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By Mike Johnson on 2011-05-18 13:52:01
WWE is now requiring all of of their signed talents to personally purchase and maintain medical insurance for themselves. WWE will not be picking up the costs of the insurance I am told but are requiring the talents to have the insurance for their own benefit.

I heard rumblings of this a few months back, but confirmed Monday that the company went through with the decision to require talents to maintain their own insurance.

For those wondering, the amendment was presented to talents prior to the announcement that UFC was going to provide all of their fighters with medical insurance, so this is not a reaction to that. The decision was in the works well before the UFC announcement.

Now, as to why the company doesn't cover talents themselves with medical insurance, it should be pointed out that as independent contractors, the talents would be able to write off the cost of the medical insurance as a business expense.

It should also be pointed out that WWE does cover the costs of any surgeries and physical rehabilitation needed based off injuries suffered while performing, as well as any costs for substance abuse treatment needed by talents, past or present, who have worked for the company.

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