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By Trent Van Drisse on 2011-08-05 08:48:52

Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television report for August 3rd, 2011, which will be episode#624.

A somewhat newsworthy show tonight with ROH World Champion Davey Richards wrestling a match for OVW TV, then Richards making an announcement about ROH coming to the Davis arena in Louisville for a national television taping on October 1st. ROH taped television in Louisville last December, but that was before Sinclair bought the company. Stacey Cornette was in attendance again this week, so no doubt in my mind with Davey Richards appearing tonight that Jim Cornette was backstage.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed was the ring announcer, no Brittany DeVore this week. The attendance for the Wednesday night TV tapings has been good lately, and this was the best yet since I've been attending. I'd say in the 250 range in the building tonight. Really cool to see the place full, but OVW, please turn the AC on and up when you have a large crowd, it was very hot and stuffy in the building. This was the "Go home" show for the August 6th "Saturday Night Special". This wasn't an especially good "Go home" show in my opinion, but the previous weeks have built this card up very well, and it's quite stacked. I expect a full house and a strong show for this Saturday. The card includes Jason Wayne defending the OVW Heavyweight title against "Smooth" Johnny Spade, and I expect Mike Mondo and Christian Mascagni to get involved in that one, The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black) defend the OVW Southern Tag team titles against James "Moose" Thomas & Rocco Bellagio w/Bolin Services 2.0, Lady JoJo defends the OVW Womens title against Izza Belle Smothers(Mickey Knuckles), Jamin Olivencia vs Rudy Switchblade in a super grudge match, One legged war hero Michael Hayes tries to win his prosthetic leg back against Mohamad Ali Vaez, Raul Lamotta vs Randy Terrez, and a battle of partners of "The Elite" tag team as Ted McNaler faces Adam Revolver.
Alex Silva wrestled Brodus Clay in Indianapolis on Monday night in a match taped for WWE Superstars. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Silva gets signed by the WWE, he's a heck of a prospect. Mike Mondo, Cliff Compton, Paredyse, Mohamad Ali Vaez, Jamin Olivencia, Rudy Switchblade and The Elite all wrestled on the July 31st NWA show at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus Ohio, the show where Adam Pearce regained the NWA World title. I know this was a long intro to this report, but there was alot to cover. On to tonights TV taping....

1. Raphael Constantine beat Jarod Sloan

Dark match. Constantine again out with his picket sign, claiming he was denied his rightful chance to become the OVW TV champion. I haven't seen Sloan before, but several in the crowd seem to know him. Constantine took the mic, and did the old Jerry Lawler deal of wrestling the match while doing his own color commentary at the same time. It was somewhat amusing, but hard to pull off with a corded mic. Constantine rolled up Sloan for the win.

2. Alex Silva beat "Marshman" Nick Dumeyer

Also a dark match. Dumeyer with some weak chops, Silva with some better ones. Silvia with his "Uh oh" catch phrase, which is getting over here, followed by his "Silva Surfer" running knee finisher to win it. Just a theory on my part, but I'm wondering if OVW is just using Silva in dark matches right now because the WWE is considering signing him. Time will tell.

3. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Dylan Bostic by submission

And another dark match. Silvio has yet to do this "Psychedelic Superstar" gimmick on tv. Silvio took the mic and said his act was so exclusive, it was not available on OVW TV or PPV, only at the Davis arena live. lol Made me chuckle, and I guess that's a glass half full way of looking at it but......Heh. Haven't seen Bostic before, his look is decent, but a babyface in pink tights? I like pink, but please, that's a hard sell during a debut. He was just here to do a job anyhow. Match wasn't too exciting, anytime Bostic got an advantage, Mo Green ran a distraction to give the advantage back to Silvio. Green finally told Silvio to "end it", so Silvio turned it on and gave Bostic a running kick to the face, and then made him tap out to the Crippler Crossface. I like the aspect where Silvio wins quickly after "turning it on", but I still have no idea what the gimmick is supposed to be.

The TV taping opened with clips from last week where "Smooth" Johnny Spade beat Mike Mondo w/Christian Mascagni in wild and dramatic fashion to become the number one contender to the OVW heavyweight title, held by Jason Wayne, and Spade now gets a shot at the title on August 6th.

