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By Mike Johnson on 2011-05-21 07:00:00

May 21st

On this day in history in ....

1952 - Lou Thesz defeats Baron Michele Leone in Los Angeles to merge the California-version of the World Title with the National Wrestling Alliance and National Wrestling Association World Titles. Those three title wins, along with a non-title win over American Wrestling Association champion Gorgeous George, makes Lou Thesz the undisputed World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion. The title would remain undisputed for five years, until a Thesz-Edouard Carpentier match ends in controversy, splintering the titles again.

1963 - WWWF ran Trenton, NJ, headlined by WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Miguel Perez fighting Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard to a draw.

- WWWF ran Bridgeport, CT at the Arena for a  television taping featuring:
-Vittorio Apollo defeated Tony Altimore.
-Vittorio Apollo defeated Joe Quinones.
-Tony Altimore defeated Tony Martinelli in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-1.
-The Magnificent Maurice defeated Paul Reinhardt.
-Pat Barrett defeated Willie Bath.
-Arnold Skaaland defeated Tommy O'Toole.
-The Shadow defeated Roger Dupree.

-WWWF ran Washington DC at the Capital Arena:
-Don McClarity & Bill Watts defeated Luke Graham & Boris Malenko.
-Pedro Morales defeated Matt Gilmore.
-Killer Kowalski defeated Arnold Skaaland.
-Gorilla Monsoon defeated Sonny Love.
-Freddie Blassie defeated Jerry Miller.
-Smasher Sloan defeated Manuel Soto.

1966 - WWWF ran Baltimore, MD at the Civic Center with the following results:
-Arnold Skaaland defeated Frank Hickey
-Thomas Marin defeated Angelo Savoldi
-Pete Sanchez defeated Johnny Rodz
-Chief Big Heart defeated the Green Hornet
-WWWF U.S. Tag Team Champions Johnny Valentine & Antonio Pugliese defeated the Beast & Curtis Iaukea
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna
1966 - WWWF ran Baltimore, MD with the TV Taping featuring Waldo Von Erich defeating Antonio Pugliese via disqualification and Vittorio Apollo defeating Johnny Rodz.

1967 - Chris Benoit was born.  

1969 - WWWF ran Baltimore, Maryland with the Civic Center:

-Arnold Skaaland defeated Duke Savage.
-John L Sullivan defeated Lou Albano.
-The Fabulous Moolah & Toni Rose defeated Betty Boucher & Vivian Vachon.
-Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Carlos Colon.
-Victor Rivera & Dominic DeNucci defeated Luke Graham & Prof. Toru Tanaka.
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Killer Kowalski via disqualification; Haystacks Calhoun was the guest referee for the bout.

1970 - WWWF ran Washington DC at the National Arena with the following results:
-Prof. Toru Tanaka pinned Lee Wong.
-Patsy O'Neill defeated Helen Held.
-Geto Mongol defeated Ramos Molina.
-Crusher Verdu defeated John L Sullivan.
-Jose Rivera defeated Mike Conrad in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0.
-Manuka Akim defeated Frank Hickey.
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino fought Bepo Mongol to a draw.

1971 - WWWF ran New London, CT at the Junior High School with the top match results featuring:
-Manuel Soto defeated Dale Evans at 15:47
-Joe Esposito defeated Luis Torres at 12:04
-WWWF World Champion Pedro Morales & Gorilla Monsoon defeated Bull Pometti & Juan Caruso (substituting for Blackjack Mulligan) in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0, at 15:12

1976 - WWWF ran New London, CT at the Ocean Beach Park Auditorium with the following results:
-Jose Gonzalez pinned Gene Dundee at 20:40
-Arnold Skaaland & Joe Esposito defeated Tony Altimore & Mark Tendler in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0; fall #1 - Skaaland & Esposito won at the 17-minute mark; fall #2: Skaaland & Esposito won at 14:12
-Stan Hansen pinned Johnny Rivera at 5:10
-Billy White Wolf defeated Skandor Akbar via disqualification at the 13-minute mark when Akbar struck the referee
1976 - WWWF ran Harrisburg, PA at Zembo Mosque with the following results:
-Baron Mikel Scicluna pinned Pinky Larson at 10:46.
-Stan Lavdas pinned Al Palmer at 10:40.
-Susan Green & Vivian St. John defeated Paula Kaye & Kitty Adams in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match; fall #1 - Green & St. John won at 11:36; fall #2 - Kaye & Adams won at 8:52; fall #3 - Green & Adams won at 4:29.
-Gorilla Monsoon pinned Crusher Blackwell at 12:07.
-Ivan Putski pinned Ernie Ladd at 12:51.

1977 - The WWWF and the NWA World championships were both defended at a Championship Wrestling from Florida event in St. Petersburg, FL at the Bayfront Center.  WWWF champion Superstar Graham defeated Jos LeDuc while NWA World champion Harley Race fought Dusty Rhodes to a time limit draw.    Undercard results of the card saw:
-Susan Greene won a 7-women battle royal.
-Kevin Sullivan fought Gordon Nelson to a draw.
-Pat Patterson defeated Raul Matta.
-Mike Graham defeated Dutch Mantell.
-Jack & Jerry Brisco defeated Buddy Wolff & Butcher Vachon via disqualification.
-Ernie Ladd defeated Ox Baker.

1980 - WWF ran White Plains, NY at the Westchester County Center, featuring:
-Manuel Soto fought Steve King to a draw.
-Frank Savage defeated Angelo Gomez.
-Davey O'Hannon defeated Frankie Williams.
-Larry Sharpe defeated El Olympico.
-WWF Tag Team Champions the Wild Samoans defeated Gorilla Monsoon & Rene Goulet.
-Ivan Putski defeated Ken Patera.
1982 - Wahoo McDaniel defeats Sgt. Slaughter for the United States Heavyweight Title in Richmond, Virginia, beginning his second title reign.

1983 - WWWF ran Baltimore, MD at the Civic Center featuring the following results:
-Salvatore Bellomo defeated Bob Bradley
-Swede Hanson defeated Bob Bradley
-Samula defeated Tony Colon
-WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Ivan Koloff
-Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Rocky Cole
-Victor Rivera defeated Frankie Williams
-Sika defeated Israel Matia
-Afa defeated Jules Strongbow
-Susan Starr & Princess Victoria defeated Leilani Kai & the Fabulous Moolah
1983 - The WWF Intercontinental championship was defended on a card in Los Angeles, CA at the Sports Arena as Rocky Johnson fought WWF Intercontinental champion Don Muraco to a double countout.  Other results from the card saw:
-Tatsumi Fujinami defeated Tony Rocco.
-Jerry Monte fought the Mighty Zulu to a draw.
-The Great Goliath defeated Billy Anderson.
-Alexis Smirnoff defeated Guy Lambert.
-Steve Pardee defeated Black Gordman via disqualification.
-Pat Patterson defeated Iron Mike Sharpe.
-Jimmy Snuka defeated Buddy Rose.
-Mil Mascaras defeated Ray Stevens.

1984 - WWF returned to New York City, NY at Madison Square Garden, drawing a sellout as well as an overflow crowd watching the card via closed circuit in the adjacent Felt Forum with the following results:
-Akira Maeda defeated Rene Goulet at 9:47
-In his return to the Garden for the first time in two years, Jesse Ventura defeated Salvatore Bellomo via submission with the backbreaker at 4:31.
-WWF Women's Champion the Fabulous Moolah defeated Wendi Richter via disqualification at 12:20 when the challenger shoved the referee.
-Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee defeated B. Brian Blair & Tony Garea at 18:04
-The Wild Samoans defeated Bobo Brazil, Rocky Johnson, & SD Jones at 12:00
-Jimmy Snuka defeated Greg Valentine via disqualification at 10:05
-Roddy Piper defeated Ivan Putski via disqualification at 4:07 after Putski hit the referee as both men were brawling in the ring.
-Paul Orndorff defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana via count-out at 22:26 after Santana fell to the floor after missing the flying forearm and Orndorff pulling down the top rope.
-Sgt. Slaughter fought the Iron Sheik to a double disqualification at 14:47 after both men shoved referee Danny Davis.
-George Steele defeated Terry Daniels.
-WWF Champion Hulk Hogan pinned David Schultz at 5:46 with a clothesline and the legdrop.

1985 - Don Owens Promotions' Pacific Northwest Wrestling, ran their 60th Anniversary card in Portland, OR at Memorial Coliseum featuring talent from all three major promotions as Roddy Piper, a huge star for WWF at the time, worked the show out of respect for Owens while the AWA and NWA sent their reigning World champions.  The complete results from the card, which in many ways was the last big hurrah for the company, saw:
-Cowboy Lang defeated Little Tokyo.
-Mega Maharishi defeated Billy Two Eagles.
-Jerry Grey defeated Rocky Venturo.
-Karl Steiner defeated Steve Simpson.
-Bobby Jaggers & Ricky Vaughn defeated Timothy Flowers & Chris Colt.
-Sgt. Slaughter defeated Kendo Nagasaki.
-Roddy Piper defeated Buddy Rose.
-Larry & Curt Hennig defeated AWA Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors (with Paul Ellering) via disqualification when Curt was illegally double teamed in the ring; after the match, Billy Jack made the save and helped Curt clear the ring of the Road Warriors.
-NWA World Champion Ric Flair fought Billy Jack to a 45-minute time-limit draw; the challenger attempted to apply the full nelson when the time limit expired (Jack's first appearance using Diana Ross' "Muscles" as his theme song).
-AWA World Champion Rick Martel pinned Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion Mike Miller with a cradle at 7:20 as the challenger attempted to apply the Boston Crab.

1985 - WWF ran three live events the same night, featuring the following results:
Springfield, MA at the Civic Center:
-Rick McGraw fought Terry Gibbs to a draw.
-Swede Hanson defeated Johnny Rodz.
-Ken Patera defeated George Sanders.
-SD Jones defeated Charlie Fulton.
-Pedro Morales defeated Rene Goulet.
-Bruno & David Sammartino defeated Brutus Beefcake & Johnny V.
Angeles, CA at the Sports Arena, drawing 6,000:
-Mr. Wrestling II defeated Matt Borne.
-Moondog Spot defeated Chief War Eagle.
-Salvatore Bellomo defeated Les Thornton via disqualification.
-George Wells defeated Jack Armstrong.
-WWF Women's Champion Wendi Richter defeated the Fabulous Moolah (sub. for Mad Maxine).
-Ricky Steamboat & Jimmy Snuka defeated Bob Orton Jr. & Barry O (sub. for Roddy Piper who was wrestling Buddy Rose in Portland, OR).
-Tito Santana & the Junkyard Dog defeated WWF Intercontinental champion Greg Valentine & Don Muraco.

