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By David Jackson on 2012-02-13 09:49:04

NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood

TV Taping results from Sunday, February 12, 2012 at Glendale Studios.

Pre-show notes: A steel cage is on the ring before the show starts, so the first taping is all cage matches.

Shad Gaspard was walking around the studio floor before the show started, but he did not appear on camera for any of the tapings.

Shelly Martinez was hosting a pre-show welcome for all the fans with early admission. She was a great M.C. and a lot of fun, interacting with the fans and getting random audience members up to talk about the excitement of the product.

Taping One:

Match 1: Terex def. Ray Rosas by pinfall in a steel cage match.

Match 2 (Main Event): Ryan Taylor def. “Pretty” Peter Avalon by escaping the steel cage.

Intermission: (Steel cage comes down)

Taping #2

Match 1: “W” def. Joey Kaos by DQ when Kaos puts “W” in a crossface using a steel chain.

Match 2: Leo Blaze & Josh Rozay def. Young Hollywood (Todd Chandler & Brandon Parker) by pinfall when Blaze pins Chandler.

Post-match: Parker turns on Chandler and attacks him for not tagging in.

Match 3: Shaun Ricker def. Angel Lopez by pinfall.

Match 4: Johnny Goodtime w/Mikey O’Shea def. Jarek Matthews by pinfall.

Match 5: TMDK (Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste) def. *HED (*a new team, didn’t catch their names) by pinfall.

Match 6: Big Duke w/The Scorpio Sky Experience def. Famous B by pinfall.

Match 7: Manimal def. The Hobo by pinfall. Post-match: Hobo asks Manimal to form a tag team and Manimal accepts.

Match 8: Mikey O’Shea def. Luis Tapia by pinfall.

Match 9: “Hollywood” Joey Ryan def. Johnny Yuma by pinfall when Johnny Goodtime runs-in and distracts Yuma.

Match 10: “British Messiah” Timothy Thatcher def. Brian Liston by submission.

Match 11 (Main Event): NWA World Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce & Colt Cabana def. Eric Watts & Cedric the Hitman by pinfall in a Come-As-You-Are No DQ Street Fight when Cabana pins Cedric.

Special stipulation: Pearce & Cabana win 5 minutes in the ring with the Family Stone manager, Stu Stone.

Post-match: Adam Pearce turns on Colt Cabana before Colt gets his hands on Stu Stone. Pearce & the Family Stone quadruple team Cabana and celebrate to end the taping. 

TV Taping #3

Match 1: TMDK (Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste) def. Leo Blaze & Josh Rozay by pinfall.

Match 2: NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion “Modern Day Hero” Kevin Douglas def. Nick Madrid, Famous B, and So Cal Crazy in a 4-Corners Title Match when Douglas pinned So Cal Crazy. Douglas retains his title.

Match 3: NWA Heritage Tag Team Champions The Tribe (Hawaiian Lion & Navajo Warrior) w/Olivia def. Los Banditos (Rico Dynamite & Tito Escandido) w/Sylvia by DQ when Escandido hits Navajo Warrior with a title belt. The Tribe retains their title.

Next: James Morgan’s “On-Tap” interview segment with The Family Stone & NWA World Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce introduced as the newest family member.

Match 4: Angel Lopez vs. Brian Liston goes to double DQ when The Disorder (“M”, “W”, and GQ Money) interferes and lays out both competitors.

Match 5: “The Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel & “British Messiah” Timothy Thatcher def. Hector “El Chido” Canales & Pinky by submission when Thatcher makes Pinky tap in a crossface.

Match 6: Shaun Ricker def. Kyle Webb by pinfall in under 1 minute.

Match 7 (Main Event): NWA International TV Champion Scorpio Sky w/The Scorpio Sky Experience def. Willie Mack by pinfall in a great match. Scorpio Sky retains

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