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By Richard Trionfo on 2011-05-20 01:20:12
I was at the FCW Arena on Thursday night for the television tapings for the next three episodes of FCW Television on Bright House Sports Network.

Before the first show was taped, they filmed a segment for the Tough Enough Finale on June 6th. The announcers were Matt Martlaro and Booker T.

In an exhibition match, Bill Demott faced Tough Enough finalist Christina Crawford.

In an exhibition match, Bill Demott faced Tough Enough finalist Luke Robinson.

The turnbuckles and ring apron were switched for the first episode of FCW Television.

Results for June 12, 2011

Your announcers are Matt Martlaro and William Regal.

Match Number One: FCW Tag Team Champions Big E Langston and Calvin Raines defeated Los Aviadores (Hunico and Epico) to retain the FCW Tag Team Titles when Langston pinned Hunico after hitting the Big Ending.

Match Number Two: Percy Watson defeated Bobby Dutch with a floatover DDT

James Bronson was interviewed.

Match Number Three: Desean Bishop defeated Rick Victor with a full nelson slam.

Leakee was interviewed and he said that he has dealt with adversity his entire life, but he will win the FCW Championship.

Maxine comes to the ring with Damien Sandow, FCW Champion Lucky Cannon, and FCW Divas Champion and Queen of FCW Aksana. Maxine mentioned the issues she has had with Mr. Florida and she knows that it is Bo Rotundo. Mr. Florida will be facing Lucky Cannon later on this week’s show.

Match Number Four: Mr. Florida defeated FCW Champion Lucky Cannon in a non-title match after Bo Rotundo interfered and speared Cannon, allowing Mr. Florida to get the win. Rotundo was sitting in the front row and throughout the match, Cannon and other members of the FCW All Stars would get into arguments with Rotundo.

After the match, Rotundo returned to the ring and he speared Damien Sandow. Rotundo also speared Mr. Florida.

Results for June 19, 2011

Your announcers were Matt Martlaro and William Regal.

Match Number One: FCW 15 Champion Seth Rollins defeated Damien Sandow to retain the FCW 15 Title. The final totals were Seth Rollins with three falls and Damien Sandow with two falls. Rollins got two falls in the last minute of the match to win.

FCW Tag Team Champions Big E Langston and Calvin Raines were interviewed.

They showed a segment in FCW General Manager Maxine’s office with Lucky Cannon and Aksana. Maxine told Lucky that he would have to defend the FCW title tonight against Lucky Cannon. Steve Keirn enters and tells Maxine that she is being relieved of her duties as FCW General Manager and her replacement is Norman Smiley. Smiley tells Maxine that she will have a match later tonight.

Match Number Two: Leakee defeated Ricardo Rodriguez (with Brodus Clay) with a running forearm.

Leo Kruger was interviewed and he said that he was overlooked and he pointed out that he wrestled with a broken neck. Kruger vowed that he would win the FCW Title next week.

Match Number Three: Ms. Florida defeated Maxine (with Aksana) with a rollup in about five seconds. Before the match started Maxine wanted Aksana to take care of Ms. Florida who Maxine thought was Naomi, but Aksana said that she does not work for Maxine any more since she isn’t the General Manager so she wished Maxine good luck before leaving the ring.

Match Number Four: Bo Rotundo defeated Lucky Cannon (with Damien Sandow) to become the new FCW Champion with a spear.

After the match, the faces in the locker room came to the ring to celebrate Bo’s victory. After they left the ring, Bo’s father Mike ‘IRS’ Rotundo came to the ring and celebrated with his son. Dusty Rhodes was also at ringside for the celebration.

The Tough Enough ring apron and turnbuckles replaced the FCW ring apron and turnbuckle pads for the next set of Tough Enough segments.

Your announcers were Matt Martlaro and Booker T.

In an exhibition match, Bill Demott faced Tough Enough Finalist Andy Leavine.

In an exhibition match, Peter Orlov faced Tough Enough Finalist Jeremiah Riggs.

Results for June 26, 2011

Your announcers are Matt Martlaro and William Regal.

New FCW General Manager Norman Smiley comes to the ring and he brings out the New FCW Heavyweight Champion Bo Rotundo. Norman mentions that Bo is the youngest FCW Champion (which was true when Bo held the title for about five minutes before he lost it to Lucky Cannon). Norman announces a Fatal Four Way Match for the FCW Title as Bo’s first title defense of this title reign. Bo will be facing Richie Steamboat, Leo Kruger, and the former FCW Champion Lucky Cannon.

Cannon comes out and he says that it is a sham and a fluke. He mentioned that he has beaten Rotundo for the last five months in every redneck town. He also demands to get his rematch in a one-on-one match.

Rotundo punches Cannon and then Leo Kruger and Richie Steamboat get involved in the brawl until referees separate the men.

