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By Mike Johnson on 2012-01-30 10:14:48
WWE went with Sheamus as the Royal Rumble last night but the initial plan appeared to have been Chris Jericho winning.

According to those I spoke to in the company, the decision was made to go with Sheamus just a few days back in order to throw a curve ball at fans that were expecting Jericho. Michael Cole's line about what title would Sheamus choose to go after was designed to lead fans to believe that a massive shake-up in the storylines just went down. The idea here was to create some frenzy what would get fans talking.

There have been plans to push Sheamus super-hard over the last year, as we've talked about in the Elite section of, as the company loves the way he presents himself and feels he's grown as a performer since he's debuted with the company.

In an interesting twist, a number of readers pointed out that if its Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus at Wrestlemania in April, that main event bout will come a year after their match for the U.S. title at Wrestlemania 27 was pulled from the PPV for timing purposes and made a dark match.

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