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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-08-07 19:55:08
Welcome to the Hardcore Justice PPV Report, exclusively here at!

We're live at the Impact Zone, and our hosts for the evening are Mike Tenay and Taz. Five titles will be on the line tonight, most importantly the World Title Match between Kurt Angle and defending champion Sting! We're even going to kick the evening off with a title match...

X Division Title Match: Brian Kendrick vs Alex Shelley vs Austin Aries

Brian Kendrick has new entrance music reminiscent of his old ROH music, and is wearing Neidhart pants. I love it! Aries cheapshots both men but gets laid out by Shelley and Kendrick and is clotheslined to the floor. Shelley and Kendrick cautiously circle one another before going to a mat wrestling sequence. Shelley with a modified crucifix for 2, and takes a glance down at Aries on the floor to make sure he doesn't try anything untoward. Wristlock exchange leads to Shelley picking the ankle of Kendrick and going for a Texas Cloverleaf, but Aries runs in and Shelley drops the hold to chop him back out to the floor. Aries gets back on the apron, so Shelley pops him in the face and puts him back out to the floor again. Aries tries to come in yet again, and winds up on the receiving end of an inverted atomic drop/leg lariat combo from Kendrick and Shelley, and then Shelley rolls Kendrick up for 2. Shelley goes for a vertical suplex on Kendrick, but Aries slips in and saves Kendrick and rakes the back of Shelley. This, for some reason, leads to Shelley getting angry at Kendrick and going to a forearm exchange. Kendrick drills Shelley out to the floor but Aries blindsides Kendrick with a clothesline and puts the boots to him, then baseball slides Shelley off the apron and covers Kendrick for 2. Aries with a figure four stump puller on Kendrick, then drops the hold to knock Shelley off the apron yet again and then awkwardly backdrop Kendrick to the floor, with Kendrick appearing to catch his leg on the apron on the way down. Shelley sunset flips his way back in, but Aries hits an STO and then goes for the pendulum elbow, but stops to knock Kendrick off the apron and then dump Shelley through the ropes right on top of Kendrick. Aries is getting a big reaction from the crowd as he hits a heat seeking missile through the ropes, then rolls Shelley back in and hits a twisting splash over the ropes for 2. Aries goes for a Lionsault, but Shelley gets the knees up and Kendrick hits a leg lariat to the jaw of Aries. Shelley hooks Kendrick in a Crippler Crossface, but Kendrick makes the ropes, so Shelley nails him with the sole butt and goes for Sliced Bread #2, Kendrick shoves him off but Shelley hits a leg whip through the ropes and goes up top. Aries nails him and pulls him down to the apron, but Shelley superkicks Aries off the apron and goes back to the top where Kendrick nails him and follows him up. Shelley shoves Kendrick off and hits a top rope splash, then traps Kendrick in an inverted figure four. Aries comes in and rakes his boot across the eyes of Shelley to break the hold, then rams both men to opposite corners and hits a running bulldog on Shelley before locking him in the Last Chancery. Kendrick breaks the hold, so Aries hits him with the shinbreaker/suplex combo and then goes for the IED, but Kendrick gets the boot up and hits a running boot on Aries for 2. Kendrick tries Sliced Bread #2, Aries blocks and tries a top rope suplex, but Shelley nails him and gets Aries on his shoulders, Kendrick tried Sliced Bread #2 but lost his balance, so Aries hits the shinbreaker/suplex combo on Shelley, dropkicks Kendrick to the floor, then hits Shelley with the IED and brainbuster for 2. Kendrick suddenly runs in and hits Sliced Bread #2 on Aries on top of Shelley and then pins Shelley for the win.

Winner: Brian Kendrick

Solid opener, I'm a little surprised to see Kendrick retain, but glad to see him hold onto the title.

Tenay and Taz discuss tonight's main event between Sting and Kurt Angle, then we go to the back where Jeremy Borash is with Tara and Miss Tessmacher, who say that it's become personal because of the way Sarita and Rosita jumped them in the parking lot. Tessmacher disfigured Sarita becuase she did what she had to do in the parking lot, and Tara says no matter what, they're leaving the ring with the title.