Out came Mike Mondo, in his wrestling gear, with his attourney/manager Christian Mascagni. Mondo looks tan and ripped. Mascagni "nicely"(?) asked OVW champion Jason Wayne to come out, so they can get a few things straight. Wayne came out. Mascagni "complimented"(?) Wayne saying the way Wayne manipulated Mondo, Johnny Spade, and the OVW locker room was genius, and said his respect level for Wayne has risen greatly. Mascagni said Wayne was a smart guy, but that he was also afraid of Mike Mondo. Mascagni said he had one request of Wayne, in the name of good sportsmanship. He asked Wayne to wrestle Mondo in a non-title match, and if Mondo wins, the OVW title match at the August 6th Saturday Night Special again becomes a triple threat match, Wayne vs Spade vs Mondo. Mascagni told Wayne they can do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is Wayne agrees to the match tonight with Mondo, the hard way is Mascagni goes to the OVW Board of directors again, and he always gets his way with them. Mascagni said if he has to go to the OVW BOD, that Jason Wayne would regret it. A very angry Jason Wayne grabbed the mic and said Mascagni was out of his mind. Wayne said everyone in the Davis arena was sick of looking at, and listening to, Mascagni and Mondo. Before Wayne could say what he was going to do about it, out came "Smooth" Johnny Spade. Spade took the mic and said he would not let Jason Wayne do what he thinks he's about to do, because he's the only one getting a shot at the title this Saturday. Spade asked Wayne who in the Hell he thinks he is. Wayne very angrily said he was the OVW champion, and that he decides who he faces, and when, and the segment ended. Nothing was settled at all here basically. BTW, Mascagni is getting noticeably better on the mic, and as a performer. His confidence seems better, and he's becoming more economical with his verbiage on the mic, and making what he does say count more.

The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) were arguing backstage. McNaler shoved Revolver into a locker, and shouted at him as Revolver sat down. McNaler said Revolver was not the leader of The Elite, that Revolver had cost him a shot at the OVW heavyweight title, and last week Revolver caused McNaler to get hit with a chair. McNaler said he and Revolver will wrestle each other this Saturday at the Saturday Night Special, which got a pop in the arena, while Revolver just sat there looking shell shocked. They've been building up to this match for awhile now, but frankly I'm surprised they're doing it this Saturday. The Saturday Night Special was already a loaded show without this , and I kinda thought they had this match in their back pocket for down the road a bit, but no, they're doing it now.

4. Paredyse beat Lennox Norris to retain the OVW TV title

This was the first match of the TV taping. Norris earned a TV title match by winning match for it on an OVW house show the night before in New Albany, Indiana. Not long after the match started some disco music came up, so Norris, a disco dancer, started Disco dancing. Paredyse joined in with some uhhhhh "interesting"(?) moves of his own. The music went back down, and shortly there after Paredyse hit the bookend to beat Norris and retain the TV title. I thought the music coming up during the match thing was stupid myself. Amusing yes, but stupid. Why do that during a title match? To me, that's silly "Mondo Wrestling A Go-Go" type of material. After the match, Raphael Constantine came out with his picket sign, trying hard to get a shot at the OVW TV title. Constantine and Paredyse had a stare down of sorts. I think Constantine will get his shot soon, and I predict he'll even win the TV title.

A mistake was made when briefly a backstage segment involving Raul Lamotta and Bolin Services 2.0 from a few weeks ago started airing.

5. Smothers Twisted Daughters(Izza Belle Smothers & Jessie Belle Smothers & The Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah) beat Taryn Shay, CJ Lane, Epiphany & Solo Darling in an 8 Divas tag team match

This opened, and closed, with Izza Belle Smothers(Mickey Knuckles) and Taryn Shay going it at. In fact there was never a tag I don't think. It quickly broke down to almost a Lucha kind of a thing were girls just kept running in the ring at a rapid pace, doing a big spot with each other, then two, or more, others would run in and do a big spot. All fast paced action. It ended with Izza Belle and Taryn back in the ring alone, and Izza Bella pinning her with a Falcon Arrow I think, took her up and dropped her down. Vince McMahon would call it "Whatta maneuver". All the ladies on the OVW roster in this one, except OVW Womens champion Lady JoJo, who defends against Izza Belle Smothers this Saturday. The Blossom Twins debuted new British style outfits here, which looked good.
Backstage OVW champion Jason Wayne angrily and violently threw Aiden Young into a wall, leaving Young laying, and telling Young to tell Christian Mascagni to find someone bigger.

