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By Mike Johnson on 2011-09-26 15:22:08
The Urban Wrestling Federation’s second PPV “Hood Justice” opened with a look back on the events from the first PPV, “First Blood.” It was a pretty easy way to catch up on what the storylines were in the promotion. It closed with the shot of guns being pulled and shot at the NYC crew and the lines, “It just got real….” An effective, well edited primer.

They went into the UWF theme song and highlights from the PPV set to music.

GLOCC 44L was with Eddie Carnage entering the building. Carnage said he was loyal to GLOCC. They encountered Cuban Link, who exchanged words with them. GLOCC said there was so shadiness going down and Link needed to get out of town. Link said he and his crew were just trying to make their money. In the end, Link left as Carnage stared him down, GLOCC and Carnage continued on their way. GLOCC said they needed to take out Link’s crew.

We went to the Hammerstein Ballroom, where Shawn Credle brought up the guns and wondered what they all got themselves into here. Julius Smokes and Robby Mireno said they were in a real war zone here and you couldn’t go into a gunfight with a knife.

UWF Title Tournament: Ricky Reyes vs. Slyck Wagner Brown

Reyes was accompanied by Cuban Links. Brown told Reyes that he was “f***ing with Uncle Murda’s business” and as of tonight, “this sh** is over.” Reyes said they would see.

They had a hot opening sequence. Slyck missed a reverse elbow but caught him with a big kick. They went to the outside, where Slyck worked over Reyes and nailed a catapult under the guard rail, nearly finishing off one of the cameras by nailing it. They exchanged nasty headbutts.

Eddie Carnage came through the crowd and attacked Links’ muscle BC Killer. They brawled up the aisle towards the back.

Reyes fought back but was tossed into one of the railings, which collapsed. They battled back to the ring, where Slyck held a standing vertical suplex for a long time before dropping it. Wagner went for an Uranage but Reyes fought him off with several elbows. Wagner cut him off and went for a hangman's neckbreaker. Reyes turned it into a backslide for a two count.

Reyes nailed a tornado DDT out of the corner for another two count. Reyes drilled Wagner with several forearms. Wagner fired back with strikes of his own. Wagner nailed a sweet looking move where he picked up Reyes in a Fireman's Carry and then flipped him into a slam for a two count. Wagner continued the assault but Reyes kicked up. Wagner locked in a single leg crab and torqued the leg hard, trying to force a submission. Reyes fought his way to the ring and the referee forced a break. Wagner didn't like that. 0

Wagner went for the Uranage but Reyes fought his way out. They started slugging it out. Reyes nailed a DDT and a crossface. He finally forced a submission.

Your winner, Ricky Reyes!

Good, entertaining and hard hitting back forth match.

Somewhere, GLOCC 44L was talking to his crew. He told them he needed them to kick ass. He said East Coast and Southern crews were not going to take their money. He left, leaving them to themselves. Famous B was in his own world listening to music, but Willie Mack defended him saying that was how he got into the zone. Lance Lude showed up all liquored up, trying to hit on GLOCC’s girl. She wanted nothing to do with him.

The Dirty Rotten Scouldrelz were celebrating getting one over on Brisco’s crew last time. They said his crew wasn’t worth sh** and prepared to take Uncle Murda’s “product” out for him. We see Lep Bogus Boys, Moonie and Count (representing Low End, Chicago) walking in the streets. They encounter the DRS leaving a building and ask if Murda is there. They say he’s in the back. EC Negro jumps in a car and drives off.

Scorpio Sky is seen talking into a camera and asking them to make sure they get all this for his “documentary.” He walks into a locker room, where Brisco is with his crew. He embraces Sky and tells his crew Sky is a big “Hollywood star.” He said Sky used to be one of them and went on to LA to become a star. Sky said he plays a wrestler in the movie so he’s representing.

40 Glocc tells Billy Blue was wants to get one of Blue’s wrestler’s spots. Blue agrees but not before he asks for a payoff. One thing UWF needs badly is to put a graphic up with everyone’s name and their affiliation so someone watching the show for the first time immediately knows who their loyalty is to.

