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By Dave Scherer on 2012-02-12 09:56:00
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Isn't it time they give some of these up and comers some "attitude"? Rock, Austin, Foley, HHH, amongst others all had that kick your ass attitude that helped get then over..who's over now?...Orton, Sheamus, Cena..guys who all show that attitude. Basically isn't it time they give someone that edge? Oh I forgot about Edge as well as Undertaker. Ziggler, Kofi, Morrison (well not now), somebody!..I see the effort to some new stars but man they are missing the boat on some of these guys..then someone gets injured they're stuck scrambling instead having that guy on call up so to speak....what's your opinion?

Yes, I think it's time that creative realizes that they are doing a horrible job pushing young talents.  When so many young guys don't get over, it's pretty clear that the problem is the creative process is flawed.  They ALL can't suck.  The problem is the robotic, by-the-numbers nature of the booking and I agree it needs to change.

Do young guys study tapes of similar characters from the past that they are trying to portray currently? Such as Funkasaurus Brodus Clay watching the Akeem the African Dream gimmick etc.

If the creative teams and producers tell them too, yes.  Some guys do that stuff on their own, without being told, and for whatever ridiculous reason it tends to work more against them than for them.

I was reading that Mikey Whipwreck was in bad shape these days due to past injuries. I was curious what kind of injuries Mikey has had over his career? He's one of my top three favorite ECW wrestlers.

The quick answer, a lot.  Mikey took a lot of bumps over the years and he has a bad neck.  The guys today are lucky that they don't have to take abuse that they did back then.  There was a 10 year period where a lot of guys where really abusing themselves in and out of the ring.  

Do you think that WWE should let HHH and The Undertaker use blood in their match at WrestleMania? Last year's match was very brutal and I think that if the blood was flowing it would have put over the brutality even more. Second, are they going to let Taker use a song like the Johnny Cash song last year? If they do, I believe a song called "The Matador" by White Buffalo would be perfect. If you haven't heard the song, you need to check it out.

I am not sure on what song he will use but I would think it will be it's something good.  It always is with Taker.  As for blood, it's really hard to justify its intentional use given what we know about various diseases that can be spread through contact.  Plus, it will be another instance where the top guys get to do something that the rest of the guys don't, which isn't a good thing either.  It sends a bad message.

Just a quick question. Do you think it’s possible that the shift to younger viewers is related to the hour to hour losses? Surely, lots most kids are watching now and would it be possible that ten o’clock is the bedtime for 100,000 or so of their viewers? Doesn’t Smackdown air earlier, on a non-school night and not experience that loss? A thought.

I have wondered that too so let's look at the numbers from the 2/6 Raw.  The show lost 362,000 viewers from hour one to hour two.  In the people 18 to 49 demo, they lost 79,000 viewers.  In the people 25-54 demo, they lost 108,000 people.  In the people 55+ demo, they lost 179,000 people.  So, it's just the opposite.  They are turning off older people from hour one to hour two, not younger people.

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