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By Mike Johnson on 2011-11-17 18:14:55
I missed the live showing of the most recent UWF PPV, but caught the replay today. Here's my report!

The Urban Wrestling Federation's Street King PPV opened with a video showcasing the competitors in the Street King title match that will crown the first UWF champion.  We then went into a series of vignettes to set the stage for thes storylines

Somewhere in the street, KC Blade of the Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz (Uncle Murda's crew) was keeping watch when he was attacked and choked out from behind by Eddie Kingston (Melle Mel's crew).  Kingston robbed him of his wallet and sneakers and grabbed him by the throat, screaming to pass on to Homicide and Murda that he's looking for them and it's never going to be over.  Kingston lost to Homicide at the first PPV and was obsessing over him on the second.  He warned Blade that he knows where he lives.

In a car, Blade's partner EC Negro tried to call him but the beaten Blade couldn't answer the call.   Negro knew something was wrong and said Murda was going to "f**king kill us."

Billy Blue was browbeating Bestia backstage, telling him he had better not screw up tonight, because Blue wanted his money.  The UWF is already doing a better job explaining who each wrestler is and what crew and city they are supposed to be representing.   Blue and Beastia entered the room where the crew was.  Buck Chyld and Steve Mack were going at it and started going nose to nose arguing,  Blue finally had enough of them.  He said he has to deal with his kids and his baby mamas and now he needs to deal with them too.   Jeez was instigating and Blue yelled at him to shut up.   Blue said that if they have problems, they will settle it tonight.  He said whichever of them loses, he wants them out of the crew and out of his face.  He doesn't want the loser anywhere near him.  Everyone suddenly sullied.  Blu walked out and said this wouldn't be "no Bestia sh** either", referring to the crew beating down Bestia on the first PPV for not having Blues' money.

We go back to Negro pulling up looking for Blade.  He runs down the street.

We go into the usual UWF opening video and then go to the ring where the announcers set the stage and send us to the ring.

Loser Leaves Crew: Steve Mack vs. Buck Chyld

Billy Blue said that Buck Chyld had beef with Steve Mack and asked him if he saw how big Mack was.  He told them to fight it out. 

Mack shoved him down but Chyld nailed a Thesz Press. They rolled around on the mat fighting. Chyld worked him over but Mack drilled him with a stiff clothesline. Mack choked him against the ropes. Mack controlled him but was drilled with a punch when he went for a suplex.

Mack caught him with a press and slammed Chyld down. Mack set up as Chyld pulled himself up in the corner, but missed a running splash. Mack nailed a sitdown powerbomb for a two count. Mack went to the top rope but was cut off by Chylda, who suplexed him into the ring.

They recovered and battled back and forth with hard strikes . Chyld nailed several rebound elbows and a clotheslines to take Mack down. Chyld nailed a twisting moonsault press, taking down Mack for a two count. Mack came back with a nice half nelson suplex for a two count.

Mack went for an over the shoulder powerslam but Chyld slipped out and nailed the Acid Drop on Mack for the pin.

Your winner, Buck Chyld!

Billy Blue ripped on Mack, saying he had faith in him but can't have a weak link. He mocked Mack for talking trash on Chyld for being white. He told the rest of the crew the way it needed to be and Beastia began putting the boots to Mack. Chyld joined in. Jeez didn't want to do it. Blue called him on it so Jeez nailed Mack with a big right. They kept pulling him up and beating him back down. Jeez went to the top and nailed a double stomp onto Mack's gut after Blue told Mack that Jeez was f***ing his b****.  They left Mack beaten.

 The LEP Bogus Boys from Chicago cut a promo saying they were here to get all the money.

Back in the streets, EC Negro ran down a block looking for KC Blade.  He ran right into Eddie Kingston, who laid him out and held a pipe to his throat, warning him not to move.   Kingston told Negro to tell Homicide that he's coming and warned him to stay down or he was done.

Gunplay, representing Carol City, Florida cut a promo saying they were going to take out all the other crews because all the "money comes through this."  One of them said they had a hit list of all the other crew leaders, saying they were done and dead and it was over.  The announcers said the beefs went deeper than just rap.

We went to a history package of all that went down prior to the tag match.  The storyline was that Lance Lude and Brian XL had shot at the SAT.  XL actually admitted it.  They noted that Slugga got "stuck".    Melle Mel's girl was tired of all the static and wanted to go shopping.  Mel told her they go shopping all the time and they needed to make a living.

The Maximos vs. Lance Lude & Brian XL

Mel told the Maximos that those punk shat at them and asked them what they were going to do about it.

Will Maximo started with Lude. They went back and forth. Lude caught him with a Lucha style headscissors. XL and Joel tagged in and XL drilled him with a big rana. XL was caught with an enziguiri. He came back with a sliding kick to the outside but was caught and drilled by Joel. Lude nailed a dive. XL tossed Will out of the ring after cutting him off and nailed a moonsault.

It settled down into Will and XL battling back and forth in the ring. Joel tagged in but Lude nailed him with a flying knee. Will caught Lude with a tilotwhirl backbreaker for a two count. The Maximos worked over Lude and scored several two counts.

XL tried to interfere but was forced back by the referee. Will locked in a rear chinlock, then brought Lude into their corner. The Maximos tagged in and out, working over Lude. XL tagged in and hit a springboard splash on Joel. Lude hit an insane Spiral Tap-esque move to the floor on Will.

