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By Dave Scherer on 2011-12-16 08:56:02
WWE has a light lineup of shows this weekend as they are presenting their "Holiday Tour" tonight and tomorrow. In a bit of curious scheduling they run this evening in Fort Myers, FL and then tomorrow in Uniondale, NY. The talent are not going to be able to drive to that one! Raw talents are advertised for tonight's event while stars from both brands will appear tomorrow in NY.

Sunday night is the much anticipated (well, not really) TLC PPV from Baltimore, MD. WWE presents Raw live on Monday in Philadelphia and tapes Smackdown on Tuesday in Richmond, VA. The company is then off for the week for Christmas, resuming their schedule at the 12/26 Raw.

As always, we are looking for reports from the shows so if you are going and can send one, please drop us a line.

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