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By Mike Johnson on 2011-06-09 08:00:00

June 9th

On this day in history in ....

1932 - Ed "Strangler" Lewis defeats Dick Shikat for the New York State Athletic Commission version of the World Heavyweight Title. National Wrestling Association World Champion Jim Londos was supposed to face the winner of this match, but he refused, so New York recognized Lewis as the new World Champion, while the NWA continued to recognize Londos.

1938 - The Masked Marvel (Ted Cox) defeats Vic Christy in Toronto, Ontario to win the Montreal World Heavyweight Title, ending Christy's second reign.

1958 - Dan Severn is born in Coldwater, Michigan.

1959 - The Zebra Kid defeats The Golden Giant in Dallas, Texas for the NWA Texas Brass Knuckles Title.

1960 - Nick Roberts and Art Nelson defeat Dory Funk, Sr. and Bob Geigel to win the Amarillo version of the NWA North American Heavyweight Title in Amarillo, Texas, ending their third reign.

1964 - Tojo Yamamoto and Alex Perez defeat Jackie and Don Fargo for the Mid-America version of the NWA Southern Tag Team Title in Nashville, Tennessee, ending the Fargos' second reign and beginning their own fourth.

1967 - Kim Il (Kintaro Ohki) defeats Mark Lewin in Seoul, South Korea to win the Los Angeles-based World Wrestling Association's World Heavyweight Title.

1967 - Sonny Myers wins his 13th NWA Central States Heavyweight Title, defeating The Viking in St. Joseph, Missouri, ending his second reign.

1969 - Dutch Savage and Bob Brown defeat Dean Higuchi and Earl Maynard in Vancouver, British Columbia for the Vancouver version of the NWA Canadian Tag Team Title.

1969 - Johnny Walker and The Sundown Kid defeat Tojo Yamamoto and Johnny Long to win the Mid-America version of the NWA Southern Tag Team Title in Nashville, Tennessee, ending their second reign.

1973 - Mr. Wrestling II and Bob Orton, Jr. defeat the Super Infernos (Doug Gilbert and Don Smith) to win the NWA Georgia Tag Team Title in Atlanta, Georgia.

1978 - Angelo Mosca wins a tournament final for the vacant NWA Georgia Heavyweight Title in Atlanta, Georgia.

1979 - The WWF runs at the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The results were:
- Jose Estrada defeated Steve King.
- Johnny Rodz and Baron Mikel Scicluna fought to a draw.
- Tito Santana defeated Mr. X.
- Nikolai Volkoff defeated Mike Hall.
- Bulldog Brower defeated Special Delivery Jones.
- Hossein Arab (The Iron Sheik) defeated Frank Williams.
- Bulldog Brower defeated Frank Williams.
- Jimmy, Johnny and Jerry Valiant defeated WWF North American Champion Ted DiBiase, Dominic DeNucci and Haystacks Calhoun.
- WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund and Greg Valentine fought to a double disqualification in a two out of three falls match.

1986 - Kendall Windham is given back the Florida State Heavyweight Title he had lost to the White Ninja (Keiji Mutoh, Great Muta) on May 21st. Video replays shows that the Ninja had used "illegal karate moves" to win the match.

1989 - In Dallas, Texas, Jeff Jarrett and Mil Mascaras defeat Super Zodiac II and Cactus Jack to win the WCWA Tag Team Title.

1989 - Bob and Kerry Brown defeat Chris Benoit and Biff Wellington for the Stampede International Tag Team Title in Calgary, Alberta.

1991 - The Universal Wrestling Federation (Herb Abrams' version, not to be confused with Bill Watts') held their only Pay-per-view event, "UWF Beach Brawl" at the Manatee Civic Center in Palmetto, Florida. The show drew less than 600 fans live, and did a 0.1 buyrate (it wasn't available in many markets either). The company actually manages to survive for three more years, and even had a show and specials on SportsChannel (who helped produce this PPV). Here are results from the PPV, which lasted less than two hours, and was hosted by former WWF announcer Craig DeGeorge and Bruno Sammartino:
- Boris Zukhov defeated Paul Samson. This match was not shown on the PPV.
- The Blackhearts, with Luna Vachon, defeated Fire Cat & Jim Cooper.
- Terry Gordy vs. Johnny Ace (subbing for Don Muraco) went to a double countout in a Street Fight match.
- The Killer Bees (B. Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell, called Mask Confusion, since WWF owned the Killer Bees name) defeated The Power Twins.
- Rockin' Robin defeated Candi Divine to become the first UWF Women's Champion.
- Paul Orndorff defeated Col. DeBeers in a strap match with a piledriver, but DeBeers laid out Orndorff with a tazer following the match.
- Bob Backlunded defeated Ivan Koloff with the Backlund Bridge in under three minutes.
- Stevie Ray & Sonny Beach defeated Cactus Jack & Cowboy Bob Orton when Orton accidentally hit Cactus with brass knuckles tossed to him by manager John Tolos, who was suspended above the ring in a cage.
- Steve Williams defeated Bam Bam Bigelow to become the first UWF Television Champion with a powerslam.

1994 - The WWF holds its first-ever Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Baltimore, Maryland's Omni Inner Harbor International Hotel.  The Hall Of Fame had been created the previous year, with Andre The Giant as the inaugural inductee.  Inductees and inductors were:
- Freddie Blassie by Shane McMahon.
- Bobo Brazil by Ernie Ladd.
- James Dudley by Vince McMahon.
- Gorilla Monsoon by Jim Ross.
- Arnold Skaaland by Bob Backlund.
- Buddy Rogers by WWF World Champion Bret Hart.
- Chief Jay Strongbow by Tatanka.

1995 - Toshiaki Kawada and Akira Taue win their second AJPW Unified World Tag Team Title, defeating Mitsuharu Misawa and Kenta Kobashi in Tokyo, Japan, ending their second reign.

1997 - The Monday Night War continued on, with WWF RAW is WAR and WCW Monday Nitro taking place a mere 100 miles apart. Fresh off the King of the Ring pay-per-view, RAW in Hartford, Connecticut posted a 2.2 rating with a show featuring a main event of Mankind defeating Brian Pillman by disqualification. Nitro took the night with a 3.4 rating, for their show in Boston, Massachusetts, featuring Jeff Jarrett winning the WCW United States Heavyweight Title from Dean Malenko.

1997 - Jeff Jarrett defeats Dean Malenko for the WCW U.S. Heavyweight Title in Boston, Massachusetts.

1998 - Destruction wins a battle royal in Parksville, British Columbia to become the first NWA (ECCW) Vancouver Island Heavyweight Champion.

1999 - Johnny Ace and Bart Gunn defeat Kenta Kobashi and Jun Akiyama in Sendai, Japan for the AJPW Unified World Tag Team Title.

2000 - Toshiaki Kawada and Akira Taue defeat Takao Omori and Yoshihiro Takayama in Tokyo, Japan, to win the vacant AJPW Unified World Tag Team Title, beginning their sixth reign. The title was vacated two months earlier when Vader, who held the title with Steve Williams, was injured.

2000 - Trent Acid defeats Justice Pain for the CZW Junior Heavyweight Title in Paulsboro, New Jersey, ending Pain's second reign.

2000 - Dick Raines and Frank Einstein defeat Greg Pawluk and Johnny Devine for the Stampede International Tag Team Title in Calgary, Alberta.

2001 - Ricky Santana and Rico Suave defeat Thunder and Lightning to win the WWC World Tag Team Title in Cayey, Puerto Rico, ending Thunder and Lightning's third reign.

2001 - CM Punk defeats Mark Wolf to win the IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Title in Charlestown, Indiana, beginning his third reign.

2001 - The Ghetto Mafia (2-Dope & Sydeswype) defeat champions Romeo Valentino & Ronnie Zukko and Earl the Pearl & Rich Myers in a three-way match for the MCW Tag Team Title in Middle River, Maryland, beginning their third reign.

2001 - Rick Fuller wins a 20-man battle royal for the vacant NWA New England Brass Knuckles Title in Milford, Massachusetts.

2001 - Dave Misterio defeats Slayer to win the NWA Jersey Junior Heavyweight Title in Wildwood, New Jersey.
2004 - TNA holds their 98th weekly pay-per-view event in Nashville, Tennessee. The show featured NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett facing all three members of the 3Live Kru in three separate challenge matches. Mike Johnson filed the following PPV Report:

This week's NWA:TNA PPV opened with Kid Kash telling a story about how he was visiting his "chicky" at the cable office and found out that people are stealing TNA broadcasts. He said that when you do that you are taking money from he and Dallas. He said Dallas has 12 kids to feed and if they find out who is taking money from them, they are gonnna come find them.