Erie, PA:

-Jim Neidhart defeated Billy Red Lyons.
-Ivan Putski defeated Bret Hart via countout.
-Big John Studd defeated Tony Atlas.
-Tony Garea defeated Steve Lombardi.
-Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Nikolai Volkoff & the Iron Sheik via disqualification.
1986 - The White Ninja (Keiji Mutoh) defeats Kendall Windham for the Florida Heavyweight Title in Tampa. This would mark the first North American championship for Mutoh, however, he would later have to return the belt to Windham when replays showed that Mutoh used an illegal karate thrust to win the title.

 1986 - WWF ran Buffalo, NY at the Memorial Auditorium with the following results:

-B. Brian Blair defeated Paul Christy.
-Scott McGhee defeated Rene Goulet.
-Hercules defeated Lanny Poffo.
-Dan Spivey defeated Tiger Chung Lee.
-Big John Studd defeated Tony Atlas.
-Cpl. Kirchner defeated Nikolai Volkoff.
-WWF Tag Team Champions British Bulldogs, Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid defeated The Hart Foundation, Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart.
-WWF Intercontinental Champion Randy Savage defeated Tito Santana.

1987 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Salisbury, MD with the following results:
-Baron Von Raschke defeated Mark Fleming.
-Vladimir Petrov defeated Brad Armstrong.
-Ivan Koloff defeated Tim Horner.
-Ron Garvin & Barry Windham defeated NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane in a non-title match.
-NWA U.S. Champion Nikita Koloff defeated NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard.
-NWA World Tag Team Champions Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez defeated The Rock N' Roll Express, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson.
1987 - Championship Wrestling from Florida ran Tallahassee, FL featuring:
-Big Bubba fought Ed Gantner to a double count-out.
-Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy defeated Sting & Rick Steiner.
-Kendall Windham fought Lex Luger to a double disqualification.
-Dusty Rhodes defeated NWA World Champion Ric Flair via disqualification.

1988 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Richmond, VA -at the Coliseum, drawing 7,000 fans during a hailstorm with the following results:
-Bugsy McGraw & Ron Simmons defeated the Cruel Connection
-Al Perez pinned Chris Champion with the spinning toe hold
-Jimmy Garvin pinned Rick Steiner.
-The Sheepherders defeated Mighty Wilbur & Gary Royal.
-NWA World TV Champion Mike Rotundo defeated Steve Williams via disqualification when Williams threw the champion over the top rope.
-Dusty Rhodes, Lex Luger, & Nikita Koloff fought NWA US Champion Barry Windham, NWA Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard to a no contest.
-NWA World Champion Ric Flair pinned Sting at the 25-minute mark after NWA U.S. Champion Barry Windham interfered and hit the challenger with a lariat; there were three judges advertised for the match, should it go to a time-limit draw, but no judges were used.
-The Road Warriors defeated the Powers of Pain in a steel cage match.

1988 -WWF ran Philadelphia, PA at the Spectrum with the card broadcast on the PRISM Network and a live crowd of 8,028, featuring:
-Jerry Allen pinned Steve Lombardi at 11:06 with a sunset flip.
-Jacques & Raymond Rougeau defeated Jim Powers & Paul Roma at 13:32 when Raymond pinned Powers after he was dropped throat-first across the top rope.
-Bret Hart fought Bad News Brown to a time-limit draw at 17:47; after the match, Bret challenged Brown to 5 more minutes but Brown refused.
-Andre the Giant defeated Jim Duggan via count-out at 11:04 after hitting Duggan with his own 2x4 outside the ring.
-Haku, Sivi Afi, & Bobby Heenan defeated Davey Boy Smith, the Dynamite Kid, & Koko B. Ware at 17:12 when Heenan pinned Koko after hitting him with a foreign object as Koko had Afi covered.
-Don Muraco defeated Greg Valentine via disqualification at 9:46 after Valentine refused to stop attacking Muraco as Muraco's head was caught in the ring ropes.
-Jake Roberts pinned Rick Rude at 11:54 with a reverse roll up, Rude attacked Roberts and then posed until Jake wrapped Damien around Rude.

1988 - WWF ran Johnstown, PA at the Cambria County War Memorial with the following results:
-The Big Bossman pinned Jose Luis Rivera at 6:41 with the sidewalk slam.
-Sam Houston pinned Danny Davis at 15:57 with a bulldog.
-Dino Bravo defeated Ken Patera via forfeit after Bravo attacked Patera with a table during their scheduled arm wrestling contest; Patera had already won the contest but Bravo objected and demanded it be restarted.
-Jos LeDuc pinned Lanny Poffo at 3:12 with a backbreaker.
-Brutus Beefcake defeated WWF IC Champion the Honkytonk Man (with Peggy Sue, who was Jimmy Hart in disguise) via disqualification at 12:58 when Peggy Sue entered the ring to sneak up behind Beefcake but the challenger disrobed her to reveal it was Hart.
-Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov defeated B. Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell at 15:08 when Zhukov pinned Brunzell after Volkoff kicked Brunzell in the back of the head and put his partner on top for the cover.
-The Junkyard Dog pinned Ron Bass at 13:40 with a roll up.
1989 - NWA ran Richmond, VA at the Coliseum with the following results:
-Randy Rose defeated Joey Maggs.
-Shane Douglas & Johnny Ace defeated the Raider & Jack Victory.
-Ron Simmons defeated Steve Casey.
-Terry Funk defeated Ranger Ross.
-The Samoan Swat Team defeated Eddie Gilbert & Scott Steiner.
-NWA TV Champion Sting defeated the Great Muta via disqualification.
-Lex Luger defeated NWA U.S. Champion Michael Hayes.

1989 -WWF ran Toronto, Ontario at Maple Leaf Gardens with the following results:
-The Red Rooster defeated the Brooklyn Brawler.
-The Genius defeated Jim Powers.
-Bad News Brown defeated the Blue Blazer.
-The Honkytonk Man defeated Hillbilly Jim.
-The Barbarian pinned Jim Neidhart.
-Rick Martel pinned Tito Santana.
-WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition fought the Big Bossman & Akeem to a double disqualification
-WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned Randy Savage.

1991 - Randy Savage & King Haku defeated George Takano & Shinichi Nakano at 14:04 when Haku pinned Nakano in the main event of a combined WWF/SWS event in Minami-Asikaga, Japan.

- WCW drew 1,000 fans to Joplin, Missouri at Memorial Hall with the following results:
-Steve Ray defeated TC Carter.
-The Junkyard Dog & Steve Ray defeated Rip Morgan & Jack Victory.
-WCW World TV Champion Bobby Eaton pinned Terrance Taylor.
-WCW World Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Arn Anderson & the Angel of Death.
-Sting defeated Barry Windham via disqualification when Arn Anderson interfered.

-WCW ran Sioux City, IA before 900 fans with the following results:
-Ricky Morton pinned Black Bart.
-Dustin Rhodes pinned Moondog Rex.
-The One Man Gang pinned Big Josh.
-Black Blood pinned Sam Houston.
-WCW U.S. Tag Team Champions Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin defeated Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong after Fantasia interfered.
-WCW U.S. Champion Lex Luger pinned Nikita Koloff.
-El Gigante defeated WCW World Champion Ric Flair via countout when Flair left ringside.

1992 - WCW ran Inglewood, CA at the Great Western Forum with 2,500 fans in attendance (1,000 paid) featuring:
-Tom Zenk & Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated Greg Valentine & Mike Graham.
-Van Hammer pinned JT Southern at the 50-second mark.
-Ron Simmons pinned Cactus Jack.
-Dustin Rhodes pinned Mr. Hughes.
-WCW Light Heavyweight Champion Brian Pillman pinned Scotty Flamingo.
-WCW World Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko (sub. for Bobby Eaton).
-Nikita Koloff pinned Terry Taylor.
-WCW World Champion Sting pinned WCW U.S. Champion Rick Rude.
-Ricky Steamboat pinned Steve Austin.
1992 - WWF ran Beaumont, TX at the Civic Center with the following results:
-Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware defeated the Nasty Boys.
-Jim Duggan defeated Repo Man.
-WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart defeated Shawn Michaels.
-Tito Santana defeated Nailz.
-Haku defeated the Beverly Brothers in a handicap match.
-Crush defeated Kato.
-The Ultimate Warrior defeated Papa Shango.

1993 - WCW drew its lowest ever crowd to the hardcore mecca of Philadelphia, with only 600 fans at their Civic Center for a show featuring the following results:
-Keith & Kent Cole defeated Joey Maggs & Bob Starr.
-Erik Watts defeated Wrecking Crew Fury.
-Dustin Rhodes defeated Maxx Payne.
-Maxx Payne defeated Kensuke Sasaki.
-Arn Anderson defeated Bobby Eaton.
-NWA World Champion Barry Windham defeated Ricky Steamboat (substituting for Van Hammer).
-Sting & Davey Boy Smith defeated WCW World Champion Big Van Vader & Rick Rude via disqualification.
1993 - WWF ran Pittsburgh, PA at theCivic Arena drawing 6,600 fans with the following results:
-Terry Taylor defeated Owen Hart.
-Doink the Clown defeated Crush.
-The Headshrinkers defeated Rick & Scott Steiner.
-Randy Savage defeated Giant Gonzalez via disqualification.
-WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Ted Dibiase & IRS via disqualification; Sgt. Slaughter was the guest referee for the match.
-Virgil defeated Blake Beverly.
-Tatanka defeated Razor Ramon.
1993 - WWF ran Hershey, PA at the Hersheypark Arena featuring:
-Tito Santana defeated the Brooklyn Brawler.
-Bob Backlund defeated Damien Demento.
-WWF Intercontinental champion Marty Jannetty defeated Papa Shango.
-Luna Vachon defeated Sensational Sherri.
-The Undertaker defeated Bam Bam Bigelow.
-Yokozuna defeated Jim Duggan.
-Lex Luger defeated Bret Hart.

