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By Dave Scherer on 2011-09-06 09:13:00
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Is The Miz finally fully accepted by his peers? Is WWE management happy with him? 

Overall, yes he has definitely earned the respect of his peers through his willingness to improve, as well as his tireless efforts to promote the company.  WWE management is very happy with him.

What exactly happened with Todd Grisham? Why was he kicked off Smackdown? I thought his announcing was infinitely better than Michael Cole's face act ever was and certainly a vast improvement over his current heel effort. 

Grisham has left WWE for ESPN.  Before he left, he was working as a soccer announcer for Fox.  The story I have heard for a while now was the fact that he didn't commit all of his time to WWE worked against him.  The flip side is that Michael Cole is firmly entrenched as a favorite of Vince McMahon's so there wasn't exactly room for advancement in WWE for him.

So, what if the Raw GM is revealed as John Laurinaitis? You think that would be an acceptable reveal if WWE ever decides to do it?

I think it would horrible if they ever went that way.  Laurinaitis has made a less than compelling character thus far.  Personally, I hope that with the advent of Triple H as the COO, the GM stays anonymous forever and just goes away.

I had a question about Chris Benoit if you wanna answer it. I have heard various rumors that one of the reasons why Chris Benoit was awarded the World Heavyweight Title in 2004 is because Vince McMahon wanted to "Apologize" to Bret Hart for what happened in Montreal. Is this fact? Or fiction?

That is fiction.

Is there a place where I can send feedback to TNA about Impact episodes especially this past weeks (8/11/2011) because the segment with the Jarretts was unfunny, unnecessary, and demeaning. I went to the official TNA website but saw no place to send them feedback. Maybe I just overlooked it (feedback button), but I think their creative team (and I use the term loosely) should be informed that right now, the entire products sucks. (and unlike Jeff Jarrett, I don't think it needs to be said in two languages, u suck is universal).

If you want to send a letter, send it to: 

TNA Wrestling 
209 10th Avenue South, Suite 302 
Nashville, TN 37203 

For general inquiries or technical support, please email

Honestly though, it probably won't have much effect.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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