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By Mike Johnson on 2011-06-27 16:48:58


The Urban Wrestling Federation’s “First Blood” PPV opened with a “news report” from’s Gina Torres, who told the audience that Brooklyn-based rapper Uncle Murda was arrested after an altercation with a Miami rapper and a pro wrestler. Torres said, “He was last seen being taken away, saying over and over, it’s a man’s game now.”

We then went into an opening montage that looked great. Think the old ECW open in an alternative hip hop universe, Steve O'Neil produced this well.

We go to a vignette where Steve The Hustler (UWF owner Steve Karel and NO ONE was more shocked to see him as an on-camera personality then yours truly.) telling two large thug types that they weren’t making money anymore on the street, so they had to reach out to all the crews and tell them “the ring is the new block” and make the money in wrestling. Somehow, this would take down all the renegades in the hood. They ran down the different crews they should invite to be part of this gathering of well,Warriors, I guess. I guess that makes Steve Karel Cyrus? Of all the people to open this PPV, the last person I expected was Karel!

We go to the Hammerstein Ballroom. Ring announcer Larry Legend introduces us to the UWF.

Lowlife Louie Ramos comes out and says the UWF has brought the streets to the ring. He says it’s all about Uncle Murda’s crew. Music starts playing and Ramos asked who has beef. Murder-One hits the ring from the crowd and attacks Ramos, destroying him with BRUTAL (and trust me, these were BRUTAL) chairshots to the head. Ramos is busted open. Murder One brandished a shank and started stabbing Ramos in the head and the arm. He drilled Ramos with a big boot and an Ace Crusher.

Murder One cut a promo saying he drew first blood and was doing it in the name of Atlanta. He told Murda that if he thinks he’s got a hard crew, no one has seen a hard crew until we’ve seen his and introduces Big Block with his tag team, Grim Reefer and Ruckus. Block said he was there to get that money.

This brought out Uncle Murda, who brought out his team, The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz. Ruckus tried to throw a chair at EC Negro, who caught it and threw it back in the ring. Murda said this was his town and they were going to give them a NYC ass-kicking.

This brought out Brisco and his team of Dope and Creed. He said while everyone else was out partying, he was f***ing all the Atlanta and NYC b***hes. As you can guess, the show will be syndicated on the Hallmark Channel.

Ghetto Mafia vs. Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz vs. Grimm Reefer & Ruckus

All six brawled around and inside the ring. KC Blade hit a nice powerslam on one of the Mafia, Reefer and Blade chopped back and forth. Reefer missed a clothesline but nailed a secind one. Negro nailed a nice cobra clutch slam. One of the Mafia ducked a charge and Negro took a bump to the floor.

One of the Mafia hit a nice pescado to the floor on everyone as they brawled. Reefer went to the top and hit a springboard flip into the chaos. Ruckus hit a backflip moonsault off the apron, followed by Reefer hitting a splash to the floor on a DRS member. He tossed Negro back into the ring and worked him over with a series of rights.

Reefer hit a flying headscissors into a crippler crossface on Negro but Blade broke it up. DRS drilled Reefer with his finisher but The Mafia returned to the ring and broke up the pinfall. The fans began chanting "Let's go New York." Murda started chanting it on the mic

Mafia tried to work over Negro, who fired back against both. They nailed a variation of the old Demolition finisher on him. Ruckus and Reefer returned to the fray. Ruckus hit the Razzle Dazzle on a member of the Mafia. Reefer worked him over with chops. The Mafia made a comeback and worked over Reefer, nailing a double powerbomb into the corner.

DRS attacked and threw the Mafia out of the ring. They nailed a spike reverse tombstone on Reefer. Blade played to the crowd as Negro sold an arm injury, allowing the Mafia to score the pinfall.

Your winners, The Ghetto Mafia!

Reefer attacked Blade and they brawled backstage. Hard working, chaotic tag match.

Backstage, Brisco and his team celebrated their win and said, “F*** New York.”

Somewhere in Brooklyn, Red Café and the SAT cut a promo. Café said they were here to take over the UWF and the gloves were off. Will Maximo said when it comes to wrestling and Urban, they are the best. Joel Maximo said that when you cross the bridge in Brooklyn, you have to pay the toll and when it’s time to fight, they fight. Café said they are going to get all the money because they have to eat.