1994 - WWF ran Auburn Hills, Michigan at the Palace, drawing 6,500 fans with the following results:
-Kwang pinned Sparky Plugg with the spin wheel kick after 10 minutes.
-WWF Tag Team champions the Headshrinkers & Afa defeated the Quebecers & Johnny Polo when Fatu pinned Pierre with the splash off the top.
-WWF Women's champion Alundra Blayze pinned Luna Vachon with the German suplex after sending Luna into Bam Bam Bigelow on the apron.
-Lex Luger pinned Crush with the running forearm.
-Jeff Jarrett pinned Doink the Clown by blocking a sunset flip into the ring and holding onto the ropes for leverage.
-Razor Ramon fought WWF Intercontinental champion Diesel to a double count-out after 12 minutes.
-Mabel pinned Bam Bam Bigelow after Mabel lifted a foot into Bigelow's face as he attempted the diving headbutt.
-WWF champion Bret Hart pinned Owen Hart with a roll over.
1994 - WWF ran Chicago, IL at the Rosemont Horizon, drawing 9,000 fans (6,000 paid) with the following results:
-Kwang pinned Sparky Plugg.
-WWF Tag Team Champions the Headshrinkers & Afa defeated Johnny Polo & the Quebecers.
-WWF Women's Champion Alundra Blayze defeated Luna Vachon.
-Lex Luger pinned Crush with a running forearm.
-Jeff Jarrett pinned Doink the Clown.
-Razor Ramon fought WWF Intercontinental dhampion Diesel to a double countout.
-Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Mabel.
-WWF champion Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart at 23:11.

1995 - WCW Slamboree took place in St. Petersburg, Florida at the Bayfront Center. Here are the results:
In matches shown on TBS' The Main Event:
- Steven Regal & Bobby Eaton defeated Ricky Santana & Fidel Sierra.
- Steve Austin defeated Eddie Jackie.
- Craig Pittman defeated Mark Starr via submission.
- Meng defeated Brian Pillman.
In matches aired on the PPV:
- The Nasty Boys defeated Harlem Heat to win the WCW World Tag Team Title when Sags pinned Booker T with a top rope elbow after a Knobbs powerslam.
- Kevin Sullivan defeated The Man With No Name (Brutus Beefcake) then ran off into the crowd after a mysterious voice (King Curtis) called out his name.
- Wahoo McDaniel defeated Dick Murdoch in a Legends match with a flying chop. This bout was aired in black and white during the broadcast to give it a "Legends" feel.
- IWGP Champion The Great Muta defeated Paul Orndorff with a moonsault.
- WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson defeated Alex Wright with a DDT.
- Meng vs. Road Warrior Hawk ended in a double countout.
- The WCW Hall Of Fame inductions were held, hosted by Gordon Solie. Angelo Poffo, Antonio Inoki, Terry Funk, Wahoo McDaniel, John Studd (posthumously) and Dusty Rhodes were all inducted. Rhodes and Gene Okerlund then surprised Solie by revealing that he was also being inducted into the Hall Of Fame.
- Sting defeated Big Bubba Rogers with a Scorpion Deathlock.
- Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair & Vader. After the match, the heels attacked Hogan, Savage and Angelo Poffo, with Flair putting Angelo in the figure four.

1995 -WWF ran Trois Riveres, Quebec at the Colisee with the following results:

-Techno Team 2000 defeated Tom Prichard & Barry Horowitz.
-Man Mountain Rock defeated Mantaur.
-Tatanka defeated Bob Holly.
-Jacob & Eli Blu defeated the New Headshrinkers.
-Jean Pierre Lafitte defeated Scott Taylor.
-Jeff Jarrett defeated WWF Intercontinental champion Razor Ramon to win the title.
-Bret Hart defeated Hakushi with the Sharpshooter.
-WWF World champion Diesel defeated Psycho Sid.

1998 -WCW ran Cleveland, OH at Convocation Center for a Thunder taping, featuring the following results:
-Ernest Miller defeated Yuji Nagata.
-Chris Jericho defeated Super Calo.
-Fit Finlay defeated Jim Neidhart.
-Jim Duggan defeated Brian Adams via disqualification.
-Perry Saturn defeated Van Hammer.
-Horace defeated Juventud Guerrera.
-Dean Malenko defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.
-Lex Luger defeated the Giant via disqualification.

-WCW ran Roanoke, VA at the Civic Center with the following results:
-Kenny Kaos defeated Erik Watts.
-Evan Karagias defeated Bobby Eaton.
-Ernest Miller defeated Prince Iaukea.
-Scotty Riggs defeated Bobby Duncum Jr.
-Scott Norton defeated Hak in a hardcore match.
-WCW World TV Champion Rick Steiner defeated Diamond Dallas Page.
-WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman defeated Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko.

2000 - The Undertaker make his long awaited return to the WWF as the "American Badass" returning during a 60 Minute Iron Man match between WWF champion The Rock and Triple H at the WWF Judgment Day 2000 PPV from Louisville, KY at Freedom Hall.  Shawn Michaels was the guest referee with the Falls in the bout going as follows:

1st fall: Rock pinned Triple H with the Rock Bottom at 10:44
2nd fall: Triple H pinned Rock by blocking the figure-4 and hitting the Pedigree at 25:30
3rd fall: Triple H pinned Rock immediately after with an inside cradle at 26:31
4th fall: Triple H pinned Rock with a piledriver at 32:27
5th fall: Rock pinned Triple H with a jumping DDT at 40:38
6th fall: Triple H is disqualified for a chair shot at 43:43
7th fall: Triple H scores the pinfall after the chair shot at 44:10
8th fall: Triple H locks on a sleeper to get the win at 47:29
9th fall: Rock won via count-out at 56:09 after hitting the Pedigree onto the commentary table
10th fall: Rock pinned Triple H with the spinebuster and People's Elbow at 58:04 after fending off Vince & Shane McMahon
11th fall: Rock is disqualified, after the 60-minute time-limit, once the Undertaker entered the ring and took out each member of the McMahon faction - including Triple H. 

Triple H is named the new WWF champion.

The other results of the PPV saw:

-Rikishi & Too Cool defeated Kurt Angle & WWF Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian at 9:47 after Grandmaster Sexay hit Edge with a legdrop off the top behind the referee's back.
-WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero (with Chyna) defeated Perry Saturn and WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko when Guerrero pinned Malenko with an Oklahoma side roll after Malenko hit his head on Chyna's loaded bouquet of flowers.
-Shane McMahon pinned the Big Show in a No DQ match at 7:11 after outside interference from Test, Albert, and Bull Buchanon, Shane trapping Show underneath a stereo, and then breaking a cinder block over Show's head.
-WWF Intercontinental champion Chris Benoit defeated Chris Jericho in a submission match at 13:26 when Benoit choked Jericho out with a modified version of the Crippler Crossface.
-X-Pac & the Road Dogg (w/ Tori) defeated the Dudley Boyz in a tables match at 10:55 following an X-Factor off the top onto Bubba Ray after outside interference from Gerald Brisco; the Dudleyz were the first to put their opponents through tables but the referee was knocked out.

2001 - During a tag team match that saw Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho defeat Steve Austin & Triple H for the WWF World Tag Team Title, Triple H tore his quadriceps muscle in the leg. It was a freak injury, occurring during the course of the match. He gutted it out for the rest of the bout (which aired live on Raw), then was sent to the hospital for an MRI. He was told he would be out up to five months and had surgery performed in Birmingham, Alabama, three days later by Dr. James Andrews. He would suffer a similar injury in 2006.

The remainder of the results from that Raw taping in San Jose, CA featured:

-Raven pinned Tony Jones with the DDT at 2:43
-WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lynn pinned Christopher Daniels with the tornado DDT at 4:36
-Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki defeated Donovan Morgan & Robert Thompson when Taka pinned Morgan with the Michinoku Driver at 4:34

Raw is War:
-The Big Show pinned WWF Hardcore Champion Rhyno to win the title at 4:57 with the chokeslam onto a garbage can after Rhyno hit a chair while attempting the Gore.
-The Acolytes defeated Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn (with Terri) when Bradshaw pinned Saturn after delivering two spike powerbombs.
-WWF European Champion Matt Hardy (with Jeff Hardy & Lita) pinned X-Pac with the Twist of Fate after Eddie Guerrero interfered for the champion after X-Pac nailed Lita.
-Hardcore & Crash Holly defeated the Dudley Boyz after Hardcore used the ring bell as a weapon on Bubba Ray, moments after both Spike Dudley and Molly Holly tried to settle the issue between the two teams.
-Eddie Guerrero & Jeff Hardy (with Lita) defeated Edge & Christian when Guerrero pinned Christian with a powerbomb off the top.
-WWF IC Champion Kane pinned Kurt Angle with the chokeslam after Shane McMahon interfered.

2002 - WWE taped TV in Tupelo, MS with the following results:

Dark Matches:
-Jerry Lawler defeated Albert.
-Jamie Noble defeated Shannon Moore.
-Michael Shane defeated Sonny Siaki.

-Billy Kidman defeated Tajiri.
-Hardcore Holly defeated Val Venis.
-WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus defeated Stacy Keibler in a Bra & Panties match.

-Triple H defeated Lance Storm.
-Test defeated Randy Orton.
-Edge & Maven defeated Kurt Angle & Christian when Maven pinned Christian with a roll up after avoiding the Unprettier.
-Rev. D-Von (with Deacon Batista) pinned Rikishi after Rico interfered and hit Rikishi in the back of the head with one of the tag team title belts.
-WWE Cruiserweight Champion the Hurricane defeated Chavo Guerrero.
-Chris Jericho defeated Mark Henry.
2005 - WWE Raw ran Loveland, CO at the Budweiser Events Center before 3,500 fans, featuring:
-WWE Intercontinental champion Shelton Benjamin pinned Christian with the Exploder suplex.
-The Heart Throbs defeated Val Venis (sub. for the Hurricane) & WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Rosey when Venis was pinned with a roll up.
-Christy Hemme pinned Victoria with a legdrop; Jonathan Coachman was the guest referee for the bout; Victoria played the heel for the match.
-Chris Masters defeated Steven Richards via submission with the full nelson.
-Matt Cappotelli pinned Tyson Tomko with a roll up.
-Edge defeated Chris Benoit.
-Viscera pinned Rob Conway.
-Muhammad Hassan defeated Chris Jericho.
-World Heavyweight Champion Batista pinned Triple H in a streetfight with the sit-down powerbomb.

 2006 -WWE Raw ran Tuscon, AZ at the Convention Center with a matinee event, drawing 5,200 fans featuring:
-Eugene defeated Rob Conway.
-Umaga defeated Charlie Haas.
-Goldust & Gene Snitsky defeated Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade.
-Beth & Maria defeated WWE Women's Champion Mickie James & Victoria.
-Carlito Caribbean Cool pinned Chris Masters.
-WWE Intercontinental champion Shelton Benjamin pinned Rob Van Dam with a roll up and grabbing the ropes for leverage.
-Shawn Michaels, the Big Show, & Ric Flair defeated WWE Raw Tag Team Champions the Spirit Squad.
-WWE World Champion John Cena defeated Triple H and Edge; Ricky Steamboat was the guest referee for the bout.

