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By Mike Johnson on 2011-07-28 16:05:05

Dragon Gate USA
Uprising 2011 PPV
Deer Park, Long Island, NY at the NYWC Sportatorium.

Dragon Gate USA's Uprising PPV opens with Rich Swann backstage.  He was all excited that it was the night of the Freestyle and getting the chance to be in the main event.  He put over that he would be facing Ronin and Pac tonight and promised he would show he was the King of Freestyle and began freestyling Ronin's theme.
Lenny Leonard said the NYWC Sportatorium was in the shadow of NYC.  The building, which I personally love, came off looking like a modern version of the old Techwood Drive TBS Studios from the 1980s.  Just for that, I already love this PPV.

Caleb Konley vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Jon Davis vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Rich Swann vs. Sami Callihan vs. Scott Reed

Total chaos. Callihan demolished Sanchez on the outside. He returned to lay out Lyndon with a seres of chops. Lyndon fired back with a drop toehold in the corner and running boot to the face while on the apron. He then nailed a big kick off the ropes. Davis caught him with a powerslam and elevated him into the air then slammed him.  I could provide a blow by blow but honestly, it would be an insult to everyone involved.  It's just absolutely freaking insane.

Pinkie went for a dive but everyone nailed him. They then battled into a Tower of Doom spot and Pinkie tried to pin everyone afterward. That was funny. Sanchez played the role of the smallest guy who just got DECIMATED and took a ton of sick bumps.

In the end, Callihan forced Reed to tap out to the Stuff Muffler. Just insane stuff.

The eight way is perhaps the most balls to the wall insane match I have ever seen. Just an absolutely intense ballet of highspots and dives that never lets up pace to the point it sends your head whirling. Think X-Division amped up on crack.  Just mind blowing sequence after sequence and with one match, the PPV is already worth the price of admission.

Masaaki Mochizuki cut a promo basically warning the DUF that they didn't pay him respect so now he's going to kill them.  DGUSA translated it with subtitles.

Brodie Lee vs. Tony Nese

Worthless trivia: The entranceway for the PPV is actually the old ECW entranceway, which the NYWC ended up inheriting in a story too long for anyone other than me to care about.

Lee threw a chair in the ring at Nese, who jumped out of the ring. Lee backed him into the corner but the referee forced a break. Lee controlled the match with power spots early and wailed away on Nese with chops.

Nese came back and sent Lee to the floor, then hit a suicide dive that nearly sent them both into the first row. They battled on the floor and Lee dropped him across the rail. As he argued with the referee, CIMA worked over Nese on the floor.

Back in the ring, Lee continued the beating, choking Nese against the ropes. Nese mounted a comeback with several bodyshots but was cut off and nailed with a big chop. Nese shoulderblocked Lee and went for a springboard cross body but was caught. He slipped out of Lee's arms and rolled him up for a two count.

Lee measured Nese with a big chop and stepped on his chest. Lee slammed Nese down and scored a two count. Nese came back, kicking off Lee as he approached in the corner. Nese nailed several running kicks followed by a knee in the corner but Lee kicked up.

He caught Lee with a kick to the chest and a running death valley driver, then covered him for a two count. Nese nailed another kick and came off the ropes with a springboard moonsault for a two count.

Nese fired himself up and continued the array of kicks to Lee but was chopped down. Lee went for a running boot but missed and crotched himself, going over the top to the floor. Nese dove off the top to the floor on Lee in the corner of the barriers.

Nese came off the top but was nailed with a big punch. He fought back and nailed a back suplex with a bridge for a two count. He went back to the top but Lee caught him on the rope and brought him in with a butterfly like superplex. Lee set up Nese and nailed a series of big boots in the corner, then a Black Hole Slam but Nese kicked up at the last second.

Lee pulled Nese up to the corner but was nailed with a kick. CIMA distracted the referee, allowing Austin Aries to interfere. Lee drilled Nese with a sitdown powerbomb for the pin.

Your winner, Brodie Lee!

Decent back and forth competitive match. These guys worked well together and really busted their asses. Very underrated talents on both sides.   Nese is going to be one of those talents that will be an overnight sensation even though he's been working his ass off forever.