In a limo, Brisco met with Cuban Links, paying him off to bring in some muscle through his connection to help him get the UWF championship. The muscle in question will be Ricky Reyes.

Billy Blue’s crew were hanging out. Blue showed up and asked Bestia if he had Blue's money. Bestia, who looked worried when Blue showed up, said he had it and started rifling through his bags. Blue told the woman who was with him that it was her shopping money and she started looking through the bags. Blue accused Bestia of trying to make him look like a clown. He told Bestia he had an hour to get his money, and told Buck Chyld that if Bestia didn’t come back with it, it was going to be Buck’s problem as well.

Big Block was backstage macking on a hottie (I think this show is starting to rub off on me) when Rache Brown arrived. He told Block that he had his back and anything Block wanted him to do, he would take care of it. He said all the other crews were nothing compared to Block.

Uncle Murda told his crew that his crew is not to lose. He told Homicide that he was the only shot they have for the UWF title and Homicide was to whip Eddie Kingston’s ass. Homicide told him no problem. Murda told Wagner Brown that he’s heard something about Red Café getting involved in their business. He told Brown that if he can find him, “smoke him.” He said they were all about the street money and now they are here for the PPV money.

Buck Chyld was on the phone talking up Bily Blue to someone when Rasche Brown approached him in the hallway and laid him out, slamming his head against the wall and nailing a running kick to the face. Brown walked off.

As Chyld was out cold, Façade walked past him and entered a locker room. “Security footage” showed him entering, only to find Bestia rifling through bags, obviously stealing the money he owed to Uncle Murda. Façade chased him out and down the hall.

Larry Legend was making announcements as Facade and Beastia 666 brawled out of the entranceway and onto the floor. Facade got the better of their brawl , backdropping Bestia on a ladder propped against the stage. They brawled to the ring.

UWF Title Tournament: Facade vs. Bestia 666

Facade hit a springboard into a Lucha armdrag but was backdropped over the top. He skinned the cat and returned to the ring, only to be nailed with a clotheslines. Facade nailed one of his own and then hit an Asai Moonsault for a two count.

Facade chopped away at Bestia. He whipped Beastia into the ropes but was shoulderblocked down. Bestia nailed a twisting rana. He avoided a legsweep and hit a leaping kick then a sunset flip legdrop for a two count.

They battled to the outside where Bestia sent Facade into the railing with a rana, then picked up and dropped him across the railings, which broke apart. Beastia set up a table at ringside. Facade nailed him and drilled Bestia with a chair. He slammed Bestia into the table and tossed him into the ring.

Facade leapt to the top rope and nailed a double springboard into a missile Van Daminator. Bestia kicked up at two. Facade hit a springboard into a bulldog. He nailed a springboard split legged Asai moonsault for a two count

Facade went to the top rope and walked the ropes, trying to nail a move. Bestia grabbed him from underneath for a powerbomb and nailed a sitdown piledriver through a table. He pinned Façade on the floor.

Your winner, Bestia 666!

A little scatterbrained, but never boring. When the spots hit, it looked good. When it didn't hit as smoothly, you could see they were off the beaten track and trying to get back to what was planned. They were absolutely working to the best of their ability.

Billy Blue and his crew came out. He told the crowd that usually you celebrate a winner but all he sees is someone who owes him his money. He demanded to know where his money was and told Bestia that his crew was going to reward him. Steve Mack, Black Jeez, Buck Chyld worked him over. They tossed him back into the ring. Mack was going to press Bestia out of the ring but Blue told them not to kill him. He asked Bestia if he understands how he does business now. Jeez kept working Bastia over but Blue told him to stop. Mack carried the beaten Bestia out of the ring.

Somewhere, Steve the Hustler met with Melle Mel. Steve said Red Café’s boys are here but Café didn’t show yet. Steve got a phone call from Red and something happened that would prevent Red from appearing. Mel took the phone and told Red he would take care of the business for him while Red dealt with his situation. Mel said he tries to stay away from the young dudes since he and Steve are older and hang on yachts with the “hos.” Mel said that if Red wants him to take over the crew, it’s going to cost him. Red asked to speak to Eddie Kingston, who took the phone. Red told them “to ride with Mel” and the crew agreed.