2006 - WWE Smackdown presented Judgment Day on PPV
in Phoenix, AZ at the US Airways Center.  Buck Woodward filed the following PPV Report:

Welcome to our coverage of WWE Judgment Day  from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona.  We will update this page throughout the evening with results from the show. 

There was no live pre-PPV Heat for this event, as WWE instead went with a taped "Free-For-All" show recapping angles and matches leading into Judgment Day. 

Judgment Day

The Pay-per-view opened with a video focusing on the Undertaker-Khali, Angle-Henry, Lashley-Booker and Mysterio-JBL matches. They went live to the arena where Michael Cole & Tazz welcomed us to the show. 

WWE Tag Team Champions MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro, with Melina) vs. Brian Kendrick & Paul London. 

London started off with Nitro, with the two men shoving each other at the start.  Nitro grabbed a headlock, then hit a shoulderblock.  Nitro flexed his muscles, while Mercury "took pictures" of him.  Nitro kicked London in the gut and grabbed a headlock, then hit another shoulderblock.  London leapfrogged Nitro, tripped him to the mat, then armdragged him.  Kendrick tagged in for a top rope elbow to Nitro's arm, then London tagged right back in and did the same.  Kendrick tagged in for a double flying forearm, and Kendrick got a two count on Nitro.  Nitro backed Kendrick into his corner and tagged Mercury.  Mercury missed a charge and Kendrick hit a dropkick and armdrag, then slid under Mercury and gave him another armdrag.  London tagged in for a double hiptoss and double elbowdrop.  MNM regrouped on the floor, and London backdropped Kendrick on top of them on the floor.  Mercury was tossed back in, but he ducked as London tried a top rope bodypress. 

Nitro tagged in and stomped London on the mat.  Mercury tagged in for a double gutbuster, and Melina screamed.  Melina choked London with a headscissors from ringside as he was near the apron.  Mercury put London in a rear chinlock, but London fought out.  The two butted heads on a shoulderblock attempt, and both crawled for tags.  Kendrick hit Nitro with a springboard dropkick, then cleaned house on MNM with clotheslines.  Kendrick hit Mercury with a flying forearm, but Nitro yanked him throat first across the top rope.  MNM gave Kendrick the Snapshot, but London broke up the cover.  London was shoved out of the ring by Mercury, and Nitro covered Kendrick again, but he kicked out at two.  

Nitro tossed Kendrick to the floor, and Mercury dropped him face first on the ring apron.  Nitro covered Kendrick for a two count when he was tossed back in, then put him in a chinlock.  Kendrick battled back, and grabbed a small package on Nitro, but Mercury was distracting the referee.  Mercury tagged in for a double team legdrop, then Mercury delivered a delayed vertical suplex.  Mercury covered him several times, but only got two counts. Kendrick was tossed to the floor, and Melina kicked him. Nitro tossed Kendrick back in, and Mercury applied a camel clutch variation. MNM kept working over Kendrick in their corner, until Kendrick finally kicked Nitro into Mercury and made the hot tag to London. 

London cleaned house, including a flying back elbow on Mercury, but was cut down by a boot to the face by Nitro.  London hit MNM with a double clothesline and grabbed Mercury with La Magistral for a two count.  London dropsaulted Nitro off the apron, landing on Mercury for a cover, but Melina crawled in front of the referee and screamed to break up the cover. London went for a suplex on Mercury, but Nitro hooked his leg from the floor and Mercury fell on top for a two count.  Kendrick went for a pescado on Nitro, but Melina shoved him out of the way and Kendrick hit the floor.  Nitro, from the apron, grabbed London, and Mercury charged, but London moved and Mercury slammed into Nitro.  Nitro fell to the floor, knocking Melina down.  London gave Mercury a sunset flip, rolling through it into a bridge with the legs hooked, and got the pin at the 14-minute mark. 

Winners and new WWE Tag Team Champions: Paul London & Brian Kendrick. 

Melina blamed Mercury after the match, with Nitro trying to make peace between them.  Melina slapped Mercury, and Mercury grabbed her, so Nitro jumped Mercury.  Mercury and Nitro started going at it, and Melina kicked Mercury in the head.  Melina kicked the referee in the groin for good measure, while Nitro pounded Mercury.  Nitro and Melina started to leave together, but Mercury came back out of the ring and jumped Nitro.  Referees and Teddy Long came out to break it up, with Long getting knocked down at one point. They were finally separated, with Mercury leaving alone. 

Clips of Bret Hart defeating Bam Bam Bigelow at the first King Of The Ring PPV were shown. 

Chris Benoit vs. Fit Finlay.

There was a "Benoit" chant as the bell rang.  They locked up, with neither getting an advantage.  They actually slid under the ropes, still locked up and finally broke when the referee started to count them up.  They went face to face in the middle, and Benoit gave him a short headbutt, then hooked Finlay's legs and went for a Sharpshooter.  Finlay tripped out and applied a leg lace, but Benoit reached around and grabbed a chinlock as a counter. Benoit pulled Finlay over with a side mare, and Finlay hooked Benoit's tights to try and pull him into a pinning position.  Finlay claimed Benoit poked him in the eye during the headlock.  Finlay used the distraction of the referee checking his eye to jump into a forearm on Benoit, then took him down with a rear chinlock. 

Finlay hit a shot to the kidneys, then snapmared him to the mat for a two count.  Finlay slapped Benoit twice in the face, and Benoit responded with a slap of his own, then a knee to the chest.  Benoit punched Finlay in the face, then drove a series of knees into his chest.  Benoit chopped Finlay, then hit a side backbreaker for a two count.  Benoit went for a Crossface, but Finlay kept moving, so he grabbed a rear chinlock.  Benoit kept trying to pull Finlay's arm over to get the Crossface in, then switched directions and grabbed a crucifix for a two count, but Finlay's feet were on the ropes.  Benoit fired off some chops, but Finlay hit a clothesline and covered Benoit with his knee in Benoit's face for a two count.  Finlay stretched Benoit's arms on the mat, planting his foot on the top of Benoit's head. Benoit fought up, and Finlay turned it into a crisscross choke.  

Benoit powered out, and flipped Finlay to the mat, but missed a powerdrive elbow and Finlay got a two count.  Finlay went for a short-arm clothesline, but Benoit ducked and hit three consecutive German suplexes.  Benoit called for the top rope headbutt, but Finlay moved out of the way and Benoit crashed. Finlay went for a kick, but Benoit caught him and hit a dragon screw legwhip.  Benoit went for a Sharpshooter, but Finlay kicked it off and rolled to the floor. Finlay went for a chair, but Benoit hit him with a baseball slide kick as he approached the ring.  Benoit tossed Finlay back into the ring and hit the top rope headbutt for a two count. Benoit chopped Finlay, but Finlay reversed a whip and sent Benoit chest-first into the corner, then hit a clothesline to the back of the head.  Finlay put on a three-quarter nelson, but couldn't get the pin. 

Finlay went to the floor, and rammed Benoit's face into the apron several times.  Back in the ring, Finlay stomped Benoit in the gut, then hit a sit down splash to the midsection and a pair of elbowdrops to the chest.  Finlay put Benoit in a camel clutch variation, then a combination hammerlock/dragon sleeper.  Benoit started to break free, and Finlay hit Benoit in the back of the head.  Benoit fought back with punches, but Finlay took him down with a elbow to the arm he had been working on with the hammerlock, then dropped a pair of knees to the head.  Finlay rammed Benoit face first into the buckles, then dove into him with a shoulderblock.  Finlay hit a shortarm clothesline for a two count, then applied a double nervehold.  Finlay went for a slam, but Benoit floated over and hit a pair of German suplexes.  Finlay avoided the third and turned around to headbutt Benoit repeatedly.  Benoit then gave Finlay an enzugiri, and he fell to the floor.  Benoit went after him, and Finlay grabbed the shillelagh.  Before he could use it, Benoit grabbed him and gave him a German suplex on the floor.  Both men were slow to get up.

Benoit got into the ring, and when Finlay got on the apron, Benoit grabbed him and delivered the Three Amigos vertical suplexes.  Benoit called for the frog splash, but when he went to the apron, Finlay got up and shoved him to the floor, with Benoit hitting the barricade hard.  Finlay went out after Benoit, ramming him into the wall again, then tossed him back into the ring.  Finlay threw Benoit shoulder first into the ringpost, then went for a suplex, but Benoit reversed it into a Fujiwara armbar, and tried to turn it into the Crossface. Finlay fought it, but Benoit finally hooked his hands together into the Crippler Crossface, and Finlay tapped out at the 21-minute mark.

Winner: Chris Benoit.

Jillian Hall was shown getting ready for her match with Melina.  The events leading to their match were then recapped.

Superstar Billy Graham was shown sitting in the front row.

Jillian Hall vs. Melina, with Johnny Nitro.

Melina was still upset over the earlier events on the show.  Nitro got in Jillian's face, so the referee ordered him away from ringside.  Jillian then hit Melina with forearms to start the match, then hit a Thesz press.  Jillian snapmared Melina by the hair, kicked her in the back, and hit a rolling neck snap.  Melina rolled to the floor, but Jillian jumped off the apron and bulldogged Melina into the security wall. Melina kicked Jillian from her back, sending her into the ring steps.  Back in the ring, Melina stood on the side of Jillian's face, then threw her by her hair to the mat before stepping on her face again. Melina put Jillian in a rear chinlock with a bodyscissors, then switched into a variation of an abdominal stretch.  Melina went into a regular bodyscissors, but Jillian rolled it into a cover.  Melina hit Jillian with a faceplant for two, then kicked her in the gut twice.  Melina choked Jillian against the middle rope, then hit a double knee to her midsection.  Melina jumped off the second rope for something, but Jillian got her knees up in Melina's midsection.  Jillian hit a flying forearm and rammed her into the top turnbuckle.  Melina reversed a whip, but Jillian caught her with a sunset flip.  Melina grabbed the ropes, but the referee couldn't see it, and Jillian got the pin at the five minute mark.

Winner: Jillian Hall.

Melina complained to the referee after the match, but to no avail. Kristal Marshall came out, grinning, and said she had to ask Melina a question.  She said "It hasn't been a good night for you, has it?"  Melina screamed "You bitch!" and attacked Marshall, but Kristal actually got the better of it, knocking Melina down before Melina walked off.