Out come one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes on crutches, to his customary big pop. Hayes took the mic and said he will face Mohamad Ali Vaez this Saturday to win his prosthetic leg back. Hayes said August 6th will be 5 years to the day when he lost his leg to an explosion in Iraq, which killed three other men. Hayes was the only survivor of that attack. Hayes acknowledged his mother, who was sitting on the front row. I think Hayes actually lost his leg on August 4th 2006, but almost 5 years to the day of this Saturdays Saturday Night Special. Hayes said it has been a long hard road since losing his leg. Hayes put over his last several months in OVW as being great, and became legit emotional. Hayes said he was going to open Mohamad Ali Vaez' eyes on August 6th, and hopes Vaez is ready for the fight of his life. Hayes said what he went thru 5 years ago was nothing compared to what Vaez would go thru on Saturday. No Mohamad Ali Vaez on TV this week, which is an extreme rarity in OVW. Only time I recall him not being there was when they were on tour in Australia in June. Hayes is 0-4, plus minus one fake leg, vs Vaez so far, but I'm sure Hayes is winning this Saturday. Only thing I could see is Vaez losing, but running off with the fake leg and not giving it back yet, or maybe destroying the fake leg, but I doubt that. We'll see.

Backstage Tony Gunn was telling OVW champion Jason Wayne to not mess up Johnny Spade's title shot. Wayne got pissed, Hell, he's staying pissed off lately, and attacked Gunn, knocking him down and beating on him. Johnny Spade ran up and pulled Spade off Gunn. Great, now the stalker Tony Gunn is going to think Johnny Spade really does care about him. heh Wayne angrily told Spade he hadn't even decided what to do about Mike Mondo yet, but that now he has decided to face Mondo tonight, and if Mondo wins, it becomes a triple threat match for the title this Saturday.

Shiloh Jonze, who quit OVW after a long losing streak, was in the back pensively looking at his black boots. Jonze actually lost to referee Chris Sharpe, and then ring announcer Brittany DeVore as being the final straws when he quit. All of a sudden a female voice rang out saying "Don't quit now, you're amazing! You're the best there ever was! Jonze agreed with the voice, and said it's time to get back on his feet, have a match tonight, and win it. Jonze then left. "The voice" then appeared, it was Taryn Shay, who snuck off with Benny Bray, the stud of the OVW stable, with both Shay and Bray having their clothes halfway torn off. Ok, that was a funny segment. lol

Raul Lamotta was talking to Prince Bolin backstage. Lamotta was angry with Randy Terrez, and said his back was still stinging from a chair shot from last week. Bolin told Lamotta if he does them a favor tonight, he'll have the full backing of Bolin Service 2.0 this Saturday when he faces Randy Terrez.

Hill, Corsey & Bolin were talking at the desk about something. I heard Kenny Bolin say something about Jason Wayne needing anger management classes, and based on the last few weeks here, I can't disagree. Wayne is on an angry warpath.

6. Shiloh Jonze beat Randy Terrez by count out

Jonze was wearing some funky new white boots, which didn't match his outfit at all. Jonez took the mic and said tonight was a blessed night. Jonze said he heard the voice of an "angel", brought from the hand of God himself. Jonze asked the crowd for an "Amen", and a "Hallelujah", and got some. lol Jonze went into a bit of a Brother Love speech pattern here. Jonze said he was born again! Jonze said the Shiloh Jonze crusade begins tonight. Jonze then asked for an opponent, out came Randy Terrez. After some decent action, Jonze and Terrez collided hard gut to gut in mid ring as the both went for crossbody blocks. Raul Lamotta ran out and distracted referee Joe Wheeler for a kayfabe breaking amount of time while James "Moose" Thomas & Rocco Bellagio, with Bolin Services 2.0 attacked Terrez on the floor. Thomas gave Terrez the "Moose kick" on the floor while Bellgaio held him. Joe Wheeler then counted Terrez out, giving the "Born again" Shiloh Jonze his first win, I guess to now begin a comedy winning streak gimmick for Jonze. Lamotta, Thomas, and Bellagio beat on Terrez on the floor. Trailer Park Trash, Jack Black, and Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson made the save, and chased all of Bolin Services 2.0 to the back. TPT and Black had chairs, Jump Squat had weights with him. Like I said, the distraction spot with Lamotta and ref Joe Wheeler was beyond ridiculous. Way too long, and way too much noise going on for Wheeler not to notice. That's booking your refs to look like a stupid piece of shit.