Austin Aries said that he had some business to take care of and asked the other Blood Warriors to head to the back. He said that he didn't need any help because he's the greatest man who ever lived. The fans started to chant for him, so he told them to keep chanting because he'd wait all night. When were finished, he called out Yokosuka.

Austin Aries vs. Susumu Yokosuka

Aries heeled the crowd and stalled early. Aries went for a test of strength. Yokosuka started to get the better of it so Aries left the ring. When he returned, they did some nice back and forth matwrestling.   Good slow build.

They locked up and Yokosuka caught Aries, scissoring his neck with his legs. Aries escaped and sent Yokosuka into the ropes but was shoulderblocked down. They started reversing headlocks and doing some good counter wrestling.

They rebounded off the ropes several times until Aries again bailed and sat on a chair at ringside. When he returned to the ring, they went back and forth. Aries hit a nice suicide dive to the floor that nearly took out a railing and the front row.

Yokosuka made a comeback with a suplex for a two count. He then nailed a sick looking shinbeaker. Yokosuka locked on a figure four leglock. Aries escaped and cut him off with a kick to the face and a running elbow in the corner.

Aries went to the top for a 450 splash but Yokosuka slipped out of the way. Aries was killed with a lariat but slipped out of a powerbomb attempt. Yokosuka killed him with another lariat that sent him upside down and scored the pin.

Your winner, Susumu Yokosuka!

The pace was a little deliberate early but when they got going, there was some good stuff here. Another solid bout.  This was obviously Aries' final DGUSA PPV appearance.

Somewhere in the streets, the DUFs are getting completely trashed.   Sami Callihan said that he kicked ass tonight and he knows Arik Cannon will too, so it's a DUF asskicking party.

Freestyle: Open the Freedom Gate champion YAMATO vs. CIMA vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Masato Yoshino

They all battled in the ring to start the bout. More chaos. This is probably going to be my worst PPV PBP ever because with all the Four Ways there's too much going on at once to accurately keep up typing.

CIMA worked over Gargano who caught him with a spear through the ropes. CIMA went to the floor, where Gargano hit a great dive through the ropes on him. Gargano then hit a nice flip off the apron onto YAMATO.

Back in the ring, Gargano nailed a series of kicks and drove his knees into YAMATO's face. YAMATO came back with a brainbuster and locked on a submission but Yoshino attacked him. They went back and forth and Yoshino locked on an Octopus.

CIMA hit the scene and nailed a double stomp on Yoshino. More crazy insanity ensued.

Yoshino went for a springboard move but was caught and suplexed by YAMATO. YAMATO and Gargano went crazy with back and forth strikes. Gargano nailed a spinning neckbreaker and locked on a submission on YAMATO.

CIMA sent Yoshino into the railing on the floor and broke up the submission with a missile dropkick. He finally nailed YAMATO with a package bomb for the pin.

Your winner, CIMA!

Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Arik Cannon

Mochizuki drilled Cannon with a kick to start the match but Cannon came back with a big shoulderblock. They traded blows in the center of the ring. Mochizuki nailed a big running knee to Cannon's back as he sat on the apron.

Mochizuki slammed Cannon and then began working over his leg, working it for a submission and then cinching in a one legged crab. Cannon fought his way to the ropes. Mochizuki was nailed with a series of kicks and chops in the corner. Mochizuki whipped Cannon, who reversed it and then kicked Mochizuki down for a series of pinfall attempts.

Cannon began working over Mochizuki's leg and knee, trying to force a submission. Mochizuki made it to the ropes and then fought Cannon off. Mochizuki drilled Cannon with several kicks before scoring a two count.

He began unloading with stiff kicks to the chest as Cannon dared him to bring it. Cannon caught him in the corner and nailed a legwhip. He covered Mochizuki for a two count, then began choking him before locking in a figure four leglock.

Mochizuki made a comeback with a series of kicks to the head, covering Cannon for a two count. Mochizuki went for a suplex but Cannon fought back and reversed it. Mochizuki landed on his feet. They battled and finally Cannon nailed a suplex for a two count.

Cannon nailed a big running clothesline for a two count. Mochizuki nailed a running clothesline and a missile dropkick. Mochizuki nailed a big lariat and scored the pin.