They aired a highlight video of last week's PPV event.

Raven was shown sitting inside an empty arena “nearby the TNA Asylum" as Mike Tenay explained that he has issued an invitation for Sabu to step into Raven's House of Pain. Raven banged on the ring with a weapon.
Inside the Asylum, a red carpet was rolled down the aisle as an announcer asked everyone to rise to their feet for the first public appearance of the new NWA champion Jeff Jarrett. What was the first episode of Impact! then? Jarrett made his way to the six-sided ring dressed in a tuxedo. He was also announced as the current King of the Mountain. A band serenaded him. Jarrett said it was just seven days ago that he was crowned king of the mountain and became a three-time NWA champion. Jarrett said that there is only one man who should crown him the new champion and strap the belt around his waist. He called out Vince Russo, saying Russo would do it for AJ Styles, Raven, or Chris Harris. Russo came to the ring as Don West said that Russo certainly wasn't going to humiliate himself like this. Russo strapped the belt around Jarrett's waist. Jarrett put a crown on. Great, now he's the world champion and Jerry Lawler to boot! It's good to be Jeff. Jarett took a bow before the audience.

Russo said that he had one question for Jarrett and that was "why?" He said that two years ago when TNA started, Jarrett called Russo. He said that Jarrett claimed it was going to be innovate and change the business and that together they could put the company on the map. Russo said that he came and they started on PPV, then syndication, and last week, TNA did what everyone said they couldn't do, “and got on network television."   Russo said that everyone did it together as a team.

Jarrett cut him off and said that after everything he's been through, when you look at the TNA logo, you see his blood, sweat, and tears. Jarrett said that he's  the one who has had to get in the ring every Wednesday night to wrestle, bleed, climb ladders, and get thrown off pedestals. He said that it was all him. Russo said that he always gave Jarrett his credit, but that there's no way Jarrett said that there's no way he can say AJ Styles, America's Most Wanted, and 3 Live Kru had nothing to do with TNA's success. Russo said that if he can change, so can Jeff and they need him to do that. Jarrett said that for the last two years, everyone laughed at Jeff Jarrett for the last two years, but who's laughing now. Jarrett said that he did it himself and now he's the king of the castle. He said that instead of Vince Russo preaching, he should be bowing.

3 Live Kru hit the ring and attacked Jarrett, running him off. Ron Killings said that he spoke to Vince Russo and Jarrett would be competing in a "Triple Jeopardy match".  Mike Tenay and Don West wondered what that was.
Backstage, Scott Hudson was interviewing Elix Skipper. He said that Skipper and Christopher Daniels won the Internet poll for their title match against America's Most Wanted but Daniels was injured last week in Japan. Skipper thanked the fans for their support and said that when he returned in 4-6 weeks, they would go for the belts. Trinity and the NYCs showed up and insulted Skipper. Trinity asked why Daniels couldn't get a doctor's note from a gynecologist. Johnny Swinger said he's won the belts before and he will again. Glen Gilberti said that they do what they want, when they want. Trinity said that when Daniels comes back, they'll bust up his other shoulder. They walked off. Hudson apologized to Skipper, who said that when Daniels returns, they will know what time it is. He said he's going to watch their match against America's Most Wanted himself tonight.

They played a video feature on America's Most Wanted winning the NWA Tag Team championships from Kid Kash and Dallas at the first Impact! taping. Chris Harris said that everyone wanted to know when AMW would team again, and he said it was when they could make an impact, which they did by winning the belt.

Mike Tenay ran down the facts and figures of the NWA Tag Team championship bout featuring America's Most Wanted defending against the NYCs.

NWA Tag Team champions America's Most Wanted vs. The NYCs

The NYCs made their way to the ring for their Tag title bout. AMW came to the ring. The match started with all four men brawling inside the ring. Don West apologized to the hundreds of fans who were "turned away" at the first Impact! taping. James Storm gave the NYCs a noggin' knocker into each other outside the ring. Harris dove over the ropes on the NYCs. Swinger came back to toss Harris into the turnbuckle. Mike Tenay noted the difference between the 4 and 6 sided rings and said the new ring has "eight more points of impact"  Gilberti went right after Harris' shoulder, slamming it into the ringpost outside the ring. The NYCs continued to beat down Harris' left shoulder. Gilberti went for the pin, but James Storm broke it up. Mike Tenay noted that rope breaks are more difficult in the six-sided ring as its farther across the ring. They used the word Impact a lot, so that's obviously the buzzword for the company. Gilberti whipped Harris into the ropes but Harris came off with flying forearm. He tagged in Storm who cleaned house on Gilberti and Swinger. He hit a neckbreaker on Gilberti. Gilberti hit a side Russian legsweep. Swinger held Storm for Trinity to dive on off the top rope, but Desire hit the ring and shoved her off. Storm, escaped. Harris hit a spear on Swinger and scored the pin. Your winners and still NWA Tag Team champions, America's Most Wanted.

Trinity and Desire began brawling in the crowd and brawled towards the back of the area. Glen Gilberti elbowed Desire in her bad back. Trinity locked on a camel clutch on her back. The NYCs put Desire on a table. Trinity climbed to the balcony to dive off, but Irish Pat Kenney and Sonny Siaki hit the scene with belts and ran off the NYCs. Siaki consoled Desire.

Backstage, Scott Hudson interviewed Kid Kash and Dallas. Kash said that he's been discriminated against from day one in TNA. He said he doesn't know why and he doesn't care, but from this moment on, everyone is going to find out how easy it is to get some gold in TNA. Hudson asked Kash what he meant and he responded, “Watch and learn."

The cameras returned to the Empty Arena where Raven stared into the cameras as Mike Tenay said that Raven would get his answer no matter what. They went to Sabu's locker room where he looked concerned and stared at a picture of the Original Sheik.

Michael Shane vs. Chris Sabin

Michael Shane made his way to the ring with Tracy Brooks. His opponent is Chris Sabin. They started the match feeling each other out, working over each other. Mike Tenay asked for word to be sent to the back for the newest member of the TNA broadcast team Shane Douglas to find out what is going on between Sabu and Raven. Sabin hit an armdrag and a hiptoss, then locked on a side headlock. They went back and forth with Shane ending up outside the ring. Sabin hit a springboard into a dive out of the ring on Shane. In the corner, a smaller screen popped up as Shane Douglas said he knew where to find Raven and he would do so. Inside the ring, Shane hit a dropkick on Sabin, who was hung over the ropes trying to skin the cat and pull himself back in the ring. Shane went for a cover but only got a two count. Sabin was locked in a sidechinlock, but he fought his way back to his feet. Sabin was thrown down on his head as he came off the ropes. Sabin hit an enziguiri on Shane for a two count. Sabin went for a suplex, but Shane floated over. Traci tried to interfere, but Sabin grabbed her and kissed her. Shane went to grab Sabin, but he tossed Shane into Traci, who was knocked off the ropes. Shane hit a superkick for the pin. Your winner, Michael Shane.

Shane Douglas found Raven laying inside the ring of the empty arena, resting his head on a trash can. He asked Raven what was going out with him and Sabu. He said that he was happy to see that Shane Douglas finally admitted that Raven retired him years ago. He said that didn't Douglas think that it was odd that through all the years, he and Sabu never had a singles match. Shane agreed. Raven said that in ECW, he used to ask Paul Heyman for a match with Sabu and Sabu refused. He said that in ECW, WCW, and WWE, it was all the same. He said that he brought Sabu to TNA for a singles match and Sabu won't wrestle him because Sabu is terrified of Raven. He said that he has been laying in the empty arena for 45 minutes and nothing. He dared Sabu to enter Raven's House of Fun.

In Sabu's locker room, he continued to stare at the picture of the Original Sheik. Sonjay Dutt told Sabu that after his match, he would deliver the message to Raven. Mike Tenay wondered why Dutt would be in Sabu's locker room.
Backstage, Scott Hudson interviewed David Young explaining to him that if he didn't win the Gut Check, he would lose his position in TNA. Young claimed his losing streak of 53 matches couldn't be that bad. D-Ray 3000 showed up and asked where the ring was. Young laughed that D-Ray was going to take his job and said that he couldn't find the ring. D-Ray said that he likes it in TNA and he's not going anywhere. He went the wrong way and Hudson quipped, "The ring may now have 6 sides, but it's still the same way."  That was funny.