Somewhere, Blk Jeez was doing a drug deal (yes, sir) when Wagner Brown approached him and challenged him for “f**ing with Murda’s sh**.” Jeez asked him what he meant. Wagner asked if he was Jeez. Jeez told him to stop playing because Brown knew who he was. Brown told him he was the “chosen one from the streets of Brooklyn”. He said their “products” went missing and they are hearing it was Billy Blue’s crew starting the problem. Jeez told that if they are having problems, they should look to the other side of Miami. Wagner said “other side of Miami, eh?” and walked off. He and Jeez stared each other down.

Backstage, Homicide cut a promo on Kingston. He said Kingston may be saying he’s old but Homicide gets more b***hes than Kingston and it’s his hustle, his block and he gets everything while Kingston will get nothing.

Melle Mel was with Eddie Kingston. He said the fight was about the UWF title but more than that, it was about that carjacker Homicide. He told Kingston that Homicide had carjacked Kingston’s career. Kingston said that no matter where he goes, all he gets asked about is Homicide and tonight’s going to end all that.

UWF Title Tournament: Homicide vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston attacked Homicide and threw him to the floor. Homicide fought back and tossed him into the rail. He went for a tope con hilo but Kingston walked away. Homicide went to the apron and nailed a flip off to the floor on Kingston.

They chopped the hell out of each other oin the floor. Homicide tossed him back in the ring and nailed a running knee to the prone Kingston in the corner. He nailed a Facewash. Kingston was placed on the top rope but tried to scrape his way out. Homicide got the better of the exchange and tossed him into the ring. Homicide and Melle Mel started going at it, jawing with the other so Homicide ripped at Kingston's face, holding him in front of Mel.

Kingston made a comeback and nailed a gourd buster. He ripped at Homicide's face and stomped on his chest. Homicide tried to fight back but ate a thumb to the eye. Kingston chopped away at him in the corner. Homicide fought back and slammed him into the buckles. Homicide nailed a running clothesline but was caught and slammed into the mat.

Kingston locked on a waistlock, trying to wear Homicide down. Homicide began to fight his way to his feet and reversed Kingston into a pinning combination for a two count. Kingston slipped out and cinched in a side chinlock. He whipped Homicide into the corners. The second time Homicide grabbed his arm and went down. Kingston scissored Homicide's body with his legs, trying to force a submission. Homicide made it to the ropes and help Kingston's leg as he went to the floor, slamming his leg over the apron.

They battled on the floor. Homicide ran a section of the barricade into Kingston's chest and then threw it atop of him. They battled back to the ring. Kingston went for the rapid fire chops in the corner but they only fired Homicide up. Homicide nailed several leaping forearm smashes in the corner. He went for another but was caught with a Yakuza kick. This is good stuff!

Kingston avalanched him in the corner. He whipped Homicide to the opposite corner but was caught with a drop toehold when he charged. Homicide slammed him and nailed a flying headbutt off the top for a two count. Homicide nailed a hangman's neckbreaker for another two cout. He went for an Ace Crusher but was sent into the corner and nailed with a backdrop driver. Homicide kicked up at two.

Kingston caught Homicide with a lariat but again, Homicide kicked up. Kingston was getting frustrated. He made his way to the ropes but was caught by Homicide. Homicide nailed the Ace Crusher out of the corner and the Gringo Killer. He covered Kingston for the pin.

Your winner, Homicide!

Very good match and thus far, the best thing on the show. I really enjoyed this one.

Uncle Murda said that Homicide "was the one" and proclaimed Brooklyn's dominance.

Somewhere, The SAT were walking the streets. Wagner Brown came up to them and said that he hears Café Red caused problems with Uncle Murda’s product. He said that everyone expects them to be cool because they are all from Brooklyn but when Murda has a problem, Slyck has a problem. That means they have a problem. Joel told them they have nothing to do with any problem and anything that comes from the South, goes through Miami and Wagner needs to do the math. Wagner walked off.

Backstage, Kingston ranted “F*** you” about Homicide and warned him that Kingston is still here and standing. He said he just got an idea and laughing maniacally.

