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By Mike Holm on 2011-07-19 22:33:18
I attended tonight's Smackdown taping in Minneapolis. Here are the results.

Dark Match:

Michael McGillicutty beat Trent Barreta.

After NXT, which you have on the site, they taped Superstars.

Justin Gabriel beat Tyson Kidd with the 450 splash.

Alicia Fox beat Natalya.  Remember her?


The show opened with Randy Orton in the ring.  He referenced the changing of the guard at the end of Raw and then talked MITB and called our Christian.  He came out on the stage and said that when he spit on Orton at the PPV it was an accident.  Orton demanded his rematch but Teddy Long told him he was booked against Kane in a streetfight tonight.  Orton got mad and went after Christian.  After that broke up, Long told Christian he had to face Big Zeke.

Christian beat Zeke with the Killswitch.  Either they are behind Christian as champ or Zeke is on his way down.  I am not sure which it is.

Michael Cole interviewed the "you got lucky" MITB winner Daniel Bryan.  Cole was a jerk to him and said he would cash in the title when the champ was down.  Bryan blew Cole off and said he earned the title shot was announcing right now that he will cash in the shot at WrestleMania XXVIII.

Bryan then beat Heath Slater in a long, good match.

Mark Henry did a promo saying he was happy to destroy and hurt Big Show.

Sheamus and Wade Barrett brawled to a no decision on the floor.  It could have been a count out.  Sheamus got the upper hand at the end laying out Barrett with the Brogue Kick.  The crowd was behind Sheamus.

Kane did a promo and then had his street fight with Orton.  This was a good back and forth match.  Both guys got out of the other's finisher.  Orton finally won with the RKO and they shook hands in respect after the match.

After the match, Mark Henry came out and destroyed Kane. He did the same move with the chair that he did to Big Show at the PPV.

In the dark match, Randy Orton took on Christian. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes came down and Orton laid them all out.

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