Gutcheck Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Shark Boy vs. David Young vs. D-Ray 3000

The match started with Dutt wrestling Shark Boy. Mike Tenay and Don West wondered why Dutt was in Sabu's locker room. D-Ray and Young were tagged in and D-Ray almost scored a quick pin. D-Ray hit a back elbow off the ropes but couldn't get the three count. Young tags out quick to Shark Boy. Shark Boy gets in and tossed D-Ray out of the ring, and went for a pin on Dutt, getting a two count. Shark came off the ropes with a dropkick on D-Ray. They noted that Young wasn't trying to get in the ring so he couldn't be pinned. Dutt hit a hurrancarana off the top. Young hit a spinebuster on SharkBoy, but D-Ray broke it up. He hit D-Ray with the spinebuster but D-Ray kicked out. Young went for a spinebuster on Dutt. Dutt escaped and hit a sunset flip on Young and scored the pin. Dutt went out the back of the Arena. Your winner, Sonjay Dutt!

Backstage, Scott Hudson interviewed 3 Live Kru. Konnan said when Jarrett came to the ring they should have played “God Save the Queen."  He said that there's "going to be a barrio strap match" tonight with he and Jarrett and there's only one strap, and Konnan has it. BG Jammes said that if Jarrett gets past Konnan, it's going to be a Trailer Park Trash match where anything goes. Killings said that if Jarrett gets past the others, he's going to face Killings in a ghetto justice match. So, Jarrett has to win three gimmick matches tonight to retain the NWA championship. I'm getting that headache again.

Team Canada'ss Bobby Rude & Eric Young & Petey Williams vs. Heavy Metal & Hector Garza & Jerry Lynn
Team Canada made their way to the ring first as Mike Tenay bemoaned the “loudmouth"  Scott D'Amore. Lynn hit the ring and attacked the Canadians, then chased D'Amore into the crowd. Lynn and D'Amore disappeared. Heavy Metal hiptossed Williams over the top, both men sailing to the floor. Tenay noted that outside, Sonjay Dutt is approaching Raven. Garza went for a running dive on Eric Young but missed. Scott D'Amore made his way back to the ring, acting like he had taken out Lynn. Lynn showed up and grabbed him from behind and tossed him in the ring, but was cut off by Bobby Rude. Team Canada began beating down Lynn. Team Canada continued to cut the ring off on Lynn and made quick tags to each other. Lynn finally hit a drop toehold on Williams. He tagged in Team Mexico, who cleaned house on Team Canada. Young was backdropped over the top to the floor. Garza hit a moonsault to the floor on Young. Rude missed a Canada bomb attempt. Metal went for a bridging suplex, but it was broken up. Lynn hit a catapult on Williams, sending him over the top. D'Amore hit Heavy Metal with a hockey Stick. Bobby Rude went for a sitdown powerbomb but nearly dropped Metal on his head. He recovered and hit the move for the pin. They buried Metal under a Canadian flag. Garza attacked Team Canada but was laid out. Jerry Lynn hit everyone with the Team NWA flagpole and then slammed it over D'Amore's back. Lynn went for a cradle piledriver but was taken out by Team Canada. They beat down Lynn. D'Amore began tearing the NWA flag. Elix Skipper and Chris Sabin hit the ring for the dsave while D'Amore escaped again. Your winners, Team Canada.

We went to footage from "moments ago" at the empty Arena. Raven was telling the cameras that Sabu wouldn't show up. Dutt arrived and said he had a message from Sabu. He said the message was Sabu wasn't coming and Raven knows about the promise.  Raven said he had a message for Sabu and slapped Dutt. Dutt fought back and tossed Raven into the ring. He hit Raven with a trash can, but Raven recovered and began beating down Dutt. Raven said that this was on Sabu's hands. He handcuffed Dutt to the ropes and told him to tell Sabu that “Promises were made to be broken."  He walked off.

They went to "live footage" as Sabu showed up to check on Dutt. Tenay said he was shocked to see a human side of Sabu.

Scott Hudson interviewed NWA champion Jeff Jarrett. He ran down the matches that Jarrett had to wrestle. They noted that the first person to get 10 lashes on the other guy wins the Barrio Strap match. How does Hudson know this? Jarrett said that last week the deck was stacked against him as it is this week, but he is going to teach 3 Live Kru why he is the "King of the Mountain."

NWA champion Jeff Jarrett vs. 3 Live Kru

NWA champion Jeff Jarrett made his way to the ring. Jeremy Borash noted that this match is scheduled for three falls. Konnan hit the ring with the strap in his hand. The Barrio Strap Match began. They took the strap back and forth, with Konnan getting 8 straps to Jarrett's 3 hits. They battled outside the ring, with Jarrett getting the strap and lashing Konnan several times. Jarrett is up to 7 hits. He tosses powder in Konnan's face. Jarrett hit him three more times, winning the bout with 10 hits. Konnan began choking Konnan out with the leather strap around the throat.

The artist formerly known as Gorgeous George was shown watching the match and they noted ÓMinsa is here."
BG James came to the ring and the Trailer Park Trash match began. Mike Tenay said anything you can bring from the trailer park, you can use in this match. James hit Jarrett with a trash can lid several times. He hit Jarett with a mailbox and a car battery. Jarrett came back, hitting BG with a milk crate. They brawled towards the ring, tossing weapons into the ring. Jammes tossed Jarrett into the ring. Jarett hit Jammes with the trash can lid several times. Jarrett missed a clotheline and Jammes opened up with a series of punches. Jammes got the trash can and hit Jarrett. They brawled onto the announcer's table with Jarrett being knocked off. Jarrett dropped Jammes throat first on the rail and scored the pin. Security stopped Jarrett from attacked Jammes after the bell.

Ron Killings came to the ring for the Ghetto Justice match carrying a guitar as Jarrett protested. Killings scooped up Jarrett and hit an over the shoulder powerslam. Killings hit a clothesline and then a leg lariat for a two count. Killings climbed the ropes but Jarrett rebounded off the ropes, causing Killings to crotch himself. Jarrett got the trash can and hit Killings with it. They showed Minsa watching the bout. Killings ducked a back elbow but Jarrett locked in a sleeper. Killings fight back and hits a sit out powerbomb on Jarrett. Jarrett gained control of the bout and grabbed the guitar. The referee stopped Jarrett from using it, so Jarrett clobbered him with it. Killings rolled up Jarett from behind and scored the three count with a second referee counting the pin.

Your winner, Ron Killings!

They went to a video message from Goldilocks who rambled on and on in her annoying way, telling Vince Russo that she wanted Erik Watts' contract. She suggested Erik Watts vs. Abyss. She said that if Watts wins, he gets “her money" but if Watts loses, she gets the contract. She asked if Watts had to ask his wife for permission. She said that this “thing started over love but it will end over money."

They went back to the Asylum where the fans were mocking Jarrett by counting 1-2-3 as Jarrett was in the ring upset. Mike Tenay and Don West announced several matches for next week's PPV and plugged Impact! Jeff Jarrett grabbed the mic and said that he would see 3 Live Kru at Impact.

They aired a video feature pushing the return of D-Lo Brown.

Backstage, Scott Hudson interviewed “Mr. TNA" AJ Styles. Hudson said that Frankie Kazarian can't be taken lightly. Styles said that he doesn't. He said that he earned his spot and Kazarian earned his. He said all that he needs is Kazarian to make a three second mistake and he will be the three-time X-Division champion.

They showed highlights of Styles' win and his return to the X-Division at Impact!

Mike Tenay ran down the Tale of the Tape.

