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By Mike Johnson on 2011-11-12 20:00:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Dragon Gate USA's Bushido 2011 Internet PPV from the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA.

Pre-Show: Caleb Konley & Scott Reed, The Scene vs. BJ Whitmer & Uhaa Nation

Nation and Reed started the bout off, facing off.   They circled each other.  National muscled Reed into the corner.  Konley nailed him from behind.  When Nation reacted, Reed drilled him.  Nation made a comeback, sending Reed to the floor.  He went to backdrop Reed but was kicked when he put his head down.  Konley tagged in but was caught and flapjacked.

Whitmer tagged in and nailed a belly to back suplex for a two count.  Whitmer is in great shape.   Konley went to the floor, where Whitmer followed and drilled him with chops.  Larry Dallas, in the crowd, distracted Whitmer, allowing the Scene to work him over on the outside as Nation argued with the referee.  Konley tossed Whitmer back into the ring.  The Scene took turns working him over as they tagged in and out.  Konley cinched in a side chinlock.  He pulled Whitmer to his feet and went for a suplex but was small packaged for a two count.

Whitmer made a comeback but was double teamed and almost pinned.  Nation broke it up.  Konley used a cravate but was fought off and nailed with a powerslam.   Whitmer made the hot tag to Nation, who cleaned house with several clotheslines and high backdrops.  He nailed a big reverse German suplex on Reed, then an insanely high backdrop.  Nation nailed a standing moonsault press, which at his size, was something to see, for a two count but Konley broke up the pin.

Whitmer and Nation went back and forth with The Scene.  Nation  and Konley went to the floor, where Nation worked him over.  Whitmer locked Reed in a submission for the win.

Your winners, BJ Whitmee & Uhaa Nation!

Solid back and forth opener.  Whitmer looks crisp in the ring while I can see why everyone is raving about Nation, who's going to end up with a WWE deal at some point.  The Scene are a really good working heel team.

Brodie Lee hit the ring and drilled Whitmer with a big boot to the face, as they are facing off tomorrow in NYC.  Nation warded him off.


AR Fox vs. Masato Yoshino

They started out doing some nice reversals and counter wrestling.  Fox grabbed a reverse waistlock but Yoshino reversed and rode him to the mat.  Fox reversed the move and bridged over while working on a hammerlock.  Yoshino slipped out and grabbed a side headlock but Fox flipped out of it and they faced off.

They locked up again and Yoshino drilled Fox.  Fox nailed him with a kick as Yoshino was advancing, then an enziguiri.  Yoshino went to the outside and evaded a forward flip out of the ring by Fox.  Fox nailed him and hit a springboard moonsault to the outside.  Back in the ring, Fox nailed a springboard into a flying bodypress for a two count.

Fox continued to control Yoshino, locking him in a surfboard.  He whipped Yoshino into the corner and drilled him with a kick, sending himself over the top.  Fox skinned the cat and kicked Yoshino again as he flipped back into the ring.  Yoshino kicked off a Fox charge and caught him with a big neckbreaker in the center of the ring.  The crowd chanted for Yoshino to rally and he drilled Fox in the face with a dropkick. 

Yoshino ascended to the top and leapt but Fox had already figure out his strategy and was over by the corner.  He leapt off the turnbuckles and caught Yoshino with a cutter, then locked an Octopus.   Antonio Inoki would have been proud.   Yoshino made it to the ropes, forcing the break.  The crowd rallied both men with clapping.

They drilled each other back and forth with kicks.  Fox got the best of the exchange and nailed a rolling Samoan Drop then nailed a dive off the ropes for a two count.   Fox placed Yoshino on the top but was fought off.  Yoshino nailed a BIG missile dropkick.  It looked awesome.   The crowd chanted for Yoshino.  They began slapping and chopping each other back and forth.  Fox nailed Yoshino with a kick but Yoshino came back with his spinning armbreaker and lockled Fox in the submission.  Fox tried to fight it off but finally submitted.

Your winner, Masato Yoshino!

Good back and forth opener.  Fox continues to improve and Yoshino is just point on awesome.  A really nice way to kick off the PPV.

Yoshino raised Fox's hand after the match to endorse Fox as someone who fought the good fight.

Ricochet and CIMA came out.  Ricochet cut a promo and said Yoshino can't beat CIMA tomorrow and until then, he should think about this.  They attacked CIMA and worked him over until Pac hit the ring made the save.  Ricochet said that they aren't lookng for trouble but if Pac is, they know someone who is looking for a fight.

Brodie Lee and Akira Tozawa came out.  Pac dropkicked Lee and then hit a dive to the outside.