Jinder Mahal cuts a promo before his match and he says that we will see the new and refined Punjabi superstar.

Match Number One: Titus O’Neil defeats Jinder Mahal by disqualification after Damien Sandow interfered. Sandow and Mahal attacked O’Neil.

In the back, Maxine tries to convince the new General Manager Norman Smiley to reconsider his decision after she apologizes to Norman.

Match Number Two: Xavier Woods defeated FCW Tag Team Champion Calvin Raines (with Big E Langston) with a rollup.

Match Number Three: FCW Tag Team Champion Big E Langston (with Calvin Raines) defeated Briley Pierce with the Big Ending.

Match Number Four: FCW Champion Bo Rotundo defeated Leo Kruger, Lucky Cannon, and Richie Steamboat in a Fatal Four Way Match to retain the FCW Title when Bo pinned Kruger after a spear.

Thoughts on the Tapings and Other information

Before the show Ricky Steamboat was signing autographs as you entered the arena.

The Wild Samoans Afa and Sika were in the crowd for the tapings. Sika is the father of FCW wrestler Leakee.

I don’t know if it was because of the Tough Enough taping, but it was the biggest crowd that I saw outside the building before the doors opened. It was also the largest crowd of the four tapings that I have attended.

I have to give credit to Elite subscriber Jacob Cohen for this, but the unofficial nickname for FCW Tag Team Champions Calvin Raines and Big E Langston is Chocolate Raines.

I thought the best match of the night was the FCW 15 Match between Damien Sandow and Seth Rollins. Because they took the tag titles off Steamboat and Rollins, I was thinking that they were going to take the FCW 15 medal off Rollins with the hope that he would make it to the ‘big show’ very soon. I was surprised that there were five falls in the match. The first fall went to Seth Rollins by disqualification after Sandow refused to release a Boston Crab while on the turnbuckles. Despite this, Sandow was able to get the next two falls on Rollins to take the lead in the match. I thought Sandow did a great job working on Rollins back throughout the match. He also impressed me with the way that he hit the Maple Leaf on Rollins during the match. I thought Sandow was going to take a three to one lead only to see Rollins get a desperation fall to cut it to three-to-two in the same way that a hockey team falls behind and gets what some consider a meaningless goal to cut the lead. Rollins got the fall to tie the match with just under a minute left with an inside cradle. Then even though he did not need to get another fall, Rollins was able to win the match instead of retaining after a tie.

I was surprised to see Maxine’s group disintegrate, but with what was reported on the site this week, it seems reasonable.

It appeared that they were trying to set up some issues between the members of Chocolate Raines with the matches on the third show. I was not surprised that Xavier Woods got the win over Calvin Raines because it would set up a tag title match with Woods and a partner of his choice. Then I thought they were going to have Briley Pierce get the major upset over Langston. Instead, Langston squashed Pierce.

This was the first time that I saw Briley Pierce in the ring and he looked okay, at least what you could tell from someone being destroyed by Langston.

Since he is Dolph Ziggler’s brother, maybe they can call Briley Pierce “Mr. Zigglerico II”

I really liked that they had Mike Rotundo come to the ring to celebrate with his son since the episode that he wins the FCW title will air on Father’s Day.

Also in attendance were Mike Rotundo and Dusty Rhodes.

Mr. Florida was Trent Barreta.

Ms. Florida was Naomi Knight.

While he did not appear in any matches on this week’s show, I did see Jon Moxley at the building. I know that I was looking forward to seeing his FCW television debut this week.

The next FCW Television Tapings are on Thursday, June 9, 2011 with a 7:00 PM Bell Time.

Because of the Tough Enough segments, they did not have an intermission like they normally do for the television tapings between the first and second episodes.

My Thoughts from the Tough Enough Segments in my detailed spoilers

They used the cameramen for Tough Enough during the first three segments. I did not see them during the exhibition with Jeremiah and Peter Orlov. I don’t know if this means that Jeremiah is going to be eliminated before the finals. I thought it was weird that Bill Demott did not participate in the exhibition with Jeremiah.

Based on the ending of this week’s episode of Tough Enough, I was surprised to see Christina come out for the first exhibition.

It appears that AJ finally gets eliminated on next week’s episode of Tough Enough. I wonder if they will avoid an elimination on the Memorial Day episode and then get rid of someone at the start of the finale and then show the exhibition matches, with Jeremiah getting a match if he is eliminated in fourth.

Of the three exhibition matches with Bill Demott, the crowd gave the best reaction to Andy. The second best reaction was given to Christina, with Luke getting the worst reaction of the three who wrestled with Bill Demott. It felt like Jeremiah got a better reaction than Luke.

I thought Andy looked the best in the ring of the four finalists. Christina surprised me with her performance and I thought she did a better job than Luke. Jeremiah looked okay with Orlov but he was a little awkward when he came off the top turnbuckle.

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