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By Mike Johnson on 2011-07-30 08:00:00

July 30th

On this day in history in ....

1960 - Gory Guerrero (father of Eddie, Hector, Mando and Chavo Classic) defeats Rey Mendoza for the EMLL-based NWA World Light Heavyweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1964 - Fred Curry defeats Tito Carreon in Austin, Texas for the Texas Junior Heavyweight Title.

1977 - Gorilla Monsoon defeats Hartford Love for the WWC North American Heavyweight Title in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1985 - At a WWF Television taping in Poughkeepsie, New York, Randy Savage squashes Jim Young with a flying elbowsmash, then announces who he has selected as his manager, ending weeks of speculation that Bobby Heenan, Mr. Fuji, Jimmy Hart, Johnny Valiant or Freddie Blassie would be selected.  Savage's choice, making her WWF debut, was Miss Elizabeth, who had previously worked in ICW as an announcer (although that was not mentioned on WWF TV, and neither was the fact that Elizabeth was Savage's wife).

1985 - Stan Hansen defeats Giant Baba to win the Pacific Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Title in Fukuoka, Japan. This ended Baba's fourth and final run with the title.

1999 - "Curtis Comes Home" a benefit card to raise money for Brian Hildebrand (referee Mark Curtis of SMW and WCW fame), who was battling stomach cancer, was held at the Ice Gardens in Rostraver, Pennsylvania. The card saw the participation of WCW, WWF and ECW wrestlers, and raised $30,000 for Hildebrand, who continued to fight the disease until passing away on September 8, 1999. Here are the results from the show:
- Julio Sanchez defeated Frank Parker.
- Dominic DeNucci (who trained Hildebrand, Shane Douglas and Mick Foley) defeated Lord Zoltan.
- Dick Flanagan defeated Preston Steele.
- Eddie Guerrero defeated Billy Kidman and Shark Boy in a three way match.
- The Public Enemy defeated Bo James & Roger Anderson.
- D'Lo Brown vs. AL Snow ended up with referee Mick Foley getting involved, and actually pinning Brown.
- Cody Michaels, with Jim Cornette, defeated Hugh Morrus.
- Chris Jericho defeated Terry Taylor.
- Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko & Shane Douglas (the original ECW Triple Threat) defeated Tim Horner, Tracey Smothers & Chris Candido, with Tammy Lynn Sytch.

1999 - Cheetah Master defeats Mr. Ooh La La in Newport, Delaware for the ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title.

1999 - Kodo Fuyuki, Koji Nakagawa & Gedo defeat Hayabusa, Masato Tanaka & Tetsuhiro Kuroda in the finals of a tournament to become the first WEW (FMW) Six Man Tag Team Champions in Tokyo, Japan.

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