Pac vs. Brodie Lee

Lee nailed Pac on the outside and returned to the ring.  Tozawa tossed Pac in, where Lee continued to work him over.   Pac escaped out of the corner with a series of flips but was nailed with a big boot, crashing into the opposite corner.  Lee stepped on Pac, smothering him against the turnbuckles.  Lee chopped away at Pac and whipped him into the ropes but Pac nailed him with a rana.

Lee came back with a rana off his own, sending Pac to the floor, then hit a tope suicida to the outside, which is insane for a guy of his size.   Lee dragged Pac around ringside and nailed him on the floor.   Pac escaped a powerbomb and kicked him from the apron.  He went for a moonsault  but Lee nailed a big boot.  He controlled Pac when they returned to the ring, then threw him unceremoniouly back out to the floor.

Tozawa threw Pac into the ringpost as Lee distracted the referee, then rolled Pac back into the ring.  Lee covered him for a two count as the crowd began to chant for Pac.   Lee walked over Pac's body as he lay on the mat, then stomped him.  That's a big boot.   Lee chopped at Pac, who stood strong and absorbed it.   Lee covered him several times but Pac kept kicking out.  Pac started to mount a comeback but was tripped by Tozawa.  Pac dropkicked him through the ropes and nailed Lee, sending him to the floor.  Pac hit a springboard moonsault off the top rope to the floor on Lee.

On the floor, Pac peppered Lee's chest with kicks.  He rolled Lee back into the ring and nailed a springboard dropkick.  Pac nailed a twisting 450 splash for a two count.  He went back to the well and leapt off the ropes, only to be caught with a big boot in mid-air.   Lee went for a powerbomb but Pac kicked out.  Lee and Pac exchanged kicks.  Pac finally ran Lee into the ropes and caught him with a belly to back suplex on the rebound.  That was great.

Pac nailed Lee with a roundhouse kick as he returned to his knee.  Pac was caught with a massive belly to back suplex and a Black Hole Slam but Pac kicked out at two.  Pack went to the ropes but was caught with a nasty looking DDT off the turnbuckles for another two count.   Lee missed a charge in the corner and was nailed with several kicks.  Pac went to the top and nailed a beautiful shooting star press, followed by a twisting splash off the ropes for the pin.

Your winner, Pac!

Despite the obvious side differences, they meshed well and told a really good back and forth story.  Lee is damn underrated and Pac continues to look strong.

Tozawa went to attack Pac but Pac turned and Tozawa backed off.  Rich Swann and Johnny Gargano came out.  Swann has really tightened up his physique living in Japan.  Swann said he wanted to have a rap battle.  Tozawa said no one wants to hear him rap but everyone wants to hear Tozawa sing.   Tozawa sang some opera style song, which got a nice pop.  Swann drilled him with a kick.

Rich Swann vs. Akira Tozawa

Swann kicked some major ass early at lightspeed.   Swann caught Tozawa with a kick as he returned to the ring and chopped away at him in the corner.   Swann peppered him with punches in the corner.  Tozawa just cut him off and tossed Swann to the floor.  Tozawa worked him over, tossing Swann into the rail.  Swann came back and slammed Tozawa headfirst into the ring steps.  Swann charged but was caught and dropped onto the steps.

Tozawa continued working over Swann on the floor and tossed him back into the ring.   He slammed Swann and nailed a back senton splash for a two count.   Gargano rallied the crowd outside for Swann.   Tozawa snapmared Swann over and tore at his face.   Tozawa slammed Swann into the corner and chopped him, then drilled him with a right hand.   He covered Swann for a two count.

Tozawa used a knee to smother Swann in the corner and kicked away at him.  Tozawa argued with the referee over the count and then cinched in a cravate.  He snapmared and dropkicked Swann for another two count.  Swann came back with a rana, sending Tozawa to the floor.  Swann charged and hit a big tope con hilo.  Back in the ring, Swann cleaned house until he was caught with a gutbuster as he leapt off for a bodypress.  Tozawa drilled him with a big kick in the corner, scoring a two count.

Swann came back with a springboard cartwheel into a cutter for a two count.  He set up Tozawa and went for a double leap standing moonsault press but Tozawa moved.  They went back and forth with several two counts.  Swann glancingly nailed a double flip into a splash for a two count.  Tozawa nailed him with a big kick to the face and a backdrop driver with a bridge for a two count.   They went back and forth until Swann captured him for the pin.

Your winner, Rich Swann!

Immediately, BxB Hulk came out and faced off with Johnny Gargano and they went right into the next match.

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