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By Mike Johnson on 2012-01-26 16:04:23

The Urban Wrestling Federation PPV #4


Thug Assassins

Thug Assassins opened with footage from the ending of Street King where Rasche Brown won the UWF title, then handed it over to someone backstage.  Who that person was is not revealed.  We then see someone who is supposed to Brown walking down a hallway, where he is jumped by two guys and shot.  Yes, shot, as in execution style.  They don’t show this in a gratuitous manner but given the sound effects, there is no denying what this was meant to be.  Wow.  I guess it’s the first murder in wrestling, unless you count Vince McMahon blowing himself up in a limo.  UWF always states that they aren’t pro wrestling but an urban drama that uses pro wrestling, so as long as you can rap your head around that, it’s acceptable in theory – but then why in the world aren’t these crews just shooting it out with guns and not dropkicks?

Inside Club Amnesia, The Triple C's (a trio of rappers named Gunplay, Torch and Young Breed) and their crew, which represents Carol City, FL and The Bronx, in the ring with their crew of Slymm (Baby Slymm from California), Element (NYC worker Deranged, who performs under that name as a DJ internationally), T-Mizzle (Tony Mamaluke of ECW FBI fame), and Facade.

Slymm had the UWF Street King title belt with him.  OK, it doesn't take a genius to figure out these guys smoked Rashe, yo!   They said they are here to run the UWF and take over.     Slymm said that he was all the way from San Diego and as the champion, he wanted to say that everyone who wanted to step to him can try because where he is from, no one backs down from a fight.  So, we have a title change by MURDER.  I bet George Scott never booked that in Mid-Atlantic.

In a balcony, Brisco and Rich Ortiz began calling down to them asking where Rasche Brown was.  Some fans who were screaming at the Triple Cs asked where Brown was and Atlas Security held them back.  One went after Slymm and he dragged the fan over the rail and beat the hell out of him and hit a Black Hole Slam on the fan.  Slymm challenged Brisco to fight him.

Then, Uncle Murda and his crew hit the ring.  Slyck Wagner Brown demanded to know how Rich Ortiz thinks he’s the one who a title shot when they both lost their contender matches.  He said he wants the belt and the money and the B****es.  He challenged Ortiz to fight.  Ortiz took the mic and said that Brown was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he was going to whip his ass right now.

Ortiz came down to the ringside area and they began brawling on the floor.   Ortiz worked him over and nailed him with a chair.  The rest of Murda's crew attacked Ortiz and began beating him in the ring.  The LEP Boys and their crew team, the Phat Pack (Nigeria Nightmares from Northeast Independents) came out and worked over Raze and Riot of Murda's crew.  They laid out Raze and Riot.   Murda's crew recollected themselves and headed to the back.

As Ortiz returned to the back, Element and T-Mizzle attacked him and worked him over with a trash can, leaving him laying.

The announcers, Shawn Credle, Robby Mireno and Julius Smokes talked about the insanity of the first segment as Ortiz recovered.  Smokes said that Rasche Brown was like Patrick Swayze in Ghost and made a shooting motion with his fingers.  They asked him if he knew was responsible and he said that he wasn’t a snitch but the streets talk.  They ran down some of the new “thugs” in the promotion.  Pretty sure LEP is, although they never said it.

Backstage, the Phat Pack told the LEP Bogus Boys that they took care of business and kicked some ass, just like they promised.  Another member of their crew S Dot was on the phone talking to his mother but they told him to get off the phone and stop sitting on the bench like he always does.  Another wrestler, Kage, walked by and LEP told him he was running solo and needed a crew to back him.  He agreed.  The others asked if he was “with it” and the Boys said that he was.  The rest of the crew attacked him, beat him down and stole his boots in an initiation.  Nice friends, wait until you see what they do for you when you get married!

In a limo, 40 Glocc was talking to a new rapper on the scene for the promotion, Sun.  Glocc said they have some scores to settle and asked Sun to step in.  Sun said he would  be behind him and get in and “get them out.”

The Phat Pack tried to walk off with weed and boots they lifted off Kage, who was out cold.  LEP Boys told them they did good but what they took stays with them.  They reluctantly handed it over, but walked off with Rage’s wallet.

Under Murda told Slyck Wagner Brown that he f***ed up last time and tonight, he needs to handle his business.  He told the new members of his crew that he doesn’t stand to keeping losers around.  He said he has DRS with them and they lost and got their asses kicked in the parking lot (by Eddie Kingston) and he’s not dealing with any of that.  He wants them to take care of business.  One of the new guys, Rage, said they ain’t DRS who “got popped on the corner.”  So apparently DRS is killed off as well, which is a shame as I really enjoy their work.  Murda said to show him, don’t tell him.

Billy Blue and Jeez were hanging outside when Famous B and 40 Glocc showed up.  B said that Jeez got lucky last time in the Five Way and challenged him to a singles match tonight.  Jeez was ready to go right there.  Sun was there as well.  Jeez told him to bring the money and the b***es.   Blue told Jeez that he didn’t like them disrespecting him and to take care of this.