NWA X-Division champion Frankie Kazarian vs. AJ Styles

After the ring announcements, Kazarian and Styles engaged in a staredown in the center of the ring. Kazarian and Styles exchanged holds. The crowd was on Kazarian bigtime. Styles began working on Kazarian's arm. Mike Tenay noted that it was Styles' choice to return to the X-Division. Kazarian got tossed out of the ring and returned to the ring very slowly. Kazarian backflipped out of a hammerlock and scored a near fall with a single leg sweep. Kazarian kicked out. Both men kipped up and faced off. The fans chanted TNA. Kazarian ducked out of the ring again as Styles worked up momentum in the bout. Styles went for the Styles Clash but instead slammed him down backfirst. Kazarian took over the momentum, but instead of going for the pin, he beat Styles with punches and argued with the crowd. Kazarian hit a spinning neckbreaker on Styles. Kazarian came off the top rope with a springboard legdrop. Kazarian dropkicked Styles into the turnbuckles and came off with a second one. Kazarian forced his knee into Styles neck and back and cranked Styles backwards. Outside of the ring, Styles was slammed into the barricade. He tossed Styles back in. Styles tried to fight back but was taken out. Kazarian was going to come off the top but Styles cut him off. Kazarian was left laying over the ropes. Kazarian tried to regain his footing as Styles made his way up. They battled atop the top turnbuckle. Both men were knocked down to the apron but climbed back up. Styles suplexed Kazarian off the apron to the Arena floor. Both men battled to get to their feet. Styles finally unleashed a series of punches but was only able to score a two count. Styles hit the bicycle kick on Kazarian. Styles went for the Styles Clash but Kazarian rolled him through for a two count. Kazarian laid Styles out with a leg lariat for another near fall. Kazarian and Styles battled in the corner. Styles went for the Styles Clash but Kazarian escaped and slammed Styles into the turnbuckles. He hit the Wave of the Future but Styles kicked up. Mike Tenay was shocked Styles got out of the move. Kazarian went for a Styles Clash but Styles escaped and hit a discus clothesline. Styles went to the top rope but Kazarian hit a kick and cut him off. Kazarian went for the one-person Spanish Fly but was shoved off. Styles went for the Spiral Tap. He hit Kazarian glancingly. With both men down, the referee counted to three. There was some question over who won, but the referee announced that Styles was the new champion. This was an awesome match. If it took place anywhere else, the message boards would be going nuts. Your winner and new X-Division champion, AJ Styles.

As Styles got to his feet, Dallas attack him. Styles retreated from the ring, but as he backed up the aisle,. Kid Kash jumped him. Kash and Dallas beat down Styles in the ring as Mike Tenay said that this was Kash's way of getting back in the championship scene. Kash hit a top rope splash. Kash threw the belt down on Styles. Kash and Dallas stood over Styles as the PPV ended.

2005 - Black Dragon defeats El Veneno for the IWRG Intercontinental Middleweight Title in Naucalpan, Mexico, beginning his second reign.

2005 - In an interview with the London Sun, Rob Van Dam commented on a number of topics regarding the upcoming ECW Reunion PPV, One Night Stand.  Van Dam discussed a number of aspects of the build for the 6/12 ECW One Night Stand PPV. In regard to the show, Van Dam (who originally came up with the idea of the ECW reunion show) said that he believes the PPV will end up as one of the top three successful PPVs of the year, but he knows that there is a faction trying to undermine the PPV.

"It will always be a problem because there are certain voices higher-up that like to flatten out anything that could jeopardize their stronghold, rather than seeing the overall benefit to the industry of something like this. So, for sure, there is going to be some turbulence and some swimming up stream. But this show has a strong possibility of finishing as the third biggest PPV of the year. And if that happens there's one guy in the office who is really good at making decisions and has the best interests of this business in his heart."

Van Dam said that one person is Vince McMahon, who he'd like to speak to one on one, stating, "I want to talk to not all the minions around him, who have their own agendas for their own reasons."

Van Dam was also quick to speak out against the creative decision to include Raw and Smackdown performers who never worked for Extreme Championship Wrestling to the show, going as far as to state they don't deserve to be on the show.

"Those guys are definitely not going to be drawing the ratings for this PPV. They are definitely not selling any seats. Nobody's coming to see them and they have no business being there. The original plan was to have only ECW alumni on this show. There is no place for somebody pretending they're hardcore when they were never there, whether they've got a sledgehammer in their hand or not! The WWE writers are taking part in the show, but us true hardcore ECW guys will vote out anything ridiculous they try to add to it."

Van Dam remains outspoken that the show will still be true to the aura and style of Extreme Championship Wrestling, promising, "The fans can feel secure in the fact that this is totally going to be ECW for the ECW crowd. Regardless of what you read on the Internet, this show is all about Paul Heyman and it has to be. Even if the WWE only give Paul one tenth of the say so, then we're all going to carry out his plans anyway - because we agree with him. That's what sets us apart from the rest of the locker room!"

While he can't compete due to his knee injury, Van Dam promised that he would make an appearance at the show before the fans.

"I'm planning on definitely getting on the microphone and coming forward to take credit for not only this ECW PPV, but also for my time in ECW, what I achieved and how we changed the entire wrestling industry. It's going to be really personal and intimate between me and the crowd. So I will probably pull a Tommy Dreamer and ball my eyes out in the middle of the ring, in front of everybody. Also, given the opportunity, I'm going to try and throw a Van Daminator at Rhyno."

Van Dam also states that although the show could end up with he, Tommy Dreamer, and Paul Heyman doing commentary, the person he wants announcing the show is Joey Styles. Van Dam also says that if there is a second ECW show, he'll be pushing for himself against Jerry Lynn as the main event, promising that fans haven't seen the last encounter between the two.

2006 - Hiroka (Raven Hiroka) defeats Marcela to win the CMLL World Women's Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

2006 - TNA ran Hardcore War at the ECW Arena, featuring the following results:
- Shark Boy defeated Simon Diamond with the Dead Sea Drop.
- Jay Lethal defeated Sonjay Dutt with a released Dragon Suplex.
- Abyss defeated Brother Runt (Spike Dudley) after a Black Hole Slam into thumbtacks.
- Traci defeated Gail Kim with a rollup. Christy Hemme was the special referee. All three women lost their tops during the match, including Hemme, who voluntarily stripped to her bra after the bout.
- Rhino defeated Jeff Jarrett with a Gore after ducking a guitar shot. On the mic, Rhino said he was offered a contract to go back to WWE, but that he had decided to stick with TNA.
- Petey Williams defeated Jerry Lynn with the Canadian Destroyer.
- X Division Champion Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels in a three-way match when he choked out Styles.
- America's Most Wanted came out and attacked Daniels & Styles, then challenged any team to take them on. The lights went out, and when they came back on, The James Gang were in the ring. They ridiculed the fans, until Team 3D appeared on screens in the arena and cut a promo. Team 3D then entered through the crowd, and a four-on-two match took place, consisting mostly of wild brawling through the crowd. When they returned to the ring, Brother Ray called for the fans to throw chairs into the ring (ala the famous Terry Funk moment). Hundreds of chairs were flung into the ring. When things settled down, BG James got on the mic and said the fans had just cost themselves "a hell of a finish" and walked off. The match ended with no actual decision being announced, although Brother Ray announced Team 3D as the winners.
- Team 3D stayed on the mic for a while, thanking the fans and then brought out AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels and proclaimed them the "future" of wrestling. Brother Runt came back out, and pulled out a WWE contract, saying WWE had offered him the chance to wrestle for ECW for "one night only". He then tore up the contract, saying that he was sticking with TNA!

2007 - Hermie Sadler's UWF held "Hardcore War II" at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA.   Quick results saw:
*Chris Bosh & Scott Lost defeated Team Macktion
*TNA X-Division champion Chris Sabin pinned Joey Ryan.
*Daffney & Damien Wayne defeated April Hunter & JD Michaels.
*Sabu pinned Danny Doring.  No tables during the match.
*Sonjay Dutt pinned Ruckus.
*Dustin Rhodes defeated Steve Corino in a Bullrope Match.  Rhodes cut a promo on Philadelphia Phillies' Mitch Williams, who later did a spot where he laid out Rhodes, which was rejected by the crowd.
*Senshi pinned Joey Matthews.
*TNA Tag Team champions Team 3D defeated Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles after 3D on Daniels.  Rick Steiner got involved laying out the referee at one point.  After the match. Brother Ray brought out Sabu and put him over, leading the crowd in a "free at last" chant as Sabu was gone from WWE.

2007 - WWE ran Lisbon, Portugal.  Royce Gracie filed the following live report:

The Portuguese crowd was hot all night and more than made up for the lack of star power due to the recent injuries.
Before the show got to a start there was a guy with a Hulk Hogan shirt (and moustache to match) and one in an RKO shirt taking pictures all around the ring holding a huge "CENA SUCKS" sign. This was better than anything official WWE might have done to get the crowd rallied up, since everyone in attendance pretty much booed or cheered them. The guys were also working the crowd between photos, which was fun to see. Some people even got up from their seats to have their picture taken with them. That Hogan guy was pretty cool, and by cool I mean totally sweet. And the applause they received hinted the kind of reaction John Cena would be receiving later on.

