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By Steven Fernandes on 2011-08-19 12:13:36

Goldust gave his thoughts about the Young Bucks on his twitter:

"As booker says.....better show some respect when in the locker room, there are good teachers here that know more than you young bucks....Just a reminder....if trying out for wwe....extend your hand,be polite and respectfull and do what your told. You dont have to like the golden one, but you will respect my knowledge of the business....jfyi"

Meanwhile, the only things the Young Bucks have said on their individual twitters were

Matt Jackson -

"Somewhere, somehow, there is a "tell me he didn't just say that?" joke that needs to be told. I love you, wrestling."

"Nothin' but love & respect for all my peers in the business. Hope everyone makes their own decision based on their own experiences."

Nick Jackson -

"I respect everyone in the business even if they have bad words about me. God bless them all. Thx to all the loyal fans that support us!"

Their brother, Malachi, had a lot to say about Booker T's comments

"sounds like @BookerT5x is a little 12 year old girl on his young buck rant."
"These vets such as @therealrvd and @BookerT5x are jealous of the young bucks cause they cant do half what bucks can do in the ring."
"I can't believe @MattJackson13 and @NickJacksonYB didn't say hi to @BookerT5x ! #whatisthishighschool ?"
"@RRWWE (Ricardo Rodriguez) Booker t is mad cause they supposedly didn't say hi to him so @BookerT5x is trashing the bucks."
"I love when vets say stuff bout the young bucks. All they're doing is getting them more popular :O @BookerT5x"
"I didn't shake the hand of someone at work today. The person then tweeted bout how disrespectful I was being @BookerT5x #getoveryourego"
"@BookerT5x that's weird you and rvd are the only ones out of hundreds of workers that don't like the bucks. And btw they've already made it.

That was in response to Booker T posting on his twitter -

"Some advice to all the young guys trying to get in the business( IF U CAN'T MAKE IT IIN THE LOCKERROOM ,U WON'T MAKE IT IN THE RING) 5x"

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