break...The clip of Abriella choking Tracy and making odd noises made it clear that this woman is out of her cotton picking mind.

Graham said he had no idea about the wild woman’s background. Moving right along…King had requested the SAW cameras rolling when he confronted Daniels about what Josephus did to him last week. Daniels was coy about where Josephus had been. He asked King who was SAW’s biggest sponsor and said Leah Hulan was responsible for Josephus being back not him. “I didn’t spend any money.” Daniels brought up Haskins screw up. They argued about whose baggage was to blame for their failure. King said Haskins was no longer associated with DKE, while Josephus was Daniels’ right hand man. “Nobody choke slams me (bear in mind that King was chokeslammed by some haunted house goof to plug another sponsor a few week earlier). I’m Derrick King. What are you thinking? You’re gonna to talk about my drama? I think you need to deal with your drama first.” Daniels said Brotherhood blood runs thicker than anything else so maybe he didn’t need King. “Good luck in trying to win the tag team titles,” King said. “I’m your only way there.” That got

Daniels fired up. King said he didn’t need anybody to make him great, and he could create Daniels in a night. Daniels said he would go his own way, but he would have eyes in the back of his head. Daniels said he would be there to say I told you so about King’s baggage.

Jon Michael Worthington Personality Profile -- Worthington said he idolized Sting as a kid, and after he got into wrestling, he got to work with him on a movie. Worthington said he still looked up to Sting after meeting him, because he took the time to talk to him about the ins and outs of the business Worthington said Sting’s advice was pivotal in his decision to continue his pro wrestling career after his daughter was born. He described an experience with his daughter and a toy wrestling belt that let him know just how proud she was of his being a wrestler. Worthington said the thought of daughter seeing him win the title kept him going more than anything else.

A video package hyped the SAW 5th anniversary event coming in 2012.


Two large men in this match. Jablonski has impressive tattoos, a great tan and a not so great physique. Jablonski eschewed the clean break. Worthington fired back in a big way. Jablonski evaded a shoulder block and Worthington slammed into the post. Jablonski hit a running powerslam but wasted too much time and made a lazy cover to boot. Worthington hulked up. Jablonski fought off Redemption (the Jackhammer) so Worthington planted him with a uranage. Worthington finished with a top rope elbow that was right on the money.

WINNER Worthington in 3:50 with a top rope elbow drop.

Grumpy’s Bail Jumper of the Week.- Jessica Myers. “Bond Girl” Leah Hulan said Jessica’s behavior wa stressing out her family. “Please don’t make me come and chase you. I really think it will interfere with our relationship.”

Next up was Derrick King’s “State of DKE Address”. This was shot in front of a prestigious looking government building with “Hail to the Chief” playing in the background. King said it was no secret that DKE had been going through tough times lately. Drew Haskins lost a loser leaves SAW match, costing DKE millions in 3rd quarter revenue, and upon his return, he had the audacity to challenge King. They cut to a shot of the audience – two kids hanging on King’s every word. King said Haskins’ rude crude, lewd, salacious and outrageous behavior would not be tolerated. King said TD was going for a contract with an NFL franchise, but he would soon be back and DKE would have tag team gold. King said he didn’t see Sista O’Feelyah’s pregnancy coming, and blamed the pregnancy for his loss to Haskins.

“Quite frankly this Memphis Mogul doesn’t have time to worry about baby’s clothes, getting baby’s room ready, and running out at midnight to get peanut butter and pickles. Simply put, this pregnancy is killing me, and thankfully it will soon be over.”

King said there was nothing to worry about. He would lead DKE down the path of success and prosperity just like his good friend, Barrack Obama, was doing with the USA. King gazed over the heads of the two kids clapping and waved to an imaginary crowd of thousands. .

Haskins said King had nothing but excuses for losing to his former employee, and it was preposterous to blame it on O’Feelyah’s pregnancy. Haskins said he didn’t think King had it in him, and Justin Bieber had a better chance of being the father. Haskins said he was going to show King how to take his job and shove it. “Derrick King, what excuse are you going to have tonight, when you go 0-2 against “Teen Excitement” Drew Haskins?”

3 – DERRICK KING (with Sista O’Feelyah) vs. DREW HASKINS

King was accompanied by a radiantly pregnant O’Feelyah. The Drew Crew (led by Chad “Super Barney” Hyatt) greeted Haskins with a rousing ovation. The action quickly spilled out to the floor and into the bleachers. Haskins bounced King’s head off the cinder block wall. The crowd chanted for one more. Haskins obliged. King tumbled down the bleachers. Haskins nailed King with a wind up bolo punch. Somewhere, the Crusher was smiling. O’Feelyah grabbed Haskins by the leg, and the distraction allowed King to jump Haskins from behind. King ran Haskins into the post. King took Haskins into the bleachers and smacked his face into the wall. King landed punch after punch with Haskins laid out on the bleachers. Graham said referee Herron was showing a lot of restraint on the DQ call. King smashed Haskins’ face into a ringside chair. King backed Haskins into the post and unleashed a big right hand. Haskins moved and King connected with the post. Haskins fired back with a vengeance, but as he was being pulled back into the ring, King snapped Haskins’ neck off the top ropes and pinned him with a slingshot into the ring and his feet on the ropes. King pointed at his brain and smiled.

WINNER: King in 4:30 with his feet on the ropes.

Afterthoughts: A talky, angle-driven show this week. Also a show that exposed SAW’s lack of depth as they struggled to the finish line for 2011. I’m a big Derrick King fan, but two long talk segments plus a match in a one hour show is overkill. The break up scene with Daniels was well done, although maybe a little long. SAW’s creativity know no bounds when it comes to finding ways to plug sponsors within the storylines...The State of DKE address had to have been sprung from the warped mind of Paul Adams…Haskins’ promo was his best since the babyface turn. It was a low bar…The main event was a hot five minute brawl with a stellar execution on the finish. At least Graham noted that the ref was giving them leeway, but it was still ridiculous for the match to be anything but a double count out…They gave it the old college try with the Worthington personality profile. Why SAW is so hell bent on pushing him as a babyface is beyond me. The story about his daughter would have packed more wallop if SAW hadn’t recently done a similar story regarding Chris Michaels and his son. With that said, his new top rope elbow drop finisher was a beauty…Looks like a Tracy Taylor/Abriella match is in our future. Abriella is so over the top. I liked the way the story took advantage of Micah and Tracy being a couple, and Micah is certainly worthy of a push, I just wish they would have given Micah someone other than a guy being groomed as a top heel to beat in that spot. A rather uneven episode.

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