The show kicked off with ECW announcer Justin Roberts welcoming the crowd and introducing the first match featuring Eugene (with super-hero costume) against Kenny Dykstra. As could be expected from the first match of the night, everyone was into it and gave Eugene good pops. There were some good spots and a very funny moment when Eugene left the ring and Kenny kept running against the ropes until he realized he was there all by himself. Kenny was dominating the match, but in the end Eugene hulked up, did the Hogan routine with the hand to his hear and dropped an Atomic Legdrop on Kenny, followed by a Stone Cold Stunner for the win. This ending really got him some massive pops.  If you can't have the Hulkster and the Texas Rattlesnake, then at least you can have someone doing their finishers, right?

Next match was Chris Masters against Chuck Palumbo. Since I guess most people didn't even know who Palumbo was, Masters got most of the pops. The match was nothing to write home about, but the crowd really got to their feet when Masters tried to apply the Masterlock. Still, Palumbo managed to evade it and got the win via the Full Throttle.
The announcer then got back in the ring and said we would be having a match for the Women's Championship between Mickie James and Melina. Both girls were WAY over with the crowd, and this had to be considered the first really great match of the night. There was some really good back and forth action between Mickie and Melina, but even though most people wanted Mickie to win, it was Melina who came up on top via roll-up. On their way back from the ring, there were so many flashes from the cameras that you could almost swear it was daytime. Oh, and did I already mention both girls looked incredibly hot?

The fourth match featured Johnny Nitro vs. Val Venis. The crowd had shouted their hearts out in the previous match, but still there were some interesting pops for Nitro. Like in the Palumbo match, Venis was somewhat hurt for not being on TV more often. The match was rather short and in the end Nitro got the win with the Snapshot.
The last match before intermission was for the Intercontinental Championship, and it squared off Santino Marella against Carlito. Carlito was playing the heel, telling the crowd to shut up and whatnot, but it made no real difference since everyone was popping for him. Santino got some very considerable boos for fighting against Carlito, but despite that and the fact he was dominated for most of the match, he got the win with his feet against the ropes after he evaded the Back Stabber.

Then there was a 15-minute intermission, which most people used to check out the WWE shop. No Hogan and RKO guys this time.

After the intermission Justin Roberts said that WWE would be coming back to Portugal soon, which of course got him a very strong pop. Candice Michelle then came to the ring wearing a t-shirt, which I guess got most people confused, since they are not used to seeing her wearing so much clothing. She got on the mike, worked the crowd up a little and then threw some t-shirts around. This somehow made Victoria angry, since she went to confront Candice and told her in some very good Portuguese to "shut up" and "kiss my a**". Kudos to her for the effort. Candice then gave her the Spinning Heel Kick, took off her shirt and did the GoDaddy dance. In a word: "Wow". In eight words: "Oh my God, she is so freaking hot!!!"

Next there was a handicap match between Cryme Tyme and The Great Khali. Cryme Tyme got some good pops, as could be expected, but I was in no way prepared for the reaction Khali got. The man got some HUGE applause, people were chanting his name all the way to the ring and cheering for him like there was no tomorrow. I never thought I would be writing this, but I guess PORTUGAL IS KHALI COUNTRY! This really was the surprise of the night, never in a million years would I have dreamt that Khali was so over with the Portuguese crowd. The match itself was rather short, with Khali absolutely decimating Cryme Tyme and returning to the back under thunderous applause. Khali looked kind of moved, I guess he never had a crowd cheering for him like he did tonight.

The following match was a non-title tag team match squaring off Lance Cade and Trevor Murdock against Ric Flair and Jeff Hardy. Flair got the pop of the night, hands down. If I had a dollar for every "woooo" I heard, I think I could buy Microsoft from Bill Gates. Jeff Hardy was also a fan favourite, but Ric Flair's support was just insane. The match was very good, and because it was not for the tag team titles you could guess Flair and Hardy were going to take it. In the end they did, after a Swanton Bomb by Jeff Hardy on Trevor Murdoch. Still, I think most people in the audience will remember the match not for the match itself, but because it was the first time they got to see Ric Flair live. I can't stress this enough, the crowd's support for Flair was just tremendous.

Then it was time for the main event, with Randy Orton against John Cena. Orton got a really big pop, even though he was supposed to be the heel. There were lots of people with Orton signs and t-shirts. Then it was time for John Cena, and he got his usual reception. Teenage girls and pre-teen boys were cheering wildly for him, while the older male crowd started with the "CENA SUCK" chants, along with others I cannot reproduce here. The match went on for more than 20 minutes and both wrestlers even fought for a while within the crowd. Randy Orton carried the match and had most of the offense, with only 3 headlocks this time! All through the match people were shouting RKO and all kinds of abuse against Cena. Of course that he also had some support, but I guess adult men just have stronger voices than little girls and boys, and therefore manage to be heard much clearer. Still, for all his offence, which included a neat RKO, Randy Orton could not resist the 5 moves of doom. Cena just seemed to decide he had had enough, started no-selling Randy's blows and then proceeded to give him the fisherman suplex, the shoulder blocks, the spin-out powerbomb well, by now everyone knows the sequence, we've been seeing it non-stop for the past eight months. He got the win with the F-U and the crowd let him know what they thought about that.

All in all, a pretty good show that benefited from an excellent crowd. I bet there will be a lot of sore throats tomorrow.

2008 - Ring of Honor ran Philadelphia, PA.  Joshua Higham filed the following live report:

ROH's return to Philadelphia. Here are my notes and thoughts from the fourth row.

The first Do or Die attraction was the Four Way Fray for the Top of the Class Trophy. Mitch Franklin, "Sugarfoot" Alex Payne, "The Sexiest Man Alive" Rhett Titus and Trophyholder Pelle Primeau. The crowd clearly didn't realize it was elimination. There was an audible hush when Mitch Franklin made Sugarfoot tap with a hold similar to an Anaconda Vise. Mitch Franklin eventually got the victory roll on Rhett Titus, who was playing the gimmick very well, including personal mirror and feathered and sequined robe. Pelle Primeau got the final pinfall on Franklin after a stunner and then proceeded to accidentally break his trophy. Good match. It's just weird to see wrestlers that small. We thought Pelle was out for good when he smacked his head on the edge of the ring apron.

The next Do or Die match was from the Virginia natives, Damien Wayne and Rex Sterling. Nothing too spectacular. It held our attention and there's any major screwups or anything. Wayne won with a flying elbow.

The tag team Do or Die was next. For some reason, Hallowicked was replaced by Unreal Michael Elgin. So it was Michael Elgin and Gran Akuma vs. the former Special K teammates Azrieal and Deranged. Elgin and Akuma were totally mismatched as partners. Deranged stood out, getting the pin on Elgin after an elevated Ace Crusher. It looked like Akuma got banged up as well. Deranged and Azrieal got a Welcome Home chant as they left the ringside area.
Lacey and Daizee were bumped to main show. And we're at an intermission.

Forty minutes later.

Bobby Cruise and the rest of the staff come out to start the main show. We are told that Brian Danielson was injured last night and would not compete in his scheduled match. But Cruise says, there is a suitable replacement and that we would not be disappointed.

Hallowicked comes out for a match with Matt Sydal. Good mat work, good flying. Sydal wins with the Shooting Star Press.

Lacey and Daizee are next. Lacey claims she wants a clean wrestling match, saying she's learned the value and power of love and no longer hates Daizee. She wants a fair fight in the middle of the ring. Tensions rise, tempers flare, and the fight goes to the floor. But we get a 10 minute time limit draw as Jimmy Jacobs pulls Lacey out of the ring with seconds to go. Jimmy at ringside was golden, at one point lighting a cigarette and smoking until either a ref or photographer told him to stop, presumably because it's a huge fine for smoking inside in Philadelphia.

The tag team attraction starts. Kevin Steen and El Generico vs. Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw. WOW. A fantastic fun match. Quackenbush is a hero in Philly. Kevin Steen is already Top 3 heels in Ring of Honor. The team chemistry between Generico (the fun loving, fan friendly "let's have a good match" kinda guy) and Steen (the arrogant "I'm the greatest in the world and I will beat you any possible way I can" kinda guy) was so much fun to watch. Steen pins Jigsaw after the amazing package piledriver into the brainbustaaaaaaaa combo. Steen and Generico will be big in ROH. Quackenbush should have an open invitation for returns.

