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By Richard Trionfo on 2011-05-19 23:43:05
At the Florida Championship Wrestling Television Tapings on Thursday night, they filmed some segments involving Tough Enough. I believe these segments will be airing on June 6th during the final episode of the current season of Tough Enough.

Booker T joined FCW’s Play By Play Announcer Matt Martlaro at the announce table for the Tough Enough segments.

Before they taped the first episode of FCW Television, they had the Tough Enough ring apron around the ring.

They held a number of ‘Exhibition Matches’ with the finalists.

The first exhibition match featured Bill Demott and Christina. They exchange side head lock take downs and then Christina got a near fall on Demott. She gave Demott an arm drag and drop kick. Christina went up top and went for a cross body press but Demott caught her and then put her down. Then Demott shook Christina’s hand and they were done.

The second exhibition match featured Bill Demott and Luke. They locked up and Luke took Demott down with a side head lock. Demott gave Luke a head scissors but Luke escaped. Luke gave Demott a hip toss and followed that with a drop kick. Luke goes up top and hits an elbow drop on Demott. Demott gets in Luke’s face as the exhibition ends.

This was the end of the first Tough Enough Segment.

After the second of the episodes of FCW, they did another segment.

Booker T rejoined FCW Play by Play Announcer Matt Martlaro at the announce table.

The third exhibition match featured Bill Demott and Andy. Before they lock up, Demott and Andy argue with each other. Andy connects with a forearm but Demott responds with a clothesline. Andy gives Bill a big boot and then he goes up top and hits an elbow to get a near fall. They get up and shake hands to end the exhibition.

The fourth and final exhibition was between Peter Orlov and Jeremiah. They exchange side head locks and then Orlov hits a drop kick and gets a near fall. Orlov with a kick followed by a splash in the corner. Orlov slams Jeremiah but he misses a knee drop. Jeremiah goes up top and hits a cross body and gets a near fall. Orlov with a drop kick and chops but Jeremiah punches Orlov and hits a suplex. Jeremiah goes up top and hits a cross body press to get a three count.

Thoughts on Tough Enough Segments:

They used the cameramen for Tough Enough during the first three segments. I did not see them during the exhibition with Jeremiah and Peter Orlov. I don’t know if this means that Jeremiah is going to be eliminated before the finals. I thought it was weird that Bill Demott did not participate in the exhibition with Jeremiah.

Based on the ending of this week’s episode of Tough Enough, I was surprised to see Christina come out for the first exhibition.

It appears that AJ finally gets eliminated on next week’s episode of Tough Enough. I wonder if they will avoid an elimination on the Memorial Day episode and then get rid of someone at the start of the finale and then show the exhibition matches, with Jeremiah getting a match if he is eliminated in fourth.

Of the three exhibition matches with Bill Demott, the crowd gave the best reaction to Andy. The second best reaction was given to Christina, with Luke getting the worst reaction of the three who wrestled with Bill Demott. It felt like Jeremiah got a better reaction than Luke.

I thought Andy looked the best in the ring of the four finalists. Christina surprised me with her performance and I thought she did a better job than Luke. Jeremiah looked okay with Orlov but he was a little awkward when he came off the top turnbuckle.

Ricky Steamboat was at ringside for all of the exhibition matches.

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