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By Mike Johnson on 2012-01-20 10:00:22

If Jeff Jarrett is fired, why is he quoted in the TNA India press release?

He was only fired as a wrestler?

Why isn't Bob Backlund in the WWE Hall of Fame yet?  He had the belt as long as anyone and carried the company for years.

Backlund was announced as going into the WWE Hall in 2004, but pulled out of the ceremony as he felt his career wasn't over.  I am sure at some point, he will go in.

I don't understand why ROH is now owned by a TV company yet they aren't shooting in HD.  Any insight?

My guess is that since Sinclair is still very early in their ownership of the company, they are still getting all their ducks in order.  It's not like the stations won't carry the product if it's not in HD, since Sinclair owns the stations. I am pretty surprised by that as well now that you point it out but I wouldn't be shocked to see the company eventually upgrade the production to HD, especially if it will help them get the series syndicated into additional markets and countries.

When I listen to Symonology in the Elite section, it sounds like Mike Bucci and Mike Johnson go back a long way, so exactly when did they meet?

I met Bucci in April 1994 at an independent event run by Dino Sanno, who was one of the first promoters Bucci ever worked for.   We've been friends since that first meeting and I can say that the Bucci you hear on the show is exactly the same Bucci I met in 1994. He's never changed as a person.

Why are WWE Blu-Rays released only in Europe but not the United States?

I am assuming you mean the PPV shows.  I am told it was a decision made by low sales of the Blu format here in the United States.  Rather than have product sitting on shelves, they have cut back on the number of shows released.  If you really want them in Blu, you may want to invest in a region free player and import.

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