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By Jose Perez on 2011-07-18 23:10:13
WWC Aniversario 2011: IWA Invasion Begins...

World Wrestling Council (WWC) celebrated their 38 anniversary with a really good show last night at the "Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum" in Bayamon, PR.  This "WWC Aniversario 2011" show saw the return of Invader #1 to WWC after over 8 years of leaving the company and after 5 years of being retired. 

That was the big story coming into the last week of hype for the show.  Meanwhile, another return was being rumored and finally broke through.  That was the return of Savio Vega to WWC after over 15 years and the long time war between Vega's IWA and Colon's WWC.

Here are the results of the show:

1. Over the Top Rope Elimination Championship Scramble

The winner of the scramble will be receiving a shot at challenging any champion in WWC for any title at any time they desire.

Some of the participants were: Ricochet, Cuervo, Steve Joel, Chris Joel, Madman Manson, Joe Don Smith, AJ Castillo, The American Legion (1 & 2), Mr. X, Tommy Diablo, Angel, Jay Velez, Blitz, amongst others.

Madman Manson eliminated Tommy Diablo to win the scramble.

2. Black Rose defeated Sarita (w/ Jose Chaparro) after Chaparro accidentally slapped Sarita and Black Rose got the pin.  After the match, Sarita argued with Chaparro, ending in Sarita giving Chaparro a low blow and then leaving him laying in the ring.

3. Street Fight Match  -  Mr. Big defeated Black Pain.  During the match they hit each other with everything they could find under the ring.  Big man battle, entertaining for what it was.

4. Grudge Match -  Joe Bravo defeated BJ after a low blow.  The match had a few good spots from BJ, but very slow paced match that seemed to drag a little.  Probably the most disappointing match in an otherwise very good Aniversario show.

5. Hair vs. Hair Match -  Shane defeated Noriega.  Really fun match which saw both Shane and Noriega going back and forth with good sequences, false finishes that got the crowd roaring and big comeback from Shane at the end of the match.  After the match ended, Noriega had to be restrained by security in order for Shane to be able to cut his hair in the ring.

6. WWC Universal Title Match -  Carlito Caribbean Cool retained the title after defeating "The Monster" Abyss.  Solid bout with very different wrestling styles.  Carlito botched a spot where he was supposed to launch himself from the top rope but he slipped and landed a little awkward, although he was fast to recover from it and built on a nice sequence finishing with a moonsault that got the crowd off their seats.  Carlito got the pin on Abyss after "The Monster" tried to throw Carlito onto a bunch of thumbtacks that he had spread in the ring.  Carlito fought his way out of the superplex and got Abyss to fall on the tacks, getting the three count right after.  After the match, he gave Chaparro a "Back-Stabber".  When this happened, Abyss gave Carlito a beat down and left him laying in the middle of the ring.  Carlito then took what seemed to be forever to get himself up, with the help of the referee and then go to the back.

Next, we saw WWC representatives come to the ring to honor Hercules Ayala, who the show was being dedicated too.  They presented him with a plaque and Ayala spoke to the crowd, which happened to be his hometown crowd.

7. Grudge Match - with Chicky Starr as Special Guest Referee

Invader #1 vs. Gilbert ended in a "No Contest".  Invader #1, 65 years old, looked in great shape.  They had a really good match and the crowd was very much into it.  Invader's kids got involved at different points during the match as his daughter came running to the ring at one point and gave him a steel chair.  The final moments of the match saw Invader trying to hit the heart punch on Gilbert, only for Gilbert to move away and Chicky Starr receive it.  This caused Starr to be out and no referees came out to help.  Gilbert got the best of Invader and was about to hit him with a chair when Invader's sons came out to help their father, only to be dispatched quickly by Gilbert.  After seeing this Invader reacted and gave a few chair shots to Gilbert who then left the ring area and went to the back.

8. Triple Threat Match for the WWC Caribbean Title -  In what was a really good match, and much to the surprise of everyone in the building, Chavo Guerrero Jr. became the new WWC Caribbean champion after defeating "Sensational" Carlitos and Orlando Colon (FCW's Tito Colon).  This match was very fast paced with lots of good spots all throughout.  The crowd was behind Chavo, who played his old persona of "lie, cheat and steal" and worked a really good match.  Colon and Carlitos also were really good here and came out just as strong as they came in.  After the match, Carlitos shook hands with Chavo, but Chavo turned on him and hit the "Three Amigos" suplex sequence on him, which got a really big pop from the crowd.

9. WWC World Tag Team Title Match - w/ El Artache (WWC) and Pelayito Vazquez (IWA) as referees

"Los Fugitivos de la Calle" Lynx & Niche vs "La Artillería Pesada" Thunder & Lightning ended in a "No Contest".   The match ended with both referees, Artache and Pelayito fighting each other.  T&L then got into it with Niche and Lynx and started fighting through the crowd, almost going out of the Coliseum.

At this point Savio Vega's music plays and the place erupted.  Vega came in through the same door they were fighting towards too.  T&L and Lynx and Niche then start to fight back towards the ring, being followed Savio and group of IWA wrestlers that included Chicano, Dennis Rivera, Noel Rodriguez, Spectro, Enigma, Xix Xavant, Hiram Tua as well as a couple more.  When they got to the ring, they were getting ready to give a beat down to Niche and Lynx, but the WWC locker room came out for the save.  Vega and the IWA group came down from the ring and Vega got on the mic sending a message to WWC letting them know that the real invasion has begun and that he invites them to show up at IWA's big event "Summer Attitude", which will take place also in Bayamon in a couple of weeks. 

He ended by sending a message directed at Carlito Caribbean Cool.  He took a medicine bottle, opened it and poured the pills out onto the floor while saying: "Hey Carly, here I have your daily dose.  Come and get it... Because to me you are and always will be a "tecato" (drug addict).  This angle is playing off his release from WWE due to not agreeing to submit to a rehab treatment last year.  This was the end of the show, and what a show it was.  Definitely looking forward to where they take this angle in the coming weeks.  There are so many great stories that can come out of this.  Here is to hoping they build on the great start they just had.

Overall, a very strong show on WWC's part.  Good matches and lots really good wrestling with very few exceptions.  The crowd was hot all night and very much involved.  I would venture to estimate the attendance at approximately 4,500 to 5,000, which is a good turnout having in mind that they had to change the night of the event from Saturday to Sunday due to calendar conflicts with the local professional basketball league, which had priority in the use of the Coliseum for a Semi-Final's series game.

One negative thing that I will say about the show is that, as it has been for years, they never start on time (scheduled for 6PM; didn't start until close to 7PM) and they have too long of an intermission, which kills the crowd, especially when you go to the show with younger kids.  The intermission yesterday was 50 minutes long!

Other than that, as I stated, a really fun show to attend.  Go to the following link if you like to see the pictures from the show as posted on the WWC's fan page in Facebook:

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