Sami Callihan attacked Mochizuki but was nailed by Susumu Yokosuka. Pinkie Sanchez hit the ring and chopped at Yokosuka but was soon dispatched. Callihan laid out Yokosuka and told the Japanese stars that twice they have kicked their ass and next time, they are going to beat them. D PERIOD U PERIOD F PERIOD.  They tossed Sanchez over the top rope, even though he tried to help them.

Backstage, Gargano said he knew he was "this close" to getting the tapout.  He promised he was going to win the Open the Freedom Gate title from YAMATO.  Rich Swann told him he can do it and he will.  Gargano tod Swann that tonight he was going to get the job done.

Akira Tozawa vs. AR Fox

Some awesome wrestling early before they had a faceoff. Fox was really over. Tozawa began working on Fox's arm but was nailed with a leg lariat. Fox nailed a nice suplex and scored a two count.

Tozawa mounted a comeback with a slam and a back senton splash. He cinched in a side chinlock. Tozawa nailed a kick and forced Fox into the corner, working him over with stiff chops. Tozawa controlled him on the mat and tied up Fox like a pretzel.

Fox came back with a big missile dropkick and scored several near falls. Fox working over Tozawa with a series of kicks in the corner, then a slam. He nailed a springboard moonsault for a two count, followed by a twisting splash fo another.

Fox nailed a hard leaping clothesline in the corner. He tried to whip Tozawa who came back with a dropkick to the legs and another shit that sent Fox to the floor. Tozawa nailed two suicide dives. The crowd chanted for another. Tozawa nailed a flip dive off the apron.

Tozawa followed up with a big suplex for another two count. Fox avoided him and leapt off the ropes backwards into an Ace Crusher. He scored a two count off of that. Fox went for a back suplex but Tozawa ran him through the ropes. Tozawa landed on the floor and Fox nailed a standing shooting star onto him off the apron.

Fox set up Tozawa on the apron and nailed an Alabama Jam off the top onto the apron for another near fall. Tozawa cut him off with a big boot and a clothesline. He grabbed Fox for a back supplex but was shoved off. They traded kicks with a nice back and forth sequence that the crowd loved.

They traded forearms back and forth in the center of the ring. Tozawa scored with several kicks. Fox nailed him with a running kick on the ropes and hit a Spanish Fly for a near fall. The crowd started chanting, "This is awesome."

Tozawa nailed Fox with an insane belly to back superplex then nailed a running kick to the face. Tozawa nailed another back suplex but only garnered a two count. Tozawa went for another suplex but Fox elbowed his way out. Tozawa finally nailed a Dragon suplex for the pin.

Your winner, Akira Tozawa!

They embraced after the match.

That was some GREAT STUFF!!   Fox is going to be someone to watch,  In a lot of ways, DGUSA's gift to the world will be all the talents they develop with the Japanese tours.

PAC vs. Ricochet vs. Rich Swann

They had a hot opening with a sick Swann dive that took out PAC on the floor. Swann controlled PAC with several sick looking kicks and locked on a side chinlock. He drilled PAC with a dropkick and a somersault into a frog splash for another two count.

Swann and Ricochet had a stiff exchange on the floor and Swann was sent into the rails. Ricochet and PAC went back and forth with Ricochet being on the offense.

They went into an absolutely insane series of dives and crazy moves to the outside. Ricochet whipped PAC into the railing. He spiked Swann with a sick looking DDT. More sick crazy aerial spots.

Swann and Ricochet battled back and forth with strikes. Swann was caught with a sick leaping kick to the head. PAC was then caught with a nasty throw.

There is so much insane stuff going on here, there is no way to cover it all. Ricochet finally scored the pin with a 630.

Your winner, Ricochet!

Ricochet said that he was the best, not PAC and started working him over. Yoshino made the save. Yoshino thanked Long Island for coming out.

Overall, Lots of CRAZY, futuristic aerial stuff on this PPV. More spots than anyone can even begin to break down in their heads to process before it's over.  This will be a show you'll want to order and then watch again to try and somehow grasp the magic that goes into putting this stuff together.  It's a completely different working style from anything else in pro wrestling in 2011 and it's certainly an acquired taste, but you can't help but marvel at how talented these guys are.  GET THIS SHOW.

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