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By Mike Johnson on 2012-01-27 11:39:06
Mark Henry suffered what is believed to have been a hyperextended knee at this past Tuesday's Smackdown taping in Tucson, Arizona. The injury, which will air on Smackdown tonight, occurred when Henry was throwing a punch and his knee moved forward before he had completely planted his foot during a move. Henry, who has been working through a groin issue, has had knee problems in the past.

The finish of Smackdown had to be changed on the fly due to the injury. The original plan was for Daniel Bryan to attack Big Show with a chair after Show had Henry down. Sghow would make a comeback, chokeslam Bryan and leave him for dead. The show would then end with Henry splashing the World champion, leaving his ability to overcome both contenders at the Rumble in doubt.

Instead, what airs on Smackdown tonight, according to Nate Tyler, who saw the Australian broadcast is:

"They clearly call an audible as Henry collapses like he's been shot in the thigh and rolls outside and they go to commercial, however the finish (count-out) happens off-camera, with Bryan already attacking Show when they resume with Henry presumably already in the back getting treatment."

Since Henry is such a trooper, he's likely to work the Rumble with this latest injury as well.

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