JBL did an interview from backstage, saying the "feel good story of 2006" was over, and that Rey Mysterio would lose tonight.  He said that it was his time, and that fans would see the "true American hero".  JBL was distracted by someone off-camera, and walked off.  It was Chavo Guerrero.  JBL asked what he was doing there.  Chavo said he was there to support his friend.  JBL said Chavo was here to see Rey Mysterio lose the title to JBL, just like he saw Eddie Guerrero lose a title to him.  Chavo said JBL would not be leaving the building with the title belt, and then said "Viva La Raza" before leaving.

They showed clips of Steve Austin winning the King Of The Ring in 1996, and the "Austin 3:16" promo.

Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Super Crazy. 

Crazy made his usual lawnmower entrance. Crazy cradled Helms several times at the start for two counts.  Helms threw Crazy from the ring, but he held onto the ropes and pulled himself back in to cradle him again.  Crazy leapfrogged Helms from the apron and hiptossed him to the floor.  Crazy teased a dive, but referee Nick Patrick blocked him.  Crazy then used Patrick as a springboard for a dive into a senton.  There was an "ECW" chant.  Crazy hit Helms in a corner with punches, but Helms countered with a Hot Shot.  Helms hit a neckbreaker for a two count, then hit a second for another two count.  Helms applied a crossface, but Crazy punched out.  Helms caught him with an elbow, then pulled him to the ring apron and punched and kicked him.  Helms applied an abdominal stretch on the mat, and there was a "Super Crazy" chant.  Helms went for a suplex, but Crazy reversed it into one of his own. 
Helms grabbed Crazy in a double underhook and hit some knees to the head. 
Helms then put Crazy in a reverse chinlock. Super Crazy fought out of it, and Helms grabbed a sleeper, but Crazy turned it into a Victory Roll for a two count.  Helms hit a running knee to knock Crazy down.  Helms went to the second rope and jumped off.  Crazy got hit boot up, but Helms caught it and went for an elbowdrop, but Crazy rolled out of the way.  Helms hit a forearm, but Crazy delivered a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, a dropkick and a standing moonsault for a two count.  Crazy was backdropped to the apron.  Crazy punched Helms, then hit a top rope dropkick for a two count.  Crazy went to the top rope, but missed a moonsault.  Helms went for a Shining Wizard, but Crazy ducked it and hit a spinkick for a two count.  
Crazy went for a slam, but Helms floated over into a neckbreaker for a two count.  Helms rolled up Crazy with a handful of tights for a two count.  Helms went for a reverse DDT, but Crazy backed Helms into a corner.  Helms kicked Crazy in the face, then hit a second rope neckbreaker for a two count.  Helms choked Crazy, but Crazy fought back with chops.  Crazy threw Helms into the corner, then went for a rana.  Helms turned it into a powerbomb, and put his feet on the ropes for leverage for the pin at the ten minute mark. 
Winner: Gregory Helms. 
Backstage, Melina & Nitro stormed into Teddy Long's office.  They complained about losing the tag straps and Melina losing her match, and demanded Long do something about it.  Long said he wasn't going to do anything about it.  Melina slapped Long.  Long told Melina "You're fired".  Nitro complained, so Long fired him too. 
Clips of Kurt Angle defeating Rikishi to win the King Of The Ring tournament in 2000 were shown. 
Anthony Robles, the one-legged High School wrestler who was won two Arizona State titles, was shown at ringside. It was mentioned that Kurt Angle is his hero. 
Mark Henry vs. Kurt Angle. 
As Henry came to the ring, they showed the events leading to his match. Henry cleared off the announcers table as he got to ringside, then demanded the microphone. Henry said "I hurt people" and talked about how he took out Batista, and that he knows Angle isn't 100%.  Kurt Angle then came out, his ribs taped and with a mouthpiece that said "REVENGE", and immediately attacked Henry.  Angle kicked Henry's legs, then tried for a whip, but Henry reversed it.  Angle kicked Henry and gave him a second rope somersault bodyblock.  Angle applied a front facelock, and Henry backdropped him. 
Angle went for a sunset flip, but Henry wouldn't go over.  Henry went for a sitdown splash, but Angle moved and Henry hit the mat.  Angle then gave Henry a running kick.  Henry rolled to the floor, and Angle went after him. Angle went for a German suplex through the announce table, but Henry blocked it and elbowed Angle.  Back in the ring, Angle tripped Henry and applied a leglace. 
Henry kicked out of the leglace, and took Angle down with a clothesline.  Henry hit a headbutt, then kicked him in the chest.  Henry hit a double axhandle to the back, then kicked him in the ribs.  Henry then stood on Angle's chest, then kicked him in the gut.  Henry applied a camel clutch variation, then dropped his weight on Angle's back before reapplying the hold. Angle fought to his feet, and kicked away a backdrop attempt.  Angle went for a cross bodyblock, Henry caught it, but Angle swung around into a DDT for a two count. They traded punches, and Angle ducked one and hit a German suplex.  Angle pulled the straps down, and gave Henry the Angle Slam.  Henry kicked out at two. Angle ran into a Henry clothesline. Henry scooped up Angle and hit a powerslam for a two count. 
Henry scooped up Angle for another slam, but Angle wriggled out and hooked Henry's leg in an ankle lock.  Henry rolled through it, sending Angle though the ropes and to the floor. Henry rammed Angle into the apron, then laid him out on the announcers table.   Henry stood on the Spanish announcers table, but Angle rolled away from him.  Henry got down and hit Angle twice, then avalanched Angle against the ringpost.  Angle went down in a heap on the floor, and Henry rolled into the ring, winning the match via countout at the nine minute mark. 
Winner via countout.  Mark Henry.  
Post-match, Henry went after Angle, and tried to put him on the table again.  Angle poked Henry in the eyes, then grabbed a chair and hit Henry in the legs with it.  Angle then hit Henry across the back with it over and over.  Angle then applied an ankle lock on the floor.  Henry screamed and tapped on the floor.  Referees and officials came out to pull Angle off of Henry.  Angle broke free and grabbed Henry and gave him an Angle Slam onto the announce table.  The table didn't break, as Henry slid off it.  Henry stood up, and Angle plastered him in the head with a chairshot.  Henry fell forward, into the announce table, which did break this time. Angle walked off as Henry slowly got up.
A commercial for ECW One Night Stand was shown, advertising Rob Van Dam, Chris Benoit and Terry Funk. 
Backstage, Sharmell gave Booker a pep talk about becoming King Of The Ring, listing all the "Kings" he is better than. Booker liked the sound of "King Booker". 
The King Of The Ring tournament was recapped. It was revealed that there will be a "coronation" ceremony this week on Smackdown. 
King Of The Ring Finals: Booker T, with Sharmell, vs. Bobby Lashley.
The two men went nose to nose, and Lashley shoved Booker to the mat at the bell.  They locked up, and Lashley backed Booker into the corner and broke clean.  They locked up again, and this time Booker broke clean, but then tried to throw a punch.  Lashley blocked it, delivered some punches and hit a clothesline in the corner.  Lashley hit a vertical suplex for a two count, then a lariat for another two. Lashley stomped Booker, then applied an armwringer and yanked on Booker's arm.  Lashley applied an armbar, but Booker hit a chop.  Booker went for a waistlock, but Lashley reversed and took Booker to the mat.  Booker poked Lashley in the eyes then hit some kneelifts.  Booker hit chops and punches in a corner, but Lashley came right back with a clothesline.  
Lashley rammed Booker into a corner, but then missed a shoulderblock and ran into the ringpost.  Lashley fell to the floor, and Booker rammed him into the ringsteps.  Booker yelled for the referee to count him out, but Lashley made it back in.  Booker stomped Lashley in a corner, then pulled Lashley's arm around the top rope and yanked at it.  Booker hit a kick to the back of Lashley's head for a two count, then applied an armbar. Lashley battled out with forearms, but Booker kicked him in the gut.  Booker went to the ropes for the ax kick, but as he rebounded, Lashley flipped him with a clothesline.  Lashley hit some forearms, then knocked Booker down twice.  Lashley hit a reverse atomic drop, then hit a clothesline.  
Lashley called for the Dominator, but Sharmell got on the apron and distracted the referee.  Booker fought out of it anyway, and hit a back kick. Booker went for the Bookend, but Lashley elbowed it away.  Lashley set for the spear, but Sharmell hooked his leg.  Lashley kicked her away, but Booker caught him with a side kick and the Bookend for a two count. Booker went for a leapfrog in the corner, but Lashley caught it and hit a running powerslam for a two count.  Lashley hit a clothesline in the corner, but then charged into a Booker side kick.  Booker followed it with an ax kick, but Lashley kicked out at two. Booker went for a side kick, but Lashley ducked and hit the spear.  Sharmell ran into the ring, and as the referee got her out, Finlay ran in and hit Lashley with the shillelagh.  Lashley was down, but slowly getting up, and Booker finished him off with the ax kick for the pin at the ten minute mark. 
Winner and 2006 King Of The Ring: Booker T. 
Booker and Sharmell celebrated on the stage, putting on the robe and crown.  Lashley speared Booker right into the throne, toppling it over. Sharmell helped the downed King Booker, making sure to keep his crown on his head, as Lashley left


Backstage, the Great Khali and Daivari were shown heading to the ring.  A video of the events leading to Undertaker vs. Khali were shown. 

The Undertaker vs. Great Khali, with Daivari. 

The two men stared each other down, with them going chest to chest as the bell rang.   Khali missed a right hand and Taker threw some body blows, but Khali grabbed him and flung him through the ropes and to the floor.  Taker got back in, kicked him in the gut, and started throwing punches.  Khali flung Taker over the top rope and to the floor. Khali grabbed Taker as he got on the apron, but Taker yanked him throat first across the top rope.  Taker ducked some Khali punches, then began punching and kicking Khali.  Taker went for the Old School ropewalk, but Khali slammed him off the ropes, casually.  

Khali rammed Taker into the top turnbuckle, hit an elbow, then punched him down in a corner.  Khali stepped on him, then whipped him across the ring into the opposite corner.  Khali hit a clothesline and Taker stumbled out.  Khali kicked Taker to the floor, then went out after him.  Khali hit a forearm across the back, then rammed him into the ring apron. 