Jeez was talking to Blue, saying the rest of their squad is slipping. He crapped on the other crews and said that if Blue gives him the ball, he will take care of it. Blue told him to get lost as he was messing up his “p*ssy” since he was with a girl. When Jeez left, Blue asked if he was still getting any and she blew him off. Blue said, “Mother f***ing Jeez.”

Glocc returned to his crew, who were trying to hit one his girl, and told Willie Mack he was going to rep the crew tonight in the ring. Mack was happy about that. Mack said he was ready and started stripping down. His gear was underneath. He said that Glocc told him to be ready and he was ready. Glocc was shocked and asked him if he walked around all day with that outfit on. Mack said that he was told to always be prepared. Glocc cracked up and told the crew to have his back.

Uncle Murda is sitting at a bar drinking when the Lep Bogus Boys join him. They introduce themselves and Murda says that he’s heard of them but asked how they got into the building. They said that their money is slowing down in Chicago and he’s getting blamed. They told him that his money was soon going to be theirs. They told him they were gonna bring in a crew to UWF. Murda said that they talk a lot and when they are ready he’ll be ready. They told him they were telling him straight up that they were coming and Murda said he can respect that but they had better “be safe in New York City.” They walked out and he went back to his drink, unphased.

Melle Mel was telling his crew that they needed to get it together. Mel was giving Eddie Kingston grief for losing to “that midget” Homicide. Kingston says he doesn’t know what happened. Façade said he’s got his stuff down and he’ll take care of it. Mel told the SAT that it was all up to them to carry things for them and make some money.

Willie Mack vs. Jeez vs. Famous B vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Bandido Jr,

Glocc said that he was smart enough to get two men in the match in B and Mack, thanks to Blue. They showed a backstage shot of Bandido warming up with Brisco, where they were told Glocc pulled something to get the advantage. That led to Sky saying he had his crew and would have Brisco’s back.

Lots of crazy sequences to start this off. Jeez was shoulderblocked down by Sabian. Sky came down and enterted the fray. He and Jeez battle dback and forth in the ring. Mack nailed a crazy exploder on Sky. They are working at Mach speed here. Jeez nailed a leaping rana on B into the corner, and then nailed running knee strikes. Jeez then nailed a missile dropkick for a two count. There were a lot of dives, culminating with a big running flip dive by Jeez.

Mack went for a drive but B attacked him. B hit a springboard dive to the floor. Mack nailed a dive to the floor. The crowd loved that. B hit a nice swanton for a two count. Mack whipped B into the railing. Jeez nailed a double stomp off the top for the pin.

Your winner, Jeez!

Match was all crazy spots. The middle rope began sagging during the bout, which messed up the timing towards the end but it was entertaining.

Lep Bogus Boys were leaving Murda’s area and encountered Cuban Links. They explained their money was slowing down in Chicago, so they were trying to get their share back. They said they wanted a piece of the UWF too.

Murda was reading the comics (really) when Links met him at the bar. He told them that the Chicago crew were blaming Links and Brisco and intimated they were involved in some shady business. Links said they are just boys. Murda said that if his money comes up short, whoever is responsible is taking a casket trip. Links said he was just there to “drop some love on him”. Murda said he understood but warned he was coming to Miami to deal with Brisco in a few weeks.

KC Blade of the DRS handled a drug deal. The buyer, who was NYC area wrestler Delirious, told him to call him if he needed anything.

Backstage, Big Block and his crew in Atlanta were joking around. They told Rasche Brown that Rich Ortiz was with Brown’s girl and he got all pissed off and stormed out.

Uncle Murda was giving his boys the business over how things were going down. He talked down to Lowlife Louie Ramos for letting the Atlanta crew get over on him. He yelled at Ramos to get the hell out and take care of it.

Rasche Brown yelled at a camerman backstage to follow him or he was dead. He said no one “f***s” with his broad. e said that there's a problem here in the UWF and that's the b**** Rich Ortiz. He said Ortiz had the balls to try and talk to one of his b****es when he wasn't around. He demanded Ortiz come and face him like a man before they get worse "than they are going to be." Good promo.

Ortiz (formerly Ricky Ortiz of WWE ECW) came out and called Brown the B***ch. He said that he doesn't care about Brown or his girl. Brown nailed him with a big forearm and they rang the bell.

