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By Mike Johnson on 2011-12-19 09:50:48
On his Twitter account, former WWE champion Dave Bautista commented on Daniel Bryan's WWE World title win last night, writing, "excuse me! did i hear that right? Daniel Bryan World Heavyweight Champ. ummmmmmm.....ok."

When fans didn't respond too kindly to the comment, Bautista responded, "man did that comment bring the tough guy haters out. well i'm at Gracie Fighter Tampa daily. 6333 s. dale mabry hwy Tampa FL. stop on by"

Bautista later followed up on the comments, writing, "so to clear up any misunderstanding about me hating on Daniel Bryan...actually i've been a supporter of his for years,unlike most of you Johnny come lately smart mark supporters. we actually had a hell of a match together that was originally supposed to be a squash match until this old broken down ex bodybuilder who never deserved to be champion and only had it handed to me because HHH was my boy...refused to job the kid out because i knew how good he was and wanted to have a f**king match with him before i left the company. and a hell of a match we had considering where our respective places in the company were at the time. so yes im aware of all of his accomplishments and hard work through out the years and i'm thrilled to death for him....but still...World Heavyweight champ???ummmmmmm...ok. opinions are like a**holes. my Twitter account,my opinion. and to all the b**ch a** haters who just dogged me out and b**ched about how horrible i was.....i've worked with HHH, the Undertaker,Rey Mysterio,Randy Orton Stone Cold,Edge,John Cena,Chris Benoit,Ric F**king Flair!!etc.etc.. and they all respected me and my work. Eddie Guerrero respected my work. so don't expect your little bullsh** remarks to actually carry any weight. in your B**ch a** faces!!"

Note: Comments edited for explicit nature.

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