Taker fought back with punches and kicks, but Khali whipped Taker knees first into the ringsteps. Daivari kicked Taker on the outside, then tossed him back in.  Khali slammed Undertaker, but Undertaker sat up.  Khali chopped Undertaker in the head, and Taker fell to the mat.  Khali stood on Taker's chest, but Taker got his shoulder up at two, then sat up and rose.  They traded punches and Taker hit a headbutt.  Taker went for the ropewalk again, this time hitting the forearm, but Khali didn't fall down.  Undertaker punched Khali repeatedly, and there was a "Taker" chant. 

Undertaker hit a pair of clotheslines, then hit a flying clothesline and Khali got tied in the ropes.  Taker punched the tied up Khali.  Daivari got on the ring apron, and when he did, Taker grabbed him by the throat.  The referee forced him to break, and Taker chased the ref from the ring.  Daivari freed Khali from the ropes.  Taker went for a chokeslam, but Khali elbowed it off and hit a boot to the face.  Khali hit a chop to the head again (which the announcers and Undertaker are trying to sell as being devastating, even though it doesn't look it), and then kicked him in the head and got the clean pin at the eight minute mark by placing one foot on Undertaker's chest.

Winner: Great Khali.

We then had some hype for "See No Evil" starring Kane. 

The events leading to the main event were recapped. As a reminder, only the World Title is on the line in this match.

World Champion Rey Mysterio vs. U.S. Champion JBL.

There was a loud "Eddie" chant as the bell rang.  JBL shoved Rey to the mat twice, then Rey started kicking at JBL's leg and JBL backed off to the ropes.  There was a "619" chant.  Rey kicked at JBL's legs again, then grabbed a headlock.  JBL lifted Rey and sat him in a corner, then trash talked him.  Rey responded with a slap to the face.  JBL was gesturing to ringside, where Rey's family was sitting.  There was an "Eddie" chant again.  JBL kicked Rey and pounded him across the back, then kicked him.  JBL pounded Rey down with punches in a corner.  JBL stomped Rey's hand.  Rey avoided a boot to the face and tripped JBL into 619 position, but JBL slid out of the ring.  Rey hit a baseball slide, then jumped off the apron to give JBL a seated senton on the floor.

Back in the ring, Mysterio gave JBL a second rope bodypress for two, then a dropkick to the face for another cover.  Rey legdropped JBL across the back of the head, then hit a shoulderblock in the corner.  Rey pounded JBL in a corner, then gave him a baseball slide to the groin, after first distracting the referee by pointing at the crowd. Mysterio dropkicked JBL, who fell through the ropes and to the floor.  Rey missed a baseball slide kick, and JBL downed him with a boot to the face, then threw him into the ring steps.

Back in the ring, JBL kicked Rey and punched him back to the floor. JBL rammed Rey head first into the ringsteps, then tossed him back into the ring to score a two count.  JBL hit a vertical suplex, turning it into the Three Amigos.  JBL hit three suplexes, then hung Rey on the top rope and kicked him in the head, knocking him to the floor.  Rey was bleeding from the head, which could be seen in the eye holes of his mask.  JBL mocked Eddie Guerrero's old dance.  JBL took Rey at ringside and held him up in front of his wife, then gave him a fallaway slam on the floor. JBL rolled Rey back into the ring for a two count. JBL slapped Rey in a corner, then hit a pair of short arm clotheslines.  JBL blew a kiss to Rey's wife, then hit another clothesline.  JBL told the referee to count Rey down for a knockout, and there was blood coming out from Rey's mask.  Rey got to his feet at nine, and JBL blasted him with a boot to the head.  JBL covered Rey for a two count.

Rey fired off some punches, but JBL poked him in the eyes and applied a sleeper.  JBL started hitting Rey in his bloody head, and choked him down with a rear chinlock.  The referee checked Rey's arm, but JBL let go of the hold after two checks, wanting to pin Rey instead.  Rey got his shoulder up at two, despite JBL hooking both legs.  JBL put Rey on the top rope and set up for a back superplex.  Rey blocked it, and punched JBL off the ropes.  Rey hit a moonsault to a standing JBL for a two count. Rey kicked and punches JBL, and hit a springboard bodypress, then kicked JBL in the back of the head for a two count.  Rey went for a Bronco Buster, but JBL got a boot up and caught Rey in the groin.  JBL went for a powerbomb, but Rey punched out if it and put JBL in 619 position.  Rey hit the 619, then went for a springboard, but JBL pulled the referee in front of him.  Rey collided with the ref, knocking him out.

JBL powerbombed Rey Mysterio, then called for another referee. A second ref came out, but when Rey kicked out at two, JBL punched the new ref in the face, knocking him out.  JBL got a chair, but Rey kicked it into his face when he got into the ring with it.  Rey then hit JBL with a 619 and a frog splash for the pin (counted by the original referee) at the sixteen minute mark.

Winner: Rey Mysterio.

Chavo Guerrero came out to the ring to celebrate with Rey Mysterio. Chavo helped Rey to his feet as they showed replays from the match.  They went back to the ring, where there was an "Eddie" chant as Chavo and Rey pointed to the heavens.

That ended the PPV broadcast. Goodnight, folks!

2007 -  Team 3D officially opened their new wrestling school, "The Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling" in Kissimmee, Florida, right outside of Orlando.

- Mark Canterbury aka Henry Godwin was released by WWE in the last week. He was most recently seen working for the now-defunct Deep South Wrestling territory, teaming with Ray Gordy.

2007 - Mick Foley and his family filmed a pilot for an A&E reality series titled "Wrestling My Family."  The pilot was not picked up by the network.

2007 - Shane "Hurricane" Helms underwent successful fusion surgery on his neck.
2007 -WWE broadcast Raw in  Moline, IL at the Mark of the Quad with the following results from the taping:

Dark Matches:


-Chuck Palumbo defeated Charlie Haas.
-WWE IC Champion Santino Marella pinned Shelton Benjamin with a roll up.
-Daniel Rodimer defeated Eugene.
-The Highlanders defeated two unknowns.

-Ric Flair fought Carlito Caribbean Cool to a double count-out at 4:03 when both men began brawling on the floor; after the bout, Carlito hit the Back Stabber twice outside the ring and then spat apple in Flair's face
-Candice Michelle pinned WWE Women's Champion Melina in a non-title match at 2:53 with a roll over after holding onto the ropes to avoid a roll up
-Bobby Lashley pinned Chris Masters (mystery opponent) at 3:21 with the spear; prior to the bout, Vince McMahon was shown watching backstage
-WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated Johnny Nitro & Kenny Dykstra in a non-title match at 2:25 when Jeff pinned Nitro with a sunset flip off the top; after the bout, Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas, who sat ringside for the match, as well as Nitro & Dykstra attacked the champions until Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch made the save.
-Bobby Lashley pinned Viscera (mystery opponent) with the spear at 4:17 after Viscera hit the corner; after the bout, Vince McMahon was shown watching backstage.
-Bobby Lashley defeated Umaga (mystery opponent) via disqualification at 5:55 after Umaga hit Lashley over the head with a steel chair outside the ring.
-Bobby Lashley pinned Shane McMahon (w/ ECW World Champion Vince McMahon) (mystery opponent) at 7:12 with a spear as Shane came off the top; due to pre-match stipulations, Lashley earned a title shot against McMahon at One Night Stand; Umaga was in Shane's corner but was sent backstage by Vince at the 2-minute mark to avoid Shane being disqualified for outside interference; after the match, Lashley stared down Vince from inside the ring.

Dark match:
The Great Khali defeated WWE World Champion John Cena via disqualification when Cena hit a low blow; after the bout, Cena dropped Khali with the FU.

2007 - WWE Smackdown and ECW ran a combined house show
in Topeka, KS at the Kansas Expo Center, drawing 2,525 fans with the following results:
-The Daltons defeated William Regal & Dave Taylor.
-Marcus Cor Von defeated Tommy Dreamer in an Exreme Rules match.
-CM Punk defeated Elijah Burke.
-Mark Henry & WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Jimmy Wang Yang & Sho Funaki.
-Kane defeated Finlay; after the bout, Tony Chimell dropped both Finlay and Hornswoggle with a Stunner.
-Michelle McCool fought Kristal to a no contest when Snitsky scared them both backstage; after the bout, the Daltons attempted to make the save but were laid out by Snitsky.
-Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino via disqualification when Cherry interfered with her roller skate.
-Batista & Chris Benoit defeated World Heavyweight Champion Edge & WWE U.S. Champion MVP.

2008 - A number of WWE talents appeared at the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Taping in Louisville, Kentucky.  Mark Lottington filed the following report:

Wow...just wow. What a night. I don't want to detract from the rest of the show tonight, as it was very good, but the main event dark match was about the damndest thing we've seen here at Davis Arena in a long time.

First off, after TV and intermission was over, out came Chris Cage. Cage is without question the #1 heel in OVW right now, and he proved why again as he came out griping, whining etc about his veteran status. That brought out Elijah Burke, who proceeded to rip Cage to shreds in the ring. Humiliated, Cage left the ring and out came Joey Matthews and Von Lilus.

Joey got in Elijah's face, but Elijah tore in to Joey, almost causing an altercation. However, Elijah then introduced JOHN MORRISON, who came out, and proceeded to tear the house down with Joey. This match probably went a good 20 minutes, and is the best match I've seen Morrison have since... I can't remember. Anyways, Morrison kicked the ref, knocking him out, which brought out another ref, who Joey gave a stiff looking forearm to after Morrison kicked out, which brought out Von Lilus to interfere with a chair.

THEN it gets interesting. As Lilus is getting ready to hit Morrison, out comes MELINA!!! She ballshots Lilus and Morrison hits his finish for the win. All the babyfaces come out and celebrate, as Morrison/Melina praise OVW."
2008 - WWE Raw ran Monterrey, Mexico at the Monumental Bullring, drawing a 12,000 sellout with the following results:
-Super Crazy & Maria defeated Paul Burchill & Katie Lea when Crazy pinned Burchill with the moonsault.
-WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes defeated Carlito & Santino Marella when Holly pinned Carlito with the Alabama Slam.
-WWE Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho pinned Jeff Hardy at 16:25 with the Code Breaker; Jericho had to have stitches after the match.
-WWE Women's Champion Mickie James pinned Beth Phoenix.
-John Cena pinned John Bradshaw Layfield with the FU.
-WWE World Champion Triple H & Shawn Michaels defeated Umaga & Snitsky when Triple H pinned Snitsky with the Pedigree.

2009 - Captain Lou Albano released an autobiography.