UWF Tournament Bout: Rich Ortiz vs. Rasche Brown

They slugged it out in the center of the ring. Brown got the better of it in the end. He chopped Ortiz in the corner several times, working him over. Ortiz fired back. Ortiz has cut his hair short. Brown nailed a running boot in the corner and a big shoulderblock for a two count.

They slugged it out back and forth. Ortiz nailed a belly to back suplez, followed by a German suplex for a two count. Ortiz picked up Brown and rammed him into the corner. He worked him over with body shots and then went to the outside. Ortiz ascended to the top and tried to come off and drive Brown to the mat. Brown slugged him and went to the top for a superplex. Ortiz tried to fight him off with shots to the mid-section. Brown fought to regain the control of the situation and they slugged it out on the top. Ortiz tried to suplex Brown over the top to the floor but Brown reversed it into a superplex into the ring. The entire section behind them thought Brown was going to be tossed onto them and scattered. That was hilarious!

Both men were out and were nearly counted down but made their way to their knees and battled back and forth. They fought their way to their feet, never stopping the barrage of shots. This is a hell of a war.

They went back and forth until Brown nailed a nasty spear and scored the pin.

Your winner, Rasche Brown!

Real entertaining slugfest. Ortiz looked better here than he ever did in WWE. I really really enjoyed the hell out of this one.

Big Block came out and put over Brown. Brown put the boots to Ortiz hard.

The announcers pushed that the first UWF champion would be crowned at the next PPV “Street Kings” with Homicide, Ricky Reyes, Beastia 666 or Rasche Brown being the champ.

In the streets, Homicide was revving up Louie Ramos, telling him to get a bat and barbed wire and cut the Atlanta maggots off. He told Ramos to scar Murder-1 up.

We went to a “Pulp Fiction” style promo where Triple Cs, a hip hop trio, said they were here to get the money in the Urban Wrestling Federation. They are repping Carol City, FL. Eddie Kingston was getting drunk, upset he lost Homicide. He said he was ready to die since he was 14 and didn’t even want to come out of his mother’s womb. He said he paid for this building they were in front of and he makes his money from here. He said Homicide was announced for a title match but there’s a difference between being announced and making it there. Homicide was under the Brooklyn bridge pushing NYC and Uncle Murda’s crew. He said his boys will take out anyone who challenges them.

In an alley, Murder 1 and Lowlife Louie Ramos began brawling. Murder One for the better of Ramos and worked him over with punches. Ramos sent him into a fence and slammed a door into his face. Murder One grabbed barbed wire that was hanging on the fence and ripped it into Ramos’ head, then worked him over with punches. He grabbed a coil of barbed wire and dug it into Ramos’ head. Ramos began firing back after absorbing punches and kicks. He grabbed Murder One in a Fireman’s Carry and slammed him headfirst into the fence. Ramos then pulled a plastic bag out and choked Murder One out with it while screaming he would kill him. Ramos dug the barbed wire into him at the same time. He choked out Murder One and stomped the hell out of him while screaming “Brooklyn’s here!” He left Murder One unconscious in the street. For a brawl they filmed guerrilla style in a legitimate alley in NYC, it was fine and a good way to get in some blood and guts.

Hood Justice was a big improvement on the first show in that the announcers did a good job getting over all the storylines and the characters. The wrestling was all entertaining. The biggest issue I see is that unless you know who all the hip hop personalities are, it’s very easy to get confused without a score card. They did a good job introducing the newer players from Chicago though, so it may just be a case of so many bring thrown at people at once. They absolutely need graphics to make it easier to differentiate who is who though. The promos at the end with Homicide and Kingston were very good. You can see some of the personalities of the wrestlers coming through with the promos this time around, something that was not the case with the first show. Brown, Jeez, Mack, Famous B, Scorpio Sky, etc. all had their moments that stood out. Rich Ortiz had the best match of his (televised) career to date here as well. I don’t know that the product will be for everyone but there was a lot of strong stuff here once you accept the product for what it’s supposed to be.

The only negative that stood out to me is that we closed the last PPV with the NYC crew being SHOT AT WITH GUNS and while it's referenced, there's no real fear or angst in their eyes. In fact, there was no real feeling that there was any real retribution beyond Ramos destroying Murder One.

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