Uncle Murda told Wagner Brown that he had better win the main event.  He said they were here for the money and the b***es.  Finally, a wrestling promotion where winning means you make money.  Of all the companies to accentuate this, the UWF is the last I’d have expected to do that!

Jeez (with Billy Blue) vs. Famous B (with 40 Glocc)

Blue said that the UWF belt was their belt because they are running this place and put over Jeez.  Jeez said he's ready to knock someone out.  

B worked over the smaller Jeez early.   They had some nice reversals and counter wrestling early.  Jeez chopped him in the corner.  B responded in kind and they went back and forth.   Jeez whipped him into the corner but B went up and over.  Jeez kicked him off the apron and hit a great flip dive to the outside.   They battled on the outside and Jeez tossed him back in.

Back in the ring, B cut Jeez of and choked him in the corner.   Jeez came back with a big belly to back suplex for a one count.   Jeez continued the beating.  B flipped out of the ring to escape a move and Jeez charged.  Jeez ended up on the floor.  B went for a backwards flip to the floor but Jeez moved.  B landed on his feet but was attacked.  They brawled onto the apron where Jeez planted him hard with a DDT.

 They brawled on the floor, where B chopped Jeez hard and then tossed him into the ring. Jeez was punted.   B slammed Jeez hard and then nailed him with a tiltowhirl backbreaker.    Jeez fired back with chops.  B placed Jeez on the top rope and worked him over.   Jeez battled back and sent him back into the ring.  Jeez went for a double stomp but B moved.  Jeez instead killed him with a lariat.  Jeez rudely slammed him and went for a 450 splash off the top but missed.

B ascended to the top and nailed an awesome looking swanton and a back senton splash for a two count.   The crowd began chanting for "Jeez." B missed a big splash in the corner and was drilled with a running knee strike.  Jeez nailed a suplex and connected with a top rope frog splash for a two count.

One of Glocc's crew tripped Jeez as he rebounded off the ropes, allowing B to get the advantage.  He nailed Jeez with a superkick for a two count.   Jeez battled back and nailed a running death valley driver.  He hit a top rope double stomp to the back of the head and scored the pin.

our winner, Jeez!

As Jeez celebrated, Monsta Mack, who was abandoned by Blues' crew, hit the ring, spearing him and killing him.   Mack said that was for Billy Blue.

Backstage, a lady wanted to leave but Torch from the Triple Cs told her to wait.

Outside, Billy Blue asked Bestia if he had his money.  Bestia got beat down on the first PPV for being short with money he owed Blue.   Brisco walked up and greeted Blue.  He said The Triple Cs and Sun were in the UWF trying to take money from them.

Somewhere, DJ Self, a new rapper leading a crew told the debuting Joker that their business was expanding and that they needed to add people to the crew.  He asked if Joker knew anyone.  Grimm Reefer walked up to them trying to talk to Self but Joker stepped in his path.

Façade greeted Torch.  He said his old crew headed up by Melle Mel was weak and wasn’t getting it done anymore.  He said he needed to be with a strong crew like the one run by the Triple C’s so he can get paid too.  Torch said he’s gonna start Façade off light and if he can pull it off and show some loyalty, he’ll move him up in the crew.  Façade said that he’s the most loyal there is.  Torch’s girl still wants to go shopping. 

Brisco and Billy Blue were talking trash back and forth.  The debuting Masada showed up and got into Bestia’s face.  They put up $10,000  for a match between them.  Bestia promised he had this.  Blue told him don’t tell me what you got, go get his money.

Back inside, Reefer told DJ Self to back up Joker.  He said he was handing something up from from Blue in Atlanta and they were paid in full.  Joker checked it out and handed it off to Self.  Joker said he had some people from Florida he was going to check out.  Self told him to bring them in because they had a lot of “this” (payoffs) happening and they needed to expand.  

Masada (with Brisco) vs. Bestia (with Billy Blue)

They battled back and forth with chops and punches.  Bestia leapfrogged Masada and sent him to the outside with a headscissors takeover  As Masada climbed back in, Bestia kicked him in the chest on the apron, knocking him to the floor.  Bestia hit a twisting dive to the floor.

Bestia went for an springboard move but Masada grabbed him legs and pulled him down facefirst onto the apron.  Masada wrecked him on the outside, sending him into the railing.   They returned to the ring, where Masada continued the onslaught.   He charged Bestia in the corner with a leaping forearm smash for a two count.

Bestia nailed several shots to the mid-section and nailed a legdrop and standing moonsault press for a two count.   He grabbed Masada and went for a suplex but it was blocked.  Masada went for one but Bestia slipped out and landed on his feet.  He went for a back suplex but Masada switched and threw him.  Bestia landed on his feet, kicked Masada and nailed a legdrop.