2009 -
Vince McMahon told The Denver Post that WWE backed out of a tentative plan to run a Raw taping 5/24 at the Pepsi Arena stemming from a double booking and moved the taping to Los Angeles because Kroenke Sports would "pay only incremental costs incurred from the date change and wanted to control WWE's public comments about the conflict."   "When they say to us that we can't even come to a deal of any kind unless you agree to a joint press release, come on," McMahon said. "They're entitled to say and do whatever they want to do, and so is my organization."

2009 -
Time-Warner  put in a financial bid of $33 million to acquire all the American assets of Midway Games, Inc. The offer would see Warner take over everything with the exception of the license to the TNA videogame franchise, Midway's San Diego studio and Midway Newcastle, which developed the Vin Diesel "Wheelman" videogame.

2009 -
Chicago Bears great and WWE Hall of Famer William "The Refrigerator" Perry was released from a month-long stay at a South Carolina hospital, where he was treated for Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which attacks the nervous system.  The only comment on Perry's health was that he was considered well enough to return home.

2009 - TNA broadcast an episode of Impact.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV Report:

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at the working relationship between Executive Shareholder Mick Foley and the Founder of TNA Jeff Jarrett. Now it has fallen apart since Mick Foley won the TNA Heavyweight Title.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘Pepsi’ Tenay and Don ‘Cavalier’ West.

Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring with his mic. Jeff is favoring his injured leg. He tells Mick that there is not a lot for him to say. He could come out and rant and rave like a madman after what happened at the Asylum but that does not change anything. When an action takes place, there needs to be a reaction. Tonight, he is reacting. Four weeks ago, he announced the Four Way Match for Sacrifice. Jarrett mentions that Foley, Sting, and Angle are in the match. There is one slot left, until now. Jeff says that he was backed into the corner to make an executive decision and he is in the match. Jeff says that Mick has caused more turmoil than the Main Event Mafia. Jeff says that he ignited the fire and he is going to put it out. Jeff says that Mick does not deserve to be the champion and he will not walk out of the arena with the title. Jeff tells Mick to have a nice day.

Speaking of Mick Foley, he comes to the ring. Mick says that he will admit when he is wrong and might have had some fun at Jeff’s expense. He says that he might have suggested that Jeff was feigning an injury, but when he heard Jarrett whining like a woman, he heard the hamstring come off the bone. Mick says that he went to the Asylum to make peace. However, something snapped in his head and he remembered how much he hated Jarrett and his old man. Mick tells Jeff to take the belt from his waist. Mick wonders what Jeff will sacrifice at Sacrifice. Mick suggests that Jeff put up his voting shares. Mick starts to walk up the ramp, but Jarrett tells him to turn around. Jeff tells Mick that he worked too hard and too much so he will do whatever it takes to protect himself and TNA. On Sunday, he is all in and Mick has a deal.

Mick suggests making some matches after Jeff grew a set. Why not make sure that all four participants are at their peak on Sunday so they can be in singles matches tonight. Eric Young will face Sting. Matt Morgan will face Kurt Angle. Jeff Jarrett will face Samoa Joe. Mick says that he will face a former world champion who wants a piece of Foley and he can bring it.

We go to Jeremy Borash who is with the Main Event Mafia and Angle is looking for Sting and Steiner tries to calm him down. They go into the hall and Angle is looking for Sting. Steiner tries to stop him. Angle tells Steiner that Sting needs to know his role on Sunday.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we look at what happened last week when the Motor City Machine Guns, Jay Lethal, and Consequences Creed tried to unmask Suicide only to be saved by Daniels.

Suicide and Daniels are in the back with Lauren and she asks if they can co-exist since they will be facing each other for the X Division title on Sunday. Daniels says that he is going to prove that he is one of the elite in the sport. That means overcoming every challenge. Tonight he will team with Suicide. On Sunday, he will beat Suicide for the title. Lauren wants to know who Suicide is and he says that he is Suicide.

Match Number One: Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed versus The Motor City Machine Guns versus Suicide and Daniels in a Non-Title Match in the Who Is Suicide Challenge

Lethal and Daniels start things off and Daniels backs Lethal into the corner. Lethal with a chop and Daniels tries for a punch but Lethal with more chops. Daniels with a kick and forearm to the back. Daniels kicks Lethal and punches him. Lethal tries for the handspring back elbow but Daniels moves. Lethal with a hip toss and cartwheel followed by a drop kick. Shelley tags in and he kicks Daniels followed by an elbow. Daniels with a leg lariat followed by a Blue Thunder Driver for a near fall. Shelley sends Daniels into the ropes and the Machine Guns with a double team kick to Daniels. Shelley with a snap mare and then he tags in Sabin. Shelley with a slingshot elbow drop followed by a slingshot senton from Sabin. Sabin and Shelley with a another double team move. The Machine Guns with more double team moves to Daniels. Sabin tags back in and Shelley sends him into Sabin’s boots. Daniels sends Shelley onto the apron. Sabin with an uranage back breaker and then Shelley with a knee to the head. Sabin with an enzuigiri while Shelley hits a Flatline. Lethal breaks up the cover and then Creed with a DDT to Shelley. Creed and Sabin with punches and then Daniels with a bulldog and clothesline combination to Creed and Sabin.

Shelley and Suicide tag in and Suicide with punches to Shelley and a drop kick to Lethal. Suicide with a side Russian leg sweep but he misses a knee in the corner. Creed with a clothesline while Lethal hits a drop kick in the corner. Sabin with a DDT to Lethal and then he hits a kick to Suicide. Sabin with a choke slam and then Shelley hits the frog splash but Daniels makes the save. Creed with a spin kick to Daniels. Sabin with a leg sweep to Creed. Lethal with Lethal Combination to Sabin. Daniels with a clothesline that sends Lethal to the floor. Daniels with a split legged moonsault to the floor on Lethal. Shelley sets for Sliced Bread #2 but Suicide escapes. Suicide sends Shelley into the turnbuckles with a drop kick. Suicide with knees to the chest for the three count.

Winners: Suicide and Daniels

After the match, the lights go out and Daniels is the only one left in the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle is still looking for Sting. Jeremy Borash is still with him. Angle wants to go up into the rafters to find Sting. Angle tells Borash that they will see what happens when they find him.

It is time to run through the card for Sacrifice.

It is time for a Sting video package.

We go to footage from earlier today of Nash and Booker getting ready for their matches on Sunday.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Team 3D come out with their tag title belts. We see footage of the attack by the British Invasion.

Ray is on the mic and he talks about the Team 3D Tag Team Tournament and their attempt to give back to tag team wrestling. Ray says that it has gone well because they are fighting for the most prestigious tag titles in the history of the business, the TNA tag titles. Ray says that they will have to retire some day, but they want to leave behind a great legacy and a great legacy of tag team wrestling in this company. Ray says that if it wasn’t for tag team wrestling, Team 3D would not be here today. In trying to give back, one team has crapped in the hand that tried to feed them. Ray mentions the British Invasion. He tells them that they are trying to make a name, but they are doing it against the wrong team. He tells them to act with class and dignity. Ray says that even James Storm and Robert Roode have class and dignity. They might have shown them up last time, but it will not happen again.

Brutus Magnus, Doug Williams, and Rob Terry come to the ring and Brutus has the mic. He wants to know if they were going to call them out because they were coming out anyway. Magnus says that he has obtained the best insurance policy that money can buy, Rob Terry. He says that they sound like royalty, but the only royalty is . . .

Team 3D attack Magnus, Williams, and Terry, but Rob hits Ray and then Devon with the briefcase. Terry chokes Devon and then Magnus gets Ray up for a European uppercut from the turnbuckles to Ray. Terry with a running power slam. They set up a table but the music for Storm and Roode plays and they come to the ring and they have chairs and beer as The British retreat.

Roode says that if there is one thing that Team 3D taught them is that if they want to fight, fight fair. Roode says that after they are done with the British, they will get their titles back.

Lauren is with Jeff Jarrett and Eric Young and Eric says that this is not fair. Jeff tells Eric to stop whining and be a man. Jeff says that Eric was an independent wrestler in Southern Ontario before he brought him into TNA. Eric tells Jeff that as a friend, Jeff will regret what he just said to him. Jarrett tells him to get out.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle has found Sting. Angle tells Sting that he cannot do this again. Sting gets into the title match and he does not return Kurt’s calls. Sting wonders if Kurt watches the shows. Kurt says that he watches the show multiple times. Sting asks Angle if he watched Lockdown. Angle mentions that he got screwed at Lockdown by Jeff Jarrett. Sting points out to Kurt that he got screwed too by Mick Foley. Sting says that it is about bringing the title back to the Main Event Mafia and the return of respect. Angle says that they are going to work together to bring the title back to the Mafia.

Match Number Two: Eric Young versus Sting

Sting has some words for Eric when he enters the ring and they get face to face as the bell rings. They shake hands in a sign of respect. Sting backs Eric into the corner and Sting with a clean break. Young returns the favor with a clean break of his own. Sting with a clean break but Young with a punch. Sting with punches and he misses a Stinger Splash. Young misses a splash and Sting catches him. Young with the Flair flip and Sting presses Young to the mat and clotheslines Young over the top rope to the floor. Young returns to the ring and Sting gets a near fall. Sting sends Young over the top rope to the floor. Young returns to the ring and hits a reverse atomic drop and a flying forearm for a near fall. Young with a snap mare and elbow drops. Sting puts Young in the Scorpion Death Lock when Young misses a missile drop kick. Sting adds some pressure and Young’s attempts to reach the ropes are over as he taps.
Winner: Sting

Angelina Love is walking in the back with security for the official contract signing and we go to commercial.

We are back and Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley. Jeremy mentions the latest news on his 900 hotline . . . I mean free text service. Jeremy asks Mick who his opponent will be. Jeremy asks if it is who he thinks it is. Mick says that it is if Jeremy thinks that is who it is. Mick tells Jeremy to get out and get a steel chair because he might need some backup.

It is time for the official contract signing, but first a video package of Awesome Kong’s quest for revenge because of the cutting of the locks.

The red tablecloth is on the table and Jim Cornette is in the ring with the referees to bring out the participants in the Women’s Title match. Cornette brings out Angelina Love first and she is flanked by TNA security. Cornette tells security to stand down because he has officials in the ring with him. Awesome Kong comes to the ring with Raisha Saeed.

Cornette reminds the ladies that this is not a match and there is a need for decorum as they affix their signatures. Cornette has Angelina sign first, followed by Saeed who signs as the agent for Kong. Cornette asks for any final words.

