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By Mike Johnson on 2011-11-12 23:30:00
Welcome to PWInsider's live, ongoing coverage of Combat Zone Wrestling's Night of Infamy 2011 from Philadelphia, PA at the ECW Arena!

Dereck McCormick vs. Uhaa Nation

McCormick's name may be wrong as I couldn't make out the ring announcement.  I'll correct later if I am incorrect.

Nation worked him over but a tombstone attempt was turned into a flip piledriver.  Nation went to the floor, where he was hit with a moonsault off the top.  Nation then caught him with a powerbomb onto the apron for a two count.  Nation whipped him into the ropes and pressed and slammed McCormick, then hit a standing moonsault press for a two count.

McCormick came back with several kicks and a tornado DDT for a two count.   Nation nailed him with two powerbombs, pulling him back up each time, then slingshot McCormick off the ropes into a sitdown powerbomb.  He nailed another standing moonsault press for a three count.

Your winner, Uhaa Nation!

There was a small "Please come back" chant after.

It was a decent opener more or less introducing Nation as a potential player but McCormick looked good too.

Mia Yim (with Adam Cole) vs. Greg Excellent

Some fine upstanding citizens had a sign showing Yim well, orally fixated on a phallic object.  True romantics there.  Excellent took the sign and paraded around the ring with it.   Excellent said that in anticipation for this match, he trimmed for the match, showing where he cut some of his usually robust hair.  He said that he's usually not for hitting women, so he'll give Mia a chance out of this by showing off her.....United States citizenship.   However, he will settle for her boobs.

Yim attacked him with a big boot and nailed a running double knee strike in the corner.  She covered him for a two count and nailed several kicks to the chest.  Excellent chopped her down.  She got right up and slapped him.  He chased her around the ring, where Adam Cole tried to attack him.  The distraction allowed Yim to hit an insanely stiff kick to the face.  Yim hit a standing moonsault to the floor.  She really caught me by surprise here.

Yim continued killing Excellent with kicks and knees.  She hit a running knee to the face for a two count.  Yim followed it up with a kick to the back of the head.   Yim followed it up with a cannonball in the corner.  Excellent returned with a backhanded fist and a powerslam for a two count.  Excellent grabbed her for a slam but she turned it into a forward guillotine choke.  Excellent finally tossed that off and superkicked her in the face.  Excellent KILLED her with a cannonball in the corner.

The lights went out.  Lionel Richie began playing and Excellent began taking off his tights.   They began kissing in the middle of the ring.  That seemed to jolt Yim out of a daze and she hit a crazy belly to belly suplex on him.  Yim hit an awesome moonsault off the top and scored a two count.  Yim nailed the Kawada kicks followed by a Saito suplex.  Excellent came back and went for a pedigree.  Cole tried to interfere but was nailed.  Excellent nailed the pedigree and score the pin.

Your winner, Greg Excellent!

THIS WAS FREAKING AWESOME.   Yim totally wowed everyone stealing the show with all these great moves and Excellent was awesome.    Just totally entertaining! 

Campaign for a Better CZW (Drew Gulak & Nui Tofiga with Dewey Donovan) vs. The Nation of Intoxication's Danny Havoc & tHURTeen

There was a big "Nick F***ing Gage" chant before the match.

Drew and Havoc started but he immediately tagged out Nui.  Nui muscled Havoc into the corner but he caught a kick to the head.   Nui picked up and slammed Havoc.  Havoc came back with several kicks to the head, then swept Nui's leg to take him down.  Havoc nailed a springboard senton off the ropes, glancingly nailing Nui.  Thurteen tagged in and drilled him with several kicks but was quickly nailed in the mid-section and slammed down.

With Thurteen down and out, Gulak tagged back in and worked him over.  Thurteen came back with a Lucha armdrag off the ropes and several flying kicks.  Gulak cut him off with a jawbreaker.  Nui tagged in and worked him over with headbutts and power moves.  Gulak tagged back in and drilled Thurteen with an elbow to the head.  He choked Thurteen against the bottom rope.

Thurteen finally made a comeback with a series of kicks to the head.  He went to the top rope but missed a Spiral Tap.  Gulak covered him for a two count.  Nui tagged back in and nailed a big splash.  Nui and Gulak took turns tagging in and out working him over.  Havoc finally had too much when Donovan began choking Thurteen and charged around the ring, only to be met with a Nui clothesline.  Nui worked him over on the outside, sending him into the rail and chopping him against the ringpost.

In the ring, Gulak continued wearing down Thurteen.  Thurteen made a comeback with a leaping kick but was cut off and nailed with a gut wretch suplex.  Havoc came off the apron and nailed Nui with a flip dive.  Havoc and Thurteen began doubling on Gulak.  Thurteen got the pin as Havoc dove out of the ring on Nui.

Your winners, Danny Havoc & Thurteen!

They tried to work a pretty traditional tag, which wasn't what the audience really wanted to see but it was decent.  Gulak is a pretty underrated talent.

The crowd chanted, "Get the f*** out" at the heels.


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