Bestia missed a move off the top and was drilled with a lariat for a two count.   Bestia and Masada exchanged strikes.  Masada lifted him into an over the knee backbreaker, then hit a powerbomb for a two count.   Masada was mad at the referee's count.   Bestia rolled to the outside and drilled Masada with a trash can lid.  He brought it into the ring but was nailed and dropped it.  He ended up on Masada's shoulders and went for a reverse Frankensteiner but they had timing issues and it looked weak, even in editing.  The idea was that Masada would land on the lid.  That was the finish as Bestia scored the pin.

Your winner, Bestia!

Outside the ring, Brisco and Blue’s women got into each other’s faces screaming.

Outside, DJ Self told Joker that the payoff from ATL earlier was short.  Self told him that he knows Joker didn’t steal from him so there was some shadiness going on.   Joker said he was going to take care of it.

Sitting in a car, Grimm Reefer and Ruckus were talking about the title belt situation, saying they needed to get the belt back and make money for ATL.  Ruckus said that he wasn’t trying to end up like Rasche Brown.  Reefer said, “No one’s trying to end up like him.”  Ruckus said he was going to take care of business tonight and then go get their belt back.

As they got out of the car, Joker approached them and said the envelope came up short.  Reefer argued back but we went to the ring without a conflict resolution….

Ruckus (with Murda One) vs. Slyck Wagner Brown (with Uncle Murda)

How the hell did Ruckus get in the ring?

They shoved at each other at the bell.  Ruckus backed Brown into the corner but was shoved down across the ring hard.   They locked up and Brown tried to throw him again but Ruckus backflipped over and tossed Brown to the outside.  He went for a dive but Wagner kicked him on the way out.  Brown slammed him in the head with a water bottle and worked him over on the outside. Ruckus got control and nailed a handspring into a splash on a chair on the outside.  That looked damn cool.

Brown regained control and whipped Ruckus into a guard rail, then nailed him with a catapult, slamming his throat into the bottom of the rail for a two count out on the floor.   Back in the ring, Ruckus came back with a handspring elbow for a two count.    Brown nailed him low to cut Ruckus off and placed him on the top rope.  Ruckus shoved him off and nailed a bulldog off the ropes into the ring.  Ruckus followed up with a neckbreaker and the Razzle Dazzle.

Ruckus was cut off by a big clothesline for a two count.   Brown went for a Uranage but was caught in a front guillotine. He broke it and nailed a nice leaping clothesline for another two count.     Brown went to the top but missed a moonsault.   Ruckus nailed the tumbleweed off the top rope for a two count.

Ruckus nailed a somersault into a legdrop.  He grabbed a chair and did a skateboarding dropkick into the corner with it.  He placed it over Brown's face but Murder One tossed him a trash can.  Ruckus nailed the Van Terminator.  Lowlife Louie Ramos hit the ring and attacked Ruckus with a DVDR.  Murder One attacked Ramos and they brawled out the ring.  He laid out Ramos with a right on the floor.

Back in the ring, Brown came back with an awesome missile dropkick and sit down slam on Ruckus, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Slyck Wagner Brown!

Ramos and Murder One brawled out the front door and into the street.  They brawled down the block into an alley.  The shots went back and forth between a “security camera” in black and white and a handheld color shot.  Music played under the brawl.  Ramos choked out Murder with a rope and sent him into a wall.     They brawled back and forth.  Ramos began choking Murder against a wall but Murder slammed him in the head with a full can of paint, which splattered.  A bloody Ramos went down and Murder One collapsed, exhausted from the fight as we faded out.

Final Thoughts: From an in ring standpoint, it overachieved given what you might expect on paper…The storylines are coming together but the issue continues to be that you have a bunch of crews all running around with the same motives and that’s a little hard for a new viewer to wrap their head around…I never thought I’d see a murder be a plot device in wrestling.  When  do the authorities show up like the NWO, invading to try and shut this whole operation down, anyway?...The LEP Boys seemed to be naturals at playing up to the crowd, at least in comparison to some of the other hip hop artists, although a lot of them have shown some real improvement since the first PPV….I would have liked a clearer explanation on Self's crew?  Why was ATL paying him?  Is he their supplier?  What happened with Joker and Reefer?....Really bummed to see DRS was killed off.  I am a big fan of their work and really was thrilled to see them getting some PPV exposure here....Interesting the disappearance of Homicide and Eddie Kingston wasn't mentioned, leaving the door for their return....Where was Steve Karel this time around?  His public awaits him!...Overall, a good show.  You had some brawling, some crazy spots and some grittiness to it.  They pack as much as they can into the wrestling but again, a longer timeslot would do this company wonders....I don’t think this show would appeal to everyone and there are times it sounds like every promo is the same (gotta get that paper, gotta do business, gotta take that money) but it’s an entertaining hour if you are willing to check your brain at the door and let it be what it’s designed to be.  Let’s face it, you aren’t watching the Urban Wrestling Federation looking for Thesz vs. Bruno anyway!


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