Angelina asks for a chance to talk. She says that she knows that her and Kong have had problems in the past and it is time to put it behind them. She says that she is truly sorry. At Sacrifice, they should tear the house down and have a really great match for the most coveted women’s title in wrestling. After the match, she will treat Kong to a makeover. Love wants Kong to shake her hand and Kong does it but she does not let go. Kong chokes Love and then senior referee Rudy Charles yells at Kong and he gets power bombed through the table.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Angelina Love starting to dig a big hole that she might not be able to get out of against Awesome Kong.

We go to footage from earlier in the week of Lauren yelling at Abyss about what Dr. Stevie has done. Lauren says that Taylor is her friend and sorority sister. They find out that Dr. Stevie is out on business until Monday.

Time for the Kurt Angle video package.

Lauren is with A.J. Styles and she asks him about the I Quit Match against Booker. A.J. says that it is not just about the title, it is about pride. A.J. says that he could have quit many times, but he never said that he quit. A.J. talks about paying his dues and his wife talking about him quitting. A.J. says that it is not part of his vocabulary. A.J. tells Booker that he is in the same position and that means that Booker has not quit. Someone has to say it on Sunday and it will not be him. Lauren asks A.J. about his issues with Joe. A.J. says that there is nothing between him and Joe. We go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren is with Matt Morgan and she asks about Matt’s offers to join the Main Event Mafia. Matt says that when you are a big time athlete in a big time sport, you need to make a big time business decision. Matt compares himself to Kevin Garnett and he says that he wants to play for a winner. Matt says that he is the most marketable man in TNA. He tells Kurt that he hopes he does not take the loss personally.

Match Number Three: Matt Morgan versus Kurt Angle

They lock up and Morgan sends Angle into the corner in a show of strength. They lock up again and Morgan with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Morgan with a splash into the corner and then he hits a splash onto Angle and both men go to the floor. Morgan punches Angle in the head and then he sends Angle into the guardrails. We go to commercial.

We are back and the action returns to the ring and Angle with punches but Morgan hits a backbreaker for a near fall. Morgan with a reverse chin lock and he isolates the arms. Angel with punches but Morgan with a knee. Angle avoids a short arm clothesline and Angle hits the Three Rivers German suplex combination. The straps are down but Morgan avoids the Olympic Slam. Morgan with a bicycle kick but Angle kicks out. Morgan sets for a choke slam, but Angle with a counter into a victory roll and the ankle lock and Morgan kicks Angle off. Angle tries for a cross body and Morgan catches him and hits a fallaway slam. Morgan sets for the Hellevator but Angle with an inside cradle for the three count.
Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match, Angle shakes hands with Morgan before leaving the ring.

Time for Jeff Jarrett’s video package.

Lauren is with Jeff Jarrett and she asks the extent of his injury. Jeff says his hamstring will heal. He is not going to quit or let Mick win. This is about a battle between him and Mick Foley. The first one to blink loses. Lauren asks Jeff if he realizes the implications of the match on Sunday. Jarrett says that someone other than Mick Foley will win on Sunday and business will turn around. We go to commercial.

We are back with Lauren who is with Jenna and she asks what her role in the Main Event Mafia is. Jenna says that they were about to sign a contract to be involved in the group financially but there was a detail to iron out and that was Sharmell’s apology. Jenna says that Sharmell has until Sunday to apologize or there will be serious problems.

Time for a Mick Foley video package.

Match Number Four: Samoa Joe versus Jeff Jarrett

The match starts on the floor and Joe sends Jarrett into the crowd. Joe sends Jarrett into the wall and then he chops Jeff as they go into the bleachers. Joe sends Jarrett into the bleachers. Jarrett punches Joe and then he sends Joe into the wall. Joe returns the favor and then he kicks Jarrett. Joe sends Jarrett into the ringside area again. Jeff sends Joe’s head into the ring steps. Joe with a kick to the hamstring. The referee tries to stop Joe but Joe throws him out of the way. Joe sends the referee into the guardrail and then Joe returns to the hamstring. Joe applies more pressure to the knee and another referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett by disqualification

After the match, Joe hits Jarrett in the leg with a steel chair. A.J. Styles comes out to help Jarrett. Styles and Joe go after each other and they have to be separated. While all of this is going on, Jarrett is still down on the floor. We go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look at Mick’s announcement of the four matches involving the Supreme Super Duper Sacrifice Match participants.

Mick Foley gets on the mic before the match and he talks about how this is a great night because in a non-title match, Mick Foley says that he will face one of the greatest superstars to step inside a ring. Security brings out a cardboard cutout of Rocky with a really old guy accompanying him to the ring.

Match Number Five: Mick Foley with steel chair versus Rocky Balboa

Rocky with jabs to Foley and Foley hulks up and hits a clothesline and then he punches Rocky and hits a suplex. Foley with a piledriver to Rocky followed by an elbow drop for the three count.

Winner: Mick Foley

After the match, Foley gets on the mic and he thanks the champ for fighting him tonight. Mick thanks the fans and then he gives the speech from the end of Rocky II.

Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring and he has a mic as well. Jeff tells Mick that he doesn’t want to hear his crap. Jeff says that Mick has made a mockery of his promotion and then Jarrett punches Foley. Kurt Angle comes to the ring and Angle with an Olympic Slam of Jarrett onto Rocky’s neck. Angle puts Jarrett in the ankle lock. Sting comes to the ring and Angle releases the hold. Foley hits Sting with the steel chair and Sting almost lands on Rocky. Jarrett hits the Stroke on Angle and then when Jarrett gets up, Foley hits Jarrett with the steel chair. We go to credits.

2010 - Carlito was released by WWE after a Wellness Violation.  WWE would later disclose that after Carltio was deemed unfit to compete, he refused their requests to enter a rehabilitation program, thus he was let go from the company.

2010 - TNA Tag Team champion Scott Hall was arrested  and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting a police officer, according to The Orlando Sentinel.  Authorities were called to the Hitching Post Bar in Chuluota after Hall, who had been "drinking heavily" according to a police report, "became aggressive." The article noted that Hall allegedly pushed one customer, then argued with a female bartender. When he was told the bar was getting him a ride home, he shoved two females outside the bar and punched the window of the car.  When authorities arrived, they found Hall yelling and cursing at the patrons and staff of the bar. When he was told he was being taken into custody, he allegedly responded, "I ain't going down for this [expletive deleted],' This is [expletive deleted]. You know it's [expletive deleted]."  Hall was told he was not allowed to return to the establishment.

2010 - Hulk Hogan filed a lawsuit against Post Cereals stemming on a commercial for Fruity Pebbles Cereal featuring a parody of Hogan known as "Bulk Boulder."  The lawsuit is later settled.

2010 - ROH taped ROH on HDNet in Philadelphia, PA at the ECW Arena.  Joshua Higham filed the following live report:

*Adam Cole def Brutal Bob Evans with a small package.

*Bobby Dempsey, Lance Bravado, and Bobby Beverly def Bruno Marciano, Ernesto Osiris, and a third guy. Sounded like Sid Green, but that could be wrong. Dempsey pinned the unnamed guy. Shiima Xion def Andy Ridge with a weird tilt-a-whirl facebreaker. Xion’s ring gear is ridiculously bright and neon.

The main show started with the wrestlers surrounding the ring for the 10 bell salute to the late lighting director Brad Mackie.

*Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels def. Mike Sydal with the BME. When Tyler Durden attempted an interview, Daniels simply said that he’s the best in the world, and he’ll go through the roster to prove it.

*Austin Aries comes out and cuts a promo saying that he will beat Jim Cornette at his own game and become the greatest manager ever and that his All Night Express will be future champs. The All Night Express then defeated Delirious and Jerry Lynn. Aries smoked a pipe the entire time, but without the smoke.

*Contract signing that will air the Monday prior to Death Before Dishonor. No shenanigans. Davey Richards and Tyler Black both sign, and Richards says it will be 1 on 1, that Hagadorn and Edwards will not be ringside. The Fallen Angel comes out and challenges both men after DBD to prove he’s best.

*Skullcrusher Rasche Brown defeated Ricky Reyes with a burning hammer. Reyes controlled most of the match, working on Brown’s knee. Erick Stevens attacked Brown after the match.

*Eddie Edwards’ 10 Minute Hunt against Nick Westgate. Edwards wins in about 2 minutes with his Achilles Lock while stomping on Westgate’s head.

*Sara Del Rey won a match with a piledriver. I heard Reggie as the name of the opponent. That could be wrong.

*Steve Corino defeated Colt Cabana by DQ when Cabana threw the ref down. Cabana set up two tables and then shuffleboarded a chair into the chair that was horse-collared on Corino. Colby Corino came down to distract Colt long enough to let Steen attack. Generico made the save.


*Josh Raymond and Christian Able (not called the House of Truth) defeated Up in Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy). Fun double team work.

*Kevin Steen def Bobby Shields with the crossface. Steen and Corino did commentary for the match. Corino says, “slap the porcupine,” which made me laugh. As he left, Steen sang along with his theme music.

*Necro Butcher vs. Erick Stevens never happened when Necro said that his time in the hospital in Dayton has basically bankrupted him and that he couldn’t afford to get hurt again. Necro said he had a replacement lined up. Grizzly Redwood defeated Erick Stevens with a schoolboy. After the match, Stevens destroys Grizzly until Rasche Brown makes the save. Brown gets ties to the ringpost and Nana said he had a new Crown Jewel and out came Necro in a suit and Jimmy Rave’s old robe. Necro hits Skullcrusher with a board that knocks him out.

*ROH Tag Team champions Kings of Wrestling defeated Dark City Fight Club by DQ when the Briscoes attack KoW.

*Daizee Haze defeated Jamilia Craft.

*Austin Aries and the All Night Express versus Tyler Black, Jerry Lynn, and Delirious was thrown out when Paul Turner lost control. In the midst of the brawling, Kevin Steen attacked Tyler Black with a package piledriver.

*The Americans Wolves defeated the Fallen Angel and Roderick Strong. Very good 20 minute match. Roddy had words with Daniels after the match.

Notes and Thoughts: The only indication of episode order was that the contract signing would air June 14. The Arena got pretty warm tonight. All the wrestlers and referees, even, were dripping with sweat. It was pretty full and loud, but running later than usual, the place thinned out and quieted down for the last two matches. The House of Truth is a fun tag team with some cool double team moves, but if you don’t like Jimmy Jacobs’ look, Josh Raymond is even less impressive looking. Necro Butcher in the Embassy is a bizarre twist, which will, no doubt, be explained economically. But overall a good show, and I'm sure the TV shows will be satisfying.

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