Davey Richards made Matt Cross tap out. This one didn't click for me. But we had No Remorse Corps and the Delirious Resilience brawl, which led to Rocky Romero and Delirious. During the match, they brawled through the crowd. But Delirious won with a rollup. NRC returned to beat down Delirious, until the Resilience made the save. Erick Stevens announced it would be the No Remorse Corps versus the Delirious Resilience in a Philly Street Fight in August.

The Briscoes defeated the Kings of Wrestling 2 falls to none. Jay pinned Hero after a Jaydriller and then pinned Claudio Castagnoli after a Springboard Doomsday Device. Tank Toland made Bobby Dempsey exercise the entire match, even after he tore his metallic sweat suit. Larry Sweeney kept his distance from Castagnoli, and Hero completely shrugged him off at the end of the match. No Steen and Generico which surprised me.


We start with a Four Corner Survival. BJ Whitmer was showing a mean streak, threatening the official throughout the match. The crowd was actually behind Jimmy Rave where I was sitting. Erick Stevens got a pop for the Choo Choo. But Brent Albright pinned BJ after the half nelson suplex to earn a title shot in August.

Bobby Cruise announces that the following contest was being taped for the second pay per view. An excellent surprise. Nigel comes out to a huge reaction. Who would be Sweeney's paid-off assassin?

Well, Bobby Cruise is a dirty liar, because the crowd went nuts when we heard the first five notes of The Final Countdown. Bryan Danielson was not injured. Nigel and Dragon then had a potential Match of the Year. They had some awesome matwork and then some brawling on the floor. Dragon was busted open pretty bad after exchanging headbutts. Dragon won with the Cattle Mutilation after the elbow strikes. A show of respect after the match. So I guess Dragon took Sweeney's payoff or we were supposed to completely forget about that story.

Morishima retained the title against Roderick Strong. It was a surprisingly competitive match with Roderick hitting some of his power moves. Morishima hit the Backdrop Driver which looked pretty painful. After he got the three, he walked out eating the title like usual.
A good show. A lot of fun, a hot crowd. Dragon/Nigel and Steenerico/Quacksaw easily get top honors. Check out the

DVD when it's finally released.

2008 - WWE announced that Jimmy Wang Yang was suspended for 30 days under their Wellness Policy, his first infraction.

2008 - TNA issued the following press release:


A tragic accident following TNA’s “Slammiversary” Pay-Per-View event at the Desoto County Civic Center in Southaven, Mississippi, resulted in the death of an employee of a TNA independent production contractor.

The accident occurred following the conclusion of the event as technical crews worked to disassemble the TNA set.
Currently, TNA is working in cooperation with local authorities to investigate the details surrounding the accident.
TNA is deeply saddened by this tragedy. We ask our fans across the world to join us as our thoughts and prayers are with the family in their time of loss.

2008 - Sports Publishing announced they would be releasing Tito Santana's autobiography with the following press release:


Tito Santana's Tales from the Ring Hits Shelves Everywhere

LEDGEWOOD, NJ - Former World Wrestling Federation (WWF) superstar, Tito Santana, has just released his debut title: Tito Santana's Tales from the Ring.

Santana had a stellar WWF which extended more than a decade. Alongside Rick Martel as Strike Force, he won the Intercontinental and World tag-team belts. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004.

'One of the all time greatest beloved heroes that I ever had the privilege and honor to wrestle was Tito Santana,' said Sgt. Slaughter former WWF wrestler and author of one of two forewords in Santana's book. The other foreword author is 'Mr. Wonderful,' Paul Orndorff, another former WWF wrestler.

Tito Santana's Tales from the Ring humorously reflects on Santana's years in the WWF. The book entertains even the toughest crowds with tales of flying bodies, twisted limbs, fist fights, shouting matches, drugs, deceit, and desperation. Santana takes you behind the scenes to meet such stars as the Hulkster, André the Giant, and the Macho Man.

Santana now teaches Spanish at Eisenhower Middle School in Roxbury and co-owns Santana's Styling Salon in Succasunna with his wife Leah. The hardcover Tito Santana's Tales from the Ring will be available at Barnes and Noble, Borders, other retailers, and online at and for only $19.95.

2008 - The McMahon Millions giveaway kicked off on a broadcast of Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

Tonight marks the start of the McMahon Million Dollar Giveaway where if you get the phone call during the show and know the 'phrase that pays' you are going to get some of Vince's money. Also tonight, Shawn Michaels will appear on the Highlight Reel to discuss what happened at One Night Stand. What new developments will emerge between John Cena and Triple H. Who will challenge for the other titles? Will we get any more clues about Ted DiBiase Jr.'s tag team partner? Will we hear anyone talk about the draft which will take place in two weeks.

We are live from Oakland, California and your announcers are Jim 'BBQ Granola' Ross and Jerry 'Just Win Puppies' Lawler.

Vince McMahon welcomes everyone to McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania and he brings out the Million Dollars and it is loaded into the case the same way that it was last week. Vince says that you need to stand by the phone and if you give the correct password, you will win. Vince says that the password for tonight is “WWE Universe”. If you get the password right, you win. After the first match, he will give away $200,000.

Match Number One: Ken Kennedy versus Paul Burchill with Katie Lea

They lock up and Burchill charges at Kennedy but Kennedy sends Burchill to the floor. Kennedy with a drop toe hold followed by a side head lock, but Burchill with a belly-to-back suplex. Burchill sends Kennedy into the corner followed by a clothesline for a two count. Burchill with a reverse chin lock. Burchill with a short arm clothesline to Kennedy followed by another short arm clothesline. Kennedy avoids a clothesline but he hits an enzuigiri followed by a running boot to the head for a two count. Burchill with a kick to Kennedy’s chest but Kennedy with the Mic Check for the three count.

Winner: Ken Kennedy

After the match, Katie Lea slaps Kennedy and then Kennedy does not see Burchill hit the neck breaker. Burchill and Lea leave the ring while Kennedy is down in the ring.

Vince makes the first call for $200,000 and Vince has some difficulty getting through. Vince has just given away $200,000 because Daniel gives the right password. We go to commercial.

We are back and some Oakland Raiders are in the crowd.

Match Number Two: Mickie James versus Beth Phoenix with invisible title belt

Mickie with a waist lock but Beth with an elbow. Mickie with forearms but Beth pushes Mickie down. Mickie with a back kick but Beth counters a DDT with a side slam and gets a two count. Beth with boots to Mickie’s back. Beth with a slingshot suplex for a two count. Mickie with elbows followed by a forearm but Beth responds with a back breaker to Mickie. Mickie with knees to the head and head scissors. Beth with a forearm and Mickie responds in kind. Mickie with a running forearm to Beth and drop kick to Beth for a two count. Beth throws Mickie out of the ring, but Mickie gets up to the turnbuckle and hits a Thesz Press for the three count.

Winner: Mickie James

After the match, Beth attacks Mickie, but Melina comes out and she goes after Beth with forearms and kicks. Beth puts Melina on the turnbuckles but Melina with a face plant from the top turnbuckle on Beth.

It is time for Vince to give away some more money. This time it will be for $75,000 and we have another winner.
Vince says that he has a surprise guest as we go to commercial.

We are back with WWE Rewind: John Cena versus Jeff Hardy from last week and the stare down at the end of the show.

Triple H and John Cena are still staring each other down. Cena says that the fans will see the two best fight it out for the richest prize in wrestling. Triple H says that it comes down to being the best and he says that Cena is looking at the best. Cena points out the one match that they had. Hunter points out that it was two years ago and that was then and this is now. Cena asks Hunter if he will be the champion in three weeks. Hunter wonders if Cena will make it in three weeks because he has Bradshaw. Cena points out that Hunter has to face Jeff Hardy tonight.

Vince McMahon has Charlie Haas at the money center. It is time for the next call. Vince tells Charlie that he is bringing him some bad luck. Vince gets a busy number so it is time for a new number. The representative from E*Prize comes out with a new number. Vince dials the next number. The next winner is for $50,000. Vince says that if Charlie kisses a Diva, Donna will get $100,000.

Maria comes out and Charlie kisses her to give Donna another $50,000. Charlie gets a chance to kiss another for $25,000 for Donna. This time it is Mae Young. Mae kisses Charlie. Donna earns another DAMN $25,000.
Bradshaw is in the interview area and he says that nobody deserves any money from Vince McMahon, but John Cena deserves everything that he is going to give to him. We go to commercial.

We are back with some fun facts about the WWE broadcasts and Triple H joins Lawler and Ross to see the Bradshaw/Cena match.