7. Davey Richards beat Sean Casey by submission

ROH World champion in the house! Casey was an interesting choice of an opponent for him here. Casey is still in great shape. I've always viewed him as a "walk and talk" guy at heart though, and not a workrate guy. But he did well here with Richards. I'm guessing that Jim Cornette picked Casey to face Richards here, but that's strictly as guess. I think Cornette liked Casey in OVW back in the day. Some scattered "Best in the world" chants for Richards. Richards with some kicks on Casey early, and then he tied Casey up like a pretzel in a submission maneuver. Casey came back with a running spinning neckbreaker. Casey with a spinebuster, and a back suplex. Richards back with more kicks. Casey with a top rope Bulldog. Casey on the floor, Richards with a wicked running kick. Richards with a flying forearm off the apron to Casey on the floor. Richards with a running forearm to the head in the ring, and an exploder suplex. Richards with an ankle lock, Casey fought out of it. Richards applied another submission hold, and Casey had to tap out. Decent match, these guys clicked well together, which mildly surprised me.
Richards took the mic and put over the history of OVW, and the Davis arena. Richards said he respect the past, and will lead us to the future. Richards then announced the October 1st ROH national TV taping at the Davis arena, to a good pop. I'm looking forward to it myself. It was really neat to see Davey Richards here tonight.

Jamin Olivencia was cutting a backstage promo on Rudy Switchblade for their match this Saturday when a casual Rudy Switchblade walked up with a cup of coffee. The stip is Olivencia and Switchblade can't touch each other until August 6th, or if they do it's a 60 day suspension. Switchblade was playing mind games with the intense Olivencia, getting right in his face, daring him to hit him. Elvis Pridemore showed up, and Switchblade asked Elvis to hold his coffee. Switchblade then cut a promo on Olivencia, and hit Elvis on the back, causing Elvis to spill the coffee on Olivencia's chest. Olivencia, obviously, was not happy. Switchblade vs Olivencia should be a Hell of a match this Saturday, it's been an intense build up.

8. Jason Wayne vs Mike Mondo w/Christian Mascagni was ruled a no contest

TV main event time. These guys wasted no time and went right at it, with Wayne getting the better of it. Mascagni distracted the ref, allowing Mondo to pull Wayne into the ringpost crotch first. Mondo then took, and held, control of the match for several minutes. Wayne finally came back with some clotheslines, eblows, and knees. Wayne press slammed Mondo over his head, and dropped him down. Mascagni was emphatically waving for help from the back. Out came a bevy of guys including Andreas Rossi, Aiden Young, Chase King, Tony Gunn, and Brandon Espinosa. Johnny Spade ran out and got in the ring. Spade went nose to nose with Jason Wayne, but then Wayne and Spade made a pact and beat up all of Mascagni's many goons, while the bell rang and the match was ruled a no contest. Spade ventured too close to Wayne though, and Wayne "accidentally" gave Spade a back elbow. It was a really contrived looking spot. Spade then laid Wayne out with a superkick. Wayne was down awhile, ending the TV taping. So, with nothing still settled I guess is will be Jason Wayne defending against Johnny Spade this Saturday. But I expect Mondo and Mascagni to get heavily involved.

Actually a pretty good stand alone show this week, a Hell of a lot went on again, that's for sure. But like I said, I don't think this was a super strong "go home" show for the Saturday Night Special, but they've done a great job of building it up the prior weeks. The taping ran long, and I had to leave. Don't know what the post taping dark matches were. Send any feedback to


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