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Tara & Miss Tessmacher vs Sarita & Rosita

Referee Earl Hebner kicks both Hernandez and Anarquia out of ringside, so it's just the four girls. Rosita gets right in Tara's face, so Tara just pops her into the corner and unloads with a big right hand. Rosita tags right out to Sarita, who comes off the ropes and gets elevated into a backdrop. Tessmacher comes in and gets popped into the air, but comes down with an armdrag and then gets a top wristlock on Rosita and takes her to the corner so Tara can come in and overpower Rosita. Rosita comes out of the corner with a flying headscissors, but charges Tara in the corner and eats her boot. Rosita Tullys Tara to the floor and then distracts the referee while Sarita hits a rolling senton off the apron and rolls her back in the ring so Rosita can cover for 2. Tara tags out and Tessmacher comes in with a back suplex and a running dropkick for 2. Sarita tags in, and Tessmacher gets a knee to the midsection and covers for 2, but Rosita nails her from the outside and Sarita drops her on her face. Sarita gleefully tosses Tessmacher around with hiplocks and hair tosses as Taz references Candy Devine of all people, and then Sarita slingshots Rosita off the ropes and onto Tessmacher for 2. Sarita, who is neither Mexican nor American, gets rolled up for 2, then Tessmacher tags out to Tara, who comes in and cleans house on both girls. Rosita tries to interfere, but Tessmacher nails her and Tara wipes Sarita out with a clothesline, but Sarita gets a double chicken wing and drops Tara right on her shoulder in a really nasty spot. Rosita neutralizes Tessmacher on the floor as Sarita covers Tara for 2, then Sarita tosses Tara across the ring in brutal fashion, but Tara wipes both Mexican Americans out with a double clothesline. Tara tries the Widow's Peak but Rosita reverses to a rollup and holds Sarita's hands from the outside, but Tessmacher nails Sarita and Tara kicks out at 2. Tara press slams Rosita, and Rosita tries to make the hot tag, but now Tessmacher yanks Sarita off the apron, dropping her on her face on the apron, and Tara hits the Widow's Peak on Rosita for the win.

Winners: Tara & Miss Tessmacher

We go to the back where Jeremy Borash is with the Pope, and Pope says that he's been trying to talk to Devon and his kids and is trying to tweet to everybody that he's trying to do it right tonight. He doesn't know what Devon's problem is because all Pope wants to do is the right thing, and he knows it's going to be intense because this is a Bound For Glory Series match, but Pope's going to go out there and do the right thing tonight.

We look at the Bound For Glory Series board, and Crimson is still in first place with RVD in second and Devon in fourth with the chance to move into a tie for first if he can catch a submission on Pope tonight.

Matt Morgan comes out to do commentary on the next match, then we're off the the ring for...

Bound For Glory Series: The Pope vs Devon

The bell rings, but before they make contact, Pope gets a microphone and tells Devon that he respects him and he gave Devon seven points a few weeks ago for a reason, because his relationship with Devon, his kids, and their mother means a lot to him. If it means that much to Devon, he'll prove that this means more than beating each other's brains out. Pope lays down, but Devon tells him he's going to get his seven points, but he's going to tkae it out of Pope's ass and to get up and give the fans what they came to see.

Pope gets to his feet, and we have a match on our hands. Pope has an "Okay, you asked for it!" look on his face as he comes at Devon, but Devon gets a shoulderblock and then a clothesline, and Pope tries to pull Devon on top of him to give him the win, but Devon pulls himself off Pope and smacks him in the face, asking what's wrong with him. Devon wiht an armwringer, Pope reverses to a wristlock of his own and chain wrestles around Devon and catches him with a flying forearm. Pope with an armbar on Devon and rams a knee to the gut and then comes off the ropes with a forearm to the back and an elbowdrop. Devon comes back with a hiptoss and an armdrag, then a flying back elbow for 2. Devon with a big bodyslam and a diving headbutt off the ropes for 2, Pope rolls to the apron but Devon rams him off to the floor and then goes to the floor after him, he tries a charge but Pope moves and Devon hits the ringpost. Pope grabs his chain and goes to hit Devon with it, but Devon's kids talk him out of dropping the chain, and Devon nails him out of nowhere and rolls him back inside and covers for 2. Devon gets a powerslam for 2, but charges Pope in the corner and Pope gets a hard boot up, then an inverted atomic drop and flying shoulderblock for 2. Pope is absolutely destroying Devon with elbows and a reverse chop, then hits the diving straddle through the ropes, and goes up top and hits a flying bodypress on Devon for 2. Devon comes off the ropes with a flying shoulderblock, but he misses another charge and Pope nails him and goes for the DDE, but stops short and lets Devon spear him and cover for 2. Devon goes for a chokeslam, but Pope slips out the back and rolls Devon up for 3.

Winner: The Pope

Pope extends his hand to Devon after the match, but Devon just blows him off and walks away. Devon sees his sons on the outside, and comes back in to shake Pope's hand and then leaves. Pope moves into 8th place with 17 points now.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with another participant in the Bound For Glory Series, as RVD has the opportunity to be the first man to beat Crimson and take first place in the Series. Jerry Lynn comes in and says that he got in the ring with RVD last month, but wants to be in RVD's corner tonight. I smell screwjob!

We see a video package recapping the Winter & Angelina vs Mickie James feud leading into tonight's title match.

The Knockouts Title is on the line next on Page 2!

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