The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz came across a drug dealing friend and asked him if he wanted to make real money. He said he does. They told him the Miami crew is trying to take money and run game on Uncle Murda. They told they needed a favor. They told him to get them to the spot. He said that he had it covered.

Outside the Hammerstein, Bestia said he can’t believe he got beat down by his own crew but understood he didn’t have the money.

Dope and Creed declared their tag team dominance in the UWF. They bragged about beating the hell out of DRS and now they are on DRS’ own turf making money. They said Brisco’s crew was the most dominant and Brisco was going to be the most dominant. DRS’ friend came up to them and said he wanted to get some. They asked him if he had money and he flashed it. Creed went to go “get the product”, leaving Dope alone with him. DRS and their friend attacked Creed and laid him out. They then jumped Dope at the car, beat the hell out of him, stole the “product” and dumped him in the trunk of the car, before running off.

In a club, Homicide and Wagner were talking trash on the Atlanta crew when the crew showed up. Homicide kept talking trash and one of the Atlanta crew flashed a gun. Yes sir, a gun. Homicide and Wagner ran out of the club to a parked car and drove off. The Atlanta crew shot at them as they fled.



Well, they were going for different and they certainly went for the juggular with that.  While I am hardly the demographic they were aiming for with this show, I enjoyed the wrestling aspect, especially seeing guys like DRS, Reefer, and Lowlife Louie, who have been killing themselves on the independents and really needed a break like this if they hoped to get to the next level.  The matches were all different and unique from each other.  Nothing on the wrestling side was boring, although I hated seeing Ramos taking those shots to the head for a short segment that really meant nothing here - although it leads to more with Murder One down the line.

I can see that a lot of people are going to hate the guns and the drug dealing in the storylines but the idea here is not that this is a wrestling company but more of an urban movie using wrestling in place of the shoot-outs.  So, as long as you throw out your ideas of what wrestling is normally, it's easier to get used to. 

With the exception of the Brooklyn shots at the end where DRS beats down Dope and Creed, the show looked really good.  They did a great job of hiding how empty the Hammerstein.  There was a different feel to everything from the ring to the entrance to even the referees.  In a day and age where branding is king, this was a good first step.

The biggest problem with the show was the one hour time slot.  They tried to introduce DOZENS of characters all at once.  It was impossible to keep track of the rappers and the crews without background knowledge or a scorecard.  So, if you weren't well versed, a lot of the names and faces started to blur together after awhile.  The same thing I hate about TNA I also hated here - there was so much thrown at me, that I was getting confused half the time.   Why were these wrestlers loyal to these rappers?  If they were dealing drugs, why did they need to wrestle?  Why do they respect Steve The Hustler so much that they aren't just taking each other down once and for all?   By just throwing us into the battles without an explanation, you leave wondering why you should care about what's going on.

In my opinion, UWF needs to either expand the show to 90 minutes (and $15 for a one hour PPV is a lot to ask) or do less on the show.  The only way this thing can ever take off is it viewers get emotionally connected to the characters and you can't do that if you are watching the show on fast forward.  I enjoyed the wrestling when it was taped live in NYC.  I didn't feel the outside vignettes added to that enjoyment as much as I was trying to figure out who was with what crew and why things were going down.  I'd almost advise each crew have their own garb but then you run dangerously close to looking like you have Smackdown and Raw in the same t-shirts, diluting all the personalities.

Of the rappers, Uncle Murda and Melle Mel came off the strongest to a new viewer, especially Mel since he looked so distinctive and different from everyone else on the show.  Homicide and Kingston had the best wrestling match but I thought this was the best I've seen DRS look in a long, long time.  BLK Jeez stood out as an evil little jerkoff pr**k.  Wagner showed some good intensity in his segments, but it was hard to figure out where the hell he was supposed to be with all the Miami references.  At one point, I thought he was in Miami and then back in Brooklyn.  One thing I can say is that everyone wrestling worked their asses off in the ring and that was what I wanted to see out of a wrestling show.

It's an interesting look into an alternative pro wrestling universe but be prepared to be playing lots of catch up if you want to try and decipher what is going on.  They took their first step.  Now, if they can tighten things up going forward and get people interested, they might just be onto something.  Time will tell.




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