The Maximos worked over XL then caught Lude with the Washing Machine. XL was nailed with an elbow as he hit the corner. Joel tried to powerbomb Lude off the ropes but was caught with a rana. XL nailed a twisting DDT out of the other corner on Will for a two count.

Will went to the top but was cut off by Lude. Lude was nailed by Joel. The Maximos hit the Spanish Fly on Lude and scored the pin.

Your winners, The SAT!

Melle Mel and Big Business got into it and Mel clotheslined him out of the ring. 40 Gloc got into Mel's face.  The two crews brawled out of the ring and through the crowd. They all fought on the floor. Brian XL was lifted up to the first balcony to do a dive but Will Maximo attacked him up there. Maximo tried to suplex him out of the balcony but XL escaped. He tried to slam Maximo.  XLhit a moonsault off the balcony to the floor. Maximo then hit a big dive out of the balcony to the chaos below. The crowd loved that.  They brawl continued all around ringside and back towards the locker room.  Really chaotic, fun scene.

We went to a package on the issues with Cuban Link, Brisco and 40 Gloc.  Gloc told them both they were going to take of their sh** tonight in the club.

Eddie Carnage vs. BC Killer

This was shot in an empty Club Amnesia, a hip hop club in NYC.  The two crews were in opposing balconies and had flip cams, which added a unique looking element to the brawl.  The announcers noted they were watching the footage for the first time along with the fans, which at least explained how they were calling it.

Carnage and Killer brawled stiffly in the ring and quickly went to the floor.  Killer nailed Carnage with a light tube.  They had a shot of Gloc concerned for Carnage.  Both men were bleeding as Killer drilled Carnage low with another light tibe.  Carnage fired back with several chairshots.  He placed Killer's arm inside a chair and slammed it with another, then drilled him with a pair of light tubes. Carnagge ripped at Killer's face with the broken tube.  He flipped off Glocc's crew.

Killer began to mount a comeback with several right hands but was caught with a right hand by Carnage.  They continued to brawl,  throwing chairs at each other.  Carnage nailed him with a trash can and cut away at Killer's bleeding forehead with a sharp object.   Killer drilled him with a chair and tied him up, trying to choke him with a chain.  Killer used a staplegun on Carnage's arms and forehead.

 Killer went to the restroom.  Bad time to need to go!  He emerged with a toilet.  No kidding.  He used the toilet seat on Carnage and stuck his head in it before smashing the toilet apart with Carnage in it.  Killer set up a pane of glass but was drilled with a light tube.  The glass fell over on Carnage.  Killer smashed it over him with a chair.  Nasty.  Carnage used the staplegun to return the shots from earlier.  He drilled Carnage with a suplex through another pane of glass.  Carnage then, I kid you not, list his own  fish on fire and drilled Killer with a backhand punch, KOing him.

Your winner, Carnage!

If you like the style, it was entertaining and gritty and nasty. 

The announcers said it was about proving a point and that's what Carnage did.  They said they didn't expect it to get so violent but that's how it is in UWF.

We went into a music video with highlights of each competitor. 

UWF Championship Bout: Homicide vs. Ricky Reyes vs. Beastia 666 vs. Rasche Brown

All four battled around the ring to start it out. Rasche and Homicide brawled on the outside. Beastia and Reyes did some nice Lucha inside. Beastia went for a dive but Homicide tripped him and worked him over. Beastia caught him with a powerslam for a two count.

Homicide went for the Three Amigos and nailed it. Before he could cover Beastia, Brown tackled him, then pressed and slammed Homicide. They all went back and forth in the ring. Beastia went for a Lucha takedown on Brown but was caught. He turned it into a sunset flip for a two count.

Homicide returned to the ring and started stalking Beastia from behind. Beastia nailed a suicide dive to the floor on Brown. Homicide then hit a dive through the ropes on Brown. Beastia scored several near falls on Homicide Homicide went for the Cop Killa and nailed Beastia, who was eliminated.

Brown drilled Homicide and took him down. He press Homicide, but Homicide slipped out from behind and nailed Brown. He forced him into the corner and went for a top rope rana but Briown held on. Reyes nailed him with a suplex and pinned Homicide. Homicide was eliminated.

The crowd was yelling "bullsh**" when Homicide was taken out.

Reyes nailed Brown with a suplex and covered him for a two count. He peppered him with forearms but was caught and slammed. Brown speared the hell out of him and scored the pin.

Your winner and the first UWF champion, Rasche Brown!

We fade to black but then return to the club where Uncle Murda's crew finds Big Block and his crew hanging out.  They pull out guns and chase them out of the place, shooting at them.

Backstage, Rasche Brown enters a room with the UWF title belt.  Someone is clapping and he see the belt enter their hands, but never see who the person is.  Cliffhanger city.

A solid back and forth main event but this show was more about showing the wilder side of the UWF with a fun, riotous post-tag brawl and dives out of the balcony, plus the Death Match stuff in the club.  For wrestling,Hood Justice was a stronger show, but this showed a different side and was fun to watch.  The hour zipped on by, which rarely happens with other promotions.  This was another different and unique but entertaining show from the UWF.  The storylines have come together, although at times it comes off forced when you realize you've got guys wrestling to get back at others for TRYING TO MURDER THEM.  But, when you look at it from a Grand Theft Auto point of view, it's fine.  UWF isn't trying to do pro wrestling.   They are trying to do a street product that is utilizing pro wresting as a storyline point.   It's a damn unique product and I'm enjoying it for what it's meant to be.


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