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By Mike Johnson on 2011-07-29 13:00:44
Several readers sent word that local newscasts in the Columbus, Ohio area noted over the last day that criminal charges against former WWE star Shad Gaspard had been dropped by police.

In March, the former WWE star was allegedly walking in the street and obstructing traffic while in town for the Arnold Fitness Festival. When Gaspard allegedly refused to show identification and "ignored" a request not to walk in the street, an officer attempted to take him into custody. Gaspard broke free, which is why the additional police were called.

At the time, Gaspard claimed he did nothing wrong. MMA fighter Josh Barnett, who was with Gaspard, claimed on his Twitter that Gaspard was arrested for jaywalking after the police made a big deal about nothing. Gaspard's wife had claimed racial profiling.

A friend of mine who was in town for the event wrote me immediately after word came out of Gaspard's arrest and noted that the street in question was packed with those attending the Arnold Fitness Festival and walking in the street was commonplace during the Festival because of the amount of people in the immediate area.

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