Match Number Three: Bradshaw with JBLimo versus John Cena

Cena notices Hunter at ringside and that allows Bradshaw to attack Cena from behind. The referee tries to hold Bradshaw off, but it does not work. Bradshaw with a back elbow followed by a forearm to the back. Bradshaw with punches to Cena, but Cena with an Irish whip and bulldog for a two count. Bradshaw with another forearm to the back followed by a boot to the head and an elbow drop for a two count. Bradshaw with a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Bradshaw misses a short arm clothesline and Cena tries for an FU. Bradshaw gets out of the ring and then he stares down Triple H. We go to commercial.

We are back and John Cena is down at ringside as Bradshaw picks him up and slams Cena’s head on the announce table. Bradshaw with a boot to the head followed by an elbow drop on the floor. They return to the ring and Bradshaw gets a two count. Bradshaw with a cravate on Cena but Cena punches his way out of the hold. Bradshaw with a sleeper but Cena gets out of the hold and he punches Bradshaw. Bradshaw with a boot to Cena and Cena goes down. Bradshaw sets for the Clothesline from Wall Street but Cena with shoulder tackles and a Blue Thunder Bomb. Cena gets ready for the Five Knuckle Shuffle and hits it. Cena gets ready for the FU but Bradshaw with a rake of the eyes and Bradshaw hits the Clothesline from Wall Street but Cena gets his foot on the rope to stop the count. Bradshaw goes outside the ring and he backs up to the announce table and he decides to rearrange the table. Bradshaw returns to the ring and he tries to pick up Cena but Cena with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Triple H stands on the announce table and he holds up his title belt. Cena climbs on the announce table and we have another stare down. They look for a Wrestlemania sign to point at, but there is none in the building. Hunter leaves the table first and then he trips Cena as John falls on the table. Hunter walks to the back and we go to commercial.

We are back and Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler talk about John Cena versus Triple H at Night of Champions and Jerry Lawler also talks about the preview of the new Incredible Hulk Movie after Raw.

It is time for Vince McMahon to give away some more money and he has Lillian Garcia stand up. Vince says that Lillian was bragging about her measurements so it is time to give away $98,000. We have another winner.

Time for the Highlight Reel and Chris Jericho comes to the ring. Jericho says that it might seem like his guest has been on the Highlight Reel a lot. His guest was a hero of his growing up. He is a mentor as well as a good friend. Chris brings out Shawn Michaels.

Chris thanks Shawn for coming on the Highlight Reel again and it appears that Shawn is still feeling the effects of the Stretcher Match. Chris says that even though Shawn lost the match, the fans still love him. Shawn says that he appreciates the kind words, but he wonders if there is a question for him. Chris talks about how Shawn feigned a knee injury and lied to Chris and Batista for a month. Shawn reminds Chris that he said he would do whatever it would take to win. The only person that he lied to was Chris Jericho. Chris points out that when Shawn super kicked him in the face, the fans cheered him more. Chris also points out that fans booed him when he pointed out the truth. Chris says that when he does the right thing, he gets booed. It seems like the fans would rather boo an honest man and chant HBK, which the fans do in perfect sheep formation. Chris asks Shawn how one of the most popular wrestlers of all time can be a lying, cheating, pathetic little worm of a human being. Jericho attacks Shawn and they battle on the floor with each getting in a series of punches. Jericho with a low blow to Michaels and Jericho pushes him to the mat. Jericho tells Michaels that the worst is yet to come. Jericho sends Michaels into the Jeritron 6000. Jericho leaves the ring while Shawn is still down on the official carpet of the Highlight Reel.

Jericho walks to the back while Michaels is being checked out in the ring. We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Chris Jericho attacking Shawn Michaels on the Highlight Reel.

Match Number Four: Umaga and Gene Snitsky versus Cody Rhodes and Bob Holly in a Non-Title match
Rhodes and Snitsky start things off and Snitsky misses a charge into the corner. Holly is tagged in and Holly goes to the turnbuckles but Rhodes wants a double suplex. Umaga with a thrust to Holly’s throat while the referee was out of position. Snitsky with a near fall and then he tags in Umaga. Umaga with a punch to the ribs. Holly with a kick to Umaga but Umaga takes Holly down for a near fall. Snitsky tags in and he stomps on Holly. Snitsky with a slam followed by an elbow drops. Snitsky misses a leg drop and Holly with a drop kick to Snitsky’s knee and Rhodes wants to tag in. Umaga tags in and so does Rhodes. Rhodes knocks Snitsky off the apron. Rhodes tries for clotheslines to Umaga but Umaga stays on his feet. Rhodes with a drop kick and Umaga stays up. Umaga goes to his knees after a second one. Umaga catches Rhodes with a face first uranage followed by the Samoan Spike for the three count.

Winners: Umaga and Gene Snitsky

After the match, Holly checks on Rhodes and picks him up.

Ted DiBiase Junior comes out and he says that it looks like ever since he announced his first match against Cody and Bob at Night of Champions they have not been on the same page. Ted says that they better get on the same page fast because their time as champions will be over in two weeks.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video for the WWE’s work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Vince says that it is time for WWE Idol before they give away some more money. Trevor Murdoch and Jillian Hall are in the ring. Trevor sings first but Jillian stops him. She says that she is embarrassed for him. Jillian does something resembling singing, at least it might in some parallel universe. Vince comments on Jillian’s singing and it is time for more money to be given away. We have our two dollar winner.

It is time for our next winner and they will get $200,000. We have another winner. Apparently Josh got really excited in a way that could not be uttered on basic cable. We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the aftermath of the Santino/Cousin Sal match from Smackdown with highlights.

Match Number Five: Carlito and Santino Marella versus Cryme Tyme

JTG and Santino start thing off and Santino with a rollup for a near fall. JTG with a rollup of his own. JTG with a snap mare and leg sweep. Santino charges into a drop toe hold and Shad is tagged in. Shad is sent into Santino and then he slams Santino. Cryme Tyme with a wheelbarrow slam onto Santino. Santino avoids JTG as he comes off the turnbuckles and Santino sends JTG into the corner. Carlito tags in and he kicks JTG. Santino tags back in and he connects with a forearm to the back. Santino with a rear chin lock followed by a camel clutch. Santino continues to work on the back. Santino and JTG with punches at the same time and both men go down. Santino grabs JTG’s leg to prevent the tag, but Shad is finally tagged in. Shad with clotheslines to Santino followed by a power slam for a near fall that is broken up by Carlito. Carlito sends JTG to the apron and then Carlito charges at JTG but Carlito goes to the floor. Shad with a series of kicks followed by an STO for the three count.

Winners: Cryme Tyme

After the match, Vince wants Cryme Tyme to help give away some money. Vince says that after the main event, he will be giving away $250,000. Now, Cryme Tyme is going to give away $51,998. Vince says that if the caller does not know the password, the money goes to Cryme Tyme.

We go to commercial and Jeff Hardy is walking in the back.

We are back and John Cena approaches the announce table to join Lawler and Ross for Triple H’s match.
Before the match starts, we see the stare down on the announce table from earlier tonight.

Match Number Six: Jeff Hardy versus Triple H with GameFountain in a Non-Title Match

Hunter with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Hunter stares at Cena and he turns around into a kick and punches from Hardy. Hardy with a flying clothesline followed by kicks and punches. Hunter charges into an elbow from Hardy followed by a flying clothesline for a near fall. Hardy punches Hunter but Hunter with a boot. Hardy with a mule kick and Hardy hits a hesitation baseball slide in the corner and gets a near fall. Hardy sets for the Twist of Fate but Hunter sends Hardy into the ropes and Hunter hits a spinebuster and both men are down. Hunter punches Hardy in the head followed by a high knee for a two count. Hunter with a knee drop to Hardy’s head. Hunter with an abdominal stretch and Hunter uses the ropes for more leverage but the referee sees it. Hunter slams Hardy’s head into the turnbuckles followed by a hard Irish whip. Hunter with another hard Irish whip as he works on Hardy’s back and gets a two count. Hardy with boots to Hunter’s face as he charges into the corner. Hardy with a series of clotheslines and punches to Hunter. Hunter with a facebuster for a near fall. Hunter punches Hardy in the head as Hardy tries to fight back. Hunter mocks Cena but Hardy punches Hunter. Hardy misses Whisper in the Wind when Hunter moves out of the way, but he might have grazed Hunter’s face. Hunter clotheslines Hardy over the top rope to the floor. Hunter slams Hardy’s head into the ringside barrier. Hardy Irish whips Hunter into the ringside barrier. Hunter hip tosses a charging Jeff Hardy at John Cena. Cena pulls Hunter to the floor as he tries to get back into the ring and the referee counts Hunter out.

