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By Mike Johnson on 2011-05-26 10:57:35

The new Ring of Honor officials, including Jim Cornette and Gary Juster, have been in PA all week working on details and their official takeover of the company. They have taken control of the reigns already but are holding their cards close to their chest (as they should) until their Friday 6/24 press conference at Sinclair headquarters in Maryland.

The company's next live event will be the 6/26 Best in the World Internet PPV on Sunday afternoon at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. While it hasn't been announced, one would certainly believe that ROH champion Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards and Briscoes vs. All Night Express in a Ladder War are good possibilities for that show, based on the direction lately. All that has been officially announced is that all three ROH championships will be defended on the show. To pre-order the PPV, click the graphic below:


Upcoming dates announced beyond NYC are 7/8 in Richmond, Virginia, 7/9 in Charlotte, NC, 8/12 in Dayton, Ohio, 8/13 ROH TV Taping in Chicago Ridge, IL and 9/16 in Plymouth, MA. It should be interesting to see how much more of a marketing and promotion the live events will get in the different markets as theoretically, the new infrastructure under Sinclair should provide a much better budget for such things as ROH under the previous regime could only dedicate so much money and manpower to promoting themselves outside of the Internet. For ticket information to the upcoming events, visit>/a>.

As noted, Jimmy Jacobs is back here as Steve Corino's sponsor. Ive heard no chatter about the potential return of Kevin Steen, for those who have asked.

ROH posted the following on their website this week: "A new dawn is upon us here at ROH and we want to than everyone who has continued to support us and you can count on us to always present top quality pro wrestling from the best athletes currently competing. We recognize talent, passion, and hunger and will never steer away from our core values. WRESTLING is our foundation and expect the future to provide an even better presentation of ROH then what you are use to. Just wait and see."

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