Winner: Jeff Hardy by count out

After the match, Cena and Hunter stare each other down one more time. Hardy hits a plancha onto Hunter and Cena.

Time to give away the rest of the money, but first we go to commercial.

We are back with another WWE television tidbit.

We see the outside of the arena and it is now time for the final give away of the night. This time it will be $250,000. Before Vince calls, he announces that he will be giving away another million dollars next week. Vince completes the million dollar give away. We go to credits as the IRS goes to the winner’s houses (except the $2 winner).

2009 - WWE released their Randy Savage DVD "Macho Madness", hosted by Matt Striker and Maria.  The DVD can be ordered at <a href="" target="new">this link</a>.

2009 - WWE COO Donna Goldsmith spoke at the Noble Financial Emerging Growth Equity Conference, stating that MMA isn't much of a threat to WWE because MMA doesn't have real stars or storylines. "Somebody gets knocked out and they're hurt and that may be the last you ever see from them again" while WWE can repackage it's superstars.

2009 - The Amazing Red signed a new deal with TNA.

2009 - Tommy Dreamer signed a new three year deal with WWE.  As it would turn out, he would later request and receive his release in December 2009.

2009 -WWE broadcast ECW on Sci Fi, drawing a 1.2 rating.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV Report:

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at the possible end of Tommy Dreamer’s ECW career and his chance to win the title at Extreme Rules. Dreamer was able to overcome the odds and win the Triple Threat Match to become a two time ECW Champion.

We are live on tape from Biloxi, Mississippi and your announcers are Matt ‘Chong Li’ Striker and Josh ‘Frank Dux’ Mathews.

Tiffany is in the ring and she is joined by a table and two chairs. She says that history was made at Extreme Rules because the man who won the ECW Title at the pay per view also earned a new contract. Tommy Dreamer comes out with the ECW Title belt. Tiffany reminds Tommy about the challenge he made to himself five months ago to win the ECW Title. Tiffany congratulates him for accomplishing his goal. Dreamer says that it looked like this day would never come. He did not even think that this would happen. Dreamer starts to get emotional and he says that it was because of the fans that he won the title. He thanks everyone from the bottom of his heart. He thanks everyone for making this the greatest highlight of his career. Tommy prepares to sign his contract, but . . .
Christian comes out and he has a present for the cry baby. Christian says that since Tommy is thanking people, Christian wants to thank Jack Swagger for getting involved in things so they had a Triple Threat match where he did not even get pinned to lose his title. Christian calls Swagger a dork. Christian says that he will get his rematch and win back his ECW Title. Christian says that he is glad that Dreamer is still here and he shakes Tommy’s hand. Tommy almost gets to sign his contract, but . . .

Jack Swagger comes out and he wonders why Christian is shaking Dreamer’s hand. Swagger says that no one is happy that Tommy Dreamer is still here. Swagger says that everyone came to see him and not images of Fatty Dreamer’s rear end. Swagger says that Dreamer had no right to be in the match because his contract ended the day before the pay per view.

Tiffany tries to explain things to Swagger but Swagger cuts off Blondie. He says that the most it will cost Tiffany is her job. Swagger says that he talked to his agent and lawyer and they will represent Christian as well when they go to the Board of Directors to strip Dreamer of his title. Swagger says that Tommy can man up and forfeit his title.
Christian says that he thinks Swagger has a point. Maybe Dreamer should do the right thing, just like he is going to do. Christian punches Swagger and then Dreamer joins in as they clothesline him over the top rope to the floor. Dreamer signs the contract and he is back in ECW. While Dreamer celebrates Christian powerbombs Dreamer through the table and he puts the contract on top of Dreamer.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Tiffany is being told that some guy in green caused a lot of damage to the catering area.   Tiffany wants to know why Christian did that to Dreamer and Christian says that it was a receipt. Tiffany informs Christian that Dreamer cannot wrestle so Christian will have to team with Jack Swagger.

We see footage of Tony Atlas’ problems controlling himself during Mark Henry matches.

Match Number One: Tony Atlas with Mark Henry versus Evan Bourne

They lock up and Atlas sends Bourne to the mat. They lock up again and he slams Bourne. Atlas pushes Bourne into the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle. Bourne with kicks to Atlas. Bourne lands on his feet on a hip toss and then Bourne hits a couple of drop kicks for a near fall. Atlas with a punch and leaping head butt that sends Bourne to the floor. Atlas tries to distract the referee to allow Henry to interfere but Henry stays away. Atlas with a forearm to bring Bourne back into the ring. Atlas with a power slam for a near fall. Atlas with a reverse chin lock but Bourne escapes and he kicks Atlas and hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Atlas with a double sledge to the back and then he hits a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Bourne with a leaping flatline and then he goes up top for the Shooting Star Press for the three count.

Winner: Evan Bourne

After the match, Mark Henry makes his presence known as he attacks Bourne from behind before hitting the standing power slam.

Josh and Matt talk about the change in the main event which the people in the truck were able to change the graphic for. We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that men like SciFi on Tuesdays more than ESPN.

Match Number Two: Vladimir Kozlov versus Luke Hawx and Chris Lewie

Kozlov starts off with Lewie and he tosses him across the ring. Hawx tags in and he kicks Kozlov but Kozlov with a leg trip and a kick that sends him out of the ring. Kozlov sends Hawx into the ring post. Kozlov with the head butts to the upper chest followed by an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Lewie tags in and he leaps into a head butt. Kozlov with the spinebuster slam for the three count.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov

Jack and Christian are in the locker room and Jack says that he can tell that Christian does not want to be his partner. Jack tells Christian to hold up his end of the bargain. Christian leaves and we go to commercial.

We are back with a Raw Rebound. Did you know that Triple H came back?

Natalya says that Tyson and David will be facing two former ECW champions. She says that they will show what the difference is between former champions and future champions.

Match Number Three: Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith with Natalya versus Jack Swagger and Christian

Swagger starts off but Christian makes the blind tag to frustrate his partner. Smith with an arm drag take down into an arm bar. Christian with an arm bar but Smith with a knee and side head lock. Smith with a shoulder tackle and punch to the head. Kidd tags in and he kicks Christian and sends Christian into the turnbuckles. Kidd with an elbow and he tries a double sledge but Christian with a flap jack for a near fall. Swagger tags in and he gets a rollup for a near fall. Swagger with a waist lock take down. Kidd is able to escape and then Swagger pushes Christian off the apron and it is called a tag. Kidd tries a baseball slide but Christian moves and he punches Kidd. Christian goes up top and he hits a missile drop kick. Swagger pushes Christian into a drop kick from Kidd. Smith tags in as we go to commercial.

We are back and Smith with a reverse chin lock on Christian while Swagger watches from the apron. Christian gets out of the hold but Smith with a knee and a delayed vertical suplex and Smith gets a near fall. Smith with a front face lock and then he tags in Kidd. Kidd sends Christian into the turnbuckles and then he kicks Christian. Kidd with an Irish whip and Christian tries for the pendulum kick but Kidd blocks it and kicks Christian in the back of the head to get a near fall. Kidd with a reverse chin lock and Christian with punches and a slam. Christian tries for a diving head butt but Kidd moves. Kidd with a snap suplex to Christian and then Kidd goes up top for a moonsault but Christian moves out of the way. Both men are down and Christian tries to tag in Swagger but Christian refuses before punching Swagger. Smith tags in and Christian with a running forearm. Smith with a kick and he sets for the running powers slam but we get a series of reversals. Christian slaps Kidd on the apron and then Christian with a pendulum kick to Smith followed by a tornado DDT for a two count. Christian goes up top but he misses another diving head butt. Kidd tags in and he springboards back into the ring. Kidd sends Christian into the turnbuckles and Christian with a sunset flip for a near fall. Christian with an inverted DDT for a near fall. Natalya gets on the apron and Christian is able to escape a belly-to-back suplex. Swagger crops Christian on the top rope and Smith and Kidd hit the Hart Attack Version 2.0 for the three count.

Winners: David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd

After the match, Swagger, Kidd, and Smith attack Christian. Tommy Dreamer comes to the ring with a Singapore Cane. He hits Swagger as Smith and Kidd also